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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Day at Home

My son has some Fall beauty in his cottage yard.

Rose partially protected from frost.
Oh my, looking at herself in grandma's mirror.

A beautiful fall day at home. I cleaned a lot out of my garden. Yesterday morning in the low 30's and went to almost 70 degrees. Now this early morning a high prediction of 70 degrees for the next week. I could have left the tomato and green pepper plants in the ground. Oh well. My garlic plants are about 2 inches high and I am enjoying my turnip greens.

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Mahatma Gandhi

Some sharing from One Woman on her Journey Through This Life

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Country Pictures

Sharing my adventure in the country yesterday.

A spot picked out and I surrounded it with orange stakes to show shape of cottage and location of front porch and back screen porch (or deck). Gives me some kind of idea of what my view will be.

We had our first frost yesterday morning and the wind was blowing. I had on a heavy jacket, scarf and gloves but still the chill was penetrating. So I did not take the chair out of the trunk of my car to place in the imagined rooms. Something I always do.
During some of my building projects I have had people ask what are you doing sitting out in the field or this city lot. I would reply "this is where my kitchen table will be" or what ever room I imagined I was sitting in, kitchen, desk, or propped up in bed reading. This would give me an idea of what I would see as I looked out windows.

I could not grab my camera fast enough to take a picture of 3 deer that were near by. Did take a picture of a creekbed.
Also no one was home at Mr. B.B's old homeplace. This home is close to 200 years old.
I stopped and went into the yard to take this photo. Hoping the whole time that a large unfriendly dog did not come around the corner of the house and possibly bite me.
There are not many of these old large homes still standing.

As I continue to be obsessive about this new creative energy that is raging I came upon something among my papers that I had copied.

Obsession - If you want to be good at something you have to be obsessive. When you are not doing it, you have to be thinking about it. Not saying I am good at anything. But whenever I have created a home it became an obsession with me. It is on my mind 24 hours. All through the day I am thinking about it. In the night I am planning views, rooms and placing furniture. With all of this going on I want so to be a balanced person. I do not think this is truly balanced. I do know that I feel a lot better this morning and more sure of what I am going to do.

A roller coaster night was experienced. So many thoughts. They are becoming clearer and I am more at peace this morning. I am planning on going forward with my plans of building on my country property unless some unseen problem arises. If a problem arises I will stop in my tracks.

I thank all of the special people who read my sharing, thoughts from my heart, images and whatever else comes to mind. You are dear to me and your names come to mind often and I have not even met you in person. But whatever way is out there to send affection - you are sent a hug. Your encouraging words and comments are so very meaningful to me.

This early morning as I read Judy's comment "If you do not follow your dream I think a part of you stops living. I do not choose to die in that manner!!

On a lighter note. My day will be filled with my youngest granddaughter. I am going to pick her up in a couple of hours. A sun filled day planned in the garden and watching my girl paint with the new set grandma bought her.

When a dream takes hold of you, what can you do? You can run with it, let it run your life, or let it go and think for the rest of your life about what might have been.

Patch Adams

Just some more thoughts from this One Woman on Her Journey Through Life.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Special Daughter

With November soon arriving, another birthday in my family will be celebrated. Beth Ann is my middle daughter. She is an RN and is presently doing administrative work at a local hospital. She recently moved near me and two of my other children. So nice to have my local children living about 5 to 10 minutes away.

My family celebrate birthdays in about 8 of the months of the year. In the past I always had a family dinner. We also would celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas at my home. Recently I started taking each of my children to lunch for their birthday. This gives me some one on one time with them and is less tiring on their mom.

After Beth's birthday it always seems like Thanksgiving, Christmas and the end of the year rapidly approaches.

Beth is the mother of one of my older granddaughter's. Sarah is a music major at Northwestern in Illinois. The French Horn is her passion and she dreams of playing in a symphony.
I am posting this a few days early since Beth will be traveling to Illinois to see Sarah in a special recital. She will be in Illinois when her birthday arrives.

Just some more sharing from this One Woman on Her Journey Through Life.

Mothers and Daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers
Author unknown

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Dressing up can be a Scream
and Playing Tricks is Dandy
But When it Comes to Halloween
It's all About the Candy

All through the years Halloween was a big deal for my children. But my Jamie, the youngest, somehow got left out.

Memories surface how she would stand at the window watching to see if a car turned off the main highway and was heading down our country road. The outside lights were on and a big bowl of treats awaited any visitor. The visitors never came. Once in a great while she would become excited and say "I see car lights I think someone is coming." No they just were on our road and drove past our country home. So this is one of the disadvantages of living in the country.
I can still picture her standing by the window. I think one time a friend from church brought her little girl by our home.

So my youngest daughter's Halloween was usually spent at a party at school or church.
Usually not trick or treating like I remember from my childhood and her older sisters and brother. Also not like her little girls who are all dressed up and everyone visits the homes in their neighborhood.

Just a memory from this One Woman's Journey

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Amazing Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad made a visit. I captured this shot of him. Click on for close up. His colors are unreal. That is not the right word. His colors are magnificient. Just looking at him he looked like a plain brown toad. A close up shot caught all of his glory. Just think of what our naked eye is missing

Things I Didn't Do

When I lived in the country I always wanted to have bee hives. My elderly neighbor had them. His name was Mr. BB.
He realized how interested I was in them so he put 3 hives on my land. I never felt brave enough to care for them (especially since hundreds covered me one time when he was checking the hives) or learn more but did have honey from my area.

My oldest daughter in upper Michigan has bee hives. Her husband Dan built the boxes from a plan on the internet. It looks like they are going to have honey. Hopefully the bees make it through their cold winter season. I love hearing her share about her bees. The main reason for this new adventure with bees is the fact that Mary has allergies. Some articles are stating that eating honey from your area is helpful with allergies. As time goes by we will see.

I use to love to go down to his huge old farm home and view all Mr. BB was doing. Many plant sharings came from him. My first strawberries, asparagus and some of his small game.

He had an incubator and that fascinated me. He ordered me one and installed it in one of my outbuildings. I raised quail, ducks, geese, chickens, and a number of small game from the eggs.
It could hold 500 eggs. I loved watching the process of the eggs hatch. I would keep a light bulb on in the box where the eggs were, spray them with water occasionally and turn the eggs. Childish thought I would have when they hatched and I was the first thing they would see "I bet they think I am their mother." It gave me pleasure to see them emerge and I had to hold myself back to keep from helping them out of the egg. Some took longer then others.

I had the thought at that time of raising pheasants and quail for restarants and even went so far as to contact several. I was told they would take all I could supply.

I liked having our own eggs. Jamie even named most of the chickens. I still have that piece of paper with each chicken listed. She described them and gave them a special name.
I can remember the time that there were not as many eggs in one particular bucket. I shared this with someone and they told me I might have a chicken snake. I was instructed to put a lightbulb in the nest. If the lightbulb was gone the next morning that indicated I had a snake.
Well the lightbulb was gone. I almost had a stomach ache for that poor snake. I think I enjoyed my peacocks and guinees more then anything. I had never seen a guinee before. Their head the size of a walnut and the strange noise they made. The peacocks are the best watchdog you can have. I also raised 4 baby calves and bottle fed them. When the farmhouse was sold I had about 16. I remember so well the evening the cattle sale people came to get them. How they cried and I cried all night. The mothers were separated from the young calves and to this day I can hear them crying. Everything Jamie and I raised were pets. Even the chickens and I dreamed of how tasty they would be. But we could not eat them. Many stories regarding our life on that farm.

I also always wanted a greenhouse. But the more I investigated about them I realized how very time consuming they were. Heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. Had many business ideas. Thought of an orchard. Did plant 10 fruit trees for our use. Also had the idea of planting many evergreens and also fields of flowers for people to pick. None of this materialized.
Bottom line, I could not do it without help. I truly worked very hard physically at this time. Over the last 30 years I have continued this. Guess I still do but on a smaller scale. Difficult for One Woman to continue to carry this through and none of my children were interested in this lifestyle. The older ones had been raised in private schools and a were drawn to a different lifestyle. They did love to spend time with me and later my older grandchildren loved to visit grandma in the country.

Now grandma is on a small lot in the middle of the city. But may have a small cottage in the country sometime in the future. Would be a treat to be surrounded by nature once again.
As time goes on I will be posting many pictures of that time in the country.

Just some more thoughts and memories from this One Woman on her Journey Through This Life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Surprise Visit

Fall break has ended. Guess who was at my door. My grandson Gavin. His grandfather had picked him up from the airport.
He is back in Nashville from his home in Massachusetts to continue his first year at Vanderbilt.
A visit that I did not expect.

Hard for me to believe that this 6ft2 grandson was the little boy that use to visit me. Of course with my being 5ft2 and in my sock feet when he hugged me - he really seemed tall.

An unexpected evening visit that put a smile on this One Womans face.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jessica - My Oldest Granddaughter

Jessica is my oldest granddaughter. She is in her last year at Vanderbilt here in Nashville.

I know she has many talents but did not know she loved writing and could express herself like the words she forewarded to me. She shared that her inspiration for this poem came from memories of my old farmhome, the open fields and nature and the times she would visit me.

She was like my two youngest when she would visit. Full of joy and bringing such happiness to this grandma. I thought she forgot. She did not. Her grandma has never forgotten. The memories are sharp and clear.
So this is documented with much love and added to my Journal.

My version of Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey" by Jessica Parker

A gentle breeze carries my thoughts,
Across the tall thin wheat grass
Into the dark unknowing forest,
Where the brown extending branches climb high,
Poking and prying into the soft plaint sky
Empowering my vision
Securing my only holy mission.
My voice is lost, but my thoughts sing louder
Filtering through the piney grove
Hiding in nature's underworld
Of envious green hues and sun burnt oranges,
Soft and new, but visions of once knowing.
The wind skips across the placid pond
Tickling its surface, letting the ripples dance
Creating timeless and blessed sisterly bonds.
I yearn to float on the soft rolling waves of freedom
Like a lily pad with no rhyme or reason
Water gently flows over the smooth rocks
I dare to say, the trees above mock,
Gurgling softly and slowly, rolling in the tiny waves
Shadows filtered by the wispy leaves
Play upon this harmony.
While Nature's sweet notes filter through me
And I am lost unto Her.

Love is fleeting, blind and pure
It tickles the skin like a kitten's purr
Stings the everlasting soul
Or maybe leaves its mark in memories untold;
Wishing away the future toils
The tender sighs of lover's goodbyes
Bounce upon Nature's soft call.
Tiny black flies buzz swiftly by,
Echoes hushed by the wispy winds
Birds coo softly, weaving amongst the clouds
Puffs of white, float in the baby blue sky
Painting a heavenly picture for all who pass by
Nature is but Her own artist
I am but a viewer, lost in Her garden;
Seeking to find my lost innocence of youth
Tangled in the knotted garden roots.
The slight rustle of leaves hum, yearning for affection
Crackling and creaking under my impression.
Lights dimly lay upon the supple green grass
Growing quietly, silently, under the care of Her watch,
Like the marching ants scurrying below,
Their silent work weaving into the rhythm of time;
Creating sweet melodies with their walk and strict time.
Time for me has been lost in the shadows
Deep and dark, never following a pattern
But here under the open sky, where thick clouds
Hover heavenly above the great mallows,
Reviving past memories sunken now shallow.

Truth, beauty, patience, and love
All hide in the ivy crawling and thriving,
Up the cracked white fence,
Covering it, painting it, in a deep envious hue
Bursts of color seep on through;
Peeking out from behind the pointy leaves
A lustful pink, a child's orange, and fiery red
Like the bold palette of a young girl's bed.
My memory creaks, stretches and groans
Reaching out for the sweet embrace of Her own;
Dew-drops pure and cool, honey-suckle in full bloom
Lightened by the warming rays from above.
The sights I see are from another time,
Yet here and now, in this serene and blessed mood
Where the faint buzz of fat yellow bees play
Adding another note to a harmonious new day.
A dim neigh of a horse breaches the distance
My seclusion slightly disturbed by a creature of His creation.
Wreaths of dark smoke circle ahead,
Swirling on the horizon, reminding me of death,
Yet fear not sings the tiny stream
Dream once more of playful days
Where time was but a number hung onto a wall
And I was but a young seed, sipping the eternal water
My girlish smile spread always upon my rosy cheeks
And the garden bed was where I curled up to sleep.
I bask in the glory of sun's great power
Let the steamy mist of night's misty wonders
Caress my soft skin, turning it leisurely into tints of blue;
Goosebumps glide infectiously across my golden tan
I dream of far off times, I dream of that young man.

My body seems to levitate across this golden landscape.
Bringing me back to cities and towns
Where thoughts of sweet sensations
Lingered mindlessly among the smoke and smog,
Sticking its mighty chest out like a toad to a frog.
My sanity sways, like gusts of wind through a slim coat
Fighting to stay alive, or rather, stay afloat.
This long absence has erased all but the feeling
Burning deep inside my soul, oppressed with too much reason.
Time will always move faster and never will it stop
Running and chasing, blacking out all thoughts
But in the bustling urban life, it doesn't even walk,
Relax, sit down, or have the time to talk:
The city streets remain bleak and bare
The narrow alleys filled with gloomy thorns
It seems to be eternal winter here and there.
And in the stacked apartment rooms, slithering worms
Infest the nooks or any tiny spaces
Letting out a sensational howl, just like an afternoon storm;
Erasing any hope of a crimson joy,
I lie awake, fading fast
While I watch all of nature's life be destroyed.
What immortal hand or eye
Could replace all that is forgotten
In the distant depths of oceans,
Or in the long symmetrical rows of cotton?
On what wings I dare aspire?
Choking on fear of being caught and remembered
Or even worse, although much better, I may even seize the fire
Which would unlock all knots of hope
Opening all doors for intrusive restlessness to cope,
Release my unrelenting anger, and repressed holy fears
That will at once unravel and fill the ground with tears
Of salty, sticky, residual, lasting peace
My selfless love and desire to leave will altogether increase
My trapped mind will turn from the unprofitable grave
And through the streets I will hear the youth curse
But now all I hear is their tarnished souls that yearn to be saved.
Praying internally for all emotional wars to diminish
I know its time for my journey that I shall finally finish.

It's in the peaceful countryside you can catch a breath,
One of sweet sincerity, reminding of past lives
But at first like a loud echo, appalls
The first time, it's as if you've hit the wall;
Gleams of half-extinguished thoughts
Jump mercilessly as if they're being fought at will
I come upon the purest ones of holiness and thrills.
A lover of the meadows and the woods
I give myself over to its rolling songs and hills.
A correspondent breeze gently moves
With redundant energy and quickening virtue
I let go of my tight grasp of time and present dangers
I may have come upon this field as a blind man's stranger
Yet I break up a long continued frost
That gripped my heart and staggered my soul
Pining for a glimpse of how it used to be
Escaping all ties and blind bonds of harsh society.
Humility and modesty are cloaked in the trees
Sprinkling down their simplicity unto myself and me.
I open my ears onto autumn's hollow sighs
Escaping from the demons of my past
And allow the chilly kisses of gusty winds
Infuse my perfumed garments and lead me into gardens fair
Where I can truly let go and show the natural world
Just how much I care.

Sunny beams glide and charm my path,
I call forth all creatures and sing their lullaby
Temper their anger and naturalistic wrath
Serene notes of magical appeal and wondrous scenes
Lift my spirits high and lure my thoughts from cold and dusty depths
Elevate my position from lowly mortal to heavenly queen.
An evening star flashes above in the great expanse
Smiles on my love and urges the rolling dusk to fall upon the horizon
As I catch my breath and reality creeps back upon me
Like a giant cobra lurking in the shadows, a serpent of bad intentions
I stagger and stumble, trip on the stony, dusty path
Yet nature reigns above all and I am but a mortal
Bowing to Her call.
I lower my head and darkness descends, blanketing the earth
As well as my troubles,
I head down the path feeling slow and secure
Slipping reluctantly back through the waiting door
Dragging my heavy heart across the overgrown floor.

Some more sharing from This One Woman on Her Journey Through This Life

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thingumajig Book of Manners

The Thingumajig Book of Manners by Irene Keller. I love this book. Do not know where I came across it about 23 years ago.

A children's book and I liked it so much I bought it to have on hand and then sent a copy to my oldest grandchildren, Jessica and Gavin. They were at the age of learning manners. They are now attending Vanderbilt University.
My daughter shared that when they were little she and my soninlaw would read this book to them over and over and the children loved it.

This book kept coming to mind since my move to this home. I remembered that I also bought a copy of this book to have on hand when grandchildren visited.
I cannot find my copy. I have looked and looked. I am this well organized lady who does not lose things.

I recently ordered another copy of this book to have on hand to read to my two little ones.

So I would say to you - if anyone reads this journal and has a little one from 3 to 7 or 8 years of age I would recommend this book. It is funny and a lot can be learned from it.

Some sharing this early morning from One Woman on Her Journey Through Life

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Thoughts

Today is perfect for working in the garden. There has been a light rain on and off for several day. This morning cooler and the ground is damp and is perfect for separating some plants.
I am still amazed that pieces of plants from my other homes have survived and done so well on this city lot. When I dug them up I could not remember exactly what many of them were. I did remember the plants but not colors. They were hastily dug and literally stuck in the ground on this lot to see what they would do. Everything lived and now I am doing a little rearranging in the garden. Moved some plants to the courtyard in front.
I have ordered two new roses. The Knockout roses are perfect for this small garden. I have red and pink. Read somewhere there was a new yellow one just out. I ordered that from Stark Brothers plus a rose that was recommended. It was called Fairy Rose. Also have asparagus arriving soon and the garlic I planted last week looks like some is trying to emerge. This is all I can put in this small city garden. Oh my small patch of strawberries looks great. Also tomatoes still baring and I picked 10 this morning.
I am having thoughts of exspanding my garden on one side of the house. There is 20 to 25 feet wide strip the length of my property that is considered city property but I maintain. There are two medium size Magnolia trees that I saved during building . I added 3 dogwoods, pine tree and a holly bush.
I have just come in the house for lunch and have decided I have all I can take care of. I will not begin putting plants on that side of the house. Oh it would be beautiful but One Woman with home, garden, spending time with granddaughters and her new love of journal entries has no more time.
I am trying very hard to keep my appointment in 2 1/2 weeks off of my mind.
I have a spot on my lungs that was discovered last March. I was suppose to go back in 6 months which was September and have postponed long enough. I feel no different and have no signs of any breathing problem and have never smoked so this is positive. But I dread the cat scan and meeting with the doctor afterwards.
So I pray that the good Lord will allow me many more healthy years that are filled with wisdom and time for my children and grandchildren.
Enough rambling for this day. Need to eat lunch. Leftover chili from last night. I am going to sit outside and eat.
Some thoughts from this One Woman on her Journey Through Life.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today was grandma's day. Amelia wanted a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich for lunch. While she was eating I asked "is your sandwich okay" the answer "grandma it's EXCEPTIONAL".

Guess that would make anyone smile, especially a grandma. Then on to cookie time. Thought I would make Nan's - Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies

It made about 3 1/2 dozen. Good with my tea and a glass of milk at night.

Nan, thank you

Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup butter - softened
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg
2 1/4 cups flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
chocolate chips 10 or 12 oz bag

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix sugar, sour cream, butter, vanilla, egg
Add flour, baking soda, salt and chocolate chips
drop 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Bake 12 - 14 minutes until slightly brown, cool 1 to 2 minutes on sheet and then on wire rack.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nanie's Home 317 Rose Street - Lexington, Kentucky

I just received a copy of this photograph through email. A cousin sent it to me. Needless to say I am thrilled. I could not have been over 6 or 7 years of age when I visited this home.
I described it pretty accurately. The first picture is Nanie and Mattie the cook.

I also made a mistake on my great grandmother's last marriage. I will put the correction with my papers and will not try to correct it on my journal. Have enough trouble writing them and I might mess up what I have already entered.

Also made a mistake in the spelling of Nanie's name and I was able to correct this. I have always written Nannie.

This One Woman's Journey in regards to years ago is going to be interesting. To quote Ronnie "No two people see things alike. And, all too often, the things we relate can take on a life of their own as they pass from person to person".

Ronnie, thank you.


Crickets, it seems are prone to find their way into homes with the onset of winter. They are likely to show up in heated areas, such as around fireplaces and stoves.
Crickets are one of the songsters of the insect world. This singing habit means that they do not go unnoticed.
After reading this article, I have decided it is probably too early for them to appear in my city home.

I always associated crickets with the beginning of fall. I can remember waking up at night when I lived in my farm home and hearing a cricket in the house. I would get up and take a flashlightf to find it. Once it was spotted I would pick it up with a tissue and quickly put it outside.

Not long ago I shared with my son that I have not heard any crickets yet. He said, they may not be in your home but you hear them outside in the evening. So tonight I will open the door and see if that is one of the night sounds I hear in the city.

Also this home is not like my over 100 year old farm home. It probably had a lot of places a cricket could sneak inside. I will see if one gets in this new cottage?

Some thoughts this early morning from One Woman on her Journey Through this Life

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nanie's Platter

Mother gave me this platter years ago. It was my great grandmother's. For a few years I used it. At special times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then I became reluctant to use it for fear it might be broken.

Every since I can remember my mother called her maternal grandmother "Nanie."
Her name was Elizabeth and she was called Bettie.

Mother would spend summers with her grandmother. To hear my mother talk about it, she was the favorite.
Even though mother had an older sister we called Aunt Bea. Summers were spent with her grandmother where mother was forbidden to go out in the sun without a bonnet or parasol. A tan was not welcomed at that time. My mother in her younger pictures was beautiful with a flawless creamy complexion. She was very fair and had blue eyes.
Oh, the pictures of my mother and Aunt Bea, dressed in such beautiful dresses. It looked like such finery to me and still does.

I remember when our family was on a trip to Nashville and stopped by Nanie's home in Louisville, Kentucky, how impressed I was.
A beautiful red brick home with a front porch with white rocking chairs on it
I was the little girl with the young parents and we had everything we needed but nothing extra. Times were difficult for my parents. Another story at another time!

Memories of the fine dining room and I remember the starched tablecloth and the table set like something my young eyes had never seen. Beautiful china, glassware and silver, I was so impressed. I still remember we had fried chicken, bowls of mashed potatoes and vegetables and a special desert.

Oh, she even had help.
A black lady with a starched apron.
Mama used to share that this lady kept a straw in her ear "sometimes" when the earring was not present. I remember when I was small and would hear this I thought it was funny.

Nanie had beautiful rings on every finger and daily wore a cameo pin on her dress.
Mother, also gave me this pin. I wore it several times years ago on a suit lapel. It came with a long gold chain. But I am almost fearful to wear it for fear that I might lose it.

I have so many pictures that I will post at a later date. Pictures with horses and a carriage and such finery. Mother many times said she had "blue blood". Oh my.

Nanie was named, Elizabeth (Bettie) Wilson Ratcliffe - August 25, 1868 - August 6, 1956

She was married 4 times and her last marriage was to George Washington Hartgrove. All of her husbands met an early death. My great grandmother was a nurse and loved to sew. I was told she always had something in her hands to sew, crochet or tatting. My mother shared this same talent. Both of them made beautiful quilts. Sewing is a talent that was not passed on to me.

They had one child and that was my grandmother Roberta Ellington - 1896 - 1987.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I am about to throw my Xerox Scanner away. Far far away. I have been trying to scan a picture and enter for a post. I cannot figure out how to resize the picture on Picasa or whatever you call it. Now look as I type how this is coming up. Also cannot figure out a lot about the scanner. My soninlaw spent time with me and I followed his instructions . Did not work!!!!!!!!
I may just throw in the towel. May just take a picture of this picture with my camera and post.
May just run away or dig in the dirt. Just some thoughts from this One Woman on her continued Journey through this life.
Oh, anyone reading this that can help me with the picture sizing on Picasa - please email me. Thanks

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chasing Bees

Oh my. When I looked at Gail's entries Saturday morning I thought how fascinating.I thought I will see if I can do this. The breeze is blowing, the bee's are everywhere. I tried. Not to good. But it is Saturday evening and I am weary but the bee's are still moving.

I am trying but maybe I should NOT make my blundering so public. But then as times goes on anyone who reads my journal will see growth or me giving up. LOL

Morning is the best of times in the garden. The sun is not yet hot. Sweet vapors rise from the earth. Night dew clings to the soil and makes plants glisten. Birds call to one another. Bees are already at work. Unknown

Another day on this One Womans Journey through this Life

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Evening In The City

I very seldom am outside in the evening. With family visiting I am up later then usual.

Yesterday evening as I was looking down the street in front of my home I was pleased that it was not to dark to take this image.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Listen - Part Two

I just reread the post I wrote this early morning.
Had a thought.
The focus has shifted.
It use to be ME.

In the past I seemingly lived an exciting life, as some of the world looked in.
They were interested in what I was doing, my next project, what I was wearing, where I was going, who I was seeing, possibly a new car or piece of jewelery.
None of that is going on.

Now it is listening to my grown children and their interest and my older grandchildren planning their careers, my little ones just listening and sometimes making a comment.

Why would their focus be on me?

I do not do anything now but write, read, cook, clean home and garden and dig in the dirt!!! Oh and wear my favorite old clothes.

Hey, but I am happy.

So I do not need to feel left out and I do not need to be complaining for they will listen if I have something to share.

I needed to confess. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

October Continues

I have a note on my desk "do not turn the computer on "Sundays".
Guess I am not very disciplined. I cannot stay out of my garden and cannot put my camera down. I notice most of the pictures I am posting are purple and lavender. Two of my favorite colors. There are roses, zinnias, cosmos, marigolds and other flowers still in bloom. Will just stop with the pictures at this point. A new skill I am learning.

It is a beautiful sunny day in Tennessee. Still no rain for weeks. I am amazed of all that is still blooming in this small city garden. It is beginning to look shabby but the butterflies seem to enjoy it. There are so many and they almost land on my arm. Wonder what another year will bring - maybe that is what they will be doing.
So here are a few images. Plus a big grasshopper that I was able to capture. He blended right in with my basil and I almost did not see him.
A Sunday afternoon on this One Woman's Journey

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Love the Pictures

These are two of my favorite books. Sometimes on a rainy day I will pick them up and look at the pictures.

Earth on Her Hands - The American Woman in Her Garden. This is a book that my oldest daughter told me about. Said "mama you will love this book". I immediately ordered it.

Laurie lives in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. She has been involved in garden clubs in this area for years. She is the mother of two of my oldest grandchildren. This weekend is parents weekend at Vanderbilt. So she and my soninlaw are in town for the weekend and Laurie will continue to be with me a few days after Aaron leaves for his office in Tampa, Florida.

The New Garden Paradise - Great Private Gardens of The World - is a book that Laurie sent me for Christmas in 2005.

When I look at these books, they always leave me with a smile on my face and some new ideas.
In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks
John Muir

Friday, October 3, 2008

Grandma's Day

A beautiful Friday. Amelia and I went to see my 95 year old aunt. That would be my little girls great great aunt. Aunt Lucille is amazing. She is having a lot of health problems but
she surely does not look 95 and knows more of what is going on in the world then I do.
We have returned and my girl is painting with water colors on the back porch.

Rain, where are you!!!!

Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the Gods
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hockey Games not for Grandma

Was not invited - but would not have gone anyway!!!!!!!

But loved seeing this picture of 3 of my favorites. My soninlaw and Caity and Amelia.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Day of October

My garden is full of butterflys. Finally able to capture a shot of this one.
Roses and some flowers still blooming. I have begun to clean flower beds but will leave some flowers for the birds to eat on through the winter.
Turnip greens thriving. As a child I would not touch them. But for years have loved them and with hot corn bread nothing could be tastier.

October gave a party
The leaves by hundreds came
The Chestnuts, Oaks and Maples
And leaves by every name
The sunshine spread a carpet
And everything was grand
Miss weather led the dancing
Professor Winds the band
George Cooper