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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

White Bean Chili

Posted this
November, 27th,  2010

So good

Check it out.....

if you have a lot of turkey
left over.

Now I can have chili
for several days :)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

End Of The Day

Wonderful family time
will share a few images taken
probably deleted a dozen
but these make me smile

Callie, received so much attention
girls were so good with cleanup
but will take me several days to finish clean up.

Love family visits, these little girls
are growing up so fast
but will always remember when building and moving to this country cottage
their visits.

Enough shared
going to bed
very weary.

Calls from all of family
they are all missed
and days like this are priceless to me...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Busy In The Kitchen and Thankful For So Many Blessings...

Really to busy to be on computer
but for some reason I find sharing relaxing and love to write.

cornbread for dressing will be baked and mixed with container of biscuits and day old bread,
onions and celery chopped
butternut and acorn squash sliced and rice, mushroom and onion mix prepared
and put in fridge
turkey out of its wrap and checked
and might add to make it possible for turkey to be taken out of freezer and put in fridge
put it is a Whole Foods shopping bag and brought it up one stair at a time
then slid across floor, put on step stool and into fridge - oh my did it.
Would have been easier with help but they are in Florida.
Trying to a little each day and put all together Thursday morning and begin cooking.
I love cooking and over the last year with health issues did not know if I could do this
once again, so thankful I can.

Continue going through old things and have not used this afghan on the end of my bed
for many years.  It is really heavy.  Was told when I purchased from a special person that only 2 were made and the other Bobby Goldsboro bought,
Only if you are of a certain age would you remember this singer.  I have done some
crocheting in the past (now forgotten how) and can hardly imagine someone handling thread this thick

Tomorrow will make pumpkin pie, and fresh apple cake delivered to me and hope as
good as the one I have made for over 50 years.

an idea I put in my file, will do stuffing small peppers but no egg on top...
another recipe put in my file for the future - Pumpkin Cheese cake..

A new bread found at the market yesterday, Cranberry bread with Walnuts and so good.
Would not have drove into the traffic filled small town yesterday but first time ran out of dog food.
It was a long and tiring day.

I do not know what it would be like to eat Thanksgiving at another home, years past my mother
and father joined us, sometimes special friends and just have always done it, very tired when over
but always recover,  Offers of bringing food but easier for me to do - but do need cleanup help
when meal is over.   These memories are a gift I can give my children and grandchildren.

Looking forward to Family on Thanksgiving day......
So aware many are not here and they are missed so very much..

This afternoon hope I can relax and look at new magazine that arrived
a gift subscription from my Laurie..

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone
if I do not check in again until later.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday is Cold

It is way past time for this cold weather to arrive.  Think it has arrived.

Saturday made Chili cooked and will be so good for the next several days.
I make it different then most people.
A good friend now gone over 15  years made it this way,
adding  chopped celery, carrots and the usual onions ground beef, red pinto beans
and chopped tomato's, along with Chili Powder, I do not use much hot seasoning,
tears up my stomach.   Now my son would use a lot of not sauce, does on everything
but not is mama.

Clarice this is the way you made your chili and now I do it this way,
seems I am receiving a few more vegetables.

When a small amount is left I add some pasta and top with cheese.
Cooked in mother's iron dutch oven she gave me.   Anything you cook in this
dutch oven turns out wonderful.... A roast falls apart.
Clarice I miss you...
She has been gone about 14 years.   Her hair was always black until aneurysm surgery
and then turned snow white after it grew back in.
I remember this Fall day so well, her daughter took her and I and another friend
to a park with an old bridge and Chris her daughter made a wonderful picnic lunch.
Spread a blanket on the ground and enjoyed this Fall afternoon,
Miss so many old friends so very much and most are all gone and guess they are all gone.
You do not meet many new special friends after 75, true for me but maybe not for others.

A special friend came by this morning and had tea and blueberry bread with me, I talked so
much more then usual.  She helped me put the contoured sheet on my bed and saw how
difficult it is :)   Polly, thank you so much for the visit and please come again...

I keep a well stocked pantry
just in case not up to shopping
and for some reason Callie's dry food almost gone
so need to make another to market.

Needed to anyway as thinking of adding Butternut Squash or Acorn Squash to
Thanksgiving dinner.   Always make a topping of rice, onions and may add something else.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Beautiful Day

Sun is shining, breezy and hopefully many leaves blow away.
30's this early morning
but tired of 80 degrees in November.

Many errands
do not feel like leaving my home
and will make a trip next week.

Turkey is thawing
memories of past dinners.
and some not available at this dinner...

Christmas Cactus's are beginning to bloom on the loft
would love to bring them downstairs
but no room :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Missing Someone

Pienosole  I am missing you.
Always your encouraging words
once a week - were so needed.
Hopefully you are fine, checked your site
but no email...
Just a note to let you know
I am thinking of you....

Last day for Arthur the Therapist
and hopefully I will see him in January...

My day continues
and hoping to do some baking,
fresh eggs from a friend
arrive this morning.

Another special friend has arrived home
after time on boat living.
So pleased she contacted me
just feel
more comfortable
when I know she is near
even though we do not see each other often :)

rain is needed in these dry woods,

Monday, November 14, 2016

It Seems

It seems I become so upset when my computer has a problem.

The problem last night I could not write new entry for my journal.
Did all I know, nothing successful, kept me awake in the night and now
this morning seemed to be able to correct or it did it on its own.

So day begins and picture just sent by my son far over the ocean in Thailand
from a friends balcony.
A reality and a blessing
the farthest away of my children
and he always immediately responds to me.....
His location 13 hours ahead, so evening there and he knows I am up before anyone else.
Soon will be hearing from
daughters, one just returned from quick trip with family, getting children to school
and going to work.  Everyone busy, but remember that time with 5 children in the home..

A new day begins
last visit of therapist until next year and he will be missed.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why Am I On The Computer

A frosty morning
now sun is shining and prediction of afternoon 60 degrees.

Picked last night, love fresh herbs, not the little envelopes of dried herbs at the market,
sorry I put none in the freezer this summer.
Basil, Dill, Cilantro used frequently and need my Sage for Thanksgiving corn bread dressing.
Cooked a favorite meal yesterday
so have for my 2:00 meal today.
Salmon Croquette's, mashed potatoes, black eyed peas and corn bread..
Is it too proud to say that I like my food better then restaurant food.  Last pick up
after being at the market did not agree with me.   I love to cook and bake, always have
and the last year with health issues baking was rare.  Still heath issues but I am forcing myself
to bake.  Takes me longer but I put every thing out the night before and bake the next early morning
but do not like the cleanup as it takes longer at this time.

My Jamie offered lodging for writing about Gatlinburg, Tennessee, oh my beautiful
cabin - looks like more then a cabin to her mama.
So welcome is this weekend home by myself and much to do.
Many books week after week I say I am going to organize - need to do it.
My son recently sent me more book marks and need to pull many special ones
out of books that are sitting everywhere.
Received an Email from a university wanting to know if I would be interested in reading
my blog to vision impaired.  Checking on it and thinking...

I just wanted to check in
and day is rapidly going by
and this one has much to do and also New York Times and local paper by my special chair.

Do dread leaving for an appointment soon to have crown replaced.   For 70 years never any tooth
problems and seems from then on at the dentist frequently.

Do not like  leaving this cottage....

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


it is 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon and wonder who will be the winner of this horrible election.

Cooler weather has finally arrived and so have the mountain of leaves and a lot more to fall.

Beth's birthday lunch on Sunday was so good and was happy she wanted it here in this
cottage, I truly do not like going out anymore.

The best healer arrived yesterday and the ultra sound machine worked its miracle.
Always successful pain relief for 3 or 4 hours and then the arthritis pain returns and I am still
complaining about it, do not like the cane but do not know what I would do without it
and realize if this is all that happens in these last years - how very fortunate I am.
Arthur will never know how thankful I am for him.
An image taken so my children can put a face to the person I talk about a lot.

Therapy stops next week and hopefully resumes after the first of next year,

"you will never know how strong you are
  until being strong is your only choice"

"some people feel the rain
  and others just get wet"               "Bob Marley"

Now I need to work on the paper work piled on my desk for weeks.
Organize my many books
and write my son
thanking him for all the unusual book marks from Thailand.

Wishes for safe time in Mexico for my Chef Granddaughter.

Quick trip to market
with no baking for months
and now returned to this enjoyment
so many spices out of date
and purchased many this morning,...

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wonderful Cool Arriving and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BETH

Here it is November and I am tired of weather in the 80's.
Cooler and a little rain expected this afternoon.

Fortunate to have several day's of help cleaning the woods.
Goal to go back 50 to 60 feet, picking up limbs, trimming and cutting down some very small tree's.

A memory going back 8 years of this one daily walking in the woods, picking up limbs,
clippers in hand trimming as I walked, making paths and using blower to clear the way.
Oh, how I enjoyed doing this and wrote about it many times in the past.
Now with several years of not doing this the woods are a tangle of branches and my paths
can hardly be seen.
The new look as work continues

I loved do this and miss it tremendously.  When someone here working and near by I will
venture slowly into the woods but smart enough to know I cannot do it alone as I cannot
stumble and fall.

Today I must tackle paper work on desk and do not like the many hours on phone yesterday
with Verizon.   In the past always received an email warning me of over usage used.
Decided to call and way over time and large bill, they told me they had been contacting me
and I said nothing was received, seems they had been texting me and I do not text.....
So more phone calls when bill received.

My Beth's birthday is today
and I send her my love.    She is coming on Saturday and I was taking her out to eat in
this small local town and asked if she would like me to cook for us and she replied "oh yes."
So her favorite, a roast and veggies, corn bread, sweet tea and will plan desert,   Have
requested a fresh Apple Cake from young woman near by that bakes and hope it arrives
but always have something I bake on hand,

A favorite picture of my girl, she always loved horses, growing up her sister Laurie
and her would go to local riding club behind our farm where they grew up.
It was an entirely different lifestyle then when we moved to big city of Nashville
and large home was remodeled, featured in Southern Living Magazine and her, sister
Laurie and brother Jimmy went to private school.   My youngest Jamie does not
remember that as she was a toddler and all soon ended and her, Jimmy and mom moved
to the old farm house, Laurie and Beth in college and the real me came to life,  a different lifestyle and the happiest of memories continue with me
in a cottage on this property.
So many wonderful memories...

Enough shared this early morning as day begins.