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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beautiful Sunny Saturday

Just turned on computer to check emails and went to my daughter's blog. This made me smile. Savoring Childhood One Chocolate Milkshake At A time

I am in the city today. My garden needed grooming desperately and also my garden fingernails.
Will try and get a little rest.

It will be two years tomorrow that I moved into this city home. There were workers in and out of this home for two weeks and I was almost in bed for two weeks from the exhaustion. I think I am doing better this time.

Will write a post soon on my experience yesterday. The alternator went out of my truck . What an experience as I just finished climbing a very steep hill (seemed like a mountain) when my truck just died. Needless to say my blood pressure was very high.

One Woman Memory

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


These pictures reveal how special "Sam" was to me. 12 years later - I still miss him. Sometimes I think "no one ever loved me like Sam".

I can remember that someone I once dated made the comment "I wish you cared for me like you do that dog". No one could take Sam's place in my heart. When I called - he would stop on a dime and return to me. When I sat down he would always put his head on my lap. I still grieve over the decision I made of sending him away. The old farm home was sold and I was moving to an upscale condo on a golf course. No place for my golden retriever and it turned out - to not be the place for One Woman. What in the world was I thinking. It all happened so fast and I thought a life change would be good for me.
So many life lessons as I look back. Hopefully I have learned well.

Enough said "Sam I still miss you"

Memory from One Woman -

Monday, May 25, 2009

Today's Song

I headed for the country bright and early this morning. I wanted to see how the rain of the last few day affected my country landscaping.
Mud and mud and more mud surrounding my cottage. But no standing water.

I unloaded 8 splash blocks and 2 Oak Leaf Hydrangeas. I spread a bale of straw going to my walk and sat on the porch for a while and said a prayer of thankfulness for all that is unfolding. I requested special blessings on this home and all who enter it's threshold. I ask that it be a home of peace and love to all who visit.

This put a smile on One Woman's face - my kitchen cabinets were installed. I knew they were promised by today but with it being a holiday I did not expect to see them. They are totally different from anything I used in the past. A natural bead board, glass doors with a black speckled counter top. These cabinets would not have looked good in any home I have had in the past. But they are perfect for this country home surrounded by woods.

I headed home and stopped for a small hamburger and coke (oh so healthy) to eat going down the road. Early evening my Jamie is having a cookout and I will ride with my son to her home.

I noticed an old barn had blown down. Will make a call to see if I can have an old board that "Woodhaven" can be painted on. I want to place it on a tree as you approach my country home.

I continue to share past, present and what is to come - mostly for my grandchildren and maybe great grandchildren - because my children are probably weary of mom repeating myself and if I am sharing for the first time - they are so busy that I believe they sometimes only half hear me. This is the only way my little ones will know that this One Woman has lived a number of lifestyles and the one that is evolving now is giving her so much pleasure.

In one of her past lives there was the big house, country club, upscale car and she carried a briefcase.

Now she takes such pleasure driving her pickup to the country.

Came across this song from one of Judy's blogs at guess it says a lot of my state of mind when I am driving my pickup down my country road.

I've got the radio blastin (not really as I like it quiet)
I've got the windows rolled down
And I'm crusin' these back roads
On the outskirts of town.
I can feel the wind a-blowin
Hear the big engines whine
When I'm crusin' the back roads
All my troubles are behind

I think this "Ricky Van Shelton" song sums up my state of mind earlier today. Anyone meeting One Woman over the years would classify her (I think) as somewhat elegant with good taste but she loves to garden. Reading my entry I sound like a "redneck".
Guess this is part of my eclectic personality. Grandma is not boring to say the least.

One Woman's Journey continues

Saturday, May 23, 2009


This little plaque is my favorite. About 40 years in my possession. I truly do believe in miracles. Just dropped it for the second time. Once again I will glue it back together.

A busy Saturday. Grocery early this morning because I needed an ingredient for a chocolate sheet cake that I was going to make. My little granddaughter that plays soccer is attending their end of the season celebration. My daughter volunteered a home made desert. Baking is not something she really enjoys or rather has time to do. So she volunteered mom's cake.
I wanted it to be extra good since the coach's wife is my doctor. Dr. Chrystal, I hope you like my cake.Also Jamie shared some children either did not like nuts or were allergic to them. So I iced half plain chocolate and half with chopped pecans in the icing.

The cake was just picked up. An hour spent with grandma picking and eating some of her strawberries. The birds are eating my strawberries. I will have to cover them. Just a bite out of each one. Also I have a half dozen raspberries and notice some blueberries that will soon ripen

My little girls needed their bangs trimmed - grandma did this and also painted finger nails and toes.

I want a country garden and with the summer heat starting I will probably prepare my small garden plot and plant these favorites next fall.
Also have picked out a spot for a clothesline. One Woman has to have a clothesline.

Enough sharing from One Woman on a Saturday afternoon


Sometimes my heart is so heavy with judgment.
Sometimes my mind is so filled with fear.
If I could only control the outcome.
If I could only blame others or myself to make it happen my way.
Sometimes I can expand the space around me.
Sometimes I can just watch and do nothing.
Sometimes this is all it takes to be free.
Sometimes I can let it go.

borrowed from

Thoughts from One Woman

One Women entry

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Childhood Fun

This image brought back memories to One Woman this early morning. Mixed memories of childhood, boxes and the man. Boxes were always fun to play with as child. Imagine all the things you can do with a box. I will surely save all the large boxes that my appliances come in when they arrive in the country. My little girl's will have fun creating with them.

My special son in law sent this to me this morning. My youngest granddaughter with her grandfather or "papa" as she calls him.

The image looks like a modern day " Norman Rockwell".

Memories for One Woman this early morning

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grace Notes

This is a new post that I have been reading for a number of weeks. Grace Notes shared once a week. They never fail to speak to my heart.


A thought from One Woman this late afternoon

Monday, May 18, 2009

Peace and Joy

I arrived home - weary. So much being accomplished in the country. I finished the front landscaping with my helpers. Flooring is being installed inside. Closet shelves, gutters and garage door in the process of completion. Cabinet man shared that part of cabinets will be installed by the end of the week. Yes I am tired but at such peace and happy.
I took the image on my new header to show what I will look at from my deck that will soon be built.

My youngest daughter and granddaughter are giving me the day Friday - Yeah. So they will view my new ongoing creation and I will treat them to lunch.

Checked my emails and how could a grandma not smile at the image I found.

Pure Joy - my granddaughter and friends at their class picnic. There is something about these little girls - joy and happiness that lifts my spirit and is contagious. A special blend of cultures. A six year old that is always smiling is my little one.

Monday afternoon from One Woman

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Gift

I was not going to write today. See how disciplined I am? I had a special gift this morning spotted in the city garden. A thought came to mind - I have the perfect place for you in the country.
Sunday morning at One Woman's

Saturday, May 16, 2009

City Weekend

I am taking a short break from writing - how it was, how it is, how it will be. Scattered rain in the city and I have been busy doing housework. Cleaned the inside of the muddy truck.
I do not care if the outside is muddy but One Woman likes it sparkling clean inside.

I will return early Monday morning to the country site. A lot will be going on and I will write about it next week.

All the encouraging comments help keep my energy level at a good place. A dear note from was a special blessing this day. She thanked me for taking the time to walk along the pathway of her life. It is the other way around "I thank her for taking the time to read my rambling and send special notes to me".

One evening on One Woman's journey through this life.

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord
"Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Good Day

Another day without rain.. A lot of work was accomplished in the country. I feel as though a truck has run over me. Forgive the comparison. But I am smiling.

First my helpers helped me spread grass seed and straw. We planted 10 Azaleas and 4 Rhododendrons and several other plants. That is all done except in front where some more grading needs to be done and more plants will be put in there new home. With all the woods I am still planting a few flowering tree's in the front. Maybe tomorrow that will happen. There were 3 piles of brush continually burning as cleanup continued. The gas company was finishing there 1300 foot of gas line to my home. One of the men approached me with my mailbox in his hand.
Apologizing that he had almost destroyed it and will be replacing. Told him that was fine as I was not receiving any mail at that address.

Concrete people arrived and part of drive where I will back out of garage was formed. Also walk from my eventual picket fence to a small terrace and it wraps around as you go up stairs to deck.

This is really a small area compared to what I have had in the past. Had to stand looking at it and planning in my mind for quite a while to visualize this. Not what I originally wanted but that would have been too large and I am downscaling. I have had long concrete drives in the past but this will be limited and will end where the gravel drive begins going out to the road. A flooring man also arrived to do the floor in the bathrooms and utility room.

So a lot going on.

I will be pleased when I have to make a bathroom trip that I do not need to drive to the small town 5 minutes down the road. Know they are tired of seeing me come in to use their facilities at the local drugstore and Dollar Store.

So I arrived home and what in the world do you eat when you are tired and not really hungry and need to eat. I cooked a slice of bacon, scrambled an egg and there was some asparagus in the freezer that I added to this delightful meal. Then a cookie and a glass of milk before I did a load of wash, showered and washed my hair. No evidence of ticks.

Having thoughts - Who in the world at this time or in the future even will enjoy reading about One Woman's exciting venture. Maybe I need to stop. But - hey - this is my online diary.

A day in the life of One Woman

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Good Day

Today was the first day in weeks that it did not rain. I headed for the country early this morning - still weary from weekend (why is it that when several generations and a lot of family get together there always seems to be something that is unsettling to me - maybe that never happens with any of my readers). There is so much going on in my family. Graduations, trips abroad, business slow down, issues that you think you have overcome and progressed to a new level and they surface again (do they every stop surfacing). My son says to his mom "what are you to learn from this" mom says "guess I am a slow learner". Anyway I was also sad all the outside projects I want to do and cannot because of the mud. When I read this - I sound very childish as compared to all that is going on in the world and it is affecting some of my family.

I found a helper ( an answer to prayer ) and a neighbor began grading part of area around my new home.So much was accomplished today and I drove home with a smile on my face. Also I stopped at Lowe's and 50 lbs of grass seed and half a dozen bushes are sitting in my truck to deliver in the morning. 10 bales of straw will also be loaded into my pickup from a neighbor's barn and if luck is still with me - seeding and strawing will be done. Also a number of plants will be planted.
A concrete man also meets me in the morning to help me lay out an area by garage and also a small terrace in two areas. Side screen porch is being worked on and deck in back will soon be started. Flooring inside will start soon, cabinets delivered and then appliances will be delivered in about 2 weeks.

So it is getting close to One Woman being able to spend nights in the country. Sure will help this weariness when I do not have to drive up and down the road for hours.

This dream escalated from a weekend cabin to a small home where I plan to spend - hopefully the rest of my earthly time.
There is nothing upscale in this home an I have watched every expenditure and it is still running 25% more then I planned. One reason is I went from the one bedroom cabin to a home with an upstairs loft with bedroom and bath for visitors. Also was going to have a simple garage and area for tools and gardening supply that was separate and decided it would be nicer to have an attached garage. Also a number of other increase in items since I built this home 2 years ago.

Another surprise was that Western Cedar - my first choice with a tin roof - was more expensive then the Hardy board that I used with shingles. I truly thought Western Cedar was an inexpensive choice. But this is a relatively new product I am using and suppose to have no upkeep. I did not want a brick home sitting in this wonderful nature filled area. If I had unlimited resources I would have a rock house like the English Tudor that was my home in another lifetime.

Now city home you look beautiful and are ready for that buyer.

So a little sharing this evening from One Woman - oh - when I changed my clothes I had two ticks crawling on me!!!!!!! Have to buy spray in the morning.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mother's Hands

My mother's hands were always busy. Early morning she would be tending to her quilting.
Later in the day she would be tending her rose garden. Her roses were beautiful.
Growing up I can remember her always having something to create in her hands.
She told me her sewing and all handwork talent came from her grandmother.
That talent was not passed on to One Woman. Now I can sew on a button, hem something simple, and even have made a number of afghans - but that is it.
Now the love of gardening is a part of me and it is in my blood. I can dig in the dirt with the best of them.
My mother stood by me at a time when I did not think I could go on.
It was a time my world came crashing down around me - she was always there.
As I began to write earlier, I glanced down at my hands.
I thought "they cannot be my hands."
They really look old.
Yes, I guess they are my hands and they reminded me of my mother.
I miss her phone calls, her encouragement and her love.

Thinking of her in a special way as Mother's Day approaches.

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. Abraham Lincoln

One Woman a Thought on Hands

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rainy Day Book

I still find each day to be to short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.

John Burroughs

Sharon Lovejoy - adds this and they could be my words " I still find each day is too short for all the gardens I want to plant, all the critters I want to know, all the mysteries I want to explore, and all the friends which whom I wish to share them.

Read about this book from Nan at Quickly ordered and it is fast becoming a favorite.

A new book for One Woman

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Rain Again

Do I head for the country or wait until tomorrow? A number of errands I wanted to take care of and really do not want to stay home.
One daughter on the way to Memphis for business. Another daughter flying in from Tampa for graduation festivities. My son's construction business at a halt. So this One Woman is a little unsettled with all that is going on and thought leaving her home for a few hours would help.
Standing on my screen porch and looking out at my small garden in the sprinkling rain - it looks calm and serene. I probably should take the "relax" sign to heart.

One Woman thoughts this early morning

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy Tuesday

I baked banana bread this morning, 2 loads of wash, cleaned some silver pieces that I wish I did not have. They are left over from another lifestyle. Beautiful to view, a continual cleaning to keep them shiny and no daughter wants to take on this commitment. Some housework and then outside.

Just came in from some cleaning in the garden. This is a small cottage garden but still a lot of work. Guess I am feeling past 3 score and 10. Took several images and will use one for my header and one is another favorite Iris in bloom. My small yard is ablaze with color.

I will make a peanut butter sandwich. No energy to do anything else. Do not feel like toasted cheese. Wish I had a part time cook. lol. Guess I will add a Coke float. Need the fat!!!
I had some thoughts this morning. Some blogs I read the writer's are in their 80's. I am in my 70's and I have reader's from 30,s through the 60,s. The single ladies from 40's into their 60's are involved in a lot things I use to be. Yes, there were a number of relationships. Sometimes I think that I wasted a lot of time but guess I had to learn. Decided to stay solo as the right one never came along and there is not enough time at this stage of life to do all I want to do. I use to think this age sounded ancient "but surprise is that I do not feel ancient ". I read somewhere that we are a sum of all the ages we have ever been. Some days I feel young and silly, some days middle age - whatever that is - and some days like I have pushed this aging body too far. -I just tire more easily". My mind tells me I need to spend more time sitting. That happens in the winter but when Spring arrives there is so much I want to do and I am an outside person. I have to share that inside this One Woman there is a deep peace and sense of contentment. It is almost like my heart is smiling and saying "you have experienced a lot and have come a long way and I am proud of you". Probably does not show on the outside, but I promise it is there. I will add that never in a million years would I have thought that I would be building another home and returning to my country home. So maybe I can be some type of encouragement to those younger and they can see that I have a busy life and I find it exciting. I need to stop and eat lunch and hopefully I am making myself clear.

Morning and thoughts from One Woman

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain - Rain and More Rain

I drove to the country early this morning. Was necessary as it has been almost a week and I needed to go by the paint store and had several other errands. So I headed down the highway in my pickup with briefcase full of papers and lunch and snacks in my small cooler. My colors are nature colors and a simple pallet.

Very pale green, light blue in the bedrooms. Kitchen will have natural wood cabinets with a shade of green. Great room, balcony upstairs an antique white and foyer and stairwell a light caramel color. I want the inside of this small home to almost seem like you are outside. I can visualize it now, Spring and Fall with the vivid green and colored trees seen from every window.
Also all my old furnishings and rugs will blend in nice with these colors.
I will have to close my eyes and visualize the winter with these colors.

The painters were painting the ceilings and trim. I told them the minute they start applying paint to the walls I have to be there to make sure of my selections.

Mud - Mud - Mud is everywhere. The gas line that was scheduled last Friday is on hold.
The crop field in front cannot be prepared and planted until the earth is not Mud.
Grass that was trimmed on the road and coming up the drive - 3 weeks ago - is a foot high.
My woods that a few weeks ago I could stand and see for a distance now looks like a dense forest. My walking paths will have to be trimmed.

But everything is going well. Even the dozen Azaleas and Rhododendrons that are sitting in their pots have been watered by the rainfall.

I received a call from my doctor. What I knew in my heart and had the thought "maybe I am wrong". Heart monitor showed nothing. All test revealed a healthy aging lady. But "stress" I do not handle to well. I think I am resting, eating healthy, exercising and meditating - but the mind goes nonstop. Plus with grown children, grandchildren - it seems I take too many issues to heart.
So, I was once again warned if I do not pace myself and just not take some issues to my heart that upset me - I will damage this heart.

I am thankful for the good report and I will try. This is not a new occurrence but I am older.
Enough said.

Tomorrow I will stay in the city and try and tidy this garden. Many of my flowers are hanging their heads and my rose bushes are almost on the ground. I know several days of sun and everything will perk up.

Monday happenings from One Woman

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Dress rehearsal at Grandma's. A dance recital will soon be in progress. I had to sew a shoulder strap in place. My little one is growing up too fast.

One Woman memory

Saturday, May 2, 2009


12 year Anniversary time for my youngest daughter and my Alan.

You both give me so much joy and encouragement. Jamie, I do not have the words that are in my heart to share on paper what you mean to me. For many years it was just you and me in the world at the old farm house. Alan .... since a teenager has called me his other mother. Childhood sweethearts and you have given me my two youngest granddaughters. Whenever this grandma needs a smile - these two little girls can sure bring it on.

I send you love, blessings, and the best the Universe has to offer... Mama and aka "other mother"

One Woman memory

Friday, May 1, 2009


My first granddaughter is graduating from college next week. How can this be, it seems like yesterday she was the age of my two youngest granddaughters.

She would visit me at the old farmhouse - we would talk and talk. At a very young age she would talk to me with so much wisdom. My daughter used to say "she had an old soul". I might add that she still talks to this grandma with much wisdom.

She is dear, special and very talented, and plans on taking a year off from school. There is a special position abroad - London here she comes, and then back to the states to work. If it seems right for her in a year she will return to law school.

Thinking of you today my special - Jess - with much love. Grandma

One Woman - Memories