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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Do you know someone that whenever you are around them - they make you smile, they are uplifting to your spirit, they make you feel special and loved.

That's my Sam.

I started going to her about 15 years ago.

For the last several years I visit her about every 4 months even though the last several years I have said to myself " I am not going to have my hair cut and curled anymore".

But seems it becomes so out of shape - with my trimming and my hair is so fine that it does not look presentable without a little curl.

Also I keep having come to mind that the Bible promises us a white crown of glory as we age.

I have not received my crown of glory as of yet. Thought if I received it my hair might not need as much assistance.

Back to Sam. The magic she performs seems to make me presentable most of the time. Even though I spend hours in my garden.

So, today was a scheduled visit to my "Sam"

We have shared a lot of stories, some tears, some happiness and some sadness.

A different friendship since she is the age of my youngest daughter.

She use to tell me "we were cut out of the same cloth"

Also she was into dating and relationships and since I was alone from 42 on, I was also on that path.

Every time either one of us had a friendship that ended she would say that her grandmother told her "men were like buses and when one passes another one comes along"

This use to make me smile.

Was true for both of us for a while.

Sam is now happily married to her soul mate and now for a few years I am content just with my company.

I am at a good place.

Just me and my garden, books, computer and my Sadie dog daily and visits from my two little granddaughters and some of my children who live locally.

As I drove home after my appointment with her this morning I had a smile on my face.

If it had been possible I guess I would have adopted her in the past years. But she had a "mama"

She always tells me she loves me and gives me a hug as I come in the door and leave.

She is truly special to me.

Another day on My Journey Through This Life.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wonders Never Cease

Yesterday, my son shared with me that there was a sign on a fence on the next street that said

"honey for sale".

I have always used honey to sweeten my cereal. It was used by my children when they were growing up. We never used sugar.

Honey was on my grocery list and I had thoughts of purchasing some at the local Farmers Market.

I smiled when after knocking on the door of this home and was directed to the back yard that there they were "bee hives".

When I lived in country a neighbor put hives on my farm. I was facinated by them but also was not comfortable with learning more about them.

One day when he came to check the hives I was close by. In only a few minutes I was covered by bee's and they were getting in my hair. It surely frightened me.

Never would I have dreamed that in my new CITY home I would have a neighbor a short walk away that had bee hives.

I bought two jars and we talked about her 15 year old garden. It was a marvel with all types of interesting plants and herbs.

Also a Koi pond.

I remember mine from previous home.

So I have made two discoveries recently a short walk from my new city cottage.

A lady with bee hives and a man who has turned his small lot into organic gardens. His plants are something to behold.

A pleasant discovery - yesterday - on My Journey Through this Life.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Morning Thoughts

You can take the country girl to the city


This Monday morning with the first time use of the clothesline

At my city cottage.

White sheets blowing in the breeze.

Brought back memories of another time and place.

Made me smile.

Guess I am easy to please.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Cate from Beyond The Fields We Know
Reminded me this early morning that
I am "already there"
I am exactly "where I am suppose to be"
These thoughts brought a deep sense of peace.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday Night At Grandma's

Mom and dad were invited to an opening of a new restaurant so Caity and Amelia stayed with me. Their favorite was served - spaghetti. Then watermelon and chocolate ice cream to top it off.Plus a glass of milk and a cookie. Somehow when I read this combination I wrinkle my nose. But then at 3 and just turned 6, this was a great meal.

Sometime between our meal and winding down time they have each approached me and said "I love you grandma"When this is said so sincerely I can hardly keep back the tears.

At 8 we all put on our pjs and climbed into grandma's high 4 poster bed.We sang and did silly games. The ones that always make them laugh out loud. Those that soon I know they will outgrow: the bones song, spider song, games with fingers and toes. This will just be memory that makes me smile.

Caity entertains us with a few songs she is making up. Then we can hardly keep our eyes open and before you know it I hear mama and daddy coming in the door to pick up their girls.

So the house quiet once again. This home can be so alive when they visit and when they leave it is utter quiet. Just me and the clocks ticking.

Sunday morning at 7 I headed north one hour from here to my old hometown. I visited some special friends who the day before had their 60th high school reunion. 25 attended. They just recently moved into this home in the country. The floor plan was one I designed. I will help them with gardens and landscaping plans this fall. They shared some of the left over banquet food with me.Was so good to be in the company of people you enjoy and are so pleased to see you.

Stopped by the home I sold last year and took some clippings of running roses. Will try to root them. In the past I have been successful. Would like to give them to several friends and have one for my iron fence.

So now home again on a hot day in the South. My son has a boyhood friend visiting from New York. They may stop in for a visit later today. I think Jimmy likes to show off his mom's garden.

Just another day in my journey through life.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Spring Garden in the City

Current garden.

Gardening at my last home.

I have always had a garden, or rather, since starting over and moving to the country over 30 years ago. I dreamed about it before that time but with a house full of children and working there was not the time for me to do this.

I went from high style living in a large English tudor home, with the country club membership, travels, etc., you get the picture, to my beloved 100-year-old falling down farmhouse. I oversaw its restoration to all of its original glory and added some glory of my own.

My true love which I could finally indulge in was gardening. From that home to others I created there was always a flower garden. I would take cuttings from my plants to each home and they all seemed to survive.

I am now in my smaller retirement home that was finished about a year ago. To the small yard I brought my cuttings once again. IN a corner, “as an experiment,” I planted a small kitchen garden. I had no idea if anything would grow.

This morning at 6 a.m. as I watered I could not help but feel so thankful for what I saw. Two zucchini plants that are at least 3 feet around that have yeildd seven so far for my stir fry and zucchini bread. Yellow squash plants full of blooms Onions are being harvested. A dozen small tomato plants that have at least a dozen small tomatoes. A row of lettuce that has been a picture.

As an experiment I planted a five foot row of green beans and now beans are hanging on the vines. My six strawberry plants and my blueberry bush had fruit, but the birds feasted on them before I could grab for my cereal. The grapevine on my picket fence is thriving. My two hills of cantaloupe are not as big as I would like, but it may be th heat. The same thing for the cucumbers and pepper plants.

This fall I will plant some asparagus and next spring a few hills of potatoes. I will have the beginnings of a compost pile, too.

All this in the middle of the city! A mini version of what I have created before…a garden for one. All flowers are an amazement to me. They survived the move and seem to love their new home. Eight clumps of daylilies…I can’t wait to see the colors. I dug them up last spring and they did not bloom, so I have no idea what they will turn out to be, but they will be beautiful.

So again this lady who once lived in a big house and worked in the business world, whose favorite magazine was “Organic Gardening,” is feeling so blessed that one of the desires of her heart, gardening, has been fulfilled.

Many times people have commented, “You must have a green thumb.”

No, but I have dirt in my veins. I am truly amazed at what I witnessed this morning in all of its glory.

The first spring in my new home.