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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Just received this image my soninlaw took of my granddaughter
on my country road.
Oh my
love it

Day is ending and so pleased
a storm has passed though.

Happy I made myself go to therapy early this morning
after a sleepless night - felt so much better.
Seems this special place has healing qualities
and Victor and Joan's special smiles always helps.
Leave feeling so much better then when I arrived :)

Do not like to share
I had to start once again something I said
would never be taken again.
It is quick healing
but going off prednison
is difficult...

Should be receiving a call soon
that one has landed in California :)

Seems like yesterday
Jimmy helping Amelia
and she is good...
now this one constantly hears
"please do not fall."
Time changes

When family was visiting
daughter suggested I use Himalayan Salt and have to admit I never heard of it.   A quick order
to Amazon and received the salt plus a small bamboo box to keep it handy.  This salt suppose to
have a lot of extra healthy nutrients..

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Last Day of March

Special thank you to all who have helped me these past 3 months.

Two unexpected hospital visits and one calling 911

For something so simple it sure was a lot of expense, weakened me and lost weight which I did not need to lose.

Linda Wells - a neighbor I reconnected with and memories of her boys helping me in yard
when I lived at the old farmhouse.   Linda has constantly made weekly visits, for weeks
would bring me something to eat, put hot water bottle in my bed and wait while I took a bath
to make sure I got out of tub safely.  Still comes weekly and says "call me if you need me."

Lisa Williams, helping me weekly, taking me to grocery, doctor appt and most of all coming
with her husband to take me home on a very cold snowy afternoon when I was released from
hospital.   She is an angel...

My local pharmacist, who does not ordinarily deliver medications - did this for me, knowing
I was not driving and not well.

Weekly visits from Lana Osborne who brings me fresh eggs from her chickens and I give
her my Sunday N.Y. Times
Ann Morris, visits or calls weekly,  The Copes who have the near  dog kennel and kept
Callie for me while I was in hospital, checked on me and picked up meals for me.
Judy Holland, a dear and special cousin Judy and another special cousin Ronnie, who call me.
The mail carrier who bring my mail down the long gravel road to my cottage,
Judy Holman, who stayed with me in hospital and at home for several days and hopefully
have not forgotten anyone.

These health issues took place
during the cold, snowy days when roads were not agreeable for family to be with me.

All mentioned still visiting and calling.

Arthur, the therapist who came to my home for a month and helped me in more ways
then he will ever know.   His constant encouragement was a blessing and never will forget him.
His words constantly echoing in my mind "you will have to find a way to accept what is going
on with your body - it is not going away."

Now driving for 3 weeks and going to out patient therapy
and Victor has now taken over twice a week.
Oh my
wonderful and wish I was able to go to him the rest of my life.

I realize that these treatments will not heal me
but give me pain free hours, help me keep moving and  I always leave Victor's with a smile on my face
and hope.

Always hearing their words constantly echoing in my thoughts
"do not fall."

So a special thanks to all who have helped me....
and you will never be forgotten.

I do not like what is going on with this container, which is my body
but so much to be thankful for.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Morning After

first arrived
from N.Y, Washington, DC and Tampa.
So good to see everyone
they all looked so good and happy....
and I followed my therapist instructions
"smile, do not cry and take your medication before their arrival."
He asked,  "when do you feel the best"
and my answer "when family visits."

A wonderful visit, they had brunch so just put out fruit, nuts, tea, my special
cranberry, blueberry bread and wanted to put out cheese and crackers
but told this was plenty.

As they left for Nashville
I led the way to a talented friend
Jessica, my teacher granddaughter wanted to see the goats :)

Early morning
finished my late meal of yesterday
in the pan along with scrambled egg
my asparagus, salmon and a tablespoon of sweet potato - Good
and a slice of special cranberry, blueberry bread.

More of family arrive soon and a simple meal is planned.
offering asparagus, deviled eggs, strawberry shortcake, ice cream, tea and chips for my Amelia :)
daughter brought turkey BBQ, Cole slaw and at the moment cannot remember
something else :)

So nothing like years ago
with beautiful dresses, new sport coat, lace trimmed socks, patent leather shoes, Easter egg hunt
and church.
I was so proud of this family...
Much changes in time
so a brief sharing of this weekend.

Morning phone call from Thailand
and smile at another arrival soon :)

and it seems like this is a traveling family
with two grandchildren soon traveling to Columbia (South America)
and another one to Jamaica (oh how I want to return to this magical place
with so many memories for this one)

Seems something not working this morning
Pictures out of order :(

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Scent

Picked up car
after area repair where grocery cart ran into it:)
I was given a loaner for the 5 days
but not comfortable driving that car
so happy to have mine back in the driveway
so pleased to now be driving 3 weeks
All well
but getting in and out of car
balance a bad problem....

Stopped at Aldi
several items they carry and always something different.
Buy my Mango's there and they have a lot of imported cheese.

As I walked in the scent was wonderful
they were unloading flowers
so reasonable
bought a Hyacinth
and yellow tulips
and a plus
as they can be planted in my garden,

A quick late lunch
of broccoli soup
and my favorite
fresh Mozzarella cheese.
I have been craving my coconut pie
but still not up to baking
so purchased one at Publix on Monday
when I went to dentist
It is good.

Day ended
and so much undone...
Local family arriving on Sunday and they will supply most
of food
,daughter from Florida and family will visit on Saturday
in town for her fatherinlaws 90th birthday
so pleased to see them
and must share this image
my youngest took of herself
oh my........

Monday, March 21, 2016

It Seems

I always liked the counter space in kitchen empty
but it seems now
that it is better to have everything handy.

It would have looked cluttered to me years ago..

Even took some of glass cabinet doors off.    Was always cleaning
and handy for me and family to find what they need....

It has turned cold
in the 30's.

Warmer soon....

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Heart or Mind

Plants brought inside yesterday
resting on the floor
as almost freezing for several days.
This ancient bird nest comes out of the storage room and rests in a big Fostoria bowl
seems same arrangement every year at this time.   Remember my youngest granddaughter
remarking as a toddler "grandma are their baby birds in those eggs?"
Inside and
arranging closet filled with ancient sweaters that are being put up at this time.
Store in tissue paper and plastic bags or containers with tops.   Keeps any critters away.
Also these items so old but better then what is in the stores at this time, of course now seldom
shop but son will have to take me as with weight loss seems jeans and slacks need to be a size

I am thinking about much and the words continually go over in my mind
"do you go with your heart or mind?"
I think the heart....

Also will share
from Amazon ordered covers for these 55 year old wing chairs,
I like them
and less then $50

My son will smile
as I cover the seat with something to keep clean :)
growing up he always asked
why I covered everything
at times..

Thought about reupholstering
but the cost is terrific
and not in my budget.
I like the covers
and will do in this cottage at the edge of the woods.

New book arrived------

"The Wisdom of Solitude"        
A Zen Retreat in the Woods

by Jane Dobiz

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Few Hours of Help

Yes, with a few hours of help
a lot is accomplished.
My young friend Jody is great and wish I could use him more then
once a week this Spring and after everything is done
will have him every other week for a couple of hours.

Plants brought down from loft
hope temperature does not plunge
but if it does
will cover them.
These two plants
each 20 years or older...

A lot of weeds pulled, mulch spread (excellent buy at Lowe's at 5 bags for $10)
Flower bed did go to tree in back
so now
flower bed is over 50% smaller
and grass seed was spread
2 weeks ago.

Soon front field will be planted with corn,
and trees here by the woods have not begun
to leaf out
like the trees in town...

My youngest granddaughter's birthday this weekend
Seems like yesterday .....

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring and Never Say Never

I said
no more orchids will I purchase
but at market today
on the mark down table
a beauty for $2.99.,
color is beautiful.
As I walked through the store
several people commented on the color.

Also purchased 2 kinds of lettuce, spinach, parsley, onions and rosemary
and they will be put in several pots

Favorite Lilac bush is full of buds

I can remember when my grandmother and mother
stopped gardening.   As I walked outside this afternoon and tried to pull a few weeds
it is very evident that I will have to make much even smaller then I anticipated.
Too much to care for.

Day is ending
and looks like more rain is arriving.....

Monday, March 7, 2016

Oh Yes

My daughter's post

"At the end of a Spring day
 you should smell like dirt."

Margaret Atwood.....

Oh how
I agree

this ancient one at the edge of the woods
is ready for you.

Also another poem

Above all
Do not lose
your desire to walk
Every day I walk myself
into a state of
well being
and walk away from every illness

I have walked myself into
my best thoughts
and I know of
no thought
so burdensome
that we cannot walk away from it


So this one picked up her cane and walked on Sunday
and plan on doing this daily....

Where I now walk is different
no longer down the long gravel drive
and on the country road

Now closer to the cottage
where hopefully there is nothing to stumble on.

Another beautiful day is approaching
and what is different this Spring
are not the thoughts
of what else can I plant

But what else can I make easier to care for....

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Beautiful Day is Arriving

With a warmer morning
I open the front door
and as I sit and eat my breakfast
this is what I view...

The birds like it
and I like my new red bird feeder...

Now if I get rid of all of the chick weed
and pain would leave

life would be perfect....