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Monday, September 26, 2016

On This Day

On this day


"If your mind is scattered
 it is quite powerless"

Dalai Lama

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Oh yes
the mornings are wonderful
this one up before dawn, windows, screen doors open
and for the first time since Spring
I sat on the screen porch with candle burning...

Fall is in the air.

Why is it when you have an MRI
it takes so long for doctor to call to give you the results.

A lesson in patience for this one.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beautiful Weather

Yes, beautiful weather continues, cool mornings with screen doors open and warm afternoons
with blinds drawn.

Yesterday was MRI day, they always unsettle me and if right shoulder is a rotary cuff injury
nothing can be done except continued therapy.   Causes difficulty in many ways since I cannot
lift this arm.  I drove to local hospital for procedure
and do not want to stop driving locally.  Extreme difficulty getting out of car but if I take my time
able to accomplish.  This doing everything slow is new for me.

Physical therapy yesterday after MRI  and usually makes me feel so much better but did not this time with extreme pain in neck, shoulder and back that continued throughout the night.   Once again I am told that Osteoarthritis is a
progressive disease, will not go away and try and manage pain as best I can.

Have been trying to increase Yoga time and not being successful.  Arthur told me that I am doing well and not increase.   Just use to do an hour, kept decreasing and now lucky if I can do 15 to 20 minutes, also continual told to do everything slower, take my time and rest more.
Seems I have turned into someone I hardly know :)
So much I miss doing and finally accepting but does it mean I have to like it ?

Problem is the mind so active and body not responding and they are both in a different place.
This is good that the mind is good but body you have been taken good care of over the years
and I say "come on and know you can do better then you are doing."

Other pain medications suggested as I am using very little and just do not want to go that
route at this time..  Enough of this...

Collard greens preparing to put on stove
Will add chopped bacon
also making a pan of corn bread and recently read if you sprinkle a handful of corn meal
in the pan before pouring in batter that the corn bread will be crunchy - going to try.
Also black eyed peas, fresh corn cut off, from the freezer,  a big salad, fruit tea - a healthy country meal.

Two supplements suggest by oncologist and ordered from Amazon,  trying to do each every other day
just cannot consume this much :)
Looking forward to family visiting starting soon.   Also healing thoughts constantly going
out to Caitlin regarding concussion from volleyball game and Amelia doing fine with
arm now that cast is off.

Much to be Thankful for...and just keep moving onward,,,

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Light Showers and Sharing

Light showers, needed and so nice for two days

Picture of Callie on header with new red color and her name ordered from L.L.Bean, her old collar so so shabby looking.

Abundance plant in full bloom and may bring a bouquet inside

,Fall plants appreciated and soon
the purple Aster will bloom, this plant I have had for years, shared with me by a friend probably
20 years ago and a section moved with me through many moves over the years.

Two articles in N.Y. Times made me smile, a young man living for $400 a month in N.Y.
crawl space.  Does not seem to bother him, does wish a way to cook,even though hardly there and a good sleeping option and rent so high in N.Y.   Also I smile reading about the 93 year old woman sharing about those before her,  who still
works daily cleaning office buildings and I wonder if I am lazy needing some help at this time.
Maybe soon will not except for cutting grass,,,,,

A few hours ago the thought what am I going to eat with nothing prepared ?
Remembered wonderful spare ribs being cooked on the grill at the market several weeks ago
and I bought extra to freeze for a day like this.  So baked beans and a medley of squash, carrots
and broccoli made a goo late meal.    Callie loved the leftover ribs.

Looking forward to next weekend when Laurie, oldest daughter  and grandchildren in town for holiday at their
other Nashville, they will visit me and then Laurie will be with me through
Thursday.   Several places I would like to visit and she will take me and also want her to
meet Arthur the therapist and go with me for an appointment I have at that time.

After her visit with me
a wonderful trip to Spain planned for
this couple.

This week an MRI to make sure that pain in shoulder is just healing from a fall several weeks ago.
I truly think this is it and if rotary cuff can do nothing about it except continued exercise.

I plan after that procedure
never sharing about health issues again.

Youngest granddaughter soon to get her cast off and has not stopped her from cheer leading :)
I hate to share but her sister playing soccer is now resting from concussion, a soccer ball
hit her in the head.

So what else can happen

Thursday, September 15, 2016


My son in Thailand sent me this picture
love it.  Wish Jimmy would bring me a broom and probably not possible.
He likes using his new camera :)

Early morning spider web on deck, did not like removing it as aware of all the work creating it.
Almost walked into it and spider rapidly crawled under outdoor umbrella.
Received from granddaughter in Cape Cod where she is working for the season
and now the green soy beans are almost ready for harvest
and a Fall plant in my garden...
Insurance is letting me have home theraphy for a few weeks.   So happy and are letting
me have Arthur who is the best.

Also MRI approved for neck and shoulders next week to verify that this is just arthritis.
Hopefully then all these provedures and test are finished
and life will go on with doing all I can
and quit sharing about it.

Thank you always for responding and know you are tired of hearing about one woman's
journey through her life
at this time.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Spent time yesterday
at Oncologist and Dr, Means truly a gem.
I have never had a doctor go over so much with me.
All ex rays and bone marrow test just point to severe arthritis.
Good, but still do not like the pain and balance issues, guess this is just a part of this condition.
Had many suggestions, some I knew but some gave me a little more instruction.
Also given a Vitamin B shot.

Was such a blessing to have a special friend meet me at the doctors, she even sent me an
email  this morning with all the information and suggestions that Dr. Means gave.
She is appreciated and always will thank Polly for this.
Another angel has appeared in my life when needed.

Jamie has been with me so many times and just not where she could take off work again
and I did not ask.   If no one available would have gone alone

My diet and exercise all good.   Need to have a lot less dairy and I knew this
but love milk and am using more Almond Milk and using dairy free yogurt daily.   Also eating less sweets because I
am no longer baking - but have found a young woman who makes marvelous cakes
so there will always be something on hand when family arrives or I want :)

A lot of medications that might help pain I cannot tolerate, like muscle relaxers, strong pain
medications because they almost sedate me.

An MRI has been ordered.  Since I fell a week ago the pain is horrible in my right shoulder
and neck.  A fall years ago experienced this and just took time and therapy for it to go
away.   Hoping I have not dislocated anything.

Then yesterday another something happened - crown came off of a tooth but dentist
appointment this morning revealed the crown could just be put back on.
I kept hoping with so much going on that I surely did not need to have a tooth pulled.

Never needed a driver in the past but with difficulty getting out of car with the pain
have used my special helper.   I remarked to him this was a new experience for someone so
independent  to have to have someone
drive her to the doctor and he replied
"maybe people will think I am your body guard."

So end of day
early to bed
very weary with two busy days.

But ever thankful and grateful for all the special help....
the mornings low 60 and even cooler
are so delightful.

Friday, September 9, 2016

At The Moment

First born in Washington, DC visiting my grandson.
Her daughter my oldest granddaughter started teaching in N.Y,  a few days ago and now has her own room of students :)
Second born is flying back to Nashville today from Nantucket
been visiting chef granddaughter.
This family is busy
but  this one does not want to leave the woods...

Youngest, my Jamie forwarded images of youngest granddaughter
who broke her arm  a few days ago and keeps smiling....
picked cast to match her cheer leading outfit :)
Cast did not stop her from
cheering at the football game yesterday
old iron furniture being put back on deck and porches.   Love these areas empty
and dislike filling them up again.   Old Meadow Craft furniture needs to be painted.
and new cushions, guess with time everything is wearing out :)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

One Day At A Time

Will be happy when Monday arrives and full report with Oncologist.
Did receive call from nurse saying this is not cancer of the bones.
In my heart did not think it was this but it had to be ruled out with me experiencing so much pain.

The pain goes on
and nothing seems to give much relief.   Celebrex suggested does not help at all and most relief
comes from Tylenol 8 hour arthritis pills.

Two bad falls
but a blessing that nothing was broken
just added to the pain of whatever is going on in this body
and may be just arthritis.....
Reminds me that this quick and fast one
needs to walk very slow and watch turning quickly...

Painters are arriving this morning to continue work on deck and porches which were
power washed yeaterday.   Weather remains so nice and one who never had help is now
using someone, who is excellent for several hours a week.   It seems now a necessity where I once
thought would mean I was lazy.

Visits from special friends who arrive with delicious treats.
Memories surface of all of my baking in my past years, enjoyed this so much but at the present
time not possible.

Miss family that are in touch constantly by email and phone.  So proud of all of them and
expecting some visits soon.   Granddaughter in N.Y. began teaching yesterday and my
youngest granddaughter broke her arm.   Cheer leading accident :(.

So just sharing some and do not want to disappear
I do share reluctantly
because who in the world wants to hear about one experiencing what is going on
in my life at this time..

Still aware of so many blessings
that my life has at this time.

Will check in next week with what doctor shares with me...

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Early morning
I open all the doors
 the scent coming from the tobacco barns is in the air,
reminds me of Fall and surprisingly cooler weather due tomorrow
that is wonderful.

I have the blessing of some new help
he helped my special friend with husband who was in bed for years.
This one now deceased and this help has free time.
Wonderful for me at this time, he is available and needed.
Ever hopeful that what I am experiencing is not lasting
and when test results are available in many days will know more.

A lot accomplished in few hours, copper pans shined and sparkling, has been several years.
Why is it that shiny copper bottom pans, cleaned ironed skillets and a large copper bowl
I whipped egg whites in over the years
makes me smile....1/2 of refrigerator cleaned and old chop block sanded, cleaned and mineral oil spread on it, a new screen installed that was damaged- I continue to have a good feeling as I watch this being done.  Always the busy one and had thoughts that if I ever had help, someone would think
I was lazy,  What a stupid thought....
So much neglected for over a year is gradually being taken care of, never thought I would need
an assistant in this cottage :)   Also have not been able to focus on how to use the 10's unit
ordered from Amazon and he showed me as he has one.   Met his wife yesterday, she is head
pharmacist at CVS in nearby town.   Encouraged me to take my Celebrex which I had stopped
and replaced with 8 hour Tylenol.   Tonight  restarting Celebrex..

A friend from 45 years ago
when I lived another lifestyle
contacted me.   What a wonderful conversation
shared so much about me she remembered and I really had forgotten the elegant lifestyle.
She will never know how her words and prayer
helped me.   A reminder that many that know or have known me read my online diary and this
one is not aware of this.
Have never posted an image of my home in another world
but will soon as I need to find in a file.    Life at that time was not me and so happy that for
40 years and now in this cottage by the woods the real me is living.

"you can't depend on your eyes
when your imagination
is out of focus"                       Mark Twain