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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last Day of March

On this last day of March
early morning
fire burning limbs
and my old iron skillets
numbering 3
were put in the fire.

Many years ago
with children numbering 5
and I was working in family business
the dear lady who helped me (Miss Willie)
said this needed to be done to my skillets
and took them home with her.
I could not have made it without her.
Jamie a baby at that time and she would constantly say
that she was her baby - not mine :)
A tragic death that I can hardly bring to mind.
Her home caught fire and she died of 80% burns on her body.

Cleaned and cleaned frying pans with Brillo pads
and now getting ready to put 2 in oven to season them.
The other one needs more scrubbing and I am out of steel wool.

Too soon to put outside
but continually taking outside and back in for night.
Rosemary, Dill, Cilantro, Parsley and Basil
and will plant seeds of these and others
 but wanted something green growing.
Also several ferns.
and Lilac bush I planted 5 years ago is full of buds.
Wish I had planted 2.
Not feeling well
and did something stupid late Sunday.
Very dry mouth always and read vinegar/honey in water would be good for me.
This along with an orange and chili that was too hot has left me with a mouth
that is similar to a bad burn.
It will heal
but at the moment
can hardly eat.   Some do not like Ensure and pleased I do...

Monday, March 30, 2015


As I checked some favorite blogs this morning
Sandra reminded me of the beautiful Magnolia tree
that was in side yard of my city home.

I would plant one here in the country
but they are so slow to grow
that I do not think the beauty of the one
in past years
I could enjoy on this property.

Looks like a warmer week
with Spring finally arriving.

Most of my herbs were lost during this cold winter
and soon a trip to the nursery to purchase my favorites
along with some ferns for the porch...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Very Cold, Stir Fry and Being Sensitive

Temperature is dropping - below freezing the next 3 nights and had to bring my 2 very old plants back inside from screen porch. Reviewing old images I noticed so many more plants blooming
at this time of year in years past.
Emptied crisper drawer in refrigerator and salvaged enough to make stir fry. Bok Choy,
celery, squash, carrot, cabbage with an addition of shrimp (keep on hand
in freezer.)  Quick and tasty
with the last of blueberry, cranberry bread on hand and will bake more soon.
Rarely watch movies, temperature dropping, windy day
was a good day.  "The Good Life" story of young Sudanese War refugees
who win the lottery and are able to come to United States to start a new life.
I cried through most of it and finally turned it off without it being finished.
Many times during my long lifetime so much I could not view,
read about or think about.   Wish I was not this way...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

April Soon

How can it be that in another week
April arrives.

Enjoy Eugene Grasset's images of each month
If there was wall space available
every month would be displayed on the walls of this cottage.

Early morning dental appointment and seems they take up half the day. Purchased new blue sheets for my son's childhood brass bed.   When you buy good linens they last forever.   The sheets on his bed must be 40 years old, feel like silk but since elastic is not the way it should be
I do not like the sheets not looking the way I want them too.   The old sheets in perfect condition can be used in another way.    Returning home several stops, picked up some potting soil and bags of mulch and Subway sandwich.
 A healthy quick choice of turkey, provolone, spinach, black olives, red onion, cucumber and tomato with a splash of oil and vinegar.  Sitting on deck at 1:30 with my sandwich, tea and slice of chocolate cake - almost fell asleep in the 72 degree temperature.

Yard work, grocery shopping and some baking is going to keep me busy and son arrives next week :)
a few days before his birthday...

Over the year these words continually go through my mind - day and night.

Monday, March 23, 2015


My daughter arrived to take back many items that mom is no longer using.
Cleaning closet and umbrella for table, rug for deck, chaise cushion bought
5 years ago (still look like new) but wanted new ones and different color
for son's arrival.
A granddaughter spent day and night with me.
Was surprised as she had just returned from Florida that morning.
A call made to cancel cortisone shot this afternoon
and told the nurse pain had disappeared for 2 days
she replied "you need company more often" and I agree.
My youngest loves her new keyboard and can hardly wait to hear her play.
Her hugs and "grandma I love you" will stay in my heart forever.

A long winter but the sun is shining and now 65 degrees
it is wonderful.

Drove half way to big city for her grandad to return her to the big city.
Why after over 40 years of finally ending this relationship
that I should have done sooner
does he still act uncomfortable around me?  That is alright
as it is his problem.
All I know is that I am thankful for 4 beautiful children
and 5 wonderful grandchildren from this union.

Picked up a plate at Cracker Barrel
to nice to eat inside and sit with the unfriendly one.
Food on my deck at home
was wonderful...
Fish, Cole slaw, turnip greens, corn muffins, ice tea and chocolate cake.
Just finished 1/2 and other half too night.
It was so good and called manager to pass this on
or it may be that I have not had a restaurant meal for over 6 months.
He told me they had not changed their recipe
and agreed it might have been
such a long time since eating their food...

At the moment
Life is so Good
and looking forward to family gathering soon
with the big table laden with food.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Busy Day By The Woods - Some On Spring Break

Purchased a small table, 1/2 the size of a card table from Amazon, wanted something bigger then
a TV tray and sturdier.  Enjoy sitting by the door inside when I cannot go outside because of the weather.  Like viewing nature when I am eating.   Will be able to view woods, birds and garden.  Whenever
the weather is over 50 degrees  it is a joy for me to eat my meals outside.
Image taken yesterday.... like seeing the prayer flags blow in the wind.  Soon many
signs of Spring will be popping up through these leaves.

I the idea of sitting at this small table (sometimes) instead of sitting at the end of a really big family table. Many ways this table will be used in the future.
I could not push the spring loader in bottom of table to put the legs in place - really upset me as it seemed I did not have
enough strength.  I tried and tried and would have been no problem a couple of years ago
A frequent thought lately  that when someone comes down the drive to cottage I will ask them too
help me with something.
I have always been so independent and not asked for help - that trait has left....
Was not long until the Fed Ex truck was pulling in with new umbrella I purchased for deck.
The young woman was the same one that delivered the table last week and I asked her if she would help me - she was able to push the
spring loader in place and made the comment "this is not easy."  I will probably place the table
differently - but day has ended and will not take another photo.

A trip to the convenience center to leave trash and do not know what my helper who was
here for a few hours on Tuesday
put in these bags but they were so heavy I could hardly lift them - driver behind me
stepped up and said  "do you need help." 

Thankful and I am well aware that there is
someone looking after me when I need help, they just seem to appear.....
Sometimes it is not on my time frame and another trait that is leaving is that everything
has to be done immediately - guess you call it developing patience :)

Do not like a lot that is going on in my life over the last couple of years,
better adjust and accept where I am on my pathway of life as it is not going to change.

Home and put a quick early dinner together, small piece of the best steak, baked potato, mixed green salad
with a dash of olive oil and Gorgonzola cheese sprinkled on top and mushrooms cooked with a splash of Sherry.  Have enough for tomorrow also.   Seems I make such a mess in my kitchen whenever
I prepare meals for just one.  Memories surface of many years ago when there were 7 being cooked for, plus I was doing a lot of desk work for a family business.

I like to cook and enjoy my food more then eating out.   Many months since I walked into a
restaurant and no flu or cold this Winter...
Last night
will share an image just sent to grandma of her oldest daughter who lives in Tampa, my youngest granddaughter spending part of her Spring Break with her along with my oldest granddaughter.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dead Mothers

Here's what I know
you cannot lose a mother at the cemetery.
She catches a ride back to the reception,
listens to every word said, standing
against the wall because standing is good
when there are not enough chairs,
notice who is having another highball,
reminds you about the coffee, reminds
 you when everyone is gone.

You will see her in your dreams, but also
in your kitchen peering into your spice cabinet,
your oven that needs going over.
You find yourself singing
a song long out of mind, her song.
You feel her nudge you back
from the edge of curbs
and rash moves.

Leave a rocking chair empty and sooner or later,
it will move gently back and forth.
When you are troubled, sometimes
a hand smooths your forehead
and you sigh, forgetting for a moment
that you are alone, or think you are.
Walk in the green fields on a soft day
and listen.  Hers is the voice your hear
calling you home.

Dolores Stewart - thank you for your book "Doors to the Universe"
and giving me permission to share your poems....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Foragers and Morels

A number of times in the past
a vehicle would be spotted pulling down my drive
and someone would
inquire could they forage for Morels.
In the past I always would allow them.

A  bag filled with their prize
would be shown to me
and I would be offered some.
Always refused since I am not
 knowledgeable about the mushrooms in this wooded area.

Always told - how tasty they are :)

Now a special request from my granddaughter, the aspiring chef
who is working in a top restaurant in Nashville.
She is arriving this morning with a crew to look for mushrooms.
An image of Sarah and my son when she visited Thailand about 2 years ago....

Usually Morels begin to surface about the time the Trillium's bloom.
Because of severe cold weather everything is late and no
wild flowers sited at this time.

They are so welcome
"I like company" and has been a long isolated Winter
and they will know where I am located
and are welcome to return anytime...

Hopefully the woods will soon begin to look like this
I am so ready for Spring...

Sunday, March 15, 2015


I keep have thoughts of making
Julia Child's Pate.
I like liver and have not had in ages and
very good for you,

Noticed 4 small cans of Pate and Rilletts from France
on Amazon, excellent price and excellent reviews.

They arrived so quickly
and sampled part of one small can at lunch today with crackers,
so very good.

So an easy snack along with cheese
and this would make an excellent gift.

So nice, 70 degrees, some cleaning in garden
and do not like
the yearly wild onions and chickweed
that seems to multiply every year.

I just take the hoe and dig up in flower beds
the rest can stay where they are...

Mind tells me
keep going
but the body is saying
time to stop...

Friday, March 13, 2015

Rain and Spring Arriving

Much rain in my area and I do believe more mud then ever in the past.
The long gravel driveway has almost disappeared and thoughts arise that
so much gravel yearly is spread that I should have had it black topped 5 years ago.

Yesterday the sun did shine for a short time
and I smiled at the sound of geese I heard flying overhead.
Also the really big woodpecker made his welcome sound to me as I ate
my lunch on the deck.   Wish I would see him more but the sound he makes lets
me know he is near.    A blue feather was spotted on the ground along
with the sight of many bulbs surfacing the earth.

Spring you are coming
I have wondered lately if you were arriving
at all..

As I glanced down at Callie's bowl
a wasp was spotted.

To think that last week
snow and ice covered the ground and within a week I spot all of these
sights of Spring's arrival.

Callie's winter coat comes off today
and I will see
if this is just a lot of hair
or if she has gained weight this winter.

My girl received her keyboard :)
My mind rarely stops chattering
but in my heart
this one
is aware of her many blessings..

Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Birthday

Another Birthday in a few days.
My youngest granddaughter :)
and Grace is her middle name.
I like that....

You write, play the piano, (I bought it for your mom when we lived at the old farm house) guitar and have requested a keyboard for your birthday.
Grandma has never seen you without a smile on your face....

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Yesterday at Dawn, Baking and Carbon Monoxide

Cooling and because I had cranberries
on hand - a handful was added to blueberry bread.   Glaze a little thicker then I wanted
but still so tasty.
Two loaves frozen and waiting for my son's arrival.    If I happen to eat them - will make more :)

Gas logs checked yesterday by Gas Company
and carbon monoxide level too high.
When installed logs had not been  situated properly in fireplace and now they are correct.
Noticed my eyes burning over the last week and thought it might be the bright snow
and sun pouring through the windows.
So happy I had the thought
could it be the gas logs
since I was burning them much more during this unusually cold and long winter.
Burning them was rare in the past...

Looking forward to sun and warming trend predicted over next days....


Friday, March 6, 2015

Beautiful As They Sparkle

2 above this early morning
but wonderful sun to shine all day,
tomorrow and Sunday.

Late yesterday when on the loft
noticed the ice sparkling on the tall trees.

Gas company arriving this morning
to check gas logs.
In the past rarely burned them
but enjoyed them much over the last weeks
may have a problem with them.
A plus as they arrive
will be their making tracks in the long drive
where snow and ice will melt more rapidly.

So looking forward to Spring.....

Can you imagine
we turn our clocks ahead this weekend ....

A lot of orchards in my area
and wonder if  freezing over last weeks
 has affected  their
crop this year.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Morning of March 5th

Looking out my window at dawn this morning.
Then looking out of door onto screen porch area
Still snowing a little at this time.
Ice under snow
will probably not be able to pull down my drive until Sunday.
Getting ready to make a pot of chili....

Have so much to be thankful for
the winter of 2015
current never went off
no ice covered trees fell down
water never froze
kept pantry and freezer well stocked.
The real blessing
no cold or flu for this one.

Thankful yes
but so restless
much to do and finding at the moment
not wanting to do anything....
Callie keeps wanting out
and then back in, wagging her tail continually and I find myself even scolding her :(

My daughter's weary of hearing me share
and I do not like the thought that arises
from time to time of is this the best place for me in my last years.
Cannot visualize myself in a condo or retirement center in the big city.

Always come to the same conclusion
This is where I want to be
but from now on need a little help at times
and would like more
contact with family
but everyone so busy that this seems impossible
my trips to the big city
are much fewer at this time
constant emails and phone calls
thankful for these.

Now my son
says I am fine and some help, slowing down, accepting life at this time
is the answer.

I agree with him.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Idle Time

So many projects I was going to finish during these shut-in days
Started a few
that is all and never finished.
Today have not felt like doing much
 I stay busy but did not accomplish much.
Planned on baking
and will tomorrow when predicted snow is on the ground.
Did prepare a good second meal for the day.
Bok Choy and Cauliflower
Baked potato and a small piece of a fillet

Orchid sitting in an ideal spot,
continues to bloom
and I find pleasure in blooms and color.
Will leave you with this...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rain, Sleet and Snow Arriving

Starting to rain, sleet tomorrow turning to snow.  Quick arrival and predicted quick withdrawal,
hope so.

Inside day, enjoyed some reading -  Mary Oliver always so special
and keep carefully pushing my comfortable chair closer to gas logs (wish it was wood)
trying to find just the right spot for reading, looking out window and TV.  Watch very little
television but still have 2 movies sent to me by Netflex and just have not felt like viewing them.
Even moved desk in bedroom to make it easier to take a photo of bird feeders.
Not a fan of squirrels and many here by the edge of the woods.  This one has chewed
my special angel.  Found it on the ground and what it is made of must be tasty.
When Callie is outside she keeps them away.  With being inside with me much this winter
on her rug by the door - she has gained weight.  Soon being outside she will probably lose
the weight.
Quick trip early this morning to very small town 5 minutes away
to take off trash and pull in drive in window of very old drugstore
for renewal of some medication.  The drive in window
is the best improvement they have made in the last years.
Home, filled 3 bird feeders in front, 3 in back and put new suet cakes out.  Not a bird in site
and when I came inside they were flocking by the feeders.  They sure know when I do this
and also that the weather is changing soon.  So muddy outside....

Looking forward to baking tomorrow

Life at this time at the edge of the woods

Monday, March 2, 2015

Problem With Blog Entry

Other things to important right now
I have spent too much time on this today.

Will return...

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Morning on computer
and just received email from my son.

A friend makes this

Sliced banana
on toast.

This big tea drinker
will have to try....

Neighbor was able to get truck out of ice
late yesterday as I never could.

Some help early this morning
with picking up limbs, burn brush pile
and snow off rest of walks.

Computer off
and my day begins....