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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thoughts From Woodhaven

Little Callie, what do you see. You like to sit on top of the table on the deck or on top of your doghouse. Maybe as you gaze into the woods at winter - you may be dreaming of Spring.

You were brought home from the Humane Shelter in October. You were found with a chain around your neck that had to be sawed off. You were scheduled to be put to sleep. We have gone through the chewing, and you doing a Houdini and coming out of collar and harness. I tried to secure you when I would leave the woods. I quit trying and was surprised that you only follow me a short way down the drive and then go back to the house. Soon you will have a pen surrounded by a picket fence for you and your doghouse. This will be an option when you are outside and there are visitors or One Woman has an errand.

When I return from errands and turn onto the gravel drive - the first thing seen is Callie sitting in the field, waiting for my return. As I continue down the gravel drive, you run to greet me. Silly, One Woman as the thought goes through her mind - has anyone ever loved me this much? Sure they have but it has been a while. What ever I am doing inside - you are looking through the glass door watching me. When I am outside - your eyes hardly ever leave me. We have surely become bonded in a short time. With your chewing I had a brief thought of not keeping you. I am ashamed to admit that thought. You alert me of any car approaching our home. Guess, at the moment you are priceless. Or you have caught me at a weak moment!!!!

You are in the utility room at night and outside most of day. Brushing you daily and I have never seen so much shedding of hair on such a small and short haired dog. Will see how long this last.

Drove into the city early this morning to check city home. One hour South and the buds on the dogwoods in my front yard are evident. Bulbs are pushing through the soil, and I wish I had taken my camera. Spring always arrives about a month earlier in the city then here at my woods home.

I have decided to also use my Canon Sureshot camera along with my digital camera. Came across the camera in my drawer and it had film in it from almost 2 years ago. It was developed yesterday and made me smile at a beautiful new city garden.

I enjoy having pictures I can physically handle. Aware I can order online - just have not. At times in the past there have been baskets sitting everywhere, filled with pictures taken over the years. Also pictures that family would share with me. When visitors would be in my home - the pictures would bring comments and pleasure. Just do not have the room in this smaller home to have a dozen baskets of pictures sitting around.

A picture of my youngest granddaughter was on the computer. Soccer time. Oh, little girl - you are growing up so fast and you look so happy wearing your soccer shirt and holding your ball.

Even though the thermometer says 40 in the sun - the wind is super chilly. At least to me.

Guess I have found my third age ambitions. To live simply, write, read, take images that are pleasing to my eye, wait for the phone calls and the little voices that say "I love you grandma", and watch for Callie as I pull in the gravel drive.

Enough - Saturday afternoon rambling.

One Woman - what a simple life you lead - yet you seem to stay so busy!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Makes Her Mama Smile

Have not been on the computer much lately. This morning I am catching up and my daughter's two last blog entries sure put a smile on her mama's face: We Have Crabs (my oldest - younger - granddaughter now shares her room with three hermit crabs) and this post about car shopping and the month of February.

32 degrees, sun is shining and it is SNOWING.

Have a great day wherever you are.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Checking In

A few busy, happy and sad weeks.

Close friends and acquaintances with crisis. Sickness, hospital, deaths...they all seemed like they touched One Woman's life in the last several weeks. Being home bound for snowy days also seemed to contribute to her feeling "blue".

Then two wonderful warm days, out and about. A trip to the garden center and her truck was loaded with pine trees. She sure must have felt good as she dragged them off of truck and to where they will be planted. Felt good or was suffering from being home bound - she pulled a muscle in her back.
She was able to sit on the deck in the sunshine. How could she not think of Spring. The warmth of the sun was such a wonderful gift. When she opened the door in the early morning she would be greeted by the music of the birds. She was reminded that Spring is around the corner. She copied this quote from somewhere - "This was like a raft of tranquility in a sea of great change".

Because of all that is happening at this time One Woman will be writing a little less often for a short time. I have not forgotten you and do not forget me!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day - wherever you are.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Heart Knows

There have been several weeks of a restless spirit. It continued to grow - prayer, meditation and repeating mantras did not seem to help. Her heart was almost aching. She wondered what is going on.

Maybe it is because several people who are dear to her are experienceing some serious issues?

Maybe it is because the closing of her city home was approaching?

Maybe it is the continual snow and longing for Spring and her new garden?

Maybe it is because the request list from prospective buyer seemed to grow, some seemed fine, and to her some sounded unreasonable? She considers herself fortunate that all of her many real estate dealings have gone smoothly. This one seemed different. The city home is new, loved, quality, and one very neat woman lived in it.

Over the last week she even began to ask forgiveness for having a judgemental and critical spirit of someone she has not laid eyes on.

Yesterday all came to a conclusion. She refused an offer and guess the one word that was magnified in her mind was she was requested to give warranties.

So, a door closed and home is back on the market. She wonders what wonderful flowers will emerge in that city garden?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3: 5-6
On a lighter note - my son called me from Thailand - yesterday morning to wish me
Happy Valentine's day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


At dusk last night - 6 deer in the front field.

Early this morning headed for the big city.

Check some items being questioned by buyers of city home.

Little girls being delivered by mom to grandma.

Stopped at one of the big stores on our drive to the country.

Nothing spotted that was appealing.

Grandma and little girls head for the country.
Their choice for lunch - the Cracker Barrel.

Payed bill and noticed dish with some carved stones.

There it was "breathe" on a small stone I can carry in my hand or pocket.

The house in the woods has come alive with little girl sounds.

What better way to spend Valentine's Day!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And The Winner Is

Beverly, I pulled your name out of the bowl - this early morning. Will contact the marketing
person to forward you the "The Very Best Of Enya" CD.

Please email me your full name and home address.

Congratulations - dear online friend.

Beverly, blogs as

Have a great day.

Sharing From A Matriarch With A Thankful Heart

photo by Darcy at

My daughter attended the Blissdom Conference 2010 at beautiful Opryland Hotel in Nashville, a conference for bloggers, last weekend.

She spent the night Friday night and was gone all day Saturday. From her sharing this morning it sounded great. She shared some highlights of the special lectures she attended.

Mom asked if she would find this this informative and enjoyable. (might be nice, a night away) that was not very far away. Quick answer "I am 40 and most attending were much younger." Guess that ended that.

Then she shared about the wonderful entertainment. Harry Connick Jr. who is a super star - entertained. She went back stage and mom thinks she will be able to post of picture of her with this man. I have been waiting for this picture before posting - tired of waiting!!

Bottom line - One Woman has never heard of him!!!

She mentioned something that mom is well aware of. Mom is super isolated (chose to be and am constantly told this!!) and stays busy with her interests in the woods. It might be nice to occasionally have lunch, go to a movie or chat in person with someone I had similar interests.

At the moment it seems her interests are no where near anyone in this isolated, and near small Southern towns. Email friends are 5 hours to worlds away. So, sharing online is the next best thing. Really special in her mind for she thinks you share more deeply when you write then in person.

There were years of marriage, business, divorcee, dating, relationships and she loves this freedom in her last years.

She remembers - years of nonstop activity and it seems finally she has come to a bend in the road and can do what she wants to do. At the moment - her heart says "rest."

In the past - her head said - go in town and walk at local Center. But her heart says she would rather walk the paths in her woods and along her long gravel drive.

Head says - maybe go to Senior Center events - heart says she is not interested and they all look so old - forgive me. She is probably looking at herself!!

Head says - start back to church and become involved like in the past. Heart says - she does not want to - she raised her children in church, taught, shared her home with visiting pastors, meals and meetings in her home, did special outreach to elderly and home bound and on and on. She would like to spend the balance of her years doing exactly what she is doing. Spiritually she feels connected to God in these woods and her heart tells her she is in a good place.

Head says do volunteer work - like in the past. Heart says - no. She thinks she is almost suffering from burn out. Since it has been a busy year - this may pass.

At present time family visits at special times, occasional babysitting, weekly lunch, grocery shopping, reading, photography, my journal, gardening, a few phone calls daily, mindfulness practice, yoga and taking care of my special needs - guess that is it.

She may sound dull - but is happy and wishes the head would leave her alone. All she needs is to follow her heart - it has never let her down. All she really know is there are not enough hours in the day for this One Woman and she seems to get further and further behind in some of her simple interest and tasks.

As long as she stays healthy, she can live in her chosen environment. She is well aware that if that changes she will be in a situation where she will probably be surrounded by people.

A call from someone she deeply admires was received late yesterday. One Woman attended special meetings in her home a number of years ago.

Sharing - the word "mindfulness" came up. Some special gatherings may begin and I have been invited. Wonders never cease - I may just go.

One Woman sharing this early morning with a Thankful Heart.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Returned

Banana bread in the oven at 6:00 am. Dawn reveals the snow that was not there last night. It is snowing very hard at the moment, another inch has accumulated

I am so pleased that errands were taken care of yesterday. Grocery and filled car with gas. I had thoughts of putting off until today - glad I made my weekly trip to town yesterday.

A new tape is playing - I love it. Chant - Music For The Soul by The Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heiligensreuz. It is so very peaceful.
"Much of today's world is too fast, too loud and all together bewildering. A monastery is a piece of paradise by comparison. Monks strive to live peacefully, content, somehow out of time".
copied from folder inside CD

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Greetings From Across The Pond

I wrote my son this early morning to see if he minds mom posting his letters on my journal? I find his letter's interesting and informative - but remember - I am his mom.

All that I share from genealogy, past, present, aging, family, images, thoughts of future, and my interests - might someday be interesting to someone. May not - but this One Woman is enjoying herself and feels led to document.

A new book he recommended for me - Tao Te Ching (Skylight Illuminations) by Derek Lin

The email was sent to his sisters and passed on to mom.

hello sisters !
Greetings from across the pond girls ! And yes - it's time for my occasional semi-boring email updating you on what I am up to these days - shall try and not wax too poetic, but here is some haiku for you - quite nice and from a Japanese novel that I am currently reading entitled - "The Buddha Tree" by Fumio Niwa :

A calm sea
Over the bay
A gentle breeze
A single sail

Currently staying in Bangkok, Thailand - avoiding the winter back in Nashville - one quite new aspect to this foray is that I am teaching lots of yoga classes - so I am gaining much hands on experience teaching full time for a few weeks whilst my teacher/owner of the studio here visits his teachers in Pune, India - home of Iyengar Yoga - the type of yoga that I practice.....For about 3 years I have taught as a substitute in Nashville, but never on a daily, and now sometimes twice daily level - I am surprised at how exhausting this is - you are the focal point for 90 minutes while talking and demo-ing......

A few days after arriving I attended a 3 day silent meditation retreat at a very modern international retreat center - we did what is called Vipassana style meditating which is the kind I study and practice on my own. The first day was very difficult on body and mind, but then you really begin to settle in nicely to the routine - so I hope to do some longer retreats each year - some are 7, 10, and even 28 days long. There are retreat centers all over the country - in the hills, on the islands, and in the city like the one I just did.

Quite a bit of reading on my part as per usual - so far this year have read:

"Cuba and the Night" by Pico Iyer
"Nostromo" by Joseph Conrad
"An Artist in the Floating World" by Kazuo Ishiguro
and "Istanbul" by Orphan Pamuk also many meditating and yoga books that I read over and over........ I will attempt the 800 plus page "The Brothers Karamazov"

As I write I am listening to classical music - a fairly new interest of mine - very relaxing like some "yoga" music - but a bit more cultural
and lasting I do believe - I found a 6 CD set of classical piano songs here for like $10.00 - tis quite good.....

No major side trips planned, but will go see Tim in Saigon, Vietnam later this month - have not been there in 18 months and its only a one hour flight so shall pop on over for 3 days.

I did have one nice half day excursion recently and shall have to make it a monthly event when here - I went with some friends and had an outdoor breakfast at the Shang ri La - an incredible hotel on the river downtown - a few steps from the mono rail - I had not realized how easy it was to get to - anyways you sit in the breezy shade and watch all the boats go by and just chill out for several hours as the surrounding gardens and swimming pools are so beautiful.

OK - not much else for now.

Be well, Love, Jimmy

Thursday, February 4, 2010


How do you adequately describe that special music that is so original and distinctive in sound?

Music and lyrics that are peaceful and calming and uplifting. That is how Enya's music touches this One Woman.

I have most of her CDs. Some were originally cassettes that I purchased. I have "Watermark" which was released in 1988. I remember hearing the sounds and thinking "who is this?" Later I learned that Enya is a group consisting of three people. Enya is the focal point and lead singer, lyrics are by Roma Ryan and the music is produced by Nicky Ryan.

Listen to these words from - Only Time "Who can say why your heart sighs As your love flies - only time And who can say why your heart cries When your love lies, - only time."

My latest purchase is "And Winter Comes" - my little girls when visiting say - "grandma you play that all the time."

When I was asked if I would review Enya's new release, "The Very Best Of Enya," I was elated.

One Woman was so excited to listen to many of her favorites all on one CD.

So if you care to comment - I will draw a name in a week and have a copy of this CD sent to you so you can enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


"Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different, enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will); being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won't)"

James Baraz

Monday, February 1, 2010

January Ends With Beautiful Sunset and Pending Sign

She captured this magnificent sunset on her camera...last night..

A lot has happened over the last year. The footing was poured on her country home about a year ago. 7 months of building - not a day was missed. Making the trip from the city to the country, many days a week. Dreaming of spending her last years, on her rural wooded acreage, gardening, writing, and her camera in hand.

In the beginning she planned a simpler cottage, but after much thought it turned into a small home for her and family to enjoy.

All went well. Her mind and some of her children would echo "is this wise"? She just followed her heart. All she really knows - is she has a deep peace on this land.

Six months ago - she started spending nights in the country. Moving gradually and final move of furnishings before the holidays.

An emotional week with being snowed in (still snowed in) another reduction in price on city home, and a prospective buyer (one of the dealing kind - One Woman usually makes quick decisions).

She accepted a price and is moving on with her life. She could go through Spring and Summer with a hope of a higher price. Expenses continue and that is a gamble she is not going to take.

Long story of why she moved to the city - a lot has been shared on my journal. Being closer to family, investment strategy, recession, a deep desire to return to her country property, building, and this selling experience - which is nothing like she has experienced in the past.

There will be inspections this week and a closing February 19th. So this is in her favor.

If all goes forward - she knows in her heart it is not what she desired - but she will accept and continue on day by day.

Bottom line - She has a Thankful Heart for All.........

All that have followed a portion of her journey and encouraged her - are very special to her.

Will see how the week turns out.