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Friday, July 31, 2015

Big City

Left yesterday morning for the big city of Nashville, on the road very early to avoid traffic.
Always travel the country back roads (rarely pass a car)   as I do not like interstate.  Takes 10 minutes longer hitting main road
and a pleasant drive with less traffic
Arriving in Nashville, oh my traffic is horrible, construction and new buildings
in process are everywhere.
Not the quaint city I loved and remember years ago.

My camera was purchased 7 years ago and went to the shop to look.   Now, 6 camera's sitting there,
no selection.   So when time is right will look online.

One more quick stop and headed home.  Sometimes treat myself to lunch, not this time as so hot and way too many people.     Always pack snacks, so on the road an Ensure, Energy bar and 2 small bottles of water.

So good to drive down the long gravel drive, I feel so appreciative and love for this property as times goes by,  always blow the horn and Callie greets me :)  turn the curve in the gravel drive and my home and garden comes in view.   Have the thought may never make this trip to the big city again....

Home and Quinoa Garlic burger taken from freezer, covered with smoked Gouda cheese, tomato,
 tea and my homemade Zucchini bread and nothing could be better..

Most is available locally that I need, wants and needs are rare at this time and can be purchased online - except health :)

All during the drive to the city my mind never stopped going over much in the past years.
My grandmother's never drove a car and in last years never wanted to leave their homes.
They never owned vacums.  fans and small window a/c were used rarely.   Homes shut up tight
and I love my open screen doors as morning arrives in the country....
But then as a child, my parents relocated to  Detroit for about 15 years and we never had air conditioning.   This is another story as I never returned to this city again, not a pleasant time.
Love living in the state where I was born....

Going the back roads
such a change
the farm my maternal grandparents lived on was purchased after grandfather retired from service.
Memories of the barn, animals, flowers and picking blackberries when I was about 10 and waking
up in the night covered with chiggers.     Now this rural property has a large apartment complex
sitting on it.    Down the highway past 2 homes where my mother's sisters lived, those 2 homes still there and next my parents home where they moved after leaving Detroit, Michigan.
Oh my on my parents property
now sits a Buddhist Temple at satellite property from Nashville.   Located there for 5 years and the
thought "why in the world did they locate on this rural highway 30 miles north of Nashville"
the answer - property prices reasonable when it was purchased.    Nothing reasonable anymore
but more so then big city.

Enough rambling....
day begins
and computer connection which is so poor continues :(

Verizon offering a new device that is wireless will arrive when my new big screen computer

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Early Morning Sights

Bambi - baby deer
where is your mama ?
and wild turkeys
in Soybean field :)
I need a new camera..
in another week new computer arrives with nice big screen :)
A different day planned but on the phone a lot this morning
with Verizon.   They are offering a new wireless air card
and will try with my new computer and hopefully better connection.
Since it is wireless can take to different rooms by different windows
to see if connection is better then where I connect at this time
Hope so...
Hour later, 2 more deer.
I see a lot of deer in my front field over the years
but usually not at the end of July.   It is early in the year for me to see this activity.
With such an unusually hot summer, I wonder if this means an early
and very cold winter.
Hope Not...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Looking Out The Front Door

Spotted a Blue Bunting
spotted at a distance many times and now I need to recognise the female.   Tried to download another image and information from Google and it would not post...

20 minute shower and hoped it would decrease the 105 heat index - not so.

Two umbrella stands at different doors and placed them together as you come off the screen porch.
A lot of memories, they have been moved from home to home,  red umbrella from oldest daughter on a visit when I shared that I always
wanted a red umbrella.   Walking stick collection and sunhats that my youngest granddaughter's sometimes put on when visiting.  At one time this collection larger but made smaller recently.

Traveling family - some headed for Florida before school begins, another with family in Cape Cod
to celebrate some birthdays.  One will be 89.   Another soon arriving from over the ocean  - Copenhagen  and a special upcoming  trip for 2 others to France soon.
Mama, grandma is contented here by the woods and does not want to go anywhere except to Lowe's, Farmers Market and occasional trip to the big city - but I do miss fresh seafood..

I am either easy to please or boring
but this one is happy and contented...

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Gift Arrived and Another Day is Ending

Hot weather has arrived once again.
Mornings are delightful for me and since I am an early riser
it is perfect for me to fill bird feeders and water plants.
Oates this morning with fruit and then on to the local small town.
For weeks have wanted so to visit a friend in the nursing home and finally made it.
Such fond memories of conversations and times with her over the last 20 years.

Years older, in her 90's but like this one in so many ways.   Her mind is perfect but body cannot
follow through.   Her much loved home of years is being auctioned off next week.
She hoped her son or daughter would take the home but they are settled in their
different lifestyles.  They are so good to her and visit many times a week even though they
live quite a distance away.

Next stop at the market and onward home.  Chicken was ready to take out of its buttermilk, Cayenne
and s & p -   dredged in flour, pepper, Kosher salt  and Turmeric and cooked in hot oil resulted in such a beautiful golden color.
This is a new way for me and wished I had added these spices over the years for the taste
and appearance.
Mail carrier arrived late today and a
 special gift arrived in the rural mailbox
from many miles away, New Foundland, Canada.
A special online friend knits
something I never learned to do,
tried and just could not master those knitting needles.
My favorite colors, dish towel and dish clothes.
Mary, thank you so very much....

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Saturday By The Woods

All of plants at Lowe's were 1/2 price, said I would purchase no more but the old truck and I drove to close city, 10 minutes away.  Because of heat a few of my flowers in pots looked really pitiful :)
$16 purchases
Phlox does well here by  the woods, have several pink and lavender and spotted this white one.

I did not plant these potted plants - just placed pot and all in the pots with with other flowers.   Also purchased a white Crepe Myrtle, small and half dead but a challenge to see if this one to can bring it to life.
I smile as the butterfly's were plentiful and took a chance with the camera and pleased.

Early dinner of fresh green beans (added some ham from freezer, diced potatoes) and corn brought to me by a special one - added fresh squash
and sliced tomato - it was so good.   I have memories of my gardens in the past but that has ended.
A wheel barrow full of clippings, clothes on rack on deck need to be brought inside, folded and I am stopping .
It was a full day.
Since cortisone shot  my appetite has been so good, seems everything is so tasty and good
would love a few extra pounds.     Hopefully I sleep well tonight...

Friday evening a scare as a/c unit stopped working, a call and I was given instructions to turn it
off for 3 hours, let fan run and then turn it back on.   So thankful it worked.
This unit put in 5 1/2 years ago has always been a problem and last year had to add free on and want to go as long as I can without buying another unit.

Sunday is here and also heat has returned.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

There Is No Other Peak.....

Received this morning......
There is No Other PeaK
Hopes are bound to be shattered. To hope is to hanker for hopelessness, to desire is to breed frustration. But in the worldly things at least there is a possibility of succeeding, failing, attaining, not attaining. But in spiritual matters there is no question of attainment at all because the goose is out! Nothing can be done about it, it is already out. The moment you start enjoying your valley you are on the peak. There is no other peak!

One day I suddenly decided enough is enough. I dropped the idea of the peaks and started enjoying the valley, and a miracle I saw - the valley disappeared. In fact, from the very beginning there had been no valley, I was always on the peak, but because I was searching for a peak I could not see where I was.     Osho

Friday, July 24, 2015

Yesterday and This Morning

Yesterday, trying to catch up with washing.
Bed stripped, love fresh sheets and ironed pillow cases.
Deep cleaned bathroom and straightened shelves.
Soon need to start on kitchen, so much neglected over last weeks.
When I go to bed the sun is brightly shining
a darkening shade now hanging.  Ends left for view at each end
and just hung on top of molding.  Why did I not do this years ago ?
This morning home from the market, everything put up and trying to keep a full pantry and freezer.  Easy lunch. 2 slices of crispy bacon, poached egg, chopped tomato,
melted cheese - all stacked with my chopped Basil and Dill on top.   So good and easy....

This morning a long list, wanted to continue to several othetr places  and had to come home after purchasing groceries.   Severe cramps in fingers and toes.  Also last few nights and wonder if the Cortisone shot is responsible as not low on
any mineral - oh my - what next....

A memory picture
of my 2 first born
Beth and Laurie :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Thanks to all of my special friends for commenting and emailing.  You helped me more then you will every know..

Daily the hummingbirds come to the feeder,  difficult to catch them with the camera as they are so fast,  good shot made me smile.
When I returned from the market, on the screen porch a small bag with just the right amount for one.
Yellow squash and tomatoes from a garden.  Placed them on a plate with the 3 green peppers found
growing in the compost :)  A few calls and was able to track down the special person who left them.

At noon vegetable soup simmering from left over roast and vegetables.  With an addition of corn, peas and tomatoes it was so tasty and have lunch for tomorrow and 2 cartons in the freezer for a
day I do not feel like cooking.   A roast that is cooked with vegetables - makes many welcome meals.
Soon replacing my computer, will have a larger screen and seems my problems with service is  caused by living in rural area
and this one uses an air card.   My computer is for pleasure, communication with children and grandchildren,  and a lot ordered
from Amazon so even with problems it is not such a big deal - just frustrating.
As time goes by do not want to be sharing a lot about progressing Rheumatoid Arthritis
and just plain aging.    Even though all my friends are at a different stage of life then this one,
just maybe something shared will help someone as times goes by. 
Weeks of severe pain and not sleeping was very difficult for me.
Especially for one who has always slept and this was a new experience
but now know it was because of the night pain.    Pain pills did not work, made me have awful dreams in the little sleep I experienced.   I have had 4 children but never have experienced ongoing pain like what I was experiencing.     Will never never go on Prednisone again in my lifetime,
it has taken me a year to finally stop taking this medication.
It is a quick, inexpensive miracle drug - but so many side affects.
My RN daughter was so helpful to recommending some things that she was knowledgeable about.
You have to be so careful about inflammatory medications as they can cause severe stomach problems.  Celebrex gave relief, no side affects and have on hand for painful future times.
Fortunate I am as the lowest dose of anything is a help to me.
Enough shared at this time but finally Monday had cortisone shots for shoulders
and neck and relief within a few hours.   Hopefully they last for 3 to 5 months and looks like this is going to be where I get relief and feel like going on with life.....
I was told once again by my kind doctors that this is progressing and is not going away.
Guess it finally has sunk into my brain.  Kept having thoughts with all of my GOOD LIVING that I could conquer this condition.    Continue to be thankful that this is all
that is going on and healthy in every other way.   Also told once again it is because of my lifestyle of many interests staying busy, resting. yoga, diet,  meditation, prayer and weight has helped me,
I listen to the their compliments and medical advice, but still do not like what is going on...
My local pharmacist even brought me my medication as I was not up to driving
and that is not usually done.   So many angels out there :)
Again, thanks for the kind words
and guess I will just keep sharing for a while longer..

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Computer problems
and a lot going on

Will be back
and hopefully soon returns
to almost normal....

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Yesterday and a New Day Begins

New Flag

New Blooms

Ready to burn when rain stops

and morning begins...

Ground is saturated
as rain continues.....