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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Rain several hours yesterday and through the night. It is amazing how my small yard and garden looked like it was finished and this morning it is beautiful. Yesterday I had a busy morning. A couple of errands for a friend that I will be visiting tomorrow. A quick trip to the bakery to pick up my favorite bread "Tuscany." It is wonderful with warm olive oil. Caity tried it and liked it. Seems my days fly by, I stay busy, wonder if I accomplish much, and wonder why I do not gain weight. Usually I gain 5 lbs during the holidays. Will see what happens at that time. This is not a subject that most people want to hear from me. Just thought as I became settled in my home and calmed down that I would gain my 5 lbs or more.

A lot of thoughts about family. Caity enters the first grade a week from Monday. When I was growing up in Michigan, school started the day after Labor Day. When her mom's school year began I can remember smoke would begin coming out of the tabacco barns and soon sweaters would appear. Surely not now with almost 100 degree weather. But maybe it will change over the next few weeks. Who knows, I surely do not. I am finding out as I age that I know less and less and I use to think I was pretty smart and had an opinion on everything. I am more quiet at this time and listen more. My baby Amelia will continue in daycare. This truly saddens me but grandma just cannot keep her every day. Also I am so well aware of all the advantages and how much they learn. I want to keep her one day a week so I can have some special time with her. This child looks so much like her mother. Almost identical at 3 years of age. Facial features and the curls that hang almost to her waist. Her mom will celebrate a birthday next week. It seems like yesterday she was home with me. Will post some pictures next week of my baby girl.

Sometimes I have the thoughts that my daughters with their children think no one ever loved like they do. Suprise, your mom loves you like you love yours. So many memories In two weeks my daughter from Massachusetts arrives with two of my grandchildren. She will be settling them in for their school year.

Jessica in her 4 th year at Vanderbilt. She has decided to follow a law career. Gavin my grandson is beginning his first year. I know in my heart what an adjustment this will be. From a small town high school where he excelled in sports to this big University. But pleased that myself and his uncle and aunts and dad's parents all live in this city. Sarah my middle granddaughter will be returning from Colorado in 2 weeks where she has been attending a music camp. She plays the French horn and is excellent. She will be home for 10 days and then on to Illinois at NorthWestern. Two weeks after that my son returns from Thailand. I surely miss him. I took his mail over this morning and put it on his desk. I swept off his porch and quickly crossed the street to my home.

So it looks like this lady has a lot going on. Or is it that a lot is going on within the family. Seems at this time of life my life revolves mostly around what is happening in my children's and grandchildren's lives, my home and garden. In the past I have always been planning homes, gardens and moving. Deep inside I sense this is the way things should be - but - there is a part of me that does not accept this 100%.

What would I do without the new interest of an online journal. Is helpful to write your thoughts. Still making spacing errors and I do not know what I am doing. My daughter tells me I must be hitting the shift key. I do not think I am. Maybe I am!!!! But I am learning and can now take pictures and post them. My next project is to take better pictures and buy a nicer camera.

Tomorrow I will head for my old home place. A pecan pie or two will be baked tonight to take to my twin lady friends. One's husband is out of the hospital and home. He seems to be doing well.
But when you have heart surgery at 80...well, I have a lot of thoughts. I will visit, run errands and have lunch before returning to my city home.

A lady who has experienced so much in her past, and has had a full life - wonders what the future holds. When I am not suffering from the 100 degree weather and the fact that the news reports that our air quality is 3 times worse then it should be - I am at peace.

Just wondering - what next? Another morning on My Journey Through This Life.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Wonderful when I opened the door to my screen porch this morning. 65 degrees and only predicted high 80's today. I was watering and weeding at 6:00. Did some touch up painting on some very old wrought iron flower pots. Also touched up paint on my wicker rocker. A load of wash was done and I put upstairs to dry. I will hang sheets and towels outside but this was a lot of small things and just put them in this large room on a drying rack.

When I built this home I had a permanent stairway put to the upstairs. A door at the top of stairs goes into a large unfinished room. I love this room and it is filled with some things I could not part with. Like the brass bed, globe and sailboat that were in my son's room, the rocking chair that I rocked all of my babies in until they were too big to sit in my lap, trunk that was my grandmother's (story goes that this was carried on a covered wagon) baby and high school pictures that children laugh at and say they do not want, and on and on. Future plans for this room - I do not know. It will be a good selling point if home is sold. Someone can finish it into a large bedroom and sitting room with bath. Also if I continue to live in this home I could have the room finished. My granddaughters love going upstairs and playing in this room. I found them an old dresser at a secondhand store. They sit in front of the mirror and play. At the moment this room brings a lot of thoughts to mind and only time will tell. But it is a marvelous room that is full of windows and sunlight early in the morning.

This week I have not felt well. Not sick but just not as energetic or motivated to do anything.

But then the heat has been almost 100 degrees daily and the air quality in Nashville has been posted as dangerous on our local news.

Just a short walk with Sadie or taking the mail over to my son's home seemed to leave me almost breathless.

So, I wondered is it age, weather or is it the spot they found on my lungs in March.

I have been feeling so good that I thought I would miss the 6 month testing to see if anything had changed. May go in September just to see. I really just want to think positive and not go through the testing. I think it is the weather.

The blog experiment and being on computer to check sites seems to have kept me from something I love to do - reading. Why is that I wonder. I usually am well organized and can follow through. This is something puzzling to me. It seems like the computer is calling me and I yield to its summons. I go to bed early and sometimes when I get up in the night to go to the bathroom the thought comes to mind "I could check my emails."I do not - but I have the thought. See the computer is calling to me!!!!!

The weather being so hot I have had to stay indoors a lot. Thoughts keep surfacing about my move to the city. I miss my small town. But then I have to focus on why I moved. It was to be near my two youngest granddaughters and be of some help to my youngest daughter. Staying inside a lot truly bothers me. I am the happiest when I can work in my garden. Winter affects me this way. January and February expecially difficult for me. So what do I do? My daughters have some suggestions. I do not want to do volunteer work. Have tried it and it seems like the majority of these ladies do not like to stay home. I like staying home. Just seem to be restless or am I bored, but have countless projects. Still do not have the answer. But this is nothing new - it does seem a little better then in the past. Might be my Type A personality. I do know I cannot start planning to build another home!!!!

Am I alone too much? I stay busy and the day is gone before I know it. Several phone calls a day. A friend or one of my children. When I do run errands it seems I cannot hardly wait to return home. I have always loved my homes. They seem to wrap their arms around me with warmth, pleasure and healing. A lot of different homes but they are all filled with the same old things. Nothing new. I take pleasure as my belongings age. Furniture I dust and shine.

Linens and quilts that grow thin with time. Clocks that I wind and I hardly hear their ticking.

The clock in my bedroom is one that was my great grandmother's. One one the mantel was in my mothers bedroom. Another on wall was purchased years ago on a trip to Jamaica. Another an old school room clock was purchased 48 years ago. In my foyer a grandmother clock and a small one that was given to me for my birthday by my mother years ago. Their ticking and when they chime seems to comfort me.

Oh, I picked my first cucumber this morning. Several tomatoes daily, lettuce has had its day and my much loved squash I could not keep the borers away. Pepper plants are loaded with blooms. Some of my herbs did not make it. My basil is a sight to behold. My strawberry plants are spreading. In another month or so I will plant turnip greens. I love them and could eat them daily with cornbread. When I was growing up I would not have touched them.

Lunch time and the time moves quickly from here on.

Just some thoughts on My Journey Through This Life.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This word was posted on Liza's Eyeview this morning. I smiled because I have had this word written down in my journal for ages. I have had so many changes in my life. Wonder what the next change will be? No changes for today as my granddaughter and I are spending the day together.
She loves to play on the porch of my garage. Garage almost looks like a guest house.
I have done this at every home. Like a mini retreat to sit on the swing on the porch and view my beginning gardens.
I am pleased we have had a break in the almost 100 degree temperatures. In the 90's today.
Hopefully I have been able to post a picture correctly for the first time without my daughter's help.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Thoughts

But where is what I started for so long ago? And why is it still unfound?

Walt Whitman

From Cate at Beyond The Fields We know

It is strange what we remember, and what we choose not to remember, or rather what we choose to forget with specific intentions.

There are memories deep within each of us which awaken longings so intense that they are painful, and we each have our own stories, our own storehouses and hoards of special memories and dreams. Like the mythical dragons of old, we heap up treasures in the dusty recesses of our craniums, and guard them fiercely.

An ordinary busy morning but when reading this, the tears would not stop.

Monday, July 14, 2008

It Rained

A garden that looked like it was ending has come back to life. I wanted to take some pictures this morning. Still learning about the process of posting images. Want to eventually be at the point that I do not have to ask my daughter to help me. I need a new battery but was able to take one picture. Morning started early - as usual. Like 4:30. I am often asked why do you get up so early. I love the mornings. I marvel at one of my neighbors, her lights are on at midnight and car doors slaming at 11:00. At 10:00 in the morning walking around in her yard with her robe on and coffee cup. We sure are at opposite ends of our personal clock.

Before dawn checked emails. I am spending far too much time on the computer since I entered the blogging world. I told myself that today was the day of no computer. Guess I am weak.

I find it is becoming very addictive. I am happy I do not drink or smoke or have any other bad habits lol. Next adventure was to do some ironing. About 30 minutes. I love to iron early in the morning or on rainy days. Back on the computer and I smile at the special letter from my son in Thailand. He is a wonderful writer and I almost feel like I am there with him. I would love to visit but I truly do not think I could stand the length of the flight. Hey I am just getting over this building and moving project and able to drive to my old home place about an hour and half away. That is an accomplishment for me!!!!!!! At the moment.

Daybreak is arriving so Sadie and I head for a walk. I did not feel like walking her but she stands on the screen porch with a tail that will not stop wagging. So I give in to her like I did the computer. Back home and check emails again and have breakfast. I love the smell of coffee but seldom prepare it unless I have guests. I usually drink green tea. For some reason I have been craving coffee lately. So last week I bought some and have enjoyed several cups each morning for the last several days. Wonder what has happened. I truly feel the green tea is better for me. Received several phone calls. Made a trip across the street to pick up 4 dozen ears of corn in my son's freezer. Put it in my new-old freezer. It seems to be running perfect. I do need to have someone replace the insulated tape around the door.

This is the day to watch my granddaughter but Jamie called and said she was working from home today so I would not be babysitting.

My kind of day with my oldest clothes on. They are my favorites. I really look shabby and hope no one stops by. I begin to weed, spread mulch, some special watering and I notice a car stopping in front of the house.

The cousin of some special friends of mine from my old home place. He has been mentioned to me many times "he is such a nice man".

He is recovering from a bad fall and does not look like he did when I saw him months ago. Spent weeks in hospital and a blood clot had formed. It has been shared with me, he plays in a band, a nice man, his wife divorced him and on and on.

I want friends. Someone to occasionally eat lunch with. Talk gardening with and thats about it. Too many in the past I have let take up my time and became emotionally involved with. So it was like a little voice saying to me "do you really want this". My inner voice replies "NO NO NO". As he leaves I smile to myself, the voice continues "there he is if you want a new friend". I do not answer back.

So back to my hoeing. A sandwich soon on the screen porch. Rest some this afternoon and try to stay off the computer. Another Day on My Journey Through This Life.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Happenings

At the moment in my area it is so hot and humid that I cannot walk outside without being soaken wet from the tip of my toes to the top of my head.

This is unusual for this somewhat small framed woman. I just do not sweat. I do not like this weather.

My new garden which had a wonderful beginning in April, May and June is beginning to look rather sad.

Early this morning on the way to the grocery I saw a sign several streets from mine that said "Estate Sale." I need nothing and want nothing but could not resist looking for the home.

I downscaled tremendously when relocating to this smaller home. Once again desiring a freezer never entered my mind. But---with my renewed interest in a vegetable garden and friends supplying me with some great vegetables--- I have had thoughts of once again having a freezer. The one on the top of my refrigerator does not hold very much and seems to stay full even though I do not eat much.

Thoughts kept coming to mind that maybe I would see a nice used one for sale. I looked at several on sale at stores and did not want to make that kind of investment.

Back to the Estate Sale. The family members were rapidly selling the possessions of one who was in a nursing home. I spotted the freezer and ask about it. They quickly shared it had to go and they had hoped to get $100 for it but if I wanted it I could have it for $50. I thought this is too good to be true but how am I going to transport it to my home 3 blocks away. I shared this and one of the men quickly replied I will bring it to you.

It was a sale. That along with a wonderful table to be used as a potting table and several very old concrete pots for my garden.

So the delivery was made and the freezer is in my garage. Hopefully when it is plugged in early in the morning all will be well. Then on to the grocery a little later in the day.

Just walked out on front porch and there was Sadie across the street in my son's yard.

The gate had blown open in my yard. I quickly picked up her leash and headed out into the 97 degree weather. Every step I took she took a dozen away from me. I thought this is it she will just keep going and I have lost her to the big city.

Here comes a pickup down the street and pulls about 50 feet in front of Sadie. A young man gets out of his truck and begins to motion for my dog to come to him. Loudly I say "please just stay still and maybe she will go to you or come back to me" I was able to catch Sadie.

I asked the young man "what made you stop" he said I saw you walking with the leash in your hand and the dog up ahead and I thought "there is a lady with a loose dog."

Needless to say, I thanked him.

So, Sadie is back in the yard. The gate is secured.

I am back in the house and do not intend to stick my head out the rest of the evening.

I will water my garden at dawn in the morning.

Just another day on My Journey Through this Life.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Morning Blessing

I Picked up my granddaughter this morning.

Her day to spend with grandma.

In the back seat she is singing songs she learned at Vacation Bible School.

Over and over

She is singing.

I Know My God is Real and Nothing will Change How I Feel.

Over and over her little voice is proclaiming this.

I looked in the rear view mirror at her.

Her little face radiant.

The thought on my mind.

May she always proclaim this.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Good - Bad and Thankful Day

I left home very early this morning. I was headed for my old homeplace. I had a couple of stops along the way and on to my friend's home.

She has been in this home about 6 months. The home is a duplicate of the one I built not far from her country home. I drew the floor plan.

These are twins that I have such a bond with. They will be 79 this November.

The refrigerator was filled with all kinds of food left over from a shower that they hosted on Sunday.

A quick lunch was enjoyed.

Then the main reason for my visit - the corn arrived.

There is nothing like the first corn of the season that has been pulled about an hour earlier.

I brought 4 dozen ears home with me. Also a half of watermelon just out of the field.

It was a delightful day.

I headed home and as I was pulling out of the small town my car alerted me that I had a low tire.

I was so thankful that I was just minutes from where my car was serviced regularly when living in this area.

My car showed 96 degrees and I had a car full of corn that needed to be refrigerated.

The moment the mechanic came out to check the air in my tires

I saw the problem...a nail. Where in the world did I pick this up? Especially since the about 6 weeks before I had 3 nails in my tires.

To make a long story short, he repaired my tire and I headed home.

So very thankful all the way home. All I could think of - what if.

What if I was on the highway and had a flat in this heat? It surely would have upset me.

So, again. I am very thankful.

The corn is in my son's freezer. Since he rarely uses it and left for Thailand yesterday.

Still in the air, over the water.

Mom wishes him a safe journey, a good visit and a safe trip back to his family.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes

My just turned 6 year old granddaughter is staying with me several days a week while school is out.

She loves playing in my garden and is always making comments and asking to help.

The other day she came running onto the porch looking for me.

She said "grandma you have amphibians on some of your plants."

I replied "what are you talking about?"

She said for me to follow her and she would show me.

We proceeded to go to my large zucchini plants and turn over two of the leaves.

There were a cluster of tiny objects smaller than the head of a pin on the leaves.

I thought, how in the world did she even notice these. She was surely inspecting grandma's plant very thoroughly.

I scraped the little objects off the leaves.

She was a little off on her correctly naming these objects.

But, I smile that at her age she even knew this word. The knowledge came from school or a video that she had been watching.

So, maybe this granddaughter will love gardening like her grandma.

She reminded me to inspect the leaves of my plants more thoroughly.

Another day in My Journey Through This Life.