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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Little Technical Trouble

Good afternoon everyone!

This is Ernestine's daughter, Jamie.

She is having modem issues and will be updating her blog soon (probably next week.) Thanks so much.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Visit With Me

Visit with me for a few minutes
to see all that is emerging in this relatively new garden.

A very cool morning in the 30's
but now the sun is shining so bright.

As I sat outside for a few moments
wondered if I pointed my camera to the sky
would it reveal the lovely view I am seeing.
It worked
The lilacs smell heavenly
and want some on the table inside
but hate to pick.
Snowball bush getting ready to bloom,
much has emerged in the small garden
and much has not surfaced.
So much pleasure to see all that has been
planted arrive and all the wildflower seeds
planted are a special gift.
Prayer flags are blowing in the breeze.

A busy life in the past
and so welcome is this time of slowing down
and enjoying nature...

and do not forget

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Small Garden For One

This small  12 x 12 square garden always supplies enough for my table and sometimes share with visiting daughter.

Planted as of this date - lettuce, peas, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, turnip greens, collards,
kale, green peppers, onions and 3 tomato plants.

Herbs look wonderful - Rosemary, Cilantro, Thyme, Sage, Dill, Parsley, Chives, Lavender and Basil.

The cuttings of many perennials that have been moved from home to home - all look

Wild flowers are beginning to bloom.    Pear and Apple tree are in bloom.  Also a blueberry bush,
raspberry and blackberry bush are looking good (just enough for a bowl at breakfast)

Filling humming bird feeders and waiting for them to arrive.

My son who is visiting
continually comments
on what a  beautiful Spring, so colorful,
everything emerging and how different it looks from Thailand.

The thought
comes to mind
is it always this beautiful,
colors so vibrant and  quiet and peaceful
on this little plot of land
or is it
 that the Winter seemed so long
or that I realize there are not as many
Springs in the future for me to enjoy
as there was in the past...

Soon daughter from Florida and granddaughter from New York will be visiting for a few

Daughters, soninlaw from the big local city and two young granddaughters will visit next weekend.

Needless to say  a special time
for this One Woman...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Some Like Informtion

I share a lot with my children and grandchildren,
believing it is important.  Some they ask for and a lot I share
because I want them to know.  They might be interested or not
is not important to me.   Just feel it is important to pass this on while
I am still living.

A lot of family information I was never aware of
until my mother and grandmother's were no longer living.

They did not share and I never thought to ask and
this one shares without being asked.

Since their death when some information is passed on I hear it
but sometimes it is coming from one where there never was
a personal relationship.  So some of the information I believe and
some the thought it might not be exactly the way it was.

Information passed on many times changes over the years.   So be wise, listen
and it might be not totally correct.

Regarding my mother, some of  her sharing  may be due to the fact that my mother was very young
when she married at age 17 and I soon after was born.   But she never shared as she grew
older and passed away at age 82.

Because of my interest and life as the years went by I can remember
even now - quite often - her saying to me
"if you had not been born at home with your grandmother taking
care of me - I would not believe you were my child."

Growing up I did not like hearing this but age is wonderful because now
I  react to words differently.  Now it puts a smile on my face as I realize
she was a child.

A dear Aunt passed away several years ago in her 90's - I remember asking her questions
about the grandmother that was so dear to me.   Her reply she did not know and I would
ask why - and she would reply I never thought to ask.

So many unanswered questions on matters that seem important to me at this time.

My oldest daughter and some grandchildren  ask a lot of questions and I like this.   Some daughters
and grandchildren never ask.   So everyone is different.  I have always craved information.
Even now in these late years I am continually seeking information on many different subjects.

So as I share with my children and those from around the world
who knows if some of those words are helpful.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday's Spring

A short walk at the edge of woods.

My first butterfly
and while sitting on deck
one landed on my knee.
Hopefully that is a good luck sign
for all that is going on with my
health at the present time.
Blood work results due end of week.

The one who has been with me before
I was born and continued with me
through the years
please be with me now.......

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

This post was written almost 1 year ago.
Last night as I sat on my little porch
these special birds were at my feeder.
I could not get an image
and remembered writing about them in the past...

4/11 - Post

Turning my bed down for evening
Looked out my bedroom window
in the bird feeder was this bird
Picture taken through blinds
Has some bright red on chest
black and white body
and yellow beak

Enlarge for a good look

Never saw one like this before

Just answered my question
of what is it...
found online
it is a
Rose Breasted Grosbeak :)

She Continues

Spring continues to put on a show
for this One Woman.
Daily a new visit
The old Redbud tree
The small Red Maple
that the beetles ate every leaf
last summer.  

In the evening
I sit in the sun on the small front porch.
Birds visit the feeders and leave so fast
that I cannot capture their image.
Seems only the little yellow Finch
sits still for me.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

After The Rain

fell for almost two days.
It has just stopped,
soon it will be dark.
Put on my old shoes,
walked outside
and can hardly believe
what has happened.
Everything looks so fresh
and clean.
have you finally
I sure hope so....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Heavenly Scent

He handed me a small box
A gift from far away.
A small china container
when opened
it contained a small candle
with the most heavenly scent.
I asked
"what is it"
and his reply
"a famous Japanese flower

The Japanese Cherry trees
are blooming at this time.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happiness Is

Happiness is
having some of my children and grandchildren
visit today.
A birthday cake for my son who is visiting from far over the ocean.

Spring seems to have arrived
big time.
Almost 80 degrees
and much has happened over night.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fog On Mom's Farm

My son sent me this image
Thinking I will not be on computer as much in the next weeks.
Special Email friends
you make me smile
and there are times
I think
what would I do without you :)
Right now
my mind is on cooking...

Friday, April 5, 2013

They Just Keep Coming

Going through old photographs

Special memories
Making me smile

A small boat
when children were young
called "Miss Ern

Maplebrook Farm
on his special bike..

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday

Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Safe travel wishes
Sent with much love.

So aware at this moment
you have many miles to fly
over the ocean...

I will see you
 driving down
the long  gravel

I will smile
forgive your mom
if she cries...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

She Had Good Taste

I have lived in rural homes
most of my lifetime.
Well aware that in the Spring a mouse will sometimes get into the house
and build a nest.

Sunday dinner
and in the oven drawer a number of times.
All was tidy.

Returning from errands yesterday  I saw shredded
tissue paper on the floor of my closet.
Very aware of what this meant, a mouse was making her nest.

Looked everywhere, even the oven drawer and there it was
a beautiful nest.   There was a circle of two of my vintage
pot holders.  Beautiful pot holders I used for special occasions.
It was filled with nice soft material and paper.

Destroyed the nest and put out a trap and soon I had captured the mouse.

This morning I decided to take all of  winter sweaters in my closet
 which had been
carefully wrapped in tissue paper and put them in clear plastic boxes.

Have never had this happen before.
As I took the sweaters down and refolded there were 3 that had been
chewed badly.

Good thing
these were 3 sweaters that were mine for many years.   They were beautiful
but I had not worn for several years. .   So into the trash they went.

So thankful that none of my vintage cashmere sweaters or nice cardigans
had been touched.

I rarely buy sweaters anymore as they are not as good a quality as in years past
and I have a nice collection.

This is a first time experience for me.

I know how she came into my home
as I sometimes leave door to porch or garage open a short time.
Will be more careful...

Memories surface of the 3 different times  a snake was found in
the old farm house.  Once on the kitchen floor, in my bedroom and
another time in the cellar.

Now you know that unnerved this former city girl..

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring In The Garden

After a night of rain
I go out, wearing clogs

wrapped in an old overcoat
against the spring cold

water pours white
through the open dikes

peach blossoms glow red
beyond the willows

fields of new grass spread away
edged and checkered

poles rise from the wells
at the wood's edge

I go back in
to write at my small desk

evening arrives, I'm alone
happy among green weeds.

~Five Tang Poets~   Translated by David Young