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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Country Road Problem

Can you visualize One Woman winding down her country road. She looks in her rear view mirror and there is a police car not far behind her with his lights flashing. The thought comes to mind that she does not ever remember seeing a police car on this road.
She stops and rolls down her window and her heart is beating rapidly as the officer approaches her car. "What in the world have I done wrong she exclaims". The officer smiles and replies "one of your rear brake lights is not working". He continues on telling her he will not give her a citation but for her to have the problem taken care of before heading to the big city as she might get a ticket.
So guess this was a blessing the way this problem was discovered.
So she heads for the small town and has 2 new rear brake lights installed. She then continues on to her city cottage.

A country adventure from One Woman on a sunny afternoon

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Progess #5 - Woods Retreat

I am at a loss for anything interesting to write about this afternoon. Yesterday morning a trip to the country. My cottage is coming along wonderfully. A few changes were made. I had a vision of sitting at my kitchen table looking out the window. That will not be. Trying to plan this smaller kitchen it was impossible to have counter space and room for appliances with my table in front of the window. Sooooo, my sink is in front of the window and I can look out into the woods as I do my dishes. This solves my dilemma. Gives me plenty of counter and appliance space and also space for my huge old chop block that has been moved many times. My table will be just like it is in this home, in the middle of the floor.
On a sad note - the young man who has helped for years had surgery yesterday morning.
So it will be a few weeks before he can tackle the brush and limb problem surrounding my new home. He desperately needs the work - so the brush and I will be waiting for him. His father said he would help me. He arrived driving down the muddy drive and parked his truck. I wish I could have captured the look on his face as he scratched his head and viewed the clearing that is in progress. He made the comment "there must be an easier way to do this".
I said "no", just like several other homes built in a setting like this, it is all hand work.
So, I do not believe he will show up again. I smiled at him and replied "can't you visualize this finished", he did not answer.
A few years ago this was something I tackled myself. Now with surgery behind me 4 weeks and a little older - I cannot do it solo. I will help but need help.
So my special young friend you are to heal quickly and we will get this mess cleaned up.
I plan very efficiently and how did I forget about the thawing of the ground and the Spring rain.
It will be a memory when summer arrives and I can still visualize what the almost finished product will look like.
So really have not felt like posting pictures of half a framed cottage with bare trees and brush surrounding it. I try to focus on - what it will look like when it is finished.
Just look at my header and visualize my cottage sitting in the middle of those wonderful Fall trees.
In the morning I have an early dental appointment for filling. Not my favorite place but need to have it taken care of. Then on the country and maybe my muddy 1000 foot drive will be a little better to drive on. Gravel oh gravel what happened to you. Maybe you will surface again.
What does make me smile are the comments from the workers sharing of all the deer, wild turkey and other critters they see as they pull up to their project each morning.

Some sharing this early afternoon from One Woman

Monday, February 23, 2009

Aunt Lucille

The picture I have scanned was taken about 4 years ago.
Aunt Lucille is 95 years young at the present time. She lives in a senior complex not far from my city cottage. I have always felt such a special bond and love for her. After I married and moved to Tennessee, we would rarely go a month without having a special conversation.
My father had 5 sisters and she is one of his younger sister's.
I can remember in my younger years how impressed I was with her. She was always dressed so stylish. During childhood growing up years when I would come to Nashville for a visit I would always spend a few days with her. I can remember her taking me for my first permanent and I think I cried most of the time with the hard rollers and the kinky hair I emerged with.
Memories of her white bungalow. Memories of the two bird dogs. One was Kate who walked with a severe limp. The other name I will not write - do not use language like that! I could never call him by name.
This little girl grew up in an apartment building in Detroit so these visits South to grandparents and aunts were so special. They had homes with yards. Yards with a swing from a tree and some of them had dogs. I guess most of all they had homes with grass. That may be why I love nature so much. It became a reality for me after I married and began having homes of my own.
All of my dad's sisters were extremely pretty. I can remember being told how my grandmother who was a widow would allow these girls to have friends to their home and would move all the furniture for the dancing. That is difficult for me to imagine. As I am this fussy housekeeper. Do not mean to be but guess I would not move all my furniture for my children to play and have dances. At my paternal grandmother's home there was music playing from the radio most of the time. A spirit of cheerfulness remembered by this little girl.

Some memories from this One Woman on her Journey Through This Life.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Progress Report #4

A trip this early cold morning to the country. Something special that I had for 45 years I had given to a friend was being returned to me. This special friend is deceased and I mentioned it to his daughter who graciously returned it to me. Something you would only want to use if some wild varmint was near or a pack of coyotes. Anyway it is wrapped in a blanket in the trunk of my car. Not going to say what it is but sure did not need it in the city. May not need it in the country.
The framing has begun on my cottage. What a challenge with every room smaller then what I have now and this home was downscaling. So some special items may need a new home.
Only problem was the MUD. The ground is thawing and with many vehicles pulling in my new gravel drive - some of the gravel seemed to have disappeared. For some reason I did not think of the Spring thawing and MUD. The contractor has been picking me up on the main road but this morning I decided to just pull on in. So my car was muddy and I stopped at car wash on my way back to the city.

A young man who went to school with my youngest daughter is helping me pile brush and clean up some of the woods close to the new home. I am thankful for Chris. He does yard work and at the present time he is pleased for me to be using him. A lot he is doing is what I have done for years but at the moment not up to it.

The floor plan of this home I sketched like my other homes.
Small foyer, smaller great room with kitchen at the end - this is on one side. The other side is my bedroom, bath and utility room on the back. There will be a stairway going to a loft area that is all open and will have a large area for bedroom, bath and nice size sitting room area for my little granddaughters to play. This loft overlooks downstairs great room with large windows looking out in back in the woods. I will have a screen porch on one side of home and a deck on the back. Also at the last moment added an attached garage. So a smaller home but sufficient for me and anyone that might visit.
This gives my online friends an idea of what I am planning.
What I have now is similar but larger.
Tonight I have my little girls while mom and dad enjoy and evening out. In the morning their favorite breakfast of French toast.
So for now Grandma is going to rest and eat something before they arrive.

An entry from One Woman this late afternoon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coming Home Again - Woods House Progress #3

The emotions I am feeling are so strong that it is going to be difficult to put into words all that happened this morning.
I have not been to the country in 4 weeks. My builder called to see if I was up to driving to the building site this morning. The floor was done and if it were not so cold - like 30 degrees and wind blowing the framing was to begin today.
I took off early this morning with excitement. The builder met me at the end of the road to continue on in his vehicle as there were several wet and very muddy areas in the new gravel drive. Every home I have built or been involved in the remodeling process I have been on the site daily. Witnessed every nail, every board placed and on and on. I would pack my lunch and I guess the workers grew weary of me being on the site. First I enjoyed the activity and second I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Because of this unexpected surgery 3 weeks ago I have not been able to be near this project for 4 weeks.
Everything was perfect. I can visualize the finished project of this smaller home sitting at edge of the woods with the gardens growing in all their glory. I can see myself sitting on the deck with the sun streaming through the trees and seeing all the different birds that visit my feeders.
Can sense the peace and quiet as I sit on the screen porch. I can hear the echo of the night sounds.
I drove back to my city home with such a feeling of total thankfulness. Several things I am still not sure on but as the framing begins those answers will come.
When I left the city this morning driving through the heavy traffic and in about 35 minutes arrived in my small town - a deep feeling of peace came over me.
Thoughts have surfaced - at my stage of life can you go home again - can you return to the place where you healed and were the happiest of ever in your lifetime? So much has changed. Most of the older people that reached out and included me in their lives have passed away. A lot of new homes and younger families will be neighbors at this time. I will be this One Woman with no family near by relocating to her much loved land. A place to garden, take picture, write and just "be".
So time will answer many of these questions and it seems I am being drawn to this area like a stream flowing rapidly. For how long - only God knows.
The post man stopped his car and welcomed me. A dear neighbor from around the corner stopped his car and got out and hugged me in the middle of the road. Smiled and commented "we will have to stop meeting in the middle of the road like this". He welcomed me.
Builder shared that yesterday he spotted 18 deer in the front field. The lady turkeys greeted me as I left for the city.
So at this moment "heart please be still".

An entry from One Woman this cold and sunny afternoon

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surprise Post From My Youngest Daughter

I am not at my usual posting self as of yet. I am reading entries. A surprise when I just went to my daughter's blog. Made me smile and tears in my eyes. Sometimes you think your children really do not know you. Jamie knows her mom that is one thing for sure.

Entry from One Woman on this unusually warm day in Nashville. 72 degrees.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Be Careful

An image of my wonderful orchid plant that I have enjoyed for a number of years. This image was taken almost a year ago.
Yesterday it showed off 15 buds. Spotting what looked like a dead stem I went for my favorite scissors. Clipped it off and my face fell. I clipped off a stem with 7 buds.
For a few more days guess I had better leave the scissors alone.
In a few weeks instead of 15 blooms my plant will have 8. They will still be magnificent but wish I had not picked up the scissors.
The stem is resting in water in a small bud vase and it will be interesting to I see if the buds open.

An entry this early morning from One Woman

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Good Day

I drove to surgeons office this morning at 8:30. He said what I knew he was going to say.
I could not be doing any better. Released me and said just take extra care for another 4 weeks and do not lift anything heavy. Smiled and said I expected to much of myself for just 2 weeks after surgery. I feel as though I have lost a month of my life. But - hey - I am smiling and beginning to feel like my normal self.
So I returned home on this sunny day and picked up a lot of sticks in the yard that had blown in yard from storm and enjoyed the sunshine.
Tomorrow I drive to my dentist to have a temporary crown replaced. The first one that came in was not correct and then when the correct one arrived I was in the midst of this health thing.
I am so very thankful this is past and almost ashamed of myself for being so emotional and frightened.
No more talk of this. Soon will be posting about my new adventure which seems to be progressing.
Thank you again online friends for writing and encouraging me. You will never know what it has meant to me.

Love and Blessings to all of you - From One Woman this late sunny afternoon.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hope Health Crisis is Over

I have continued to have nausea and at night almost like hot flashes and I never had them in the past. This morning at 2:30 woke up so sick at my stomach and shakey and I could not keep my teeth from chattering and felt faint but no fever.
I reluctantly called my two daughters. Both them replied after me waking them up that I would be fine. I guess I was almost hysterical afraid I would faint. It has truly bothered that I had to call them
Beth, my middle daughter came to my rescue and took me to the emergency room.
They could find nothing wrong. I had guessed low potassium and dehydration like when taken in for surgery.
They did blood work and said all was fine. Maybe I was having an anxiety attack. The nurse replied "you seem anxious, would you like something for it". I said "no" I want no more medication. She questioned me about being anxious and that I did not smile. I told her "what would I have to smile about being in an emergency room, shaking all over and severly nauseated. Even as sick as I was - I wondered about her remark. It seemed very uncaring. Beth drove me back home at 4:30 in the morning. Beth your mama "thanks you".
Last Thursday this same work was done at doctors office and I was told to continue on Bactrim. The anitbiotic from Hell. Was instructed to call today and see if I did not need this medication any longer. I decided to go off of it yesterday. I kept having thoughts maybe this was the problem.
I called my primary doctor this morning and was told that tests results were back and I had no infection and probably should not have taken this strong antibiotic over the weekend. Also told that it would take several days to get this out of system.
So still weak but nausea has almost stopped.
My granddaughter who is attending the local universtiy is taking me a business appointment in the morning. I cannot reschedule this.

This - One Woman has one or two times in her lifetime had to have someone transport her somewhere. Hopefully I will finally have a good nights sleep. I want no chills or nausea.

An entry from One Woman this early evening.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Health Update

I drove to the doctor this morning. First time I have driven my car in two weeks and first time to be out of pajamas in 10 days.
Seems all is healing. Blood pressure elevated and was given an antibiotic for bladder infection. Blood work and other test will be shared on Monday.
I am healing but just going to take longer then "One Woman" likes.
So the sun is shining and I sat outside and forced down a peanut butter sandwich and some strawberry's and cake.
My youngest daughter went to the grocery for me. Thank you my Jamie.
Now appetite return.
I still do not know how I could have so much infection in my body and did not know it.
Dr. Crystal Clamp, my young female doctor (since my doctor of 40 years retired) is a jewel.
She predicts that once I totally heal I will feel better then in a long time. Hey, I did not know I was sick. Guess it masked itself as low energy. I thought it was an aging factor. She said "no".
Anyway, I am thankful I am healing and have so much to be thankful for.
All of my blogging friends I thank you with a sincere heart for staying in touch. I am at loss for words to share what you mean to me.

One Woman on a sunny afternoon (sun finally)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


As I am beginning to check some of my favorite blogs. I came across this from
Every moment is a death of all that has gone before and a birth of all that is to come.
You must jump into the river and let it carry you on its journey. If you stop it you will drown.
Living your own life with all your heart, with all of your soul. There is no need to live theirs.
They will do that wonderfully by themselves.

Entered by One Woman this cold early morning

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Nightmare

She had noticed some indigestion at times and also a dull ache on low right side. Since her appendix had been taken out 20 years before she knew that it was not appendix. So she just thought this will go away. She is not one to run to the doctor. Almost to a fault.
Monday night she woke up at 9:30 with a terrible pain and tightness across her upper abdomen and soon the lower also and then pain in chest, arm and neck. She panicked and thought "am I having a heart attack". She did not want to bother children so for the first time she called 911.
They arrived and 3 or 4 men rolled in whatever that thing is. They kept telling her to calm down. She asked "what is wrong with me"? There answer "you have either had a heart attack or having one and your blood pressure is 210 over 110. So on to the emergency room they traveled. They ran some test and lowered her blood pressure. Kept her 6 hours and told her that her heart was fine. After 6 hours they said they were releasing her and for her to call her primary physician on arriving home. She kept asking them to call her doctor and they did not.
They asked if she had someone to call to take me home. There again she did not want to disturb her daughters who would soon be getting up to get ready for work. So she told them to call a cab. She informed them that she had on my pajamas and no shoes or coat.
So......they gave her a pair of socks and wrapped a thin blanket around her shoulders and helped her into the cab. Five minutes later she was going through her front gate and fishing for her keys to go in the front door. It was probably 30 something degrees outside.
When inside home she placed a call for her doctor and her youngest daughter. Her daughter arrived in a little over an hour and took her to her to doctors office. A number of test performed and she was admitted into the hospital and was told they would have to stabilize her blood pressure and fever and surgery would be done the next day. She was put on pain medication and morphine which really seem to mess up her mind. The surgeon shared that in all his years of gall bladder surgery he had never seen one so infected and she was very lucky that it had not ruptured. If it had ruptured he said she probably would not have made it.
So, today - one week later and feeling better but warned to heal from inside out so she did not develop a hernia - she is moving slower then ever. She cannot lift anything heavy for a number of weeks . She really has never obeyed doctors completely. Energetic and much to do she would always recover fast from any illness quickly. This unexpected problem and procedure has totally puzzled her. How could she have something so infected in her body and not be aware of it. So with a thankful heart she shares this afternoon.
She asks for healing, health and wisdom for her continued days. The doctor smiled and said they will be many. He described her as a healthy, energetic past 70 lady who was very feisty. That put a smile on her face. She never wants to be in the hospital again.

Some sharing this cold and sunny afternoon from One Woman on her Journey Through This Life.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mama - Gone 9 years - I Miss You

The first picture is with you and your sister who is my Aunt Bea. The next picture you and dad on your wedding day. You were 17 years old. A child by today's standards. The next picture is my picture with you at the old farm house. It was probably taken about 13 years ago.
So this post is for your grandchildren and great grandchildren. The two little girls of Jamie' would have enjoyed them so very much.

A memory recorded this early morning from One Woman on her Journey Through This Life.