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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Checking In

Morning visitor as I eat breakfast,
sits on the door latch :)
New at the market and purchased,
ice cream bars so good and loaded with calories, each bar 200 and I need :)
the yogurt states on container
from happy cows :)

Lot of work finished making flower garden smaller, now about 1/2 the size, many plants moved
and many just went to the woods.   Now rain and grass will be sown.

New wi-fi
for computer
so far fine
waiting for new computer
seems it is having some problems.

Just a quick entry,
so much going on
here at the edge of the woods...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baking, Memories and Accident

Wonderful cool weather, 55 on the screen porch, opened door and another visitor
hanging on for dear life.
Cool weather and early morning baking, pumpkin bread in the oven smells so good and can
have a slice with coffee this morning. 3 loaves and 2 need to go in the freezer quickly
before they are consumed.  Trying to make some things ahead for when family visits or to
share.  Recipe was shared in post October 10, 2010.
Never fails when I make my bed in the morning and place this pillow in the center that memories
surface.   When pillow was spotted on a trip to town with my special friend, I purchased and she
made the comment it needs fringe and I will do it for you.   She was talented with a needle
and wish I had this talent which greatgrandmother, grandmother and mother possessed.

Another pillow a gift from her since she was aware of my love for gardening.
A woman pruning her Wysteria vine.

Clarice has now been gone about 14 years, she was 78 and had a brain aneorysim.

Now the sad news
one of my younger granddaughter's, an avid soccer player, practice yesterday and broke
her right ankle.   Quick healing wishes go out to my girl from grandma.
much I post
is a repeat
like my memories are at this time of life.
Since new readers come quite freqently
my repeats are new to them..

Day begins by the woods...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happiness Is

Some simple happy happenings

Can you believe turnip greens have surfaced in 5 days.   They always have but thought
it might not happen this time.   Seeds have been in the freezer since last Spring.
A year ago my friend brought me a bouquet of her special Iris and late yesterday brought
me some of the bulbs :) I believe she said they bloom twice a year..
Received this morning
a peek of the photo shoot of my Jamie, pictures being taken for her new position with
a marketing agency in Nashville.

They are everywhere
and being careful not to sit on one :)
Enough shared
this early morning from one
who vowed to not write until next week...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Peace and A Way to Achieve

A beautiful cool and sunny day, for an hour this morning  I dropped everything and sat on the deck in the wonderful
warm sunshine - something I rarely do and fell asleep.

After my late meal at 2:00 I find that sometimes very bad pain of arthur surfaces in my neck and shoulders.
After taking a 100 mg Celebrex tablet in 30 minutes almost total relief for 8 hours.
Now this is a miracle pill for me ( that my Beth told me about ) started about 3 weeks ago.   Take about twice a week
and that is excellent so much better then the dreaded Prednison that I was on daily in various doses
for 8 years - never again - it took me a year to wean myself off of it...

In late afternoon I usually sit in a chair facing front fields.  Not long ago took one chair
and faced it looking out back, with a view of trees and the woods.
I find this a peaceful view

There are many memories in this ancient ones mind.   Many wonderful memories and at times memories you want to forget
and cannot delete, they surface and I have found a wonderful way to make them go away.
I focus on a pictures taken years ago that brought me joy.  At night I focus in my mind.

This is one of two of my older grandchildren.   Jessica now a teacher in New York and Gavin
now working in Washington, DC.

I love this picture
Pure happiness and innocence...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Corn bread recipe on May 27, 2013
for those who have asked for it...

The baby hummingbird on my loft must have flown in when I opened the front door.
Hopefully it is fine.

So concerned over my son's safety in Thailand when news reported bombing in Bangkok.
He is fine but for a short time all of family was deeply concerned.

Such an unusual summer
so many flowers did not bloom this year
and so dry, when grass cut yesterday was like a dust bowl
Ground is beginning to be covered with Acorns, maybe a bed winter this year.
So many deer in front field for several weeks and in the past was later in the year
when I spotted this many.   Planted a small row of turnip greens yesterday, they usually
start coming up in just a few days.

Like my new WiFi connection, wish the little box I click on to activate was
a little bigger, it is about 2 inches by 4 inches, very small screen and menu goes so fast it is sometimes
difficult to read, but connection is quick for living in the country.
New computer arrives sometime in the future, my good soninlaw has transferred
all information.   I am in no hurry for it as he is busy and this computer is now working fine.

Life continues at such a rapid pace and trying to continually slow down, pace myself and except
all.  A lot happening in my family as everyone leads such busy lives.
Some recently returned from trip to the ocean, some in the air constantly attending weddings,
a trip to France soon for one and her mate.
This one is content just observing the activities and going and coming of this much loved family.  Little granddaughter's are settled
in school and youngest continuing her music interest.   Told me she may try learning the flute
as she thinks it has an amazing sound :)  School begins so early in the South, can remember
in my childhood it was past Labor Day.

My Jamie, my youngest
her birthday, August 10th and the first time
her mama did not have a birthday dinner for her :(

Friday, August 14, 2015

Mystery Solved and Compliment

This morning went upstairs to the loft and thought I saw a leaf on the carpet, it was a baby bird, picked it up in a cloth and took outside, just checked it is no where in sight and hopefully is alright.

Checked Google and it is a immature male hummingbird.
Never have spotted this hummingbird with a green back in the past. In my home a tiny bird with a long beak, knew it was a hummingbird but never had seen one with a green back.     Now I know what it is..

Sarah, my granddaughter who is a chef just called and requested the recipe for the cornbread
I have been making for over 55 years :)  Pleased me because she is involved in preparing such
upscale food at one of Nashville's top restaurants.

Almost 3 weeks of pure H.... and finally have a WiFi connection, told it has been on the market not
quite a year - think I am finally accustom to it and it is working fine :)  Hopefully this continues
and when new computer arrives in the future, hopefully no problem...

Also phone problems, learning new system and so much going on that I had difficulty
handling.    I was successful but hopefully I have learned that there are things that I need
to have more help handling so I do not become in the shape that I have been for over
3 weeks.

Enough said
and thanks to everyone that checked on me, you are like family.   I needed those helpful thoughts.   Will share more in the future as I continue to learn a new way....

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Computer Problems Continue

New Sim card arrives tomorrow
New computer in a week with wi-fi instead of air card - hopefully works.

Yesterday viewed my pine tree planted 5 years ago
noticed pine cones at the top :)
Who else but this One Woman would take pleasure in viewing these pine cones :)

Early morning, 60 degrees and mist in the air
Addition to daily diet with
Almond milk, banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter,
doing all I  know to maintain weight.

On the vine, the first,
so far not a tomato this year...
Just checking in...