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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Doors Open

A cooler morning and doors open
and as I view my garden
it seems some plants are coming back to life

As I contemplate what to put on my waffle this early  morning it dawned on me a lot of fruit consumed in this cottage

A mango, pear, peach, apples, banana, grapes, lemons and notice in the bowl
an avocado sit on the counter.    In freezer frozen blueberries, strawberries, cherries and cranberry's,

Another day begins, yesterday very busy and an early morning service on car
that was needed.   Ran into a precious friend who has been so encouraging to me in
past years.
Her and now deceased father helped me with many real estate dealings in the past.

Kay was a gift to me yesterday morning.

Still feel the warmth of her hug and I  smile at all of her encouraging words towards me.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Rain and slightly cooler
wanted to take care of things in local town
and if a break in rain
I will do.

Last week a stump grinding man arrived
and 7 stumps in the way when mowing have been removed and so glad.
Now if I had known about the rain
grass seed should have been spread
but in reality with hot weather to continue
this is not a good time
and will wait for Fall.

My Beth
just sent this
guess she knows her mama

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sharing Life As It Is

So what do I share
it has been so hot and humid
staying inside

Traveling family continues
one in Portugal
one in France
one in California sent many images of flowers and here are two

one just arrived home from Houston
and favorite son in Thailand
sent me an image of his sunset

This one spent another day in ER - said all is fine
another report from rheumotoligist says different
an appointment for oncologist was made in 3 weeks
and first was not going and will continue life doing what I am doing at a much
slower pace
but I have decided to go and will not have bone marrow test.

So life continues, contented, slower but not much energy and at times a little frightened.    Friend took me to dentist and grocery this morning
lady kept looking at me and smiling and said (do you know you look just like
Nancy Reagan?)   I smiled and said in the past heard it a few times.
Not accustomed to drivers but may have to get accustomed to it.

Mind is fine but body what is happening to you?   Reply I get "did you think life as it has been
would go on forever?"

Just know
that all of my online friends
are so dear to me
and really did not want to share some of this with you...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Best Medicine In The World

My youngest granddaughter playing the guitar that grandma bought her.
A make you feel good image.

Very hot and humid days continue....

This picture a favorite
of my son as a toddler
and all through his young years
he would tell me
"love you the universe full"
these words under this picture this early morning.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wet Weather Continues

Up at dawn
rarely turn light over the table on, because when the sun goes down I have already gone to bed.
Walk outside to see if anything new has arrived
This vine is climbing and soon will have many seed pods on it.   I lost my plant
and friend gave me some seeds for this plant.
Need to organize these books that are close to my chair - have not - like this as they are easy to pick up.

Doctor appointments, blood work, will hear results next week,  Already know, inflammation
is increasing and doing all I know to do.   Do not like that I cannot do outside work like in the past
and really have to be careful so I do not fall.

Yard help did not arrive and did not answer message sent, but this story repeated many times.

Grass, weeds are taking over and much tree trimming and branches picked up needs attended too.  It will happen
but no longer on my schedule like in past years.

Outside and viewed
Wondering what kind of winter we will have.

Of all things on this very warm afternoon - I miss hanging clothes on a clothesline :)

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time"  Leo Tolstoy

Rest, nature, books, music..
such is my idea of happiness...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Storms Continue

Another night of storms with furniture on small front porch once more blown in the yard.
Help arrived for 2 hours this morning
and a lot done but much more to do.
this is what the woods surrounding cottage look like..

Interesting image from Bangkok
and daughter at her painting studio in Tampa, so pleased this new talent is now a part of her life

I wonder what would I do without this computer
to be aware of all that is going on in my children's lives...

Just sent to me

Friday, July 8, 2016

Storms, Bugs, Heat and the Way it is

The last 3 days, torrential rains, strong winds and a lot to tidy.   Small clearing around cottage is surrounded by limbs, branches and limbs hanging from trees.
Twice had no current but that is not new in this rural area.
Just came inside was going to try with cane in hand to dead head a few plants.  Insects covering
every plant and soon felt something crawling on my back, so I head back inside to change
my blouse and not going back outside.
Before I did this heard something like a large bang and thought someone is using a rifle
then noticed a large branch falling from a tree.

Everything lush, green and growing wild from sun, heat and rain,
Have put in several calls for help and it will happen. now I need patience.
A blessing that down the road roof work being done and after contacting that neighbor
the roofers pulled in late yesterday and with ladders emptied the down spouts filled with leaves.
Such nice young men and the owner looked so young and handsome, thought he looked like
he was in his 20,s, he said thank you "I am in the 40's."

Have heard many people complain of the gutter guards and he installs the screens, so a
price will soon be given me.   In almost 60 years of owning homes have never done this
always family or someone near would clean gutters.   Now living by the woods with leaves
constantly falling 9 months out of the year guess it is time to have something on the gutters.

An errand and as I pulled down the road my normal way - I had to back up to my drive
as neighbors field had turned into a lake and water covering the road.  I was hesitant about
driving through the flowing water that looked about 10 inches high.  Took the opposite and longer
way for trip to town.

I am like a broken record with my sharing as I look around the surroundings which were always
almost perfect.   Now cannot weed, use a hoe, ride the lawn tractor and spread weed killer.
Was doing all of this 2 years ago and trying to accept and not doing well at accepting.
Truly never thought this would happen, always considered reasonably intelligent
and I must not be.

Over and over the thoughts of living somewhere with less responsibility surface.
Following my heart and will just have to have help like never before and realistically
that is less expensive then selling, relocating and not liking my surroundings.

I have to have nature
looking out every window,
have to see plants, birds and critters that come to visit.
Everything  may be closer to this cottage then I planned.

Whats important to this one
nature, garden, my books, computer, my yoga mat, meditation. prayer,
simple healthy meals, visits from family
and guess that is it...

Next week several appointments for consultation on results of blood work done
told everything normal and this almost sounds like a contradiction of the way I
am at this time.  May just be aging but my mind thinks like 20 years ago.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Stay Safe and News

This one is living in the drain pipe by the deck.  There were about 6 little rabbits and now one.
Looked over the deck railing early this morning and this is what I saw
Little rabbit please go to the woods where Miss Callie will not catch you..

Many emails and pictures recently from over the ocean, will share a few/
I have not visualized Bangkok looking like this, it looks like New York

an image of where he sometimes goes for coffee and reads the N.Y. Times, many floors up
of a building
wish I could join him, what a wonderful setting, sure nothing like this locally

Also shared that he is giving private yoga lessons to a young woman at her home.  She  has cancer
and he is helping her with relaxing poses which helps pain.  Sharing just a few words of his email which were very touching.

My Jamie and GD Caitlin  made a visit this 4th, she forgot her dill that I was sharing with her, it is so good on my morning eggs, salmon and when I mix tuna fish.
This is an image she posted on Facebook

she is much better in capturing and arranging images then her mama.

Tried massage last week but nothing has helped like the ultra sound that I received from
a therapist, hoping insurance will approve more visits..

A beautiful sunny day with a few storms and current off a short time,  thankful I already had prepared
my meal :)