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Thursday, January 31, 2013

On Line Buying Very Easy

On line buying is very easy and almost too tempting.

Anything I can purchase from Amazon
is how I make a purchase.   This saves me a trip into town,
gas, time,  price is more reasonable
and how nice to have it delivered.
All books and Cd's purchased this way and many
times used.
My latest purchase was coconut water.   Smaller size
and excellent price.  I read that it is just as good for
you and maybe better then  the sport drinks that many use.
I use it for the nutrition and potassium.
Last yard blower was purchased this way and was less
expensive then Lowes.
Most of my downscaled Christmas shopping was
purchased online and a plus as they took care of the delivery

One item was a disappointment
batteries and charger for my camera.
Two deliveries and they did not work properly
an immediate exchange and now refund.
Will not try a third time and bought these batteries
on last trip to town and using my old charger.

If sport clothes are needed they can usually be found
at L.L.Bean with no shipping.   Also Banana Republic,
Gap and J.Crew have excellent sales and free shipping.
A plus is I have never had a problem with returns
and immediate credit.

Probably nothing shared that those who read my rambling
do not already know ?

Cleanup today from bad storm 2 nights ago. I usually wake at 2:30 am
and have a middle of the night snack of yogurt, banana and tea.
Soon the wind and rain could be heard beating against the windows,
 and the phone was ringing.
My daughter's were calling to tell me that a tornado was in my area
and immediately the phone went dead
and electricity went off for almost 4 hours...

Screens blown
out of screen porch, a lot of limbs in yard and woods.
Did not like the way the wind rearranged some outdoor furniture.
Very thankful there was no serious damage.

Wonderful that the sun is shining today.
It is cold but when the sun shines it seems warmer then it is
and always warms my heart....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What If

What if religion was each other?

If our practice was our life?

If prayer was our words?

What if the temple was the Earth?

If forests were our church?

If holy water - the rivers, lakes, and oceans?

What if meditation was our relationships?

If the Teacher was life?

If wisdom was self-knowledge?

If love was the center of our being.

~~Ganga White~~

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Sweets

Early morning errand and trees were still glistening with ice.
No trip to town in 5 days
and like to keep a well stocked pantry.
Also just needed to be around civilization
even though
I hurry back to the woods....

Lunch of tomato soup
and the only way to serve
is with Basil and Dill.  Tonight when I finish
I will add some Parsley, Chives and Cilantro
which the freeze did not destroy.
Also melted cheese on wonderful bread,
some black pepper chips
and the best olives that are marinated
in olive oil and spices.

Just finished making 2 simple deserts that
had not been made in a while.
Lime and Lemon Jello with an addition
of crushed pineapple, cottage cheese and sweetened condensed milk
in past have put an addition of nuts - but not this time.
Also chilling is a mixture of cream cheese, whipped cream, some confectionery sugar
and vanilla, poured over a few crushed Oreo cookie crumbs.
Will top this with my last carton of strawberries and some blueberries.
Doing this instead of the suggested canned pie filling.

Tomorrow will take my last small carton of frozen turkey from the holidays and make
chili with white beans, onion, carrot, celery, cumin and an addition of cilantro.

So set for food for this warmer weekend
and if it is not to muddy
I will venture outside....

Friday, January 25, 2013

Stuff And ice On The Trees

Weather has One Woman inside-----

Have just finished cleaning my bathroom with Lysol
and almost everything in my bedroom with Murphy's Oil Soap.
Still big armoire and my bookcase to do.

A bookcase filled with books that spoke to me over the years, books from children, 4 bibles
that are underlined and tear stained passages that helped me 35 years ago.  My first bible that was given to me at 6 years of age and pictures.

I have downscaled 5 times since taking off on my own 35 years ago.
Sales, given to children, friends, library and thrown away.

Still too much stuff in this cottage.
My son a constant reminder that I have done well.
Beginning in the 800 sf home and a steady increase
to the really big one of over 5000 sf and now 1200 sf
with a loft area.

Every letter from my son saved - why - because they are from across the ocean and special.
Boxes of cards, letters, scrapbooks - why - because they make me feel loved.
Cards from growing up years of my children, paper work from when they
were born and released from hospital, special notes to me when they were
growing up.
Boxes of pictures of when they were taken had to be developed, for years I kept baskets
everywhere with these pictures and in recent years new pictures are on my computer.
Boxes of pictures my mother gave me of grandmother's, great grandmother's and
on and on.  My children's baby pictures, high school pictures. wedding pictures.
Seems no one wants to take them at this time and I am tired of cleaning around them
but will continue.

Every child has big items in their home from mom and now down to the small stuff.
So guess that is a blessing

Old leather chair is surrounded by stacks of books and many waiting to be read.

New interests in recent years added more stuff.
The computer, printer, baskets of clippings and notebooks filled with various information.
Yoga interest and now stacks of  books about this practice, mat, special props.

Small utility room filled with plants, extra cooking supplies, containers of recipes, cook books,
outdoor jackets, gloves, hats, boots, washer, dryer and on and on.

Garage is filled with gardening items, mower, freezer, cleaning supplies, Christmas items,
vehicle and on and on.

A smile on my face as I sit at computer and type away,
because items in this cottage are a constant reminder
of a number of lifestyles that were lived
 it is evident that I have lived a full life, am well organized
and everything can be located quickly.
Yet this is way too much stuff for one whose
main interest at this time of her life
is to be healthy, meditate, simplify, sit more
 and take time to breathe...

I also realize
that when I feel good,
a lot of thoughts still surface
of another lifestyle, writing a book,
and with all the ups and downs
of life
it has been good....

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Is Your Thermostat Set On

My thermostat is turned down to 62 about 30 minutes
before I go to bed.
I have a sheet, quilt and down comforter on my bed.

This is a new addition
I run a humidifier in my bedroom
most nights in the winter......

In the morning a little before getting up I turn it up
to 70 to warm cottage and most of day it is on 68 degrees.

I wear a turtleneck with my slack or jeans and  sweater over that
and am quite comfortable.  If near the zero
mark I wear a light weight long underwear top also.

Might add there is no fat on this One Woman who
stays about 108 lbs and much of the time I am
doing something - computer good for me as it makes
me sit still.

Have heard many comment they keep their homes
warmer.  Some of my children when they visit
say "turn the heat up" :)   My son always kept his thermostat
similar to mine.

Now today
it is a little different
as not feeling the best
and may keep it on 70
a lot of the day.
At the moment cold, windy
sun streaming in windows and I may turn it back
to 68.

Warmer then this is too warm
for me.

Will add that I sure miss my wood stove
and fireplace but do not need to be
bringing wood inside at this stage
of my life.
But still have thoughts of
"where could I put a small wood stove :)"

In the summer keep the temperature
set at 78.  Cottage always comfortable
with fans running and air conditioning
rarely comes on.

I can remember a neighbor when I lived
in the city and the home so hot
when I made a visit.
Their bill was 3 times or more then  mine and I did not
like to share what I owed - as they could not understand
their thermostat was set to high.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Checking In

A cold day here in the country
but no snow.
A quick trip to town for much needed hair trim.
I cut my hair most of the time and it was looking like it.

New magazine arrived
a gift subscription from one daughter.
 An article on Southern cooking
reminded me of when my children were growing up.
Fried chicken, potato salad, deviled eggs, cornbread and always on the weekend
the big breakfast of eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, biscuits and gravy and always
homemade preserves.

Made a banana pudding yesterday and already half has been consumed
It is so easy to make
and guess it is comfort food on these cold days.
This easy recipe was posted sometime last year.

Some thoughts keep surfacing after reading a favorite new blog "The Other Side of Sixty" from Wise Web Woman
several of the comments on this entry about each of us seeing life differently.  Made me think of acquaintances over the years.  I would think of them in a certain way and a comment about them would be made and I would think "that is not the person I know."  So much contributes to our thoughts of someone and some accurate and some not.

When we think of our families, children and much experienced over the years, some thoughts  would be accurate, some not and would be the result of where we were emotionally, age and guess just an understanding of life at that particular time.  Having difficulty finding the right words and hope I am making sense with what I have shared ?

I have a small horn I blow if something is spotted I want to frighten and make go away ( used on boats and sound goes a long distance)   when I blow this and Callie is outside she comes running to me.  This is great on this cold afternoon when I want her to come inside.  She is afraid of gun shots and maybe she thinks someone is in the woods hunting.  Also when I have been on an errand and return home I honk my horn as I drive down the long gravel drive and she comes running to greet me.

Has been very difficult for me lowering dose of prednisone which I have been on over 6 weeks.  Beginning with 40 mg,  now down to 5mg and hopefully off in a week.
In the beginning  such an elevated feeling, high energy and now for several days it is almost like
I am suffering from jet lag.   Difficulty sleeping, low energy, difficulty concentrating  and just a general feeling of
something not being like it should be.   But today a good day and feeling more like myself.
Surely hope the help this medication has given me - continues.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Te Teas

A gift from my son of several kinds of tea
from Te Teas
several years ago
and I remember it was some of  the best I had ever tasted.
With him soon visiting his mom,
this needs to be on hand.

Finally located their website once again
(do not know how I misplaced it)
and ordered by phone several days ago.
The tea arrived in the mail yesterday.

Lately have been buying tea at the market
and for some reason thought it was less expensive.
Not so when these tea bags can be used for more then
one cup of tea and the quality is excellent.

This tea is shipped from California
and if you would like to read about it
and order some
here is the website

Friday, January 18, 2013

Something I Rarely Do

Always a planner
but this morning something was done that was not planned.
 I took off for the big city.
Many months had gone by, holidays past
and the sun was shining.

Stopped in one shop for them to adjust the 
cane that I sometimes carry.  Thought their sale would be
in progress but was not. 

Whole Foods, I like to visit a couple of times
a year, traffic was so bad so instead stopped at
Trader Joe's.
A Basil plant  was spotted among herb plants in pots (have missed this herb and because of frost I no longer have)  Eucalyptus soap and Crumpets were purchased.  Fond of Crumpets
not available in my small town.  Looked longingly at the bouquets of tulips, hyacinths,  roses and the mass of blooming plants - but did not weaken and purchase, but sure made me think Spring.

A stop at the special bakery for Tuscany Bread and their
tasty chocolate eclair.
Traffic was heavy, time going by quickly and did not stop for lunch.   A nursery stop
on the return to the country and found my Apple tree.  Told them if they could put it
in my car I would buy it.   So it was loaded in back seat with window open and on towards
home I headed.

A different chili that was made yesterday was waiting to be warmed.  Instead of red beans you
use white beans and corn along with carrots, celery, onions, red and green peppers,  tomatoes and chili powder.
This along with Tuscany bread with melted cheese on it, my tea and ate the whole eclair with
a glass of milk was more satisfying then anything I could have had in the big city.

So good to be home.
I thought maybe I would be missed
but do not think anyone knew I was not home
"except Miss Callie."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Icy Glaze

Early morning beauty
All the trees look like
they have been decorated.

Late afternoon and
everything looks the same
nothing melted.

Took a long time for ice
to melt on truck doors and windows
as I let it run to warm up.

Very careful as I went down
icy wood steps and drove out the long drive
to mailbox at noon.

Even with boots on
everything is so slippery....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It is only with the heart
that one can see rightly...

~~Katherine Woods~~

An email received from Mary Kay...

"When she arrives
her name will be
Autumn Elizabeth

hoping she will have red curly hair and blue eyes."

My garden at dusk.....

Monday, January 14, 2013


Looking out the window
it looks gray and cold.
Several loads of wash, yoga, breakfast, going over floors,
bird feeders filled, writing reviews on Amazon, driving out
for mail and morning
has gone by quickly.

Batteries and charger ordered from Amazon and they do not
charge but for 24 hours and  as usual such good service and when
I contacted them new ones are on
the way.

Tomato soup for lunch and
still able to clip some chives and dill
to sprinkle on top along with Gouda cheese.
Also crackers with peanut butter and a slice
of cheesecake with tea made a satisfying lunch.

Arriving in mail a lot lately  offers for magazine subscriptions
at give away prices.  Like $8 for two for a year that would cost
over a $100 if bought at the store.    In the past there were
magazines delivered to my home, now just a few favorites
English Garden (and have so many old issues I will not renew
this subscription)  also the Yoga magazine which I keep for
my son to read on his upcoming trip home.
My daughter "Laurie" in Florida sent me a subscription to the magazine
"Garden and Gun" and looking forward to the next issue.

Computer gives me all the information  I need and with
 many unread books I need no more
reading material in this cottage.

Time to sit down and go through my mail
and I love this burning candle that my daughter "Beth"
gave me for Christmas.  A "Winter Pine" scent.
Wonder about the flu in the areas where so many of my visitors live.
One of our local schools is closed and they say ER is full.   So this one
is not venturing out much - but then she never did....

Last night was a night that hopefully does not repeat.
Decreasing Prednisone dose  has a lot of side affects.
I thought this issue was going to bless me and pass me by  - but then
did not sleep well, anxiety and when I did fall asleep unpleasant dreams
surfaced.  Rarely dream in my past years unless something really disturbs me. 
  It seemed I was lost in them and it
left me unsettled when I became fully awake...

Looking forward to sun shining on Wednesday
and also to a better nights sleep tonight.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


All day rain and
at times blowing so heavy on the windows
that it is difficult to view the outdoors.

A good day to read the growing stack of books
but she does not feel like reading.
For a short time she curls up in the old leather chair
with a blank mind.  So nice to have this active mind
empty.....  She has learned in these late years that the mind
is difficult to control and wonders why she was not aware of this
many years ago.  Now she replaces thoughts that disturb
her peace - as quickly as possible -  with a pleasant one.
 Most of the time something her
two youngest granddaughter's have said to her :)
Their comments always make her smile....

A few chores finished but a long list that needs to be tackled.
Will do them another day.

On rainy days ironing is pleasurable.
Probably a lost art for most but there are Christmas tablecloths
and half a dozen pillow cases that need to be ironed.
She still enjoys starched and ironed pillow cases
and has memories of all the ironing done for a big family.
In a way it seems like yesterday and then in an instant
 so long ago.

The storage room is a perfect place for ironing and the ironing board
stays up all the time. 
Dropping temperatures throughout the day and this area is still nice
and warm.  Tomorrow it will be cold as no heat and air were put in this area.
May still do this even though
this enjoyable room  stays comfortable most of the time.
 Tablecloths are handy and stay wrinkle free on quilt racks

Linens not like in the past and most sheets and pillow cases she has are very old
and almost feel like silk.  Purchases over the last years
have been disappointing as the quality is not like those in
the past.   It seemed that in a short time an imperfection would surface
then it was too late for them to be returned.
Making a call I would be told it had been 2 years since they were purchased
and I commented but I have sheets that are over 20 years old and still perfect.

She wonders why she still cannot download her images on blogger and has to go
to FireFox to do this?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Some Resting and Many Just Sleep

Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees
and felt so good to have my hands in the dirt.
Pulled out some Winter weeds and even
transferred pieces of another plant.
Lavender in a pot looks healthy and green
Walked a short way into the woods
hoping to see something of beauty
to take an image of.

I see nothing
just leaves, bare trees and limbs
laying everywhere.
It is  like everything is sleeping.

When in the woods the thought
continually comes to mind
"what if these old scarred trees could talk."

Some objects I could not throw away
they sit about and guess resting.
The trees and different wild flowers sleeping and
I smile and wonder, why One Woman do you take an image
of yourself in an old mirror she placed
in the woods?

A small bowl of greens and turnips were picked
for evening meal.  They continue to provide and these may be the last.

Monday morning predicted in the 20's
so it was so good to be outside,
feel the sun on my face
and even had lunch on the deck.

A magnificent sunset
ended another day
for One
who lives at the edge
of the woods....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Deer and Fox Tail Squirrels

Early morning a dozen deer
near my garden.  When I quietly
opened the door
they all scattered
except this one
looking at me....

Fox Tail Squirrels visit my garden daily.
My woods have an abundance of these creatures.
They are huge and sometimes I do believe
they are as big as Miss Callie.
Tails so big and bushy and remind me of Fox furs
that ladies wore in the past.

There must be plenty for
them to eat in the woods
this year as they look so healthy.
Seems like winters in the past
the squirrels looked very thin
but not this year....

This is an image I found on Google.
My squirrels are much larger then this.

As a child
I can remember
some would squirrel hunt
and would bring them to my
and she would fry them
like you do a chicken.
The same with a rabbit.

This thought that just
I do not find too appealing.

I eat very little meat at this time of life
and not squirrel or rabbit.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It Seems

It seems when I now bake
that I make the biggest mess
in this small kitchen.
Do not remember this in the past.

The moon  was shining as I began to bake

Orange cookies not made in a while
and so good with tea.
A dozen will go to a friend
on my next trip to town.

My little timer that is probably close
to 50 year old quit working.
 Another day beginning with some warm temperatures
I may move a few flowers later today
and they will never know they have been moved....

Monday, January 7, 2013


I started early in the day gathering the above 

 and kept adding special items
My mother's thimble
Crystal from son's collection
Book from grandchildren
Cross, crystal bird, scarab and pin from daughter's
Oriental initial stamp from a deceased friend
Shell found in Jamaica
Stone reminding me to Breathe slowly

Each have a special meaning......

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Less Is More Thoughts

Less is more
in all ways of life
but it is not as simple
as the words
I repeat as a mantra.    January 3rd entry....

Less writing,
trips to city,
garden grooming,
and on and on.

All the things I do daily
that make the hours fly by
I am striving to do less.

Take time to breathe,
walk slow, stop hurrying
 and just be
in my time left in this world.

Enjoy sitting still in my old rocking chair
looking out the windows during these
winter months and
observing nature,
healthy food,
slow bends and stretches,
petting Miss Callie,
smiling at strangers
hugging loved ones,
compliments pass them on
not just something you think
and keep to yourself.
Encourage all
at every opportunity
and think before you speak
if it will uplift or make another sad.....

No mind trips to the past
or the future
just live today
one moment at a time and

Friday, January 4, 2013


early morning shadows
form as the sun streams in the windows
of this cottage

Such a
simple pleasure
for One Woman
as she captures
their image....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inside Garden

It may be 10 degrees outside this early morning
but inside plants are thriving....
Calla Lilly,  Christmas gift from a neighbor.
Jade plant, purchased last year for 89 cents.
Rabbit Ear Fern and Begonia
 so many years old then I can remember
and survived traveling from home to home.
Aloe plant purchased last Spring for $1.
Bamboo 5 inch plant
is surely growing.  My granddaughter
commented yesterday "grandma your Bamboo plant is really growing."

They look healthy and happy....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Gift Today

Two young granddaughter's
were with me today.

Pure joy
no one can  bring love
to this grandma
like her grandchildren.

We talked
we laughed
we danced
we shared
and ate.

Words of wisdom
I heard from them
and they are so young.

They know more about the computer
then this one and hand held gadgets that
are not a part of my life. A bag of books, videos
and something cuddly brought by the youngest.

It was a good day....