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Thursday, October 31, 2019

New Life

My precious new great-grandson is here

All are well

Thankful I am

Trying to post a picture
and seems I have messed up my picture file on the computer
will try and find someone to make it right.
Maybe my computer son-in-law can help me........

Another cold and rainy day

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Life Continues

Leaves are finally turning
but do not like it dark at 7:15 in the morning.

A lot going on in the family, baby due any day, nurse daughter not well at the moment
and this one hanging on :)

The aging process not easy at times.

Home health with exercises beginning soon.   The young woman who talked to me for my qualification
shared her aunt was 106, oh my
please Lord
not me.

So wish I felt better
but with pouring rain guess to be expected,

Friday, October 25, 2019


Here it is almost November
and this beauty is blooming for the second time.

My second great grandson is now due any day
to meet the world.

Jessica, you never leave grandma's mind.

Love you

Saturday, October 19, 2019


Happiness is your first great-grandchild going to a party.

Look at that smile

and soon I will have another great-grandson.

Jessica, love you

Thursday, October 17, 2019


Feels likes Fall
No colored leaves as of yet
but soon

Now have Shingles shot and truly was uncomfortable, did not want it but decided too as such a bad case on my face
18 months ago.   I also received the flu shot.

First time burning cone incense, such pretty patterns

Time at the doctors' office yesterday
trying to find the least I can take with a lot of pain. and arthritis.   Have never taken strong pain medication
but started, when you do not have a knee replacement and now too late it sure causes a lot of pain
with your stairs but vow to just keep moving.

Being truthful
do not like what is happening
but then
the body does not last forever.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Morning

Oh my
it felt like Winter last night cold and in the '30s
but warming up to '60s

On Instagram an image of that young granddaughter who is expecting my second great-grandson in a month
and she is bowling :) and this one can no longer pick up a gallon of milk.

a memory picture visiting her grandma (me)

Now my last few days, blood pressure up and down, dangerously, no sleep last night and thoughts of the emergency room.  Will write about it but no sharing with my busy children who live to far away to
hug me, pat the hand of this childish one.

The thoughts go on and on along with prayers and searching for wisdom.   So here I am again
sharing what I tell myself to not do.  Do I stop writing, but it is in my blood, need to stop grieving over what is not going to happen, need to accept and difficult to do and so life just continues in a way
I cannot change, it is ending and only my creator knows when.

Sun is shining, everything leveled off, helper girl helped me prepare Salmon Croquess, turnip greens and twice-baked potatoes last night, could not eat then but no helpers today and do have something to eat that I like for two days.

After seeing Jessica's post
I had to share and for others's better to just share with my writing then a phone call.

Enjoy this day and hope the sun is shining in your area like it is mine.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Incense Burner

A birthday gift from my helper girl or assistant is a better title
for this unusual incense burner.   I usually burn incense in the Fall and Winter months.

It looks at home among my plants
The weather is delightful here by the woods, no leaves turning as of yet.

Today, end of birthday visits.  My youngest daughter and youngest granddaughter
came and treated me to lunch and helped me with some business.

A while ago, I turn my bed down and see a note posted on the headboard
it said

"When you read this
always remember
that I love you"

this is that young granddaughter.

Needless to say that it brought tears to her grandma,'s eyes'

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A Story


There was one who was born in her grandmother's bed, delivered by a local doctor to an 18-year-old young woman.   The baby born, a girl weighing 5 lbs.

At that time the mother cared for her daughter and the baby and did not let her get out of bed
for several weeks.

In a short time, the mother of the baby came down with Scarlet Fever and the baby girl
double pneumonia.   All was not well with a sick mother and sick baby

Time continued, the mother and her young husband, who she had met in the park and married 3 weeks later,  struggled as it was the end of the depression
and jobs were scarce,

The baby continued to grow and was a frail little one

Enough shared
as the story goes on and on.

That little baby was me

born 85 years ago and quite a life I have lived.    Never really like anyone else in my family
and can remember my mother commenting many times that I was so different and really
quite smart and if I had not been born in my grandmother's bed she would think they had given
her the wrong child in the hospital.

So this one on an early October morning is doing something she said she would not do,
she is writing and sharing some experiences, joys, sadness, and achievements.

They are typed and sent out into the world and she wonders why does she love to write.

A beautiful day in-store, the sun will shine, I will eat, have tea, pray, look at my flowers
and once again thank my Maker for so very much.

Much I am experiencing at this time, I do not like and with this many years of experiencing
this is the way it should be.   Just do not like the ending time happening.

Just seems time has gone by so quick and probably will not last much longer

Thank you to all who read my rambling and help me on my way

One Woman with wonderful children, grandchildren, and great-grandchild, one who has
experienced in her lifetime Joys that overflow and also much sadness,

Wonder how could this one
be given so many blessings

My daughter nurse just wrote to me and said

"This is the story of a Survivor"

and I say how true.      thank you my Beth

Sunday, October 6, 2019


Jamie, my youngest daughter with her daughters, my oldest granddaughter holding my first great-grandson, my grandson and wife and my oldest granddaughter's husband.

All met for lunch in New York
what a special time
and is it alright
if I look at this image sent me
and my heart is so full of love for all of them.

To think this one has, even more,
my son, daughters,  another granddaughter. and son inlaws.

Hope I am not forgetting anyone
forgive me if I have.

New Blooms

A friend shared this Iris with me, it blooms twice a year and what a pleasure it is now blooming
in October when most plants are ending or have ended.

I count 4 blooms and 8 buds.  Also, 2 other colors budding and look forward to their blooms.

It looks like wonderful rain today on my very dry land surrounding this cottage.

Once it is daylight I hope to see it, may go stand in it :)

Not looking forward to the time change as days short and night long and dark

Happy Sunday to all visiting.

My youngest daughter and 2 granddaughters on a long weekend treat for them, a trip to New York.

Safe and enjoyable travel wishes for my 3 girls from grandma.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday and CBD Oil

Not a good night, a lot of errands and my special driver available.
Stop at Post Office, Grocery, Bank, gas in the car
I sat in the car and directed him

Nothing sounded good for lunch, need to eat and need to gain weight
so onward to a special Mexican Restaurant, I was told about.
Eat half, the other half tonight.

Fish Taco, best Tortilla's they make, filled with fish, side of Pico De Gallo and sliced Avocado,
also side of rice and beans, so good.'

This friendly waitress, wish I could bring her home with me.

New CBD Oil delivered
stronger because it cost more and will last me longer less inexpensive
Having difficulty figuring out the dosage I need.

Taking the drops from the bottle my daughter gave me, fewer milligrams I took more,
what I ordered, more milligrams, the reason that it will last me longer and cost less.

First daily drops, not enough to help all that is affecting my body, next day that dose more
oh my - no pain, could have danced, so too much, it truly unsettled me and my helper laughed
at my overdosage results (glad came off within an hour).

Just now took a lower dose-finding this difficult because you take this CBD OIL by the dropper and so careful as you drop
it in a teaspoon.  I am taking after my lunch as b/p medication and Tylenol with breakfast
and evening snacks.

Have called company representative twice, embarrassed as I try to figure it out, I know I will.

So bottom line, it is good, very good.

A question, do I take with Tylenol I take, told I could, continue to take blood pressure medication
has nothing to do with the pain or anxiety.

Will continue and report, do know I will take but trying to figure out how many drops a day

If you buy this at places I see everywhere selling you are probably not purchasing the pure oil.

I would say, this is the best, you can read about it online
 "Half Hill Farm"

I hope I make sense as I try to figure out for this one.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift store shopping once a month, driver and I take off.
Good just to get out and picked up lunch to bring home, will last for 2 days.
Weather horrible at close to 100 degrees, ready for some Fall weather.

Pricey cashmere sweater, do not have this color & $10, it is light blue, small china dish
for bathroom soap, blue silk scarf and
small china pumpkin

A good day
writing soon about CBD oil
mine really works, need a small dose
use fewer drops.

Unusual pumpkin on header gift from a friend who brings me eggs, her son raises so many
unusual pumpkins, Lana, thank you.