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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yesterday Morning Followed My Heart

Early morning
2 loads of wash,
breakfast and
planned on going to market,
 but instead picked up hoe
I thought for 15 minutes.
 1 and 1/2 hours later
sun shining, slight breeze,
hoeing weeds and I notice many
plants have increased in size.
I may have lost my Larkspur, love this plant
 bought two large in containers at Lowe's last summer,
put stakes by them so I would know where are and no sign of life.
No sign of life in what was a bed of Chives near some herbs.

Cosmos are finally surfacing and wonder about the poppy seeds
that Charlotte sent me last fall.   Spider Lilies surface end of May
so maybe a lot more to arise out of the soil.
Clematis, Bleeding Heart and the Wild Phlox I dug up in the woods are blooming.

Look at the buds on Iris and Peonies
and Hosta's moved from city home
are huge.

Time to go pick up the mail, then lunch on the sunny deck with vegetable soup I made,
sliced avocado, cheese and crackers and the last wedge of Rum cake out of freezer.

Guess busy part of day ended for this one
and need to bake again soon.

When you stay busy with projects
the mind is not so active.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Arrived Safely

Finally able to settle once again into my world.

Email of safe arrival

Cooler weather by the woods for several days.

Reading "Two Treasures"  thich nhat hanh

Guess we keep learning until the end
years ago I thought by this age
much had been learned
not so....

Favorite picture of 3 of my children

poison ivy in the middle of my Red Bee Balm plant
yesterday :)
Sure do not need this....

Monday, April 27, 2015

Thankful For This Time

Safe travel wishes going forth.

From a Life's Little Treasure Book On Joy
given to me by dear deceased friend "Balisha" last December.

Remember that
what you give
will afford you
more pleasure than
what you get.

Jimmy, you gave so much to your family
on this 2015 April visit
to your mama's home

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Memory Photo

This one with children in Jamaica
Son being held by father
older grandchildren at young age
and then a little older.

One soon to be over the water.
Have enjoyed this time so very much
he left nothing undone, spent time with everyone
no one left out but wished my oldest daughter
and grandchildren could have been with us.
Not accustomed to someone washing dishes,
holding door for me and pouring my tea.

Good memories

A cloudy day
but sun soon to shine.

Life goes on....

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lilly In The Valley, Morning Thoughts and Reading

Lilly of the Valley
I gave some to my Jamie (doing much better in her sunny yard then here by the woods)
passed on to me from my mother
and was in my grandmother's garden
her great grandmother.

As I use the mat a short time this early morning
I hear his voice
keep your feet straight    (problem as I fractured ankle 12 years ago and never went to doctor)
relax your shoulders                             
relax your chin
your whole body
no thoughts
using the strap will make it easier for some poses.

Try to not start your early morning with so much busyness
instead of immediately going on computer
try later in the answer "I write best at dawn and before:)
but will try.
do everything slower
 from 3:00 on try to relax and read until your early bedtime.

I am so aware of what I do
and trying to do it a little differently.

So much rain and may be wishing for it in weeks to come
but then who knows what the weather will be like this summer.
Yesterday late when rain stopped for 15 minutes I filled a bucket and spread fertilizer on special plants and some grass seed in bare spots.
  Bucket in one hand and cane in the other.
Continually bending over and pulling weeds.
I will not stop doing what I love doing
 but doing less and slower.

Reading on these long rainy days.

"The Signature of All Things"     by Elizabeth Gilbert

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some Things - Hoping I No Longer Chance

I have cut out and marked a lot in today's New York Times Sunday paper.
I pass on this paper and some will wonder
what did I cut out ?
so please forgive me :)

"I don't think people's weaknesses are bad at all.
We all have them.
I have tons and I'm not going to discredit you if you have them,
but I think that not being aware of them
is dangerous."     Alexa von Tobel

This one can no longer take a chance
with high risk people

Took me a long time to discover
guess I am a slow learner or try until I am exhausted
and in a downward cycle.

The loving and kind
are best for me     (thank you www for these words)
along with my solitary lifestyle.

I wonder
how many of us
are aware of our weaknesses?

an image I took one year ago today

all day rain is going on

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reflections and Death

I like to use the Togo bells that belong to my son,
the sound seems to still and calm me before I begin to eat.

Now I am using a music bowl that he brought to me
saying "the sound last longer and you might like this bowl."
I do like it....

A night of storms, still raining
much prayer, many tears, reflection and thoughts of past family times.

My younger sister passed away about 6 years ago
and my younger brother passed away 2 days ago.

Grandparents, parents and sister nnd brother
no longer here
I stand alone
for my children
as the oldest in our family.
Miss so many special friends
in my past.

I search for words to share
and seem to find none
until I open several of my books

"Stillness blankets me
cushions me against my own
sharp edges
wraps me in her protective shawl
keeps my tender heart
from ripping
on the thorns
of the world"          Judith Prest

May I live this day

Compassionate of heart,
Clear in word,
Gracious in awareness,
Courageous in thought,
Generous in Love                    John O'Donohue

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

10 years ago today, butterflies and words from the youngest

10 years ago today
Jamie, me, Caitlin and Jimmy - hardly recognised him with the long hair :)
Caity - 3---Jamie, early 30,s---Jimmy, early 40's
and this one
Times flies.......

Yesterday, first butterflies
could not capture their full beauty

Posted by son-in law.

"While watching soccer game
my youngest granddaughter sitting next to him
and comments
- your hair is really thin
and there's also a lot of white in it
I Love you"

All day rain
and all is growing at a rapid speed.
Everything is beautiful at this time.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wonderful Evening

Up to the last minute
did not know if I could go to the special restaurant
Rolf and Daughters in Nashville
with 3 of my children.
I did
and so glad
to see where Sarah the chef is working.
A wonderful meal
and a wonderful chauffeur
my son is being so attentive
to his mama.

Sharing some images from last night

also sharing a wonderful nature shot
of my youngest granddaughter.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Beginnings

Grass cut the first time 4 days ago
Humming birds have returned, 2 at feeder last night at dusk,
opening door slowly I tried to get an image,
not too good and they are so skinny.
Most of my old friends have returned
but some did not.
and my favorite Oak Leaf Hydrangea
Every year I purchase another rose bush and they do not survive by the edge of the woods
so I will plant no more.  But I love roses...

Yes, old friends emerging, a lot yet to surface the earth  and might add so are the weeds.
A lot of grooming done in the past 5 years will be done less this year and onward.

One who helped some recently, needed work and now seems I cannot reach him.
A repeat of many times over the years.
Not upset this time, disappointed but the way it is.

I hear my son's words
it really does not matter
just enjoy this wonderful peaceful spot
you call home.

So another reminder too

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Invocation to the Guardian

I read this poem a few years ago
and copied it.
It speaks to me in a special way
especially as time goes by....

Invocation to the Guardian

You who were with me before I was born,
dark shining on dark,
be with me now.
You who will stay with me after I die,
light traveling on light,
Be with me now.

You who are nameless
in the marketplace of of ten thousand things,
how shall I call you?
You who are invisible between the stars,
how shall I see you?

You who nurture me with silent wisdom,
speak to me now.
I am listening beyond the sounds of the night,
I am looking beyond the sights of day.
You who fill the infinite void,
travel small on my shoulder now,
show me the way.

"Doors to the Universe" by Dolores Stewart
shared with her permission.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Checking In

Up checking emails
cup of warm water
and back stretch.

Email received
special one has landed in California :)

Just rinsed 2 quarts of beautiful ripe strawberries
in vinegar and water.   Now they will keep for a few days.
Now I can go back to sleep
for a few hours
with a smile in my heart...

Do all mother's still think of their grown children
as young children
when they arrive home over the years.

I do...

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Rum cake just finished (want my son to try it)
Cranberry, Blueberry cake is in the freezer
Friday, Lemon ice box pie  - my 2 little ones favorite.
I asked if he would like me to make a chocolate cake or his favorite banana pudding
answer - mom that is enough sweets :)
Quick trip to orthopedic doctor for cortisone shots in shoulders.
Son arriving and will be eating lunch with a friend since it is his Birthday.
I will make stir fry for him that evening.
Saturday, make tea, oriental salad, stuffed eggs and need to pick up apple juice for little girls.
and pick up 2 rotisserie chickens from deli and fresh rolls ( in the past always my fresh corn bread)
Have never done this before.
In past years there would be fruit bowl, cheese tray and platter with radishes, green onions, and jellow salad, stuffed celery - and may not do.
Sunday, ham baking and fresh corn and green beans out of freezer.
Would love to prepare fresh asparagus or brussel sprouts
but beginning to feel tired.
A meal prepared like most in the past
but did not make potato salad...
Received call 3 more are visiting.
Another first as I have always enjoyed setting a beautiful table
there will be a counter full of paper plates, napkins, cuttlery, ice bucket
Weather predicted
beautiful.   Most will head for deck or screen porch...

Daughter from Tampa going to my granddaughter's in New York
and shared she is sending me something beautiful
wonder what it is :)

This is sitting on my desk - I read often as so aware my son over many miles of water.