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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Busy Family

Granddaughter Sarah is in Nashville
A 10 mile run with optical' s along the way.
and she was successful.

A strong young woman who is a chef

One of my younger granddaughter's
today was the beginning of viewing colleges.
Seems like yesterday they were sitting in my Jamie's lap on my screen porch.

Time continues to go by at a rapid pace.
and that new great-grandson
is always smiling
A busy year
for my family,

Friday, September 14, 2018


I need to realize that at the moment
do not need to be on the computer.

Posted this image on Instagram
or rather
tried too
and son's head not in the picture :)

A memory picture, maybe my Jamie can correct.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Special words on a rainy Sunday from
Cate at "Beyond the Fields We Know."

When the journey we are on presently seems to be over
remember there is no real end

There may be journeys within journeys.....

Sharon Blackie   "If Women Rose Rooted"

It is now Tuesday afternoon
a cool day.

The image on my header is a picture taken by my Jamie last Sunday
on her visit to the country.
I love it
seems the old Buddha which my son brought here from his yard 10 years ago
is blending into the tree.

Jamie, thank you for using your camera when you made a visit.

Friday, September 7, 2018

A Blessing

My first grandchild and granddaughter

sent me this picture

My great-grandson

he is beautiful at 8 months

they all are.

So happy to receive this image

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Baby Hummingbirds

Baby Hummingbirds
are so tame

This image was taken yesterday,
Missing my Callie but she is in a good place with Jamie's family
I cannot trip over her
and I wonder
does she remember me :(

Arthritis in right hand
and I have never had there before
sure is a painful right hand

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Praying Mantis

I cannot take credit for this image
the fact is
last night my special helper  who arrives some evening and what would I do without her
opens the outside door and calls
come quickly with your camera
I grab cane or walker and so slow
grab the camera, open the door and say
I can't make it outside
I hand her my camera
you take the picture of the Praying Mantis
I have been watching for
so what a wonderful picture
she has 2 eyes and one ear
I read a lot of information
and she eats her male mate
after mating
no comment
my special helper of 6 months
she is the best
and I thank her for these images on my front porch
Doctor appointment
this early morning.

Monday, September 3, 2018

New Beginnig

It was a new beginning over 40 years ago,  a country setting in over a 100-year-old home
and I never looked back.  It was a change from the huge home in the busy city.

 I left several times but always returned to this land.
It is where I belong and Peace seldom leaves.  Miss much at this time of life, my continual gardening
and grooming I did of this land has changed, long walks in the woods and I miss it, but life changes in many ways and I remember these words
"Nothing Remains the Same."

Now for 10 years in a cottage which is all I need I built on this land and I can see the years old home  and barn I love from my window,
my gardens remain but smaller, need some help, continue to write and the camera is always with me.
So life continues really good just different.

September has arrived with more hot days.  When I hear a cricket in this cottage I will know
Fall has arrived

My Blessing

This precious baby boy born last December is my first great-grandchild given to me by my
first granddaughter - Jessica who lives and teaches in New York.

Collard Greens are simmering, not because I like them but because they are full of things good for you.   Was weary of broccoli and bok choy.
 I will use for stir fry at 5:00.   Next batch will put in the chopper to make smaller
as easier to chew.   Shingles still doing a number on this one.  I will add a handful of yellow squash
red, green and yellow peppers, and a few large shrimp and a dash of Soy Sauce when greens are tender.

A quiet Labor Day, not like the past with family gatherings and grill on.  Miss the smell of the grill
and charcoal burning, of all things, miss a hot dog cooked on the grill or on a stick over the fire pit.
Do not like any other way and drenched with my chili and covered with cheese.
Gives you good heartburn :)  Miss steak and chicken cooked on the grill.

With 90 degrees this one does not need to fill the grill with charcoal for one.

But a request is issued when family visit and cooler weather arrives.

'Some say

You write well

You take good pictures

and I reply "that is my mind

the body not doing that well.

But that is OK

I am still moving and doing a lot.''