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Sunday, March 19, 2017


If you always put limits on everything

you do, physical or anything else

it will spread into your life.

There are no limits

There are only plateaus

and you must not stay there

you must go beyond them....

Bruce Lee

these words
are constantly said
to me..

Friday, March 17, 2017

Early Morning and In a Good Place

First thing this early morning
the computer is signed on and I see these words
and Memories arise.

Learning  From The Birds

I stand in the middle of perfection.

There is no on else around me.

The cries of the geese are beautiful

They hold only joy, not a trace of fear

Rick Bass
The Great Migration....

A busy time, small trips I have wanted to take being taken care of, much paper work sorted and some
changed along with thoughts continue,
It is all good....
He is patient with me, he sits still and listens, rarely corrects but when he does I listen.
His lifestyle of the last 20 years has taught him much and his mother is pleased with many simple
practices he devotes himself too.   During this short time together do not know if he realizes it
but I learn much from him.  My reading, yoga, healthy eating, times of stillness have once again begun  (My years of constant busyness and doing make thoughts arise of what have I really accomplished).

So this early morning begins with a smile on my face, peace in my heart and thankful for much.
Thankful for my daughter's and grand children and their lives.

Life continues as a  journey  of learning and growing even in these last years is teaching me much.    I
 Wish some issues were  different and would change over time  but have
learned to accept they are not my responsibility, when you do all you can with a good heart
that is really all you can do.     I am well aware over my lifetime I have had control over much, some I wanted no control over but it was handed to me.  I know longer want this control but thankful when it comes
to a lot of personal decisions and control I am still in control.

I love fresh herbs, miss my Basil, Rosemary and Chives that  I grow.    About a week ago
sprinkled some seeds in little pots and if the weather is ever stable they can be transferred

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Cold wind is blowing
another day of Winter
but not the heavy snow of some areas
just a few days ago it seemed like Spring.

It is still dark outside
I see lights in the distance
when I moved to this area 40 years ago
I saw no lights, just total darkness.

 I turn on my computer
to see if any news from California
where he landed last night.

On to Nashville where friend will pick him up
he will spend the night and my helper will pick him up in the morning
to bring him to the country cottage.

Yesterday morning
at the hospital
ultra sound on many areas
Gall Badder surgery 9 years ago
then a year later repair of hernia in that area.
once again something does not feel right.
This mentioned to doctor several times and nothing checked.

Thankful for specialist I mentioned it to
and a lot being checked
thought I was knowledgeable of this area
but guess not as I looked at images of what is packed in there.
Did not know the aorta came through that area.

Unsettled and will have results in a day or two.

Stir Fry has been requested for tomorrow's meal.
Made with vegetables and Shrimp
easy and healthy
always easy to please
but did say "no rice."

Seems it should be getting light
but not yet.

Been up a long time.....

I smile at the pictures sent of my youngest granddaughter's Birthday celebration

Sleep over for friends and in that home
they took over the den, blankets, pillows, and laughter through out the night.
Special girl, grandma loves this picture of a few years ago....

Jamie, you are probably still recovering :)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

This Is How I Communicate With My Family...

Yes, I share with family and those who read my words.

Snow early this morning, did not linger long

Young daughter a full day today and tomorrow.  They have been on the road with my my youngest
granddaughter's involving school activities,  One has a birthday tomorrow and some coming for
a sleep over tonight and here she is busy with a new job.   Everyone stays so busy but remember those
day's well with 5 children in the home and working.  Four I gave birth too and one that came with
her father, her mother had passed away when Mary was a baby.

Son's long trip over the ocean soon to begin and mom will not sleep for several nights praying
for her son's safety over the ocean.   I am so excited about seeing him.....
A big weather change from over 100 degree temperature to maybe snow when he arrives....

Late meal of Salmon, Asparagus and little Potato's, some blue that my Laurie introduced me too
and the last slice of Carrot Cake I ordered at Christmas.  A huge cake and last a long time
in the freezer.  The best I have ever tasted and a friend's daughter made it for me.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sweet Peas a Memory Plant for my Grandmother

I remember this plant well
my paternal grandmother had them growing in her yard
always a bouquet on the table.

I think of them through the years and have never planted and now with smaller garden I have 3
bare trellises where roses did not grow these damp woods.

A thought
will look on Amazon and there they were

Just ordered......
They grow wild, the color pink on some of these country roads but this is a mixture of beautiful colors
and the description says they are fragrant.

So seeds  with special memories will be planted and also remember my father calling me
"sweet pea"
 when I was growing up
hated it as time went by.......

Strange as you age - so many memories surface.

Have never seen these plants a Lowe's.

Sunny, breezy day.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ironing, Chicken Soup and Scarves

A drizzling all day rain, the kind of day I always liked to iron.   The pile is high in room soon to be son's room.   I cautiously head of the stairs to the loft area and begin to iron pillow cases and cloth napkins that if I take out of the dryer quickly can smooth nicely.   A stack that I left in the dryer too long
and I begin to press them.   Winter tops being put up and like scarves, heavy ones are folded neatly
and put in storage upstairs.  In the back of the drawer crumpled I come across 3 scarves.
Remember buying them in Jamaica over 40 years ago.   As I pressed them out they are over
6 ft long, so soft almost feel like silk and I notice the edges have all been stitched by hand, these are made by hand.    They look like tie dye
and my favorite is a Peach or Coral color.  I try and tell my children the stories of all that is in
this small home as almost everything has a story.   No one may be interested but to me all is
special. and bring back memories.    Trips to the ocean many times in the past and always wore scares on my hair, now
wear them around my neck most of the time it seems I stay chilly...
Made Chicken soup in the crock pot, starting at 6:00 AM  So good and more then half can go in freezer.

Wish my Jamie, with a family, so busy - was near where it could be shared with her.   Will put
several cartons in the freezer.

Monday, March 6, 2017

It Seems

I feel a little better and then it goes away,   Bad night and balance so bad and fear falling.
Told it would be worse as time goes on and just keep moving and doing and do not stop.
cane and walker near and new lower mattress arriving soon as just so difficult to get up
on this bed - I do it - but difficult.   Just do not like these extreme flares.

A day you do not feel like eating  or cooking and purchased several weeks ago for a time like this.

So had 1/2 of each and tolerable,  Burger would have been excellent with lettuce, tomato
and avocado, but not on hand at the moment.   Full of sodium, other ingredients healthy and
since only a banana and yogurt consumed at 7:00 - something needed in my stomach

Since freezer has been emptied of small cartons of home made soup I have put some chicken
thighs out defrost and in the morning will make chicken soup in the crock pot.

Early this morning met the nicest young woman, an immediate bond.  My cousin recommended her
as she does dog grooming and she works part time at Cracker Barrel, where he eats and helps with her mother in law
who has health issues.
A plus as she lives close by.....

Callie, usually runs the other way when a groomer arrives.  Not this time, she loved Heather,
I like her name, beautiful kind young woman and I never let Callie ride in my car with me
always take her places in the old  truck.
Off they go in her car, window down, Callie with her head out the window and she surely is spoiled now.    Callie done beautiful - looks like a show dog.

I am blessed as Heather shared that if she is free on days off she can go with me on errands if I feel uncomfortable.    I may need her sooner then I anticipated.

Heather, thank you so much for your kindness
this early morning.   I think Callie would go live with you :)

Early morning viewing
a Bluebird going into birdhouse :)
and a few blooms arriving

A beginning.....

Saturday, March 4, 2017

On The Loft

Made it too the loft
it is like a green house up there.

Christmas Cactus
still blooming

Orchids into third month of blooming -where I do not want them - on the ancient chop block - guess it is their home now :
Beds upstairs with 150 year old bedspreads, one my mother's and one my grandmother's
have been made up for family visits  to perfection by helper - this one is a keeper

Friday, March 3, 2017

Perfect For Me

Sharing with a friend that I know longer can use my heavy vacuum, she shared she had a small chargeable
vacuum for quick clean ups.   I ordered from Amazon, it arrived and was faulty, kept coming on and off even though
I had correctly charged.   Returned and new one arrived today and it is perfect,
Not for heavy cleaning but quick use on rug by computer where I spend a lot of time, over hardwood
in kitchen where I now make a mess.  I tried another type a few years ago but did not like it and this seems perfect for me at this time   Now two of my children could not use with pets
 small clean out tray would fill immediately but perfect for me at $29.00.  Trish, thank you....
When someone helps me every few weeks they can go over everything with heavy vacuum.
Late meal, shopping yesterday, Asparagus on sale .99 cents a bunch and also Bok Choy on sale
two of my favorites and a purchase of small piece of Salmon.  Added a small baked potato,
just finished and have enough for tomorrow.

Sun is shining brightly, wind is blowing, kind of cool and was 32 here in the country this morning.

I have to give in and have Cortisone shots in both shoulders where rotator cuffs are torn from falls and surgery is not an option at this time of life because of healing pain for months.  Cannot raise arms over half way, painful and difficult to hang clothes, reach items and in the process of lowering a lot.
Help today and they had to hang up a lot of things for me
Was hoping to be brave and not do this, last September the last shots when daughter Laurie made a visit, seems pain is now too  great no
matter what I do.   This always works immediately, just me, do not like anything I cannot do
naturally :(   Guess from age 80 and on there are a lot of things we may have to do that we do not like.