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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Looks Like Spring

Picture was taken
several days ago
from front porch
wish I had taken it,

Why do I keep looking at it?

"your intellect may be confused
but your emotions
will never lie to you"

All is well
but different.

Want so to spread mulch,
clean flower beds,
walk in the woods,
not yet or will it return?

But can write, read, use the camera.

Now the word I begin each day with is


easier said than done

but can be accomplished

if you learn to be thankful

for small beginnings.......

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Living Rural

Noticed yesterday that land line did not ring, I check phone and no dial tone.

So after help checked it seems phone out of order, will be repaired first of the \week.

Wish this was not unsettling but it is as I have a small very old cell phone carried when not in the home.

Cell phone rings and it is my son from Thailand, checking on me.  Thank you, Jimmy.

Monitor for heart still not working, do not have WiFi and trying to connect to a landline phone.

My nurse daughter Beth is pulling in the drive to return this piece of equipment and the next challenge to figure out.

She also brings me a picture I remember from my mother's home.   Jamie, another daughter
decided she did not want it and Beth is giving to me.

So pleased to have it, always loved this picture of a lady sewing, mama always had a needle in her hand, a talent I do not possess.  Will hang the picture by my bed.   Took an image and because of the light,it is not as clear as I wish it was.    So pleased to have this picture, thank you, Beth.

Beth headed home
wanted her to stay but she has serious fibromyalgia
so understand.
I thank you my Beth for your trip this early morning
and Jimmy for checking on me.

The sun is shining and day begings.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Today I Share

So what do I share
really would rather not
but at the moment all is well.

Sunday was another story
with a trip to Nashville in the ambulance.

Blood pressure 250
no details
but frightened to death,

Stayed the night
and the bottom line was Fear
and Fear you are not welcome in my life.

This fear I will overcome you
want no part of you.
I will continue to go forward.

Such a good support team, my doctor, daily visits from home health people
and I like them all.

Enough shared
but I do plan on staying around for a while longer.

Monday I plan on beginning to walk and trying to eat all I can
as weight, I gained I lost.

Son still arriving soon, buttercups are blooming
and at the moment I smile.

Thank you for your support
through what has been going on
and can I hug each of you?

Saturday, March 9, 2019


How can it be
that my youngest grandchild will be 14 on Monday

Remembering through the years a smile always on her face.

So many wonderful memories tucked in my heart

So grandma is sending all the love and happiness to her

that the Universe can deliver.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Going Forward

I drink a lot of tea
mostly hot tea
but lately cold tea with meals.
Always made my own but have found a brand at the market I like,
online saw you could order smaller bottles in different flavors
I like Mango and this one flavored with Hibiscus also.

Here I am writing about it and have not even tried it.
Hoping my son will like it and I will try at lunch this day,\

Still going forward
daily, many arrive to help me
even a counselor to help me with thoughts I have.

Every day accomplish something I always did with no problem
I am pleased with the progress
but still, complain
how in the world did this happen to this healthy one?