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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Herb Oil

My neighbor
who lives in a home
I built 12 years ago
shares her New York Times
weekend paper with me

When I thought I would try
city life
she found this home for sale
on Internet
A retired professor
moved here from the East..

Looking for a less expensive lifestyle

In this paper I found

A recipe for
Herb Oil
caught my eye.
I have all of the ingredients
wonder what I could use it on?

1 bunch of fresh Thyme
1/2 bunch of Rosemary
1 bunch of Sage
5 cloves of Garlic, peeled
1 tbsp Kosher salt
2 1/2 cups of Virgin Olive Oil

all into a food processor
pulse to combine
add splash of olive oil
place mixture in jar and add rest of olive oil
Lasts about a week.

The Florida daughter and soninlaw
eat a lot of baked potatoes with
avocado, garlic and olive oil.

Wonder if they would like this?
But then they do not have mom's
herbs growing outside their door....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Early Morning

Cold and damp morning.
It has started to SNOW....
Enya's "And Winter Came"
is echoing throughout this cottage.
All is well
With a thankful heart I begin this day.....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Uplifting And Soothing

The second  all day rain  in the woods and another expected tomorrow.   This is a good time to finish addressing cards and wrapping gifts.   They are half of what they were in past years.
The decorations in the store room will remain untouched.    A wreath as you approach the cottage,
candles on the table, a few red flowers, small berry tree and an angel on my desk, that is about it.
The unadorned woods surrounding this cottage are magnificent and all that this
One Woman needs.

Since receiving the "Temple Coming Home" CD from Amazon,  it is listened to it on off throughout the day and even as I prepare for bed.   The music and the words are so peaceful and even though most of the words I cannot
pronounce and are unfamiliar I find they impart peace to my soul and I believe inner healing.
Listening to their soft words I find that I begin to slow down and feel peace.
Wish I had a load speaker and could play it throughout the woods !!
Reading the enclosed circular I discovered this is their first CD - hopefully there will be others.

I learned about this CD from a special friends sharing - Laura
you can find her at

Saturday, November 26, 2011

An Invitation

A book of poetry arrived yesterday.
Written by a special young woman.
I have read her profound words for several years.
Relating to them so deeply that I have
always felt like a mother and a soul mate to

Still finding  it amazing that through purchasing a computer 5 years ago
that I feel so connected to one who writes, practices medicine and lives in California.
Here I live in the edge of the woods in Tennessee and who
would think that I over the years I adopted her in my heart.

Always have known  that a book
would soon be on the way.

 I am so proud of her  quest to find answers
not through religious texts, any particular person or popular dogma,
but through her own experiences.

Can be purchased through
or sometime in January on Amazon

Friday, November 25, 2011

Early Morning Memories

Cool this morning in the 30's.
Yesterday, a family day, sounds of laughter, sharing, eating at the big table, walking in the woods, sitting by the fire pit, it was a good day.
My soninlaw even picked a bag of turnip greens to take home and cook.
Early this morning I will finish cleaning the kitchen and  items that are only used on these special times.
Several loads of wash, cloth napkins, table cloth, hand towels and my walking in the woods clothes.
I love using cloth napkins and very seldom use paper.   They are all getting so old but they are special to me.  The napkins on the table yesterday were
purchased at an after Christmas sale, probably over 45 years ago.  The table cloth was purchased on a trip to Jamaica, almost 50 years ago.  I use to be so cautious when using it.  Still somewhat careful but want to enjoy it.   Place mats same age are placed under each plate for a little protection.     Everything I use is getting so old and as I place them on the table
so many memories surface.
As each car pulled out of the long gravel drive I watch, return inside with Miss Callie and count my
I realize more with each passing year how God has watched over me, protected me and showed his love to me in so many special ways....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fresh Herbs For Thanksgiving

Cool outside and there is a special gift of herbs that
are still thriving in my new herb garden.

What a pleasure to take my little scissors and
clip some of  you to add to my Thanksgiving Dinner

Sage, Parsley, Thyme, Chives, Dill and Mint
and a vase of Rosemary for my table.

Ever Thankful for some of the special  gifts
that come from living at Woodhaven.

On this special day Blessings to all far and near.
We have so much to be Thankful for....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Time A Gift - Thanksgiving 2011

This is my post one year ago.   The same words true this morning and it almost seems  like time stands still.   Menu the same except just pumpkin pie and
 adding my little girl's favorite lemon ice box pie.

A busy day ahead.....

Solitude and aloneness
will wait
Personal needs
Outside and inside grooming

Doing all that can be prepared ahead
Turkey thawing
Corn bread for dressing and veggies chopped
Ready for oven, butternut squash and brussel sprouts
Little one remembered a mention of apple dumplings
Commented "grandma, I've never tasted dumplings"
So - another desert will be on the sideboard
Along with pumpkin and pecan pie
From a summer garden, corn and green beans,
potatoes and gravy
Added touch cranberry sauce and relish tray
Fresh fruit and rolls
Ice tea, coffee
Special drink for the little girls

Not being served - oyster casserole
Her son's favorite

Big table will not be full - like in the past
But they are remembered in other states
And - across the ocean

The little one's always notice the table
Special dishes, glasses, gleaming silverware,
candles glowing.
A special prayer


Dinner finished
some will look at her books and old pictures
some will rest
paths in the woods with Miss Callie
may call
a time to just be

When the last car leaves the woods ...
One Woman has her memories
happiness and sadness
for present and past.

"The only reason for time is so that
everything does not happen at once"

~Albert Einstein~

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Corn bread is cooling on my grandmother's biscuit board.   It has to be way over 150  years old.  My mother gave it to me.   Have not used this iron skillet in a long time and the bread stuck but it does not matter since
it will be crumbled for dressing.   Sweet tea is cooling and will bake a pumpkin pie in the morning.
All is going well.   Not the massive dinner like in the past but it will touch my heart when my little ones
coming running with a hug for their grandma.

Children and grandchildren will be missed this Thanksgiving.  But I can visualize them sitting at the big

The corn bread recipe was given to a 27 year old as she arrived home with her third child, her baby son.   It is the recipe I have used for many years.  The corn bread tasted so good along with fresh green beans from a young neighbor.   I can still feel the warmth in my heart as she gave me that gift.  Think it was the first I had ever received when arriving home with a new born.   Martha, you come to mind often over the years...

Southern Corn Bread

l beaten egg
l cup of corn meal
l cup of buttermilk
1/2 tsp baking soda
dash of salt

Poured in a hot iron skillet that has been greased with bacon drippings and baked in a 450 degree oven
until brown.

Friday, November 18, 2011


My very heart's desire is safe
within thy walls.
The voices of my loved ones, friends who come.
My treasured books that rest in niche serene,
All make more dear to me thy haven sweet,
Nor do my feet
desire to wander out except that
they may have the glad return at eventide.
Dear Home

Home! my very heart's contentment lies within thy walls.
Nor worldly calls hath power to turn my eye
in longing from
thy quietness.  Each morn
when I go forth upon the duties of
the day I wend my way
content to know that eve will bring me
safely to thy walls again.
Dear Home

Nellie Womack

Nan thank you for sharing this poem with me.  
Over and over I read the words.
It is truly me....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Women Who've Gone Before Us

This post was written almost 2 years ago.   Still so very true.   This special lady was called
yesterday as I have her so often on my mind and heart.   She never fails to respond and in a short time there was an email.
I can see her face and her special smile.

Pastor Sandy, thank you for always being there with your uplifting spirit.   I send my love and blessings
to you.....

January, 2009

One by one they were gone from her life. She wondered at times,
when your mother and grandmother are gone, where does a woman go for advice?
A thought to ponder. Especially since she tended to be a loner. Always busy and not doing what the masses were involved in. So true friendships were few and far between.
When she looked back over her life there were probably about 6 different women other then her mother and grandmother who she could share her heart with. Only a part was shared and never the whole picture. Each person knew her differently and would not understand her whole personality. At this particular time the majority of these women are no longer living. There is one person for about 14 years that she can share anything without embarrassment.
From time to time when she feels overwhelmed, depleted emotionally and needs a compassionate listener, a word of wisdom that makes sense, or just to feel loved -  she still contacts this special lady.
She remembers the first time she heard her speak. A new church and she was a teacher and now a pastor. Her words were like a soothing balm. This special lady had experienced so much that had happened in her own life and probably is still happening. She understands and does not judge. So the thought always arises when she is stressed out - this special lady - was able to make it and I can also.
She almost picked up the phone yesterday and placed a call. Finally she was able to handle the emotional upheaval, sadness and questions in her heart and mind.
As she continues her list of blessings this special lady continues to be at the top of the list.
She wonders do others have someone special like this?
She wonders if others need someone like this? I think at times we all do.

Some thoughts from One Woman on her Journey Through This Life.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Continues With Questions

Just received call from doctor's office.
Good news
CT scan showed nothing that I feared
site where  gall bladder surgery was done two years ago.
So - at present will watch
and sometime in future go to see surgeon who did that surgery.
Extreme fatigue - medical reason - high levels of inflammation.
Sjogren's is affecting this body in numerous ways.
Common sense reason
any woman who builds 3 homes and moves that many times  in the last 8 years
and goes nonstop in her 70's
may not have good sense
and needs to slow down.
Also being of a sensitive nature - it seems with age a lot bothers me more deeply then in the past.
I really have never felt my age before this episode.
So I am probably very fortunate.
Enough shared
Ever thankful for results that just arrived.
Still have unanswered questions and no one
has time to listen
Weary of appointment and driving to the big city
for a 15 minute consultation.
I appear healthy and moving quickly
but I am very tired.
Do not like the thought of future repair on my body.
Ashamed to even say this when it is minor compared
to what could be.  So forgive me for this statement

At the moment I have the thought I may never go to a doctor again
will go to the woods and sit under a tree.
On second thought have to go to dentist next week for a crown procedure...

Thanks to so many who have continually had me in their thoughts and have contacted me.
You will never know how special you are to this One Woman.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Could You Imagine

My youngest granddaughter at age 6 is requesting a dictionary for Christmas.
I smile at this special request.
Christmas it will be at grandma's.

On a lighter or more serious note
according to they way you look at it.

Early this morning
Nurse opens door and calls my name.
I follow her and she request I put on gown and tells me they are going to start an IV.
Told her the information I received said no gown or IV.
Then I was told she was preparing me for MRI of the brain
To make a long story short
seems another person had the same name.
Went through admitting process
and was given two large containers of a drink that tasted like a banana milk shake - not bad.
But then remember with this dry mouth condition I do not taste much.
So apologies were in order
but I wondered if I had been just a little more nervous I might
have had an MRI of my brain
instead of scan of pelvic area.

So pleased my Jamie arrived to keep me company and found me drinking my shake and not receiving an MRI.

Just received information that EKG was fine and also blood work
There were very high levels of inflammation which goes along with Sjogrens
A miracle that I do not ache all the time.
Was offered a way unless I am much more uncomfortable.
At present I only ache a lot when I first  get up in the morning and when there
is a weather change.

Waiting for scan information...

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Called doctor's office
just before closing time
to see if results from test
had arrived.
Was told -yes - but not time
to review them.
So, I choose to think
"no news is good news"

This early morning the original me
has resurfaced.

Cat scan on Monday morning
my Jamie will keep me company
while I drink some awful drink.
Then heading home and I bet
Miss Callie will be sitting in the
drive waiting for me.

A drive through the country yesterday.
Next week will return with camera.
Saw a number of old buildings
I want to take images of.
One an old carriage house....

"In our everyday encounters, can we put our egos aside, our need to be brutally honest, and dwell for a few minutes in the mind and heart of the receiver to discern the impact our message might have.  Let us seek a kinder version of truth telling.  Let us search our hearts to find the most considerate way to speak our truth.  Let us balance honesty with compassion"

In part from Jan  this early morning   jan@buddhachick...beadsofwisdom

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Psalm 103

The trees surrounding my cottage will soon be bare.   At the moment everywhere I look the ground
is covered with leaves.  The drive, stepping stones to the cottage,  flower beds and little vegetable plot  are all covered and protected from the coming winter.
Some leaves will be blown into the woods, some raked and many left on the garden as wonderful mulch.
Everything is beginning to rest.
The same thing is happening for One Woman.
Rest from the ongoing gardening and outside work.
Rest from much that needs to be done inside.
Rest from sharing on her journal as often.
Rest from downloading images - until soninlaw solves this problem.
I could not experience the joy of writing and my camera without this
special soninlaw and  people who help me with problems...
Today will try and go at a slower pace.
Anyone that knows me is aware how difficult this is for me.
Trip to the big city doctor today.
Need to check out some new issues that have developed since last week.
All that communicate with me
know in your heart that you are special to me
and many times "the wings beneath my feet"

As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower
of the field: the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its
place remembers it no more   But from everlasting to everlasting
the Lord's love is with those who fear him, and his
righteousness with their children's children - with those who
keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts.
Psalm 103  15-18

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bumper Crop of Acorns

At Woodhave the
Acorns are falling like pennies from Heaven.
That is - if you are a squirrel.

They are everywhere, terrace, drive, garden, falling on cottage
and falling on my vehicle.
Have to be careful as I walk.
Hardly noticed any the last two years.
I wondered is it only me.
Googled it and
seems everywhere this is happening and many are wondering why?

I have nothing to base this on
just my deep sense of intuition
but think we are in for a bad winter.

Smart squirrels are busy storing the acorns.
They have not been visiting my bird feeders for several weeks..

A foggy morning will lead the way for a few nice days.
Continuing to clean up garden, rake leaves
in a few days and clean the overflowing gutter.

Now if some winds would arise
it sure would be a help to this One Woman.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rainbow Morning

Loading my truck for errands
going to town to pick up some fence post.
Surveyor returning so I can clearly mark
one property line.
This was surveyed when I sold the old farm house
For years it did not matter about this line.
Now that I have returned home and
 time is flying by so quickly it now seems
important to me to know exactly
where the line is.
Also some draining of water that I
do not like and gravel will be delivered soon.
In Spring will seed heavily and surely
this will help.  May need another culvert.
Another thought it may be a perfect
place for a small  pond - but do I want a
pond in that area.
There is one by the old farm house and one more created
by another home built on this property.  They are
picturesque - so many projects that I did not plan to do.
Will wait until my son returns and see
what he thinks of this idea.

As I was loading truck
I looked at the sky
What joy the view of a rainbow
gives me.

I felt it was a gift from God
that all is well.....

Thursday, November 3, 2011


So much has changed and is still changing.
No longer is the big table filled at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
No longer are there summer gatherings.
where my grandmother, parents,  sisters, nieces and nephews and cousins
all gathered.
These gatherings always at my home. 
The aunts who welcomed me into their homes and included
me in special meals - have all passed away.
So now back home in a small cottage in the woods the doors are always open.
The cabinets are filled with all the special dishes and platters used at these times.
When I know someone is visiting the pantry is full and fresh baked goods are on the counter.
The last true family gathering was just before my mother passed away and also
my youngest daughter's wedding.
I can still see her walking down the stone walkway with her dress billowing in the breeze.
A harp was playing - she was a beautiful bride and still is....
Everyone came - far and near.
So I wonder what will it take  for all of mine to once again gather?
I realize  some are over the ocean and some in other states - where they are starting
their own traditions.
This is wonderful and I smile for them  but at times it is sad for me.
Special memories ever present in my heart, mind, times have changed
and continuing to change.
I remember so well my mother talking to my grandmother every morning and evening.
This is something I continued to do with my mother.
Always thought it would happen with me
but not so.
My children check in - but not daily,  morning and night.
Many times I am invited to do something special
with my children and it seems I truly do not like leaving
my woods.
I battle with this and sometimes when I make the
effort to leave I am pleased and other times not.
Happy times and then some sad moments  in my life,
guess that can be for all of us.
At this moment I am  happy and at peace  but  miss my
children and grandchildren.
This is what happens when children grow up
start their families and are no longer living near by.

So you  accept what happens as life goes on
and dwell on the happy times and try to
forget what makes you sad....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Acorn Squash

I used Sharon's recipe last night.
Small portion for one and there will be enough for today.
A very small squash
a little less then half the onion and sausage.
No bread crumbs on hand and I toasted
two slices of bread, dried and crumbled.

Very tasty and gave me an idea
for an extra dish on the big table
for Thanksgiving.

I am going to look for very small squash,
Bake and fill them with a mixture of rice, mushrooms,
onion and sausage.

Sharon, thank you

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Must Before The Rain and Acorn Squash

Today and tomorrow almost like Spring.
Soybean field is being cut.
This is good since rain is coming in Thursday.
Love the way the field looks when it is
freshly cut.
In the morning I will walk in the field before
plowing or no till preparation for Spring.
A simple pleasure that I enjoy.

Past years my children would find arrow heads
in the clean fields.
Such excitement on their face as they ran to
to show me their treasures.  My son still
has a bag of arrow heads among his
belongings here at the cottage.

I am trying a new recipe
the aroma is wonderful.
Acorn squash, onion, sausage
and covered with breadcrumbs.
Will let you know how it turns out
and more about it...