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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Sharing a few pictures... (could not wait until tomorrow :)

My first granddaughter was married in New York
this afternoon.
My oldest granddaughter and her mother - my oldest daughter
The bride and my youngest granddaughter - cousins :)
My special grandson and Missy
My Jamie and Amelia

Wish I could have been there.....

Another one could not attend
because of soccer tournaments
but now enjoying the pool :)
from this one
in the woods.
Another day has ended....


Living in the country a number of years
I have grown accustomed to seeing
Chicken Snakes
at first it bothered me
but now
just do not pay any attention to them
Also have seen small green snakes.

But sunning in my flower garden
is one that looks a little different.

Took this image from screen porch...

Read online to soak rags in ammonia
or put out some glue traps
a good way to keep them from around the house.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Reward

Oh yes
one of the rewards
of rising
just before dawn
is standing on my small front porch
and seeing the spectacular
as day breaks.
I kept wondering if I could in some way
capture some of the beauty
my eyes were seeing ?

I believe
I did it....

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wren and More

The little bird flys out of a pot that contains a small shrub
every time I water.  Could not see a nest but closer look
revealed a nest in the mulch.
Now that I am aware of this nest
will be careful when I water.

Two special friends arrived this morning
and so glad that concrete work was done
almost 3 weeks ago and it made me feel better
for one of them with a cane and recovering from
hip replacement months ago.

They brought me fresh strawberries and I gave them a bag
filled with magazines they will enjoy
and Sunday's New York Times (my favorite newspaper)
and this Sunday
it will have my granddaughter's wedding announcement :)
Nothing much blooming  in garden area at the back of cottage and next
will be daylillies and hopefully they bloom.  This area is becoming more
difficult for me to weed continually but will keep on keeping on at the moment.

Approaching cottage there is
more blooming and Oak Leaf Hydrangea - as usual - will be beautiful and
covered with white blooms and in the Fall will sport unbelievable huge red leaves.
Foxgloves have survived and hopefully spread.
After visiting
we went to lunch
which was
a special treat for this one.

2 new books
are keeping my interest,
underlined much and books you never finish and put away - just keep picking back up.
"The Untethered Soul"  Michael Singer
"Dancing Fish and Amonites"  Penelope Lively
a lot in this book
 that this one can relate too lately.

Also, an old book I read in the past
that was spotted among my son's books.
One you need to read and reread many times.

Much this one
thought she had learned
needs to be reminded of
it seems
over and over....

"Take Your Time - Finding Balance in a Hurried World"
Eknath Easwaran

Sunday, May 25, 2014


A light rain during the night
everything is so clean and fresh.

Going to enjoy a quiet and peaceful
day at the edge of the woods
just me and Miss Callie

A big salad, fresh strawberries and
a gallon of tea on hand.

Images taken at dusk yesterday
and they make me smile.

I must say this one
looks old to me :)
and they always make me smile and was lucky to get an image as night was coming quickly
Someone wrote that she is 54 today
My reply along with Happy Birthday
Special one
"you are still a child"

Friday, May 23, 2014

Days And Thoughts

Days are very hot
90 on deck most afternoons and  mosquito's have arrived.
Plus do not like that I am now bringing in bird feeders
in the evening as it seems the squirrels are cleaning them out.
Put them back out at daybreak...

Did not notice as many wild flowers in the woods this Spring
but did not walk the paths like in the past.

Straw bale garden looks kind of sad at the moment :)
checked information and I may have planted to soon
before following instructions for 10 days.  Also learned
I need to water more often - like 2 or 3 times a day and
fertilize good - which I am now doing.
Update, filled the last straw bale last night and those plants
are doing good.  It sat empty for 10 days and was watered
daily and fertilize added to soil.

Some of my Iris did not bloom this year and wonder why?

I moved my Hollyhocks to a new location
and one made it
look at these leaves

and corn is about 8 inches high

Recent trip to garden center and I look longingly at the plants
but vow to buy no more... but purchased one today an inexpensive Foxglove
and will see how it does...Lowe's price was twice as much.

Unsettled about situation in my son's land :(  but he assures
me all is well.

A lot of reflection lately, nothing to do with anything but - just me
at this time of life.   Trying not to share a lot with my children and wish
they would just say "checking on you and close with I love you."
 Do not want to be boring or continually talk about how I feel
even though they ask.   Just cannot seem to pretend and be jolly a lot
and cannot seem to pretend I do not like what is happening with health issues.
One day I think they have disappeared and I am so busy and happy.
Then another day and night they return with a vengeance.
Arthritis is not on a schedule and balance is severely off.
But thankful I do all that needs to be done in my world
just want to do more :)

Excellent diet, very little medication, exercise, rest, meditation
doing all I know and will not stop.

I an so different from my mother, aunts and grandmother's
who are all gone at this time.
On my visits and they were younger, my age and beyond, it seems most
of the time  they were calmly sitting.  This is not what
is happening here by the woods :)

Eventually you would think
that the body would  stop trying to keep up with the mind,
and does the mind keep giving instructions
until the end
I wonder......

And I will leave you with a smile

New words from my youngest granddaughter to her mom.
"She looks good, even though she has old freckles like you :)"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

What Lifts Your Spirit

My youngest granddaughter
never fails to make me smile.

Gymnastics this past year
and she is good.

Image received this morning

Safe travel wishes go out to my daughter
as she travels to Nantucket to visit my granddaughter.

Another special daughter in Michigan recovering from Pneumonia
and hopefully you are soon back to full strength.

Each of my children and grandchildren
come to mind as this day begins.

A lot going on in this family.

Here in the country
a lot of outside work planned today.

The thought never leaves my mind
that this one
has so much
to be thankful for.

Just life is going by too fast...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heartful Of Happiness When I Viewed This

Yes, I smile and the tears run down my cheeks
as I view a  picture I just received
of my granddaughter and her fiance
who will be married in a few weeks.

I see love and happiness

Grandma, sends her love,
and from her heart
all the best the universe can supply
for them for their lifetime together...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Enjoyed The Rain

An off and on rainy and cooler day.
Delightful and I spent much time outside,
so dirty and muddy if I fell I would be ashamed to call 9ll.

I have said many times that like my mother that this one could take
 a piece of any plant and make it grow,
 it may not happen with these straw bales - so will wait and see.   
Was difficult for me to make a
deep hole in straw for what I wanted to plant.  So a shallow one with an addition of
potting soil and fertilizer.
Now wait and see...

A plus is the rain today, more tonight and I soaked the bales with water real good.
Yesterday and today

These plants were in pots by my herb garden and if they do well
going to plant some potato's and turnip greens in this way.

My clematis have been exceptionally pretty this Spring.
Iris and peony's so huge and rain brought many to the ground,
too beautiful to add them all to compost pile
and put some of them in a vase...
Day has ended for this one.

I have to say
it was my favorite kind of day.

I might add that
two plants I have always wanted,
Foxglove and Larkspur and
no luck with them in the past
and saw one of them at Lowe's the other day.
The Foxglove and was very pricey.

Keep having thoughts of this plant
and may look at it again.   Need to check and see
if my area is good for them and if they need
shade and sun - which is my garden...

Really do not need to plant anything else....

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Best Of My Life

I read these words  and they are so true for this one.
My children and grandchildren
are a gift to this one.
The precious jewels of my life....

I do not like to pick my flowers
but this peony is special.
Special because it was in a neighbors yard
that adjoined my yard.  He had lost his wife
and I would listen to him continually as he shared
bits and pieces of his life.  He needed someone to
listen and in a way felt special because he felt
free to share with me.  After he passed away I asked
his daughter inlaw if I could have a piece of this plant.
She said yes and it has thrived
"Polly thank you."
Most of the plants in my garden bring about memories
of special people who are no longer on this earth.
They have been moved from garden to garden at
different homes during my lifetime...

Along with a few iris, put in a small vase
and put by my plate.
A new project to begin
in the morning.
Too hot at the moment
with temperature hovering around 90 degrees.
Picked up 3 bales of straw to plant some squash plants
and a cucumber plant for this simple gardening project.
Remember many years ago planting a no till garden.
I have started a number of vegetables in pots - which  are doing well and
now will try this method for a few more plants.
No weeding, tilling and hope it works.

Mike, thank you for giving me the straw bales
even though I offered to buy them :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thank You - It Was A Very Good Day

Unusal sight in the front field while retrieving paper early this morning...
A first for this one as I did not make dinner.
Put a table cloth on table before 2 daughter's, soninlaw and 2 youngest granddaughter's
arrived.  In the past I would have put out dishes, glasses, napkins, silverware and made an extra
desert.  I told them that I did not care if they used china dishes, cloth napkins or paper plates and napkins.  Energy depleted and really did not make any differance to me....   Did make fruit tea before they arrived with food that was so good.

Cards and phone calls from those far away - to their mama...

A beautiful day

An orchid plant that I had many years that would have many blooms on it yearly was
lost 2 years ago.  I have looked at the plants in the store and really did not need to buy
any more plants.   My Jamie, surprised me with this one :)
5 buds will soon open
and I hope it likes its new home...

So much to do this next week as I have not tackled my long to do list
and because of rain the grass is really high.

The thought comes to mind
"does it really matter ?"
and I answer myself
"no it does not matter."

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Still Miss You

One my birth mother
the other
my paternal grandmother.
Both always there for me
during their lifetime....

Friday, May 9, 2014

Quote Of The Day and More

From my youngest granddaughter
as they walked to the bus stop
a back handed compliment to her mom,
"ohh I like that bracelet
it looks really fake."  :)

A busy morning with stop at 2 grocery stores,
Lowe's, gas in car, UPS drop off
 and I might mention the monitor that
tells me how much gas I have
has stopped working.
Not going to spend $500 plus to repair
so filled tank, jotted down in notebook kept in car.
Filled tank usually last 300 miles
but will fill again once a week as I do not drive daily....
Did have a pricey hose replaced.

So nice to pull on new concrete pad to unload groceries.
Thought it was a little too big
but not so - just right.
Do not miss stepping stones.
Need to purchase about 6 bags of mulch,
 when grass surfaces on the outside
and it blends in color to old walk
it will be perfect...

New bloom this morning
Purchased several tomato plants this morning
and have planted them in pots as an experiment to see how they do.

Quick lunch
was tasty.  Pimento cheese made yesterday, covered with my herbs,
 sunflower seeds, asparagus and cup of
tomato Basil soup....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Project at my cottage by the woods
this morning
reminded me
of a family business I helped create and was actively
involved in for 20 years.

Really like the almost finished project
vehicle pad
a little bigger then I wanted.

I won't be stepping off of the concrete
but just do not want a delivery person
to pull up on my sparkling new concrete.

Finished in the morning
and going to have a couple of large
concrete pots that I have had for year
put on two of the corners...

Workers son helped me cut grass
as it was so high and was not going to cut
until the weekend.

No longer cutting on the country road
or up the drive
just around my dwelling
and I like it...

Time for a very late lunch
and Callie does not like
being secured on screen porch :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another May Day

Rhododendron is blooming and I think the bud is as lovely as the bloom.
2 were planted 4 years ago but only one made it...
Early this morning the work began
for vehicle area, small walk to front with a small area for me to put a chair.
Did not plan on this but the view is beautiful during all seasons and since workers are here
just carried on with something I had thought of.  .  Will enjoy the walk or path
instead of stepping stones and much safer.
Did not plan on doing anymore of this type of work at the special cottage but this is where
 hopefully I can remain the rest of my days.   Thoughts surface of retirement home near my youngest
daughter if I come to that - but hopefully not if I can stay as active as now, change some of my
lifelong habits, rest more and age gracefully :)

The workers arrived very early since another 90 degree sun day is expected.  I was approached
and handed a 4 leaf clover and it made me smile as I think of it as a good luck omen.  Mermories
of my mother surfaced as she
could look down into the grass any day and spot a number of these.   Not this one as I have found very few.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Very Warm And A Lot To Do At Woodhaven

The day continues and almost over.  Temperature on the deck as we ate our lunch was 90 degrees on this May 5th.
Since we had a bad Winter the thought comes to mind is it going to be unusually hot this Summer?

I mentioned that my granddaughter Sarah who is a chef in upscale restaurants
made the comment on her visit as we gathered herbs for lunch
"grandma, we use the Chive blossoms on top of salads."
So I asked "would like them on your salad and no was the answer."

Pulling out the drive and headed for the airport.
He will be missed immensely.   Thailand is so far away.
Prayers and safe travel wishes my constant thought.
Planted the Cosmos that were delivered yesterday and hope they like their new home.

Noticed 2 more new blooms.

Busy rest of the week with concrete work, doctor appointment and tackling stacks of
papers that have accumulated on personal desk, computer desk and by my telephone.

So much work to be done in home, garden, grass needs cutting, wedding soon and school out in weeks and will be
spending time with my two youngest granddaughters.

A lot of left overs on hand so tomorrow and the next day will not have to be concerned with
"what do I eat."

Plan on computer time to be much less for a while and will see what happens.
It seems when I have thoughts I start typing and family is always aware of
what is on my mind....

Callie, Project and New Blooms

Corn is emerging in front field and deer are visiting in the evening.
They look so thin - like the humming birds...
When  Callie spots the deer she takes off chasing them
and they run away quickly.  The other evening a young  one stood still and started chasing her :)
Have never seen this happen before....
A new project is beginning.
I have always liked stepping stones approaching my cottage and parking in gravel drive
 but this soon will be a little different.
A  walk and also a concrete pad close will make it easier for me then parking in
gravel drive, going up stepping stones to screen porch when I am unloading a car full
of groceries or weather is bad.  Lately have been parking in grass to be closer, this is fine in dry weather
but not when ground is wet or in the Winter.   Really did not want to do this like some
other slight changes I am trying to make.

When visiting a friend last year I noticed her really big Cosmos blooms.  Have always liked
this plant and planted many times with no luck.  Yesterday she brought me some out of her garden
that had come up.   Hope this is the beginning of this plant in my garden.  Several plants
I have had for years have not come up this year and it is like losing an old friend :(

Two new blooms

Saturday, May 3, 2014

This Evening

Everywhere I look

Spring has arrived....

Enough shared
So many plants loaded with big buds.

I asked "what would you like for dinner tomorrow ?"
a reply
"something I do not get in Thailand
"your salmon croquettes for dinner
and for early lunch egg salad."

My friends remark
"now don't you cry when he leaves."

cannot do.....