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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Think On This

Living In Joy

When we are not attached
to who we think we are,
life can move through us,
playing like an instrument.

Understanding how everything is in
a continual transformation,
we release our futile attempt
to control circumstances.

When we live in this easy
connection with life,
we live in joy.

James Baraz "Lighten Up"

Sharing words that
spoke to me
in a special way
early this morning...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Trees, Special Guests and Old Cow Bell

 John Muir (1924)
     It has been said that trees are imperfect men, and seem to bemoan their imprisonment rooted in the ground. But they never seem so to me. I never saw a discontented tree. They grip the ground as though they liked it, and though fast rooted they travel about as far as we do. They go wandering forth in all directions with every wind, going and coming like ourselves, traveling with us around the sun two million miles a day, and through space heaven knows how fast and far!

I thought of this poem
through out the stormy night.
Current off for 7 hours and was a delight when it came back on.
Will be a all day of rain.

I told my son that I had flashlights in every room and keep a drawer
full of fresh batteries for occasions like this.
He made the comment that he was accustomed to this kind of
weather as it rained and current problems were frequent in Thailand.

At this time it is still raining hard
and I welcome this stay quiet and inside day that is beginning.

Special guests yesterday, a nephew I had not seen in years, his wife and
handsome 5 year old son.  A wonderful time of family sharing.
Billy has shared much of his genealogy search over the years and along with
my second cousin Ronnie who are such a value and joy to me as I document much for my
children and grandchildren.

I gave a farm bell that hung on the family cows neck of my grandfather's
and this would be his great grandfather.  Have pointed out this large brass
bell to children many times and no one seemed to be interested in it :)

I did not realize that my nephew birthday was the same day as mine
in October.
Did I know and forget or never know.....

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Ends

Did not feel like cooking
and quick tuna and hard boiled egg sandwich
with a cup full of baby lettuce and herbs from my pots.
So good...
Have never had enough
Lilly of the Valley.
Always wanted a field full.
Have a few sprigs :)
and put them by my dinner plate.
My Jade plant
has some seedlings that I am trying to root.
Nothing sweet in this cottage
and son returns in the morning
and there may be a special visitor.
Made a sour cream cake - quickly
and is good with tea...
Must stay off of computer for a few days...

Everyone in this family is too busy
including this one....

Memory Trip

My son is in the big city
to meet with special friends he went to grade school with.
This amazes me and they have come from N.Y., Texas, Florida
and hope I am correct that 3 from Nashville and my son from Thailand.

The project I keep putting off.....
The end of the big table
is filled with old pictures and
 continued going through them, inserting them in envelopes
to send to my children.
This project will take some time :)

Oh the memories
that make me smile
and came across this
that I cross stitched over 30 years ago
while in bed for a back injury
and framed in old barn wood
by a friend....

Friday, April 25, 2014

She Always Makes Me Smile

My Jamie (youngest daughter) shared that Amelia (my youngest grandchild) always
takes her lunch.
From her childhood years she remembered that the lunches were pretty good.
Today is Friday
and it was suggested that Amelia might like to buy her lunch today ?
Amelia answered

"yeah on Friday they always have hamburgers
and they taste pretty good
except kind of expired."

I wish I had written down all the things through her young life
that she has said and have made me smile.
She always lifts my spirit....
Such a sense of humor, a way of sharing and her vocabulary
has been awesome from an early age.
Remember well
the times in her past
when I would be sharing
and over and over she would say
"grandma what does that mean?"

All those little annoying things from the trees
are falling everywhere
Walks, porch, deck and drive covered with them.
Sun finally shining
and what would I do without the blower I keep charged.
So some have been blown away
but others are rapidly falling.

The wedding activities continue for my oldest granddaughter "Jessica."
Special shower in New York - tomorrow.
Oh my so different from this one
who married at the alter with 10 in attendance about 58 years ago.
Wedding gifts could be counted on one hand and except for a small Formica
kitchen set, I still have them
and using them :)

Will say
quality lasts
if you take care of it....

Have a wonderful weekend...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Sound

I still get excited when I hear the sound of the big tractor beginning to prepare field for planting.
As close to this cottage and beside the gravel drive this planting begins.   The least that has
to be cut with a mower is desired.
Sometimes the thought arises
"wonder if I had never left this land?"
There would be much more farming activity going on, but I never would have known
the city life I experienced for a few years.
So this thought is put to rest
and I am thankful for what I could not let go and could return home.

Spring continues to be delightful
even though pollen count is high and a lot of sneezing is happening.
The constant activity lifestyle is changing drastically,
no more wandering deep in the woods with camera in hand
or hours spent riding the tractor, hoeing the vegetable garden
and spreading truck loads of mulch
and I do not like it. 

I wonder if it is like this for others as times goes by.
Sometimes I share with someone and usually told
that they never did what I have found pleasure in.

Those that are similar to this one
have been found with time on the computer.

I also wonder
do health and aging issues just happen overnight
or does it slowly creep up on you
little by little
and you do not notice
the difference that is beginning in your lifestyle.

With now slowing down
I am still constantly told
by those close to me
"you do too much,
take occasional breaks
instead of going constantly."
Please sit down, have a cup of tea or read....

Trying to obey
and learn a new way

because it seems this active mind
is still busy giving instructions
that the body cannot obey...

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Everywhere I look
on this beautiful sunny afternoon
I see beauty.
"Is it like this every Spring"
I say to myself
and answer my question
"of course it is."

But I truly think as we grow older
every bit of natures beauty becomes more precious....

The bumbles are busy everywhere and
even busy drilling many holes in my deck.
When wood was installed 4 years ago
I was told the wood was treated and this would not happen :)
Picture sent to me this morning
and this one among many others  will soon bring back memories of this special family time.

Books on almost every surface in this cottage.
Every book has pieces of paper marking pages that
 remind me of special words.
I open "Solitary Garden" by Elizabeth von Arnim (a favorite book)
and read what I have underlined
and smile
as I think of this one....

"It will grow I know sweeter every year, but it is too big ever to be perfect and get to look
immaculate.  Nature herself is untidy and she should come first and my clipping shears
come humbly behind."

She goes on to share "sometimes when I am in a critical mood, I shake my head at the
bushes that stretch themselves across the paths, reminding me that they have not been pruned,
and the teeming plant life rejoices on the lawns free from all interference from men and hoes."

Oh yes
for 4 years I have tried to keep the gardens and lawn close to this cottage immaculate,
but this Spring it will be different and from this day foreword
it will be more natural
and I almost can hear all plant life saying - along with my son....
"thank you."

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring And Life At This Time

In one week my surroundings look like Spring has arrived.
Plants emerging everywhere, my Lilac bush is attracting butterfly's
and the scent of the blooms is wonderful.
Sharing a little of what I view.
Humming birds at the feeders and have not been able to get a good image.
Bird houses full of babies, a snake spotted in the garden, wild flowers emerging
in the woods and enjoy looking at the
horses in the field next door.
This is a month filled with happiness with family making a special visit
and sadness as many I know are not well and some deaths.
This one continues with a lot of sleepless nights because of pain and is trying
to simplify much of the pleasures she enjoys.

My son will be with me several more weeks and continually tells me that I
use a lot of energy doing much that
could just be done less often
or not at all :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

May I Share

My special grandson
who made a special trip to see me...
and my youngest granddaughter
and just one more
and another
all for now
and a perfect day...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Beauty From Surrounding Fields

These beauties
have the most wonderful scent.

A gift from nature
to this one,
just growing wild in the field.
and put all over this cottage..
and I say
"thank you."

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Heart Is Traveling With You

at this very moment
so aware of where you are,
far over the ocean...
Safe travel wishes from mom.

You have chose to live so far away,
A wonderful life and one I could see myself
following years ago.  Guess I learned of it
too late in my life - but then with the mindset
I have always had
maybe it is not to late
to reinvent myself..

I have learned so much about another culture
from you
that is a constant inspiration to me.

I miss you
and thank you always
for emailing and calling almost every week.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

View From My Kitchen Window and Ramps or Wild Leeks

Early yesterday morning,
looking out the kitchen window
I noticed a lot going on at the Bluebird house.
Quickly new batteries were put in my camera
and I enjoyed a lot going on in their world.

Mama bird flew in and out of the bird house
and dad kept watch.  He was  so protective
and I was so impressed as I watched him continually
chasing off another bird trying to get near their home.

They were really busy
and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them.
Would love to peek inside
the birdhouse
but I will not :)

A comment on my last entry from Nancy at "Good Food Matters"
 asked if I had Ramps or Wild Leeks in my woods.
I had never heard of them.
So now a new search will begin...

There is always
something interesting going on
when living at the edge of the woods.

Aware there is probably much that could be added to my diet that is growing in the woods
but still not sure
if I can add these to my diet at this time of life....

A habit I am trying to change
of getting up in the middle of the night for a snack
and then turning on computer.
Well aware it is because I go to bed early and will be up again by 5:00 with a
busy day ahead.

But then
I love getting up before daybreak, watching the sunrise and the day begin.
A life long habit....

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Delightful Spring Has Arrived

The weather is delightful.
A new surprise daily in the garden as plants emerge.
Several plants I have forgotten
what they are :)  Some plants spreading wildly and I will dig up sections
and put in the woods.
Paths surrounding this cottage have been kept clear for 5 years
but not this winter and am amazed at all of the branches
that fell from the old trees this winter.
Spent time picking up many and could hardly find my old paths
because of leaves and limbs.
Busyness continues as porches, decks, outside furniture are all
 cleaned and several pieces repainted.  Umbrella put on table
and outside rugs in place.
Inside plants taken outside and several so big I struggled
bringing them down from the loft - but succeeded by sitting down
and going down one step at a time (next year I will not do this.)
Extra beds have clean sheets on them, an air mattress purchased for extra sleeping,
 quilts aired along with winter
clothes that have been put away.
Boards have been taken away that surrounded the small veggie garden,
 have decided to just garden in pots with herbs, vegetables  and
make trips weekly to the local Farmers Market for some of what I have grown in the past.
(I need to simplify a lot that I have always done)
Lettuce and green onions a good size at the moment.
I lost my huge Rosemary plant which was 5 years old and need to buy a new plant.
I have spread many bags of mulch and this is something I need to stop doing....

The birds fill the feeders and are so welcome but have not spotted the Hummers as of yet.
Bluebirds are spotted coming and going from the birdhouses but usually camera not handy for an
image of them.

So a lot going on here in the woods home and have to have help nailing the heavy
Woodhaven sign up as it came loose during a storm.
Grass will be cut for the first time the end of the week and always like
looking at new plowed soil which will be done in another week for corn to be planted.

Friday will be a busy day with some baking, table set and probably a last run
to the market and want to pick up Kites for my two youngest grandchildren.  The local nursery opens and want to purchase several large ferns.

Can hardly wait for my children and grandchildren to arrive and fill this cottage.
Always so quiet with just sounds of nature but
the walls will echo their voices after they have all left and once again
it will be just me, Miss Callie and my son for a few weeks.

Must add
looking foreword to wild flowers emerging in the woods...

Oh, I think the Morel Mushroom hunters will be arriving soon.
Would love to cook some of their treasures
but still very hesitant to eat their findings from my woods.

On a sad note
over the last month, friends with strokes, broken bones and a visit
to the funeral home yesterday.

But life is good for this one and I have so much to be thankful for.

Might add, I am hooked on this morning juicing that I started about 3 weeks ago.
It is so tasty and now sure I am getting my daily vegetables :)

Enough shared...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

One Woman's Journey is One Year Old Today - 2009

How could I have missed this date?
Reading old entries
and it seems I have been sharing for 5 years.
Oh my
that is a lot of words and so many wonderful people I have met along the way.
Met you online and not in person - but then the thought surfaces
that when we write
it comes from the heart and we are more open.

All who are still with me and new friends
thank you from the bottom of my heart
for your online friendship......

Written when I was 1 year old...

One year ago I started a blog but I like to call it a journal. At the time I thought "will I have anything to write about." Looking at the number of entries in one year I guess this One Woman had plenty to say. I have written for my enjoyment and from my heart. I think I will take the copies of this one year of rambling and have them bound. Maybe some grandchild or great grandchild might find it interesting to read.

The thoughts have surfaced maybe just write for a year and then just stop. Then as my thoughts continue I think I will continue but will probably be writing about the creating of my new cottage at the edge of the woods. Will write my thoughts on relocating to my home place, new garden adventures and images of all I anticipate seeing in the woods. I will enjoy the wide variety of birds at my feeders and any wildlife that might venture close to my home. That is hopefully they arrive.I have always had several dogs and have missed my Sadie since she passed away last September. Looking forward to making a home for several shelter dogs. I know my little granddaughters will enjoy the area around this home.

Hopefully I will not write about poison ivy. For years when I lived on this land I would get poison ivy several times a year. Always a shot and pills were needed to cure it. Maybe I have become immune - sure hope so.

So all of my dear online friends that have commented over the last year - Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Your friendship has been more meaningful to me then I can express in words. Writing, sharing and your comments opened up a new world for me. Many times over the past year the thought surfaced - how amazing that people world wide found something interesting in my sharing and took the time to respond to me. You will never know the times I have needed a special encouraging word and it seemed when I checked my journal - there it was and it put a smile on my face.

Again thank you and wish I could meet you in person and give you a hug. But feel the hug and sense my smile coming to you at this very moment.

Understanding heavy things can't fly, she let go of what was weighing on her heart, the things she could no longer control or carry. and she gave herself a chance. A chance to reach into the unassuming blue, to embrace the possibility of an open sky, with an open heart. She gave herself a chance to soar.

Jodi Hill - An Imperfect Life

---I read these words from Jodi on this early morning
5 years later - and realize I needed to once again read them, how very true they are
and need to give myself a chance to once again soar
through these remaining years on earth....

An entry this early morning from One Woman - who has a thankful heart for her writing experience this past year and now a thankful heart years later....

Thursday, April 3, 2014


This chair sits by a special window in this cottage....

Can hardly wait
to see you
and your sisters
and my grandchildren
pulling down
the long gravel drive...

Arriving from Nashville, New York, Florida, Washington and Thailand :)

A special time
for me.....