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Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Before Weekend

Yesterday as day is beginning and still not totally day light
yoga, computer time and then
a few new seeds planted
before the heat sets in.
Kale and Spinach
and will see if they do as well as the Turnip Greens.
Then a little clean up
A few clothes on deck to dry
Some yogurt, fruit and green tea,
change of clothes
and a quick trip to town
and a truck loaded with torn bags of mulch and gravel
good buy at 1/2 price and will spread a bag at a time.
Strange the streets and the big store
were almost empty.
Just received call that bush hog man is coming tomorrow after work.
So pleased as it will tidy up many areas and help with mosquito's.
Going to ask him to nail my Woodhaven sign back up which is hanging
by one nail and I cannot lift.    Have got kind of use to seeing it lopsided
so now when the way it should be will refresh the letters.

Beth, called and said  " mama go to Destin with me for a long weekend."  I told her thank you but I just
do not want to leave home and especially in this heat.  I am the happiest person on the planet
in this cottage surrounded by my simple gardens, woods and
especially since some health issues seem to be better....

Soon it was time for lunch
and meals the same as the day before...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Corn And A Thought

The corn arrived
some in refrigerator
and the rest in freezer
that will be shucked as used.
Never did it this way in the past
but best for me at this time.

Is there anything better
then corn dropped in boiling water
for a few minutes and then covered with butter?

Corn that was picked just hours before
and I think this is the best I have ever tasted
and I have eaten a lot of corn over the years.

A thought
why is it at this time of my life
that everything that is pleasurable to me brings such happiness,
 peace and contentment.
Then anything that causes me deep pain
is many times  magnified and is sometimes difficult
for me to handle?

So with the last 5 small squash from my garden,
a handful of bok choy and my tomato and cottage cheese
dinner was pleasing.

Keep having thoughts
of driving 45 minutes to an hour
north of my home
and buying more of this corn.
Becky went out of her way to bring this to me
and do not want to ask her to do the same
next time she drives to the country.

But then
what I have on hand
 is enough for one.

do not like being on the road
when temperature is now in the 90's.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lunch And I'M Not Saving

Hot weather has returned
and quick trip to town this morning with the thoughts the traffic will be bad the next 5 days.
It was really bad already and I thought where are all the people coming from and going.

On the road scenes of tobacco loaded on wagons, hanging in barns,  smoke from the barns and
rolls of hay in surrounding fields.  I enjoy the the country view but so warm
for those working in tobacco at this time.

Could not hardly wait to return home and it was past normal lunch time.
Quickly assembled
Rye bread, fresh mozzarella cheese, avocado, crisp bacon,  my tomato (which will soon be gone)
a little black pepper,  drizzle of olive oil and lettuce - it looked so good and I took a picture :)
Past memories of my grandmother and mother saving special gifts.
I am guilty of this also as I have several beautiful items I rarely wear and need
to wear them daily and not save.   My beautiful apron, a gift and I had thoughts
of saving.    I am not going to as I love wearing it and the big pockets are a plus.
I may be wearing it daily :)

So the day continues with my dental hygienist bringing me 3 dozen ears of corn.
Can remember in the past always putting 12 dozen or more in freezer.
Can no longer handle this amount and cutting off cob, blanching and freezing.
This amount will be plenty for me and if family arrive soon...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Special Words and Thoughts

In part from a special young friend  "Aisling."
whose words I read this morning.

Life is a maze, full of twists and turns,
false starts and dead ends,
spiraling out away from the center of things
and I always want to be flowing in towards the heart....

Words go over and over in my mind this early morning.

A night that is usually not as comfortable as the day
and I sometimes have thoughts
of much.

But then this early morning with doors wide open,
dawn breaking, the view of mist,
the sound of geese overhead,
 the wonderful scent of the woods
and something blooming
I stand on the deck looking out into the woods
and in my heart
I know
I can never leave this place.

It is a dream come true
and the peace within is so deep
there are no words to share.

It is going to be a good day
and that is wished to all
who visit
my simple words....

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Morning Happenings

A quick morning trip to local town to replenish some items, bank,  post office stop and even though
I made a list.
I forgot to stop at hardware store for filters for a/h unit and also to buy kale and turnip green seeds.

The drive down the winding country roads is so peaceful.
Viewing workers in the fields of tobacco and open barn door with it hanging
makes me think of Fall.

At store purchased 2 items I have not tried before
my daughter, Laurie in Tampa mentioned these to me
Rice Milk and Kefir.
Bought blueberry Kefir and it taste like a liquid yogurt, I like it.
Will see if these make any difference to this immune system as I continue to
eat healthy and with my thoughts that diet does help.

Simple lunch of my tomato, basil, olive oil with some fresh mozzarella cheese on wheat bread.
A helping of beets brought back memories of a time I planted beets years ago
at the old farmhouse and made something similar to this store bought item.

Also for times I have not baked in a while this is something that is so good
I try to keep one in the freezer - Key Lime Pie.
Evening meal will have a small piece of fresh salmon, bok choy, brown rice and a serving
of my yellow squash.
Garden has turned into a mass of yellow decaying leaves and there may not be anything else
to harvest
except a few tomato's hanging on too wet limbs and hopefully they ripen.

In a couple of days I will be finished with the anti-biotic I have been on for days.
It has given me a horrible case of thrush and tried two home remedies of rinsing mouth
with warm salty water and alternating with diluted apple cider vinegar.  Also was prescribed something but if household item will help that is the way I want to go. 

Very low dose of Prednisone continues and hopefully soon
I want to stop taking.
It has been mentioned before I truly hate taking medication but it has helped me through
the last months.

So much research has been done, questions being asked and I think so much is not known
and I do not want to be experimented with.
I like an answer when I ask a question. 
Still have not been told what is causing the balance problem that goes and comes.
I have slowed down, like my good son has told me.
 Doing all I know and much
 at this time will just have to be accepted and as we age a lot we never experienced
may begin to happen.
But sure do not like it.
May just never go to a doctor again and only leave my woods for groceries.

Enough shared on health issues.

Hot weather has once again arrived.
In the 90's today and suppose to continue.

I keep wondering
what has happened to this summer
and this year?
It seems it sure has gone by fast
and now Fall around the corner....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Yesterday was another day of repeated showers
and according to early morning forecast
showers due daily for the next 3 days.

The soil surrounding my cottage and in the woods
is almost beyond damp.
In places mud....
Everything is growing,
some leaves are yellow
and mosquito's are buzzing.

Grass was cut by school boy on Friday
and it is Tuesday and so high.
Cannot or will not pay someone again to do this chore.

So I back lawn tractor out of garage.
Because I have developed a weak right arm I
 have learned I can turn the blade on by raising my
leg and pushing lever with my foot
part of the way and then grabbing with my hand to continue to put blade on.
This can be accomplished because of years of exercise, yoga and I am
not a big person.
I know this  is not a good idea
but I can accomplish it
although do not need to make a practice of it.

Grass is still damp or wet,
even though I waited until 5:00
and the delightful little mushrooms
look like little soldiers in the surrounding lawn
and woods.  Some I cut down and others I leave
because I like the way they look.

Mosquito's are horrible and for the first time ever
I put a scarf on my head to cover my neck
around long sleeve shirt.
I am going to cut for 30 minutes
that is the most I can do.
I notice a few August plants that are blooming
A vine that use to be on screen porch and threatened to cover it
so I moved by the woods.
Also one I do not plant but volunteers everywhere I move.
Years ago my elderly friend Miss Robbye gave it to me.
I had never seen it before
she called it a Summer Poinsettia.
what I have shared a lot this Spring and Summer
"I am not gardening in an ideal location at the edge of
these shady and damp woods."

But surprisingly
there are times
that everything looks beautiful.
that is not at this time....

Monday, August 19, 2013

Early Morning View and Amazing

My view this early morning
as I open the front door
and I love this old barn.
Use to be mine :)
Now I do not have to keep grass cleared around it
or when I go inside be careful
I do not fall through some of the old floors.
But a part of me
deep inside
still wishes it was mine....
When I step
outside on the porch
I think
what is that scent?
Noticed tobacco being cut in surrounding fields
and is this the familiar scent
from the smoking barns?

Surely it is too early
but then maybe not and
will check out soon on errands
to local town.....

PLANTED 5 days ago
you came up faster then I expected :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two Rapid Beating Hearts

Many times I leave the screen door opened slightly
for Callie.
A humming bird occasionally will  fly onto the porch.
Yesterday evening
this happened and I always feel so sorry for the little bird
that is flying wildly back and forth, hitting against the screens.

I pick up my little net on a long handle, be sure and put
on a glove and with my heart beating rapidly and the
little bird so excited I usually am successful in catching
and releasing outside.
So aware how frightened this little bird is,
 careful as I do not want to harm or grab the beak.
Catch, release and happy this was successful.

Rain still an issue on and off during the day.
Electricity went off again for an hour
makes second time in a week.   I do believe
there is not enough equipment to handle the homes in this area.

Did not feel like cooking and really not hungry but have to
eat something
especially since still on the dreaded antibiotic Cipro.
Oh my
I dislike medication....

Made a small portion of stir fry
try to always keep frozen shrimp in the freezer
for times like this.  Always a variety of vegetable in the refrigerator.
My fruit tea
and a small piece of Key Lime pie
was enough for me.

Another day ended
and ever aware
that I have so much to be thankful for....

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Something Green In My Diet

Love turnip greens
small garden is about through
and guess all the rain contributed to this.
It may continue to supply a few tomato's,
a green pepper or two and some cucumbers.
My squash plants look like they are finished.

Wish I had frozen more zucchini for the
special bread I bake.   Believe I have 6 cartons
and should have prepared more.

It seems summer has gone by so quickly and soon ending.
Having thoughts of Fall and Winter.

In my freezer I noticed
a few turnip green seeds
plus turnip seeds and I
made a mental note to purchase more on next trip to town.

It is so easy to sprinkle a few seeds in the soil and in a few weeks there will be small
greens and so tasty.   I did this late yesterday.   A soft shower during the night and
they are on their way.   In about 3 weeks will sprinkle more seeds and I should have this
tasty green until the end of the year or longer.

I can remember at other homes over the years
sprinkling a few seeds this time of year, just a small patch
 and how quickly they came up and were enjoyed.

Guess I would plant them in pots
if I did not have any other way grow them.

Never have found any at the market I liked
as the leaves would be so big and tough.

Friday, August 16, 2013


Early morning dental appointment in town 30 minutes away.
This wonderful weather continues and in the early morning the
windows and doors are open - love the fresh air.

Noticed  that the Crepe Myrtles are blooming as I drove to town
and they are so beautiful.
I would like a white one
but remember I have vowed not to plant
anything else....

As I head out the country road towards home and
 turn into my gravel drive
the small Crepe Myrtle planted 3 years ago
is beginning to bloom and get some size on it.

Notice the mail carrier is coming down the road
so I get out of car
for him to hand me my mail.

A package has arrived
and can hardly wait to open it as I have been told to expect this item
It is a gift of a wonderful apron.
Just my size and
one with a bib and 2 large pockets
in my favorite color of blue - I love it.....
Have thoughts of saving it and just looking at it
but think I will be wearing it daily and the pockets will be full.
Also a surprise of a book written by this special person.
Thank you - so very much for thinking of me.
These words do not sound like enough to say for something so meaningful to me.
But they come from my heart.....
At the local hardware store
an inexpensive chair in my color
and it was on sale.   Placed it in front and will be a wonderful  place to sit and enjoy the view.
Will have to remember to move it when there is a storm as it is not very heavy.
and might blow away.
and my constant little companion
Miss Callie
is glad I am home.....

Thursday, August 15, 2013


This morning is another 50 degree pleasure.
All the rain has made the surroundings the most beautiful color green.
Tried to see if I could capture
this early morning
Was not possible to capture the beautyt I viewed this morning.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life Today and Life With Sjogrens

First, this morning
56 degrees, sun was shining, nice breeze,  screen door and some windows open.
and thoughts of Fall.

busy with doctor visit, grocery,  drugstore stop and finally home.

The doctor is a surgeon
who did colon test 2 years ago and found nothing
but severe inflammation.
I like consultations with him.
He is so kind and compassionate.

Once again I was advised to stay on a low dose of Prednisone
to see if this helps terrible flareups that occur when I am totally off of this medication.
Was told a very low dose daily will not harm me.
So this time
I will obey....

I do not like taking medication
as up until a few years ago - I never did take anything.
My continual thoughts have been
of my healthy lifestyle managing this problem
is not working.
So again - this time I will obey...

I do not like sharing health issues
and have thoughts of not writing but occasionally
about other subjects.

But then since it is a part of my life at this time
and I am very open will continue to share and
maybe it will help someone as they age.

Sjogrens also causes extreme fatigue at times, aching from arthritis,
balance issues and continual dry eyes and mouth.
It is an inflammatory disease and I have done much research
on it and several write blogs about this condition.

There are days that none of my symptoms surface, it is truly a gift
and I feel like standing in the middle of woods or field
with continual thankfulness and praise to God.
Guess I do this :) and I think a miracle has occurred and my
condition has gone away.
Then the visits start occurring and
I do not like it and fight it with all my strengh.
Even try to ignore it.

I was told yesterday once again
just accept.
Do not push yourself so hard, continue to eat healthy,
rest more and stop the busy lifestyle you
have always had in the past and a little help with chores that are difficult
at this time.

Everything that I am told to do
is not me or rather was not me
and guess it is me at this time.

So One Woman accept where you are at this time of life
and take one day at a time and be thankful for all that is not.

Enough shared.

The sun is shining, a breeze is  blowing,
a helper with grass cutting just propped up my Sunflowers.

So I will smile and rejoice
this beautiful day....

Monday, August 12, 2013

Clothesline Memories and Nantucket

 Beth sent an image and said this reminded her of her mama.
I like it and it made me smile.
Yes, many many a basket of laundry put on the clothes line over the last 50 plus years
but not much at this time - still use line but not often :)
Can remember with babies and in the winter the clothes and diapers would freeze on the line.
Also my hands stayed chapped (used no diaper service and wonder did they even have it then)

Those wire forms put in their father's khakis (when dry they looked like they had been ironed - jeans not wore at that time ) sure was no pleasure putting those forms in and hanging on  line
Wonder does anyone use them anymore?

Images continue to be received
 I enjoy them
Oh, how I miss fresh seafood...

My special daughter
enjoy this time....


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beautiful Nantucket and Special Visitors....

My middle daughter Beth
left very early this morning for Nantucket.
Visiting her daughter, my granddaughter
Sarah who is
working as a chef for the summer.
She wanted me to go with her
but with health issues
it was not a good idea.

So some photos I just received
Oh beautiful....
Enjoy this special time...

At noon, my Jamie and her family arrived.
We went to lunch in the country at an old school house..

A good day
and could not wait
and post tomorrow
did it today :)

Weather Wish You Had Not Done This

See what the continuous rain
and then wind
did to my beautiful
but not plentiful


To heavy for me to pull up and put back in ground.

So what do you do ?

Those you can salvage
you put them in a vase
to enjoy.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Special Memories Of You....

of mama's browsing
old pictures of her youngest daughter.

Today is Saturday
but have memories of that
August 10th
on a Sunday
when you were born.

You arrived 3 weeks early.....

Friday, August 9, 2013

Missing You

Some of my children, a soninlaw and some grandchildren.
At the moment wishing times like this were more frequent
but very thankful when they do happen.

This picture taken last year
and I notice I did not set table with good dishes, glasses and silverware
like always in the past.

This is easier
but like the look of my table more the other way :)