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Friday, November 28, 2008

Sarah's Vegan Menu

Sarah is my middle granddaughter. She is home from Northwestern in Illinois for Thanksgiving holiday. She ate some of grandma's vegetables
Since she is vegan - totally vegetarian in every way - she prepared a meal at her mom's
She brought me a plate a little while ago.
Oh my, it was good.
Her menu:
Tofu encrusted with pumpkin seeds and fresh oregano
Baked pumpkin and cranberry relish
Garlic roasted Brussels sprouts
Wild rice pilaf with shitake mushrooms
Field greens with maple - mustard dressing
Double corn cornbread with sauteed corn and Pumpkin pie

Sarah whenever you visit and cook, please bring grandma a plate.
You are Good.

Some sharing this evening from One Woman

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Dancers

Entertainment for grandma before Thanksgiving dinner. These little girls surely warm my heart. They would make anyone feel good. But then I am their grandma!!!!

From One Woman this Thanksgiving Day

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Many of you have commented on my journal and written me emails. You were encouraging and comforting to me regarding the last 10 days swollen gland and not feeling well dilemma. Well appointment with oral surgeon early this morning and I was told I do not have a tooth problem!!!! I am so thankful as I was dreading the first time of having a tooth pulled. I will wait until Monday to see if this still slightly swollen gland has gone away. If not then on to primary doctor or specialist to see if I have a stone in a saliva gland.
I shared how very - not normal - I have been feeling. He said it was probably a combination of three things. Swollen gland usually means infection, strong antibiotic for 10 days - they always make me feel bad, and the sinus or whatever virus that has been going through this family. Also since I have Sjogren's Syndrome and am plagued with dry mouth and eyes - was told that may be why the gland was swollen and infected.
So thank you for thinking of me and have a happy Thanksgiving in whatever way you are celebrating.
I continued on to the country after doctor appointment. My special friend had a plate of lots of good eating and her special coconut cake. Her and twin sister had prepared a luncheon for 50 relatives and friends that would soon be arriving. I was invited but headed back to my city cottage.

Sharing this evening from One Woman on her Journey Through This Life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I had my 6 year old yesterday. School is out. She is a joy and keeps herself busy with a backpack full of items plus a video.

Lunchtime and grandma still not in normal health. We decided on a cheese sandwich and soup. I called it toasted and she called it grilled. Guess toasted is in the toaster and grilled is in a pan on the stove.
We settled on grilled. Her comment as she was eating "grandma you could be a chef".

Oh my, you know that made me smile.

My grandchildren are always passing on simple words and they are not aware how they bless me. They always seem to come at the right moment.

Also as time goes by - it does not take much to please this One Woman. A smile, hug, saying "I love you" or telling me I could be a chef.

Caitlin just arrived for another day with grandma. In hand a gift from her mama to me.
AND WINTER CAME by ENYA. If music can heal - this will heal me. Jamie, thank you.

Kind words are such a blessing, if one but knew the pleasure they bring
John McLeod

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Big Time Imperfections

People who have not known me long sometimes think I have it all together.
No way!!

What are some of my difficulties? I have a problem of sitting still. I envy people who seem so relaxed and can sit for hours. I am well organized and everything always appears neat and taken care of. I have a number of lists of things to do. They are on my desk and in the kitchen. You would think I was running a business instead of One Woman living in the smallest home she has lived in. Now I want something even smaller and sometimes think of wanting to be an aging female Thoreau. Maybe I have lost it!!! Do know I am more at peace surrounded by nature.

One of the reasons for the title of this journal "My Journey To Mindfulness" is I am trying so diligently to do one thing at a time instead of multi-tasking. In the past I would never talk on the phone without roaming. I would be straightening a drawer, dusting and just pacing the floor. When I was eating I would sometimes be glancing at something that needed to be read or sometimes be watching the news.

I find it very difficult to still my mind and relax. That is one of the reasons I like to garden. Also read when I can make myself sit still. Winter months are good for this. But I find I am restless.
My new interest in writing my journal and photography should be good for me. My stepfather use to make the comment that I had to many interest. I would marvel at this man that could sit for hours at his desk or a table tinkering with a clock and my mother could sit for hours and quilt.

For as far as I can remember I have always had a project. Guess that is one reason for me planning another project. I do have a good trait that I can plan in detail something and if it does not come to be it does not bother me. I had someone remark once that if they put all that thought into something, it would bother them if it did not become a reality.
When I was looking at homes in this area and thinking of a move I could visualize living in the home and where I would place items. In my mind the landscaping and gardening was also created.

I obsess sometimes to a fault. When I do not have the full information it truly bothers me.
If I have all the information - like health concerns - then I am fine and can accept what is happening. I stay concerned about my children, my grandchildren and close friends.
I plan to far in the future. Having different options in my mind for different things that might happen. This is good as I age but then again I do it to a fault. I try to take one day at a time and not look back. I do not do to well at this. I want so to be good at this aging process and I do not think I am doing to well, at the moment - hope to improved.

So, what are some of your imperfections? Can you confess like this One Woman?

Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh is a book I pick up often. Maybe not often enough.

Some thoughts from One Woman on her Journey Through This Life

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seeking Shelter

This cold but sunny Sunday morning my cottage bird feeder is filled with a bird that can hardly fit under the roof. Mr or Miss pigeon I would also like to be in my cottage garden then on the buildings in the city.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Everything Must Go

Cleaning out paper work I found this. The story of a bargain hunter, and a dog.

The words were hastily scrawled on a piece of cardboard: "Yard Sale Today, Everything Must Go." Beneath it, in smaller letters, were the words "Free Dog." Yes indeed, I thought, everything must go.
I intended to look at the glassware and skim through the books on one of the tables, but my eyes were drawn to a large, comfortable-looking dog in the backyard. He scratched and yawned, revealing two rows of teeth that could in all probability take care of a good chunk of meat whenever they were allowed to. The dog looked over the horde of bargain hunters, decided they posed no threat, then plunked down in the sun for probably the fourth snooze of the morning.
I focused my attention on some interesting looking glasses with etchings of sailboats on them and decided to take all six. As I reached into my purse for some money. I realized I was being watched by an elderly gentleman whose job, I presumed, was to mind the table in front of him. I handed him the money and pointed to the etched glasses. He removed the short stub of a cigar from his mouth and said, "Do you want the dog too?" It seemed like an odd question. I had momentarily forgotten about the poor animal in the back yard, who was now blissfully lost in sweet slumber.
"Do you want the dog, too?" came the question again - this time with an edge of impatience.
"Oh my, no, just the glasses" I replied. The old man looked at me as if I had insulted the queen. His eyes lifted occasionally to meet mine as his work-weary hands carefully wrapped each glass.

I reminded myself that the good thing about a yard sale is that you don't have to feel obliged to buy anything, and you certainly are not obligated to take the family dog, even if it is free. "Why are you getting rid of him?" I asked, hoping not to appear too interested. Through his parched lips "It's Time". A chill went through me and I knew that this giveaway was perhaps the dogs last chance at a longer life. I didn't ask any more questions.
To get my mind off the dog, I picked up a vase with a picture of a goose on it. The vase had a chip near the top but the man still wanted a dollar and some change. Before I could give him the money, he had maneuvered himself out of the his chair and limped into the backyard to unleash the day's real bargain. The dog, as if on cue, came lumbering over. He was quite a friendly mutt. He looked like he might like to shake my hand, pat me on the back, and say, "Well ma'am, I am mighty happy to make your acquaintance. When do we leave?"

The elderly gentleman was seated once again and shared that the poor old beast went by the name of Ralph.
Ralph and I continued to make eye contact. Ralph followed me to the edge of the yard and watched me as I got in and closed the door of the car.
I passed the same yard later that afternoon. There were few shoppers at this late hour and most of the junk was gone. But not Ralph. Ralph sat obediently next to the old man now, his future still uncertain.
There sits man's best friend, I thought, with probably a decade or more of loyal service, companionship, and unconditional love, and he cannot be given away.

Now, several days later, I reflect on the possibility that if we are lucky, our fate will not be in the hands of others someday. If we are lucky, we will be loved and cared for and valued until the day we die. Who among us is destined to be that lucky, I wondered.
My thoughts are interrupted by a soft tapping sound on the kitchen floor.
"What's the matter, Ralph old boy?"

Written by Helen Loring Smith who lives in Kingston, Mass.

I do not remember what magazine I tore this out of - but I found it touching.

From One Woman on this cold afternoon.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Smile, breathe and go slowly

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thoughts from One Woman on this cold Friday morning.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday News

What do you share when you feel horrible. I noticed a gland in my neck was swollen last Friday.
I hoped it would go away. I had my little girls on Saturday night as mom and dad had a wedding to go to. My son returned them to their parents on Sunday as I did not feel up to driving them home.

Monday I had the thought, could this be a tooth. Nothing was hurting but my neck was really swollen. So Tuesday morning trip to the dentist and an x-ray was done. Seems I have an infection under a tooth by the bone.

I have never had teeth problems. I have all my teeth, and just two crowns and three fillings so I was surprised, especially since there was no pain.

Long story made short I am on a strong antibiotic and then could not get an appointment for consultation with surgeon until week after Thanksgiving. The dentist shared the tooth needed to be removed and he did not feel comfortable doing this procedure.

At the moment I have a severely swollen neck and do not feel too well. Forgive me for complaining.

Just miss being on computer and this is the first time I can remember that I just do not feel like going online.

I have always had Thanksgiving dinner at my home. In earlier years my parents always joined us. Sometimes other members of family and friends.

This is the first Thanksgiving I will not be cooking and thought of taking family out to dinner. Now I am having thoughts of just being home and not going anywhere.

I know this is not that big a deal considering all that you can have. But I do not like it!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Love Affair With Books

I cannot remember a time when I was not in love with them - with the books themselves, cover and binding and the paper they were printed on, with their smell and their weight and with their possession in my arms, captured and carried off to myself.
Eudora Welty

I love books. I always have and always will. Even if I am not reading them I have to be surrounded by them. On shelves, tables, beside my chair, beside my bed, on my desk and on and on. I seem to find comfort in their presence. All types of books, serious, humorous, mind stretching, lessons to learn, biographies, cookbooks, old sellers, and best sellers.

I usually have three beside my chair with bookmarks in them. One for pleasure, another that is teaching me something, and one of my old friends that is yellow with age and many passages are underlined.

I can remember on long winter days surrounding myself with my cookbook's and reading them like novels. After my divorce, I read my Bible constantly. Would read for hours and underline passage after passage that spoke healing, wisdom and a way of hope for the One Woman.

Books have aways brought me joy. I can remember as a child receiving my short list for Christmas and devouring them in a few days. Finding a corner in my small childhood home or I can even remember reading in a neighbors tree in the summer time. I have learned late in life to seldom share my special books because when they are not returned it troubles me. If someone is truly interested in a book I have I would rather buy them a copy and then I am not worried about them returning it. I can remember a comment one of my youngest daughter made to me regarding borrowing one of my books. She commented she did not like to borrow my books because some of them were like a diary where I had underlined special words or made quotation

Now that no family is with me I can read whenever I want to. As a wife, mother and working years ago, there seemed to be no time to pursue this pleasure.

My saddest memory regarding my books is when as a young woman I married and packed my books away to store for a few weeks. They were at my parents home and when I returned to retrieve them they were gone. They had given them away. That is painful to this day and it has probably been 50 years since I lost these friends.

It gives me pleasure to see some of my children's love of books, especially my son's extensive library.

From the memory of One Woman on her Journey Through Life

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last Rose

Two roses and several buds cut before the heavy frost and rain yesterday. Also brought the rest of the plants in from screen porch.
Here it is November 16. Wonder what our winter will be like. It is cold today but the sun is shining. As long as the sun is shining it warms my heart and my spirit.

The early mist had vanished and the fields lay like a silver shield under the sun. It was one of those days when the glitter of winter shines through a pale haze of spring.
Edith Wharton

Just some sharing this morning from One Woman

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Going through my pictures this rainy morning I came across this picture. One Woman and a dear and special friend who passed away 7 years ago this fall.
We shared the love of nature and gardening.
I loved visiting her home on the edge of the woods. After I sold the old farm home I used a part of her house plan in the newer home I built on the farm property.

One of the dogs that I was the most fond of "Sam" came from Clarice. I remember the day she called me saying that a beautiful Golden Retriever had come to her home and she did not need another dog. She tried to find the owner but was not successful. She went on to urge me to come and see the dog. I told her that I also did not need another one. But the next day went to see her and there he was "my Sam". I immediately fell in love with him. Opened my car door and he jumped in. A lot of memories of this much loved pet.

Clarice died of a brain aneurysm. Still cannot think of seeing her go through this process without a deep sorrow. I remember them playing "Unforgetable" the song by Nat King Cole at her funeral. I can never hear this song without thinking of her.

She loved my country property and her spirit is urging me onward. Clarice I miss you.

Some thought this morning from One Woman on her Journey Through This Life.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Back From The Country

A quick trip to the country this cloudy and dreary day. Someone that has helped through the years put up a post for me with the address numbers on it. Looks like someone lives in those woods and also in case 911 needs to find me. Hopefully not. Several neighbors stopped on the road and warmly shared with me.

One more piece of the puzzle fell in place. Electric company just called and said there will be no problem putting current to this 1200 to 1400 feet off the road property and no extra cost. That was something I did not think I would hear. So water department contacted and also gas company. Now health department about septic system approval. Then the big one is sitting down with my builder and showing him my sketch.
We will go to the material supply source and get estimates.
So it will be interesting to see if this is going to be a dream or a reality. I may have a shelter next Spring instead of a chair under a tree.

Oh, I almost forgot I saw a dozen wild turkey coming down the road but could not stop car and get my camera out fast enough.
Also wrote a neighbor that joins my woods on my back line to alert him that family will be in those woods and I want no deer hunting.
As I read some of my postings I have the thought - I sound rather simple and boring.

Some afternoon thoughts from this One Woman on her Journey Through this life.

The Little Red Wagon

I bought this little wagon over 25 years ago.
It was bought mainly to bring wood in the house for my woodstove. I was making too many trips carrying wood in my arms. So I had the idea of buying a wagon and loading it and pulling it in the house. Saved trips in the evening as I did not have to go out on the porch for wood.
I liked the way it looked. At one time I was not the kind of lady that would have a wagon full of wood sitting in her great room. But that is me at this time.
In a few years my older grandchildren would play with it whenever they made a visit. Sometimes pulling each other in it and at times a dog that would sit in the wagon.
It has been with me throughout my many home building and moving projects.
The change is I now use it for help in the garden. I have loaded it with bags of seed, fertilizer, mulch and whatever I wanted to take to another area.

Grandchildren continue to play with it.
This little red wagon is now at my city cottage. Caitlin and Amelia play with it. I am still pulling it around and it still looks like new.
Earlier in the summer I was working in the yard and it was sitting on my walk and someone passing by stopped asked if I would sell it. I replied no way. Never will I part with my wagon.

Who else would love it like I do?

Another memory from this One Womans Journey on her Journey Through This Life.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tickled Pink

This would make any grandma smile. Especially on this rainy day.

Caitlin I am proud of you.

The Good Son

Yesterday a gloomy and cloudy day and the same today and on and on. Sometimes I welcome days like this. It is a chance to catch up on inside chores and pleasures.
I did a couple of loads of wash, vacumed and some dusting and finished reading "The Big House".
I enjoyed this book but it seemed to make a lot of past memories surface.
As the day went on I seemed to become very blue. Many thoughts of past, present and future.
I truly thought with the creating of this home and garden that I would settle into city life and live happily ever after. Well that is not happening. I am becoming very restless and I do not like it. I know the time of year is contributing to this. Also I thrive in a state of doing. Happiest when creating homes and gardens. I have created 3 in the past 10 years.

I strive so for balance and maybe this is a part of being a Libra which is the sign of the scales.
It is difficult to make new friends as you grow older and at my age and given the fact that throughout my lifetime most of the people I felt the closest to were older then me and the fact that I have continually put myself in new enviorments every few years - now it seems I almost stand alone. In a new location and with my interests being home, family, gardening and nature - where does that put me. I shared with my son recently that lately I feel like I am invisable.
He smiled and said that well known people travel places where they can enjoy this. So maybe it is an asset that I have not realized.

My son encourages me continually to get out of my enviorment. Go the the library, book store,
yoga lessons and on and on. Just seems it is becoming more difficult for me to want to go anywhere. I do not like crowds or large gatherings of people. I have shared bits and pieces throughout my journal. My grandchildren will certainly know some about their grandmother's personality. I probably would have been a good Thoreau.

My youngest daughter encourages me to do volunteer work (I did try some of this) find a new church home (this has been a big part of my life in the past) and I am not led to do this.

Thoughts entered my mind yesterday if I would be anymore lonely looking out my window at the fields, woods and wildlife then looking out of this city cottage window at the cars whizzing past and the city sounds?
I know my children are tired of me sharing and I do not blame them. But I know my answer will come for direction as it always does.

I also am well aware that when I can stay outside and garden I am the happiest. So with my new interest of writing and photography I will have some added interest for the winter months.

Back to yesterday. About 4:00 pm my son called and told me he was going to a wine and cheese open house at his accountants office and invited me to go with him. I tearfully shared I just do not like these gatherings. There is not much that has not touched my long life. He went on to say it was right after work at 5:30 and he would only stay about an hour and he would call back at 5:00 to see if I changed my mind.
Well I did change my mind. At 5:30 he pulled in front of my cottage and helped me in his car.
Long story made short, it did pull me out of the pit of gloom I was in. Each room and there were about a dozen of them represented a different country. Wine and cheese from that country. Enjoyed the different types of cheese. Also with a dry mouth condition I do not enjoy dry wines. But a local winery from my country area had some fruit wines. I bought a bottle of peach and another of strawberry. Will be good to make smoothies or at some time when I feel like a touch of summer.

So my good son, your mom thanks you. You are the best.

Some more sharing on another gloomy morning from this One Woman on her Journey Through This Life.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guillain - Barre Syndrom

A serious disorder that occurs when the body's defense (immune) system mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system. This leads to nerve inflammation that cause muscle weakness.

I remember so well the day I noticed my youngest daughter sitting on the steps that led to the upstairs bedroom. She would sit on one step and then scoot up to the next step. She was doing this instead of walking up the steps. I just thought she wanted to do this instead of walking up the stairs and did not comment on this even though I saw her do this several times during the day. Soon after that she came to me and said "mama I can't put my barrette in my hair"
I commented "what do you mean" she shared she could not squeeze the clasp. I put the barrette in her hair and immediately I knew something was wrong.

We had moved to the country farm home a number of years earlier but since she was 11 years old I still took her to the pedatrician in Nashville. I called and had an appointment the next day. She was checked, many questions asked and I do not remember if they did blood work at that time. I do know that my baby girl was admitted into Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for more tests.

The results Guillain Barre. Another name is French Polio. I had never heard of such a disorder. It surely unsettled this mother. It turned out to be what they called a mild case but the constant fear of how far it would progress never left me. I read everything I could pertaining to this disorder.

Even though it was mild it was disturbing that summer to see my healthy young daughter become thinner and weak concerning her walking and arm skills. It progressed during the summer and then suddenly started going away. The good thing was this was the end of the school year in the Spring and she was well enough in the Fall to return to school.

Who knows what makes memories arise from out of our consciousness. During the night this memory surfaced. I realize more and more that I have some deep memories that are surfacing on their own. Some of them happy, some sad and some very painful. We all have our stories, special memories and dreams.

Some more sharing on this One Woman's Journey Through This Life.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Woods Cottage

A quick drive to the country this early morning. Errands in this small town and continuing to dream and plan. The stillness in comparison to the continual hum in the middle of the city is startling.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dream, and endeavors to live a life which he imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
Henry Dvid Thoreau

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Garden Man

I am well aware of my new addiction of writing in this journal. My goal is to not write on the weekends. I am not doing too well. With making my life so public for present and future readers
there is no way I can hide my weakness.
Hey, do not want to forget anything.
I have spent the weekend going through a dozen boxes of old photographs, boxes of paperwork and meaningful clippings, cards and on and on.
I have cried and laughed at the memories. I mean really cried. Nice to be One Woman in this home as someone else residing here would think "I had lost it".
I know Fall is here but I could not help sharing this. It might give some fellow garden friends an idea.
I have had this picture in my file for years and I have dreamed of having this in my garden.
Some that came calling through the years said they would make it for me "but I got rid of them to fast".
Several hours later entry. I have an afghan I started about 3 years ago and it is sitting by my chair to finish. Also I have missed reading my books and will start reading again now that cool weather has arrived. In the crock pot a mixture of pinto and white beans that are topped with a handful of chopped carrots, onions and celery (a close friend use to do this) a colander full of turnip greens from my fall garden will be cooked in a short time along with cornbread.

Some more sharing from One Woman on her Journey Through Life

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chinese Poem

I came across a copy of this poem yesterday. It was among a stack of papers that I save because I find them meaningful.

Ten thousand flowers in the Spring
The moon in Autumn
A cool breeze in the Summer
Snow in the Winter
If your mind is not clouded by unnecessary things
This is the best Season of your life
Chinese Poem

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Remember

Could not help but share this article that my daughter posted this morning about one of my young granddaughters. Brought back memories.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Best Ever Chocolate Pie

This was posted 3 1/2 years ago.   Made it for this 4th of July  and took a picture.  I thought it looked real good.   Will see how it tastes...

I can remember the day I tasted a piece of this pie at my mother's. I know it has been close to 25 years ago. My mother's younger sister had left off several pieces. I tried this and thought this is the best I have ever tasted It has become a family favorite.
So many years later with a recipe card that is so stained I have to retype - here goes.
Thank you Aunt Johnnie

1 1/2 cups sugar
2 tbs flour
3 tbs cocoa
1/2 tsp salt
1 large can evaporated milk
4 large egg yolks, beaten
2 tbs melted butter
2 tsp vanilla

Sift together sugar, flour, cocoa and salt. Add milk beaten egg yolks, butter and vanilla. Mix well. Pour in deep dish pie shell and bake 425 degrees for 10 minutes and then 325 for 30 to 35 minutes.
Spread meringue on pie. Bake until slightly brown.

Best Ever Meringue

8 tbs sugar
1 tbs cornstarch
1/2 cup water
3 egg whites ( sometimes use the 4 left over )
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla

Combine 2 tbs sugar with the cornstarch in small saucepan and add water. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is thick and clear. Beat egg whites with salt and vanilla until soft mounds form. Add 6 tbs sugar gradually, beating well after each addition. Add hot mixture in a stream and continuing beating until meringue stands in stiff peaks. Spoon over filling. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes until golden brown.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Late Afternoon Thankfulness

Just returned from cat scan and doctor consultation. This spot on my lungs that has been in a corner of my mind continually for 8 months has not changed.


Enough Said

Now on to my next project. I will continue to check out cost and feasibility of my Thoreau Cottage at the edge of the woods. Time will tell if it will be a shelter or a chair I sit in at the edge of the woods. Either way I will have my camera, binoculars and a pad and pencil in my hand. I do not think all three at once. But there will be peace in my heart and a smile on my face.

Some more thoughts from One Woman on her Journey Through This Life.


I said that as I wrote my journal I would not write about politics or religion.
But there is no way I cannot write about my faith and
there is no way that I cannot make an entry on what I witnessed last night. I enter this for my children and especially for my grandchildren. It comes to mind and makes me smile that my older grandchildren who are in college are commenting "grandma I am getting to know you in a way that I did not know you - because of what you write and share".

I thank God for what I witnessed last night.
I thank him for allowing me to witness this historic moment.
I do not have the words to describe the emotion that I feel. I have wept in a way that I thought I could not weep anymore. Tears of thankfulness and tears of joy.
I feel such a pride and love for this young man that is going to lead our country.
I am so thankful.
Our world has hope.
I felt deep in my heart that he would win. If I had been wrong I think I would have lost much hope and wept a different kind of tears.
Obama has my continual prayers for his wisdom and safety. Oh what a monumental job he has ahead of him. So my children please pray for him. I have never asked you to pray for a leader before.

Some special thoughts from One Woman on her Journey Through This Life

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Buddy

Life is a book that we study,
Some of its leafs bring a sigh,
There it was written, my buddy,
That we must part, you and I
My buddy, my buddy, no buddy quite so true.
Miss you
Just long to know that you understand,
My buddy, your buddy misses you.

Some of the words from "My Buddy" by Gus Kahn

My son lost his much loved pet "Buddy" about a year ago in November.
Sometimes when I look across the street at my son's cottage I can see Buddy sitting by the front door.

Buddy you are missed.