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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New York Here I Come

Bird feeders have been filled, Callie fed,  terrace and walk blown off with blower, long gravel walk and pulling weeds out of drive as I go, car pulled out and windows wiped off.   A busy day is unfolding and I wonder why did I check to see if  one of my granddaughter's  in New York had a current entry.
Here it is
After reading it
I yearn for the type of food she describes
and this shake
is to die for.

Need to get off of computer
as yoga is calling,
breakfast and errands.

Is this retirement for this
3 score and 10,
One Woman
I wonder....

Monday, July 30, 2012


With the rain
everything has turned lush and green again.
Garden cleaned and only a few plants remain.
I thought it was an Emerald
among the chartreuse
Creeping Jenny
otherwise known
as "moneywort"

Memory that
One Woman
came across...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not Quite The Orient Express

Just finished a conversation with my daughter who lives in Tampa.

What she shared I did not know existed.  Guess I have lived a simple lifestyle too long
and much I am not aware of.

My special grandson and his dad in Washington DC. apartment hunting.
They rode the train from Tampa  - something like 17 hours with car on the train also.

A number of places to look at and hopefully he can be settled before beginning his
new job.
A new chapter for this grandson and all the best wishes in the Universe I send to him.

Bear is growing and still in the picture, living in Florida with the parents of this young man.
Will be interesting to see how his future unfolds.

The image on the train is priceless and  I can hear his laughter over the miles....

Open house for new school in store for one little granddaughter  today, and another little one may
begin piano lessons soon.   Seems she is taking an interest in her mom's piano and playing
on her own....
Memories of those piano lessons.    When we moved to the country it was the only special
something that I could offer her.    Over 30 years later that piano sits in her home and her
youngest will begin to play.

Sharing on Sunday some of what  makes One Woman smile
as the lives of her loved ones unfold....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Concern List Seems To Grow

I think in the past the thought was once my children were out of school and on their own that
my concern level would be less.  Guess years ago I forgot about grandchildren that would arrive as time went on.  I have become aware there is continual concern.

Also take my responsibility as matriarch in this family - seriously.
Still miss my grandmother and mother's concern and encouragement directed to me.
One grandson is beginning an internship in Washington DC and lodging with roommates
investigation is going on.
Talented granddaughter in N.Y. city has the same issue going on.  Her future is in the
vegan world in a big city I am not familiar with.   Also the prices that I am accustom to in my
small town and world do not exist in those big cities.I find this  unsettling and exciting at the same time.

Other issues going on and since I do not want to embarrass my children or grandchildren
and they sometimes read mama/grandma's diary - I will not share.

Little grandgirls beginning school in a few days,  my thoughts it is so unusually hot and with
their sport activities this will be a concern.   Also where two have been together they will be separated.

Also on my continual concern list are special people that are healing,  one lost almost 1/3 of her weight because she had a diabetic attack.   Another scheduled for
brain surgery next week and another continues to work with around the clock help for one
that she will not turn over to hospice.

So, with all of this on my mind, surely should not be concerned over the wet soil, molding gardens and many branches still need to be picked up and do not like making the continual stacks of old wood
even though they are good for the wildlife.   Do not feel comfortable burning this old wood.

Life is  good and continues the way it is suppose to,
nothing remains the same,
and I keep the hint of a  smile on my face.

The smile is something I learned from Buddhist philosophy. It is good to welcome each new day with this practice.      Seems to be relaxing and others
respond favorable to One Woman with this smile.

"Father I seek your face
Believe your word
and trust your grace"

Words that just seem to come automatically out of my mouth
as thoughts of each special one surface.

Words from an old favorite hymn  "Sweet Hour of Prayer."

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Into My World

This was a morning no writing was planned.
This was a morning the computer was turned on too early
and two new comments
touched my heart and world.

A new poem shared
that put a smile on my face
I am now aware of the poems of
Jane Hirshfield


It is foolish to let a young redwood
grow next to a house

Even in this one life
you will have to choose
that great calm being
This clutter of soup pots and books....

Already the first branch tip brushes at the window
softly, calmly
immensity taps at your life~~~

Thank you for visiting me

Next a visit from Cait O'Oconnor who lives in a cottage in Wales,
like One Woman she is creating a quiet nature reserve.

So my day begins a bit late
but I smile at those who make an unexpected visit
and introduce me to their world.

Seems we are very similar.....
Thank you so much for visiting

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Breakfast

I like reading
sometimes the subject reminds me of something and I begin to respond.  I do it without planning
or giving much thought to what I am typing.  

This morning it was on Best Breakfast.

Breakfast in the past many times was a dozen scrambled eggs or over light in my big electric frying pan, a pound of bacon, sausage, milk gravy, biscuits with butter, fresh jams, jelly, lots milk, juice and coffee.
Seems the aroma has filled the air as I type away.
During special holidays instead of bacon and sausage there would be ham.

Seems most of the time I now have cereal and fruit, sometimes oats and some fresh muffin or bread I have made and sometimes I will make French toast with maple syrup.   
Always there is plenty of fruit in this cottage.  Every couple of weeks I will scramble an egg and cook a slice of bacon but it seems I do this more in the Fall and Winter.

This morning on my cereal
I placed bananas, blueberries and some sliced peaches.   Also cherries seem to be abundant at my market and I ate a handful before the cereal.
Green tea and some zucchini bread finished this meal.

At this particular time in my life I sometimes think "breakfast is my biggest meal and the one I enjoy most."

I will always remember the table filled with my children, their father and the special big cooked breakfast that was enjoyed years ago.

I can remember my son had a special visitor at one time and the young man asked if I would teach
him how to make milk gravy.    This was something he had never tried before.

Jimmy, remind Tim of this....

Monday, July 23, 2012

You Made It

In previous years the Cyprus Vine was always late in making a showing.
But there were always many sprouting in the garden.

This year its appearance was not normal just like many other dependable plants.
Four surfaced from the earth and were guarded.  Two have not even grown but
pleased that two have not been a disappointment.

Early this morning the first bloom was spotted.

I smiled as I saw this little bloom.

Simple pleasures are sometimes the best....

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nothing Remains The Same

"Everything is always changing,
nothing remains the same,
and live in the moment"
These are some words that my special son
sometimes tells his mom.

Last night - a night to forget.
Rarely watch television, and glance
at the weather forecast on the computer.
Storms were predicted for the evening
and all was well until 8:30.

The lightning was nonstop for hours,
the wind and rain so strong that I
thought when dawn arrived I would
see part of the roof of this cottage torn off.

Current was off for almost 8 hours and for
some reason my cell phone would not finish
some numbers.  Checked in at the beginning
of rain with my youngest
daughter to see what was going on.  Was told
that the worst of this storm was in my area.

After several hours I was able to call the local
sheriff's office to see if I was the only one without
current or was it widespread.  Told that it covered
a wide area.  Love the 10 foot high corn field but
have no view of surrounding area.

So a sleepless night and a surprise that Callie never
whimpered liked her mistress.  Just wagged her tail
when I ask if she was alright.

Dawn arrives and it looks like a tornado has passed
through my garden and woods.  Dozens of small trees are down
and limbs everywhere.  All outside flower pots are turned
over, concrete bird baths, most outdoor furniture turned over
and blown off of front porch
and my screen porch has some screens that were partially
blown out.

At dawn the first time ever that I did not immediately start cleaning up
I remember my mother and grandmother commenting on a lot
of the outdoor work I did.  They told me you will know when
you can no longer do this.   Well I knew that there was no way
I could tackle this clean up.   Especially with being awake all night.

I filled the bird feeders as the birds seemed to be unsettled.  Took
the blower and cleaned off walk and that was it.
Made 3 phone calls and someone is coming in the morning with a
chain saw to begin the clean up.

Continuing thoughts - as time goes on is this where I need to live.

I have no answer but I do know I am so thankful there was no major
damage to my cottage, that my long drive only had a few limbs on
it that I removed and I was able to get to the road this morning.

Seems Woodhaven and her mistress  have survived the rain, heat, beetles and now
a really bad storm.  For this thankfulness thoughts - never stop....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Now And Then

Life continues
and for
One Woman
it seems like it is
going by at a
rapid pace.
My special grandson
seems like yesterday
you walked the fields
and woods at my
country home....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Special Blessings

Dawn and emails are checked
my grandchildren amaze me
new entry from my Sarah.
I am learning much about a different
way to cook. 

Bird feeders were filled,
few vegetables picked from garden
time for Yoga
from every window and  open door there
is a  peaceful
view or reflection.

Breakfast of
ripe mango, better then a peach,
hand full of ripe cherries,
oat cereal with banana,
fresh zucchini bread,
and last
3 cups of green tea.

Day was beginning and
Looked  forward to a visit
from my youngest daughter
and little girls.

The perfect day
but then most of them
are perfect...

Monday, July 16, 2012

No Bucket List - But

No thoughts of posting this early morning
A busy day is beginning.
Just finished reading some sharing that I did not post.
Wrote this several weeks ago.

Do you just dream or do you put your dreams in action?

Just finished reading the latest issue of Newsweek.
My neighbor a retired former professor from the East, who lives in
the first home I built, throws this magazine wrapped in
plastic in my drive each week along with the New York Times Sunday paper.
Always makes me smile when I remember she bought
that home after  seeing it described on the Internet 10 years ago.
Not familiar with this area and I always thought this was
interesting that she went from a university lifestyle to a
somewhat isolated country home.  Of course at that time
she had a roommate but is alone at this time

In the Newsweek an article on 7 places to visit before you go broke or die.

Not interest in 6 of them but one mentioned was Cuba.
I always find information about Cuba interesting.
It would be like taking a trip back in time.
I imagine old quality things deteriorating and wonderful food
and the bluest of water.

Next this woman is always fascinated with reading about people who relocate
to Italy.   Can imagine the old wonderful homes that are surrounded
by stone fences and the wonderful gardens and great fresh food.
After high school and working at the Ford corporate office in Detroit, Michigan - my best
friend was Italian.   Oh how I loved visiting her home and the dining on the wonderful
food her mother prepared.   I have tried relentlessly to locate her but
was not successful. My youngest daughter who is a computer whiz tried to help me.
I could not find her....
 Even tracked her address before marriage.
We both belonged to the Ford Ski Club.
Her name was Virginia Zanata and I remember her like it was yesterday.

Then on to my dream place which is Jamaica,  I can hear the tide coming in
and out.   Can visualize the way the people move slow and always smiling.
I remember 30 years ago, newly divorced and visiting this favorite island.
I looked into the job market and was seriously considering relocating with
my youngest daughter to this island.   Wonder if I had done this what my life would be like now!

My son in Thailand part of the year  and if I could stand the flight or the multitude of people
surrounding him and had someone to travel with and perfect health - I would be on the way.
So, these are thoughts not put into action.  
Guess I have a dream bucket list.

Then I smile to myself and think
how God has showered his wisdom and blessings
on this One Woman - over and over.
So, this is a good life
but still have a vivid imagination.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Part Of My World

Weeks of heat and no rain
have turned into days of
continual rain
the woods resemble a lush rain forest.

All looks beautiful
but the earth is like a wet sponge
and the many weeds have sprouted
over night. 
Guess this is their home also.

~~Keep close to nature's heart
and break clean away,
once in a while, and climb a mountain
or spend a week in the woods.
Wash your spirit clean~~

John Muir   1838 - 19l4

~~Sometimes a person has to go a very long distance out of his way to come
    back a short distance correctly~~    Edward Albee (playwright) quote

Friday, July 13, 2012

Broccoli Lasagna

This is a recipe that is dated January 199l.
I am always surprised when I look at the date of some of the recipes in my
They are getting older and older and I need to make an updated
file for children and grandchildren
instead of them being in a large plastic bin.
A good Winter project....

A recipe that has not been prepared in a few years
but one that was made many times  in the past.

It kept coming to  mind over the last week as I tried to
think of something that would taste good.  With the
heat and Sjogrens dry mouth it seems nothing has been tasty
plus I have not felt like cooking.

Ingredients were purchased  on my last trip to the market.
Cream of broccili soup is not something I usually keep on hand.

I prepared 1/2 the recipe and it is in the oven.
It will last me several days and the complete recipe
is good for when family visits.
Hopefully it is as tasty as in the past.

Broccoli Lasagna

2 cans of condensed cream of broccoli soup
1 - 10 ounce package of  chopped frozen broccoli
salad oil to simmer
3 carrots, thinly sliced
1 large onion
3/4 lb mushrooms, sliced
10 or 12 lasagna noodles
2 8-ounce packages shredded mozzarella cheese
1 -  15-ounce container ricotta cheese (I used cottage cheese)
2 large eggs

For sauce, heat undiluted broccoli soup and frozen broccoli.
Cook thinly sliced carrots and chopped onions first  in frying pan
with a little oil and water and last add
 mushrooms and mix together
setting aside.

Prepare noodles according to package instructions until tender (do not overcook)
Beat eggs and add shredded mozzarella and ricotta cheese.

In baking dish that is slightly oiled
layer ingredients
some sauce, half the noodles,  half the cheese mixture,
all of vegetable mixture, remaining noodles, cheese and last of sauce on top.

Bake 45 minutes at 375

Looks good
hope it is tasty......

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grandma's Girl

Thought for the week
from Miss A.
"I love warm milk.  It tastes like peace."

Warmed my heart....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Several showers
one new flower
in full bloom,
a pink Phlox
filling my room
with a sweet scent...

Monday, July 9, 2012


Night  arrived,
lightning filled the sky,
 howling winds were blowing
and the torrential rains fell.

Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing this
parched land with rain.

The rain and wind so heavy that I would
not have been surprised to see a tree
across my road or some damage
this early morning.

All is well
and all of nature is smiling
and that includes me
and Miss Callie.

It is amazing how rain from the
heavens can make everything look beautiful

There is even one new bloom in the garden

Nature heals quickly
and so does
One Woman....

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I smiled when I saw this image
and thought
it use to be this way
in my imagination....

With hot hot weather continuing
there is not much blooming
in the garden.

But all is well
and I am going out to water.

Good weekend wishes
sent out to all who check in...

Thursday, July 5, 2012


If I could put time in a bottle
The first thing I'd like to do
is save everyday till eternity passes away
just to spend them with you
If days would last forever
if words could make them come true
I'd save everyday like a treasure
Again I would spend everyday with you

But there never seems to be enough time
to do the things you want to do....

~~Jim Croce~~

Time is going by too fast for "One Woman"

Seems like yesterday

Chocolate pie was so good.

Rain still hoping for you.....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sunflowers always make me smile.
Many were planted
but pleased that two made it.

The beginning of a new day
hurrying about
setting table
making tea
chocolate pie to be made
just finished lemon ice box pie

A good day when family visits.

My little ones always make me feel loved.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Is Your Name

I stopped at a yard sale a year or two ago and this plant was shared with me.
I split the plants in the pot and put in several locations and they
have done wonderful.

Another late bloomer and no bugs or disease has attacked it.
It has really spread and that is what the owner shared it would do
Is not blooming at the moment but I am expecting that in the
next week or two.

Will be nice to have something blooming in July.

So this Fall will plant it in several places among my gardens and my put some
in the woods....

Anyone know the name ?

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Color Orange

I read a post this morning that reminded me of the color Orange.
Strange how our taste changes over the years.   This post reminded me that years ago
this was a favorite color.  The father of my children always said this was my best color.
He would buy me anything in this color if he spotted it.   Our business at that time had
a number of trucks and they were all orange.

It has been a long time since I seek out this color.   At this time I like anything in shades
of green and also pastel colors of purple and blue.   These are the colors I now like for my

Wonder why orange is no longer a color I am attracted to?    But then I can think of
many ways that I have changed in my lifetime.

Do have a few Orange plants and this Daylillie is one of the late bloomers that has just
rewarded me with some color in this garden that is slowly fading with the heat....

Just remembered I have one Orange sweater that I wear in the Fall.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Calleda Hyacinth Bean Plant

Original post written about this plant 4 years ago,
exact date 8/5/2008.  I planned on reposting and could
not figure out how to do it and add to the post.

One of the few plants that are in full bloom at this time
and bugs or disease has not attacked.

It does not come back up on its own and you have to
save the puple pods that form, let them dry and the following
Spring plant the seeds in the pod.    I did this and planted them in
several locations throughout my gardens.  
One plant came up and wonder about the others?
This is a late bloomer and that is nice since most of garden
has finished blooming.

Remember gathering the seeds from a neighbors plant
and when I moved to the big city I planted them.
They were beautiful and did not know the name.

Tabor, who has followed me from the beginning of my
sharing responded with the name of this plant
 and I always think of her when this
plant begins to bloom.

I will be gathering the seeds in the near future and
guarding them as I want to try several other locations.
By my deck  as the hollyhocks are not doing well
in that location....

Image  taken a few minutes ago at this country home.
The hummingbirds really like this plant.  

Oh, see how dry the corn is ?