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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was a sunny and crisp day. Her heart was full of happiness as the phone calls started arriving the day before. "Mama, I am so excited about us all being together in the country". They started arriving at 10:30 with smiles and hugs. All food prepared was perfect - oh except her usual mile high meringue on the banana pudding did not rise to the occasion - but it was still tasty.

The turkey would melt in your mouth.

Her son spent the night and fulfilled her wish. A desire for him to walk the property line and locate where some horse back rider's were entering. It was found, a phone call made, and she thinks it is taken care of.

Callie is an outside dog and will be inside when the weather is bad. Love was mutual between family member's and Miss Callie. She seems to have fallen in love with her family.

Her little granddaughter's usually want to brave the chilly weather and sometimes need some additional warm clothes and they are all set. They have on grandma's gloves, hats, scarves and sweater. This picture taken a few weeks earlier is similar to the way they looked on Thanksgiving day. They make their own fashion statement.

One Woman has so much to be thankful for and is so aware of the many blessings that have taken place in this year 2009. There were children and grandchildren that were many miles away and they were not seated at the big table but in time that will happen.

Wishing you peace, health, happiness this day.

Monday, November 23, 2009

First Fall at Woodhaven

First Fall at Woodhaven and she forgot about the leaves. An area surrounding her cottage has been somewhat cleared. Gutters were cleaned last week. She thinks all the leaves are on the ground. Will be interesting to see where they blow during the months until Spring. She is constantly looking out the window at her bird feeders waiting for more of an assortment of birds to visit.

There is one lone rose blooming and a few others flowers that will not give into winter approaching.

A cloudy and misty rain day and she is preparing for Thanksgiving. A full table and she is so pleased that the big table is still in her home. How could she had ever thought of parting with it.
Her son requested a banana pudding be added to desert table. In years past they were made often.

Turkey is thawing in the refrigerator and she smiles as the radio is blasting Christmas music.
It started a week ago and seems that they started earlier then ever. She likes to be past Thanksgiving until she thinks of Christmas. Many of the songs are about snow and it is 50 degreees when she walks outside.

Day light is so short and somewhere around December 21st the days will start - little by little becoming longer - good.
Thoughts of thankfulness and the blessings of her life - flood her heart, mind and soul.
Wherever you are this One Woman wishes you a great Thanksgiving week.
May you be happy, well, safe and at peace.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Love Affair

My daughter Jamie reviews a number of products and writes about them on one of her blogs.

This review was passed on to mom - a Waterpik.

She is aware that in these later years I have developed a very dry mouth. Consequently when you do not have a normal amount of saliva it is more of a task keeping your teeth in ship shape condition.

My dentist has recommended several times that I would benefit from using a Waterpik. I just have not invested in one. So when Jamie gave me the opportunity I was pleased.

The Waterpik arrived last week and I immediately started using it.

Now this One Woman is one that always takes care of her teeth - brushes two or three times daily and uses floss. I have always thought that was sufficient.

I have to say "this Waterpik is wonderful." I thought my teeth were clean - but I sure can tell a difference.

I would highly recommend this Waterpik. It would be great for a single person, couple or for family use. It is easy to use and has a number of tools if you have special needs.

The only downside is the counter space it takes up. But then in this home my counter space is minimal.

For more information, visit Waterpik online at

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Journey Continues

A tumultuous week. My mindfulness, meditation and prayer did not seem to help much. I had difficulty in being peaceful. So many thoughts on my continued journey. Memories of the past, thoughts of where I am and wondering what the future holds. I know better then this - I try to take one day at a time and let it unfold. Did not do to well this week.

Just received a call about a showing of city home tomorrow. I try to keep this off of my mind.

Also a week that I did too much outdoor work. This left me with very little energy for a few days. I know better and also know I have a problem pacing myself.

Spent time working on a Thanksgiving letter and my computer did not cooperate at times.
Almost gave up on it - it is finished and most have been mailed.

A lot of errands today, the sun is shining and I seem to have recovered.

Callie is the proud owner of a red harness. Maybe this will keep her from trying to follow me.
Every time I leave this property she pulls her collar off. How she does this I do not know.
When I return from errands she is sitting at the end of the drive waiting for me.
So, Miss Callie - I will see if this harness secures you.

My youngest daughter shared some beautiful pictures with me. They are from their trip last week end to a state park in Kentucky. Some special college friends met for this outing.

Two new books that arrived are on my reading table "Awakening the Spirit Within" by Jan Forrest. " A Path With Heart" by Jack Kornfield.

For I know the plans I have for you sayeth the Lord. Plans for good not evil - to give you a future and a hope Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peaceful Sound

Her ticking friend has been missed. You sat on her mother's dresser for years. The time came when she was at a point of death. This was 9 years ago and she was 83 years of age. She was told to go to her home and tell her stepfather who was suffering from Alzheimer's that she was going to take this clock and have it repaired. She was not sure he would let her take the clock. He did and her mother passed away about 2 days later.

The clock was put back into running order and sat on her mantel for 8 years. It quit ticking about the time One Woman began a woods home.

Finally after 5 months back in her possession this morning. She tried repeatedly to contact the repair person who had it in his possession - to no avail. Call after call not answered. Finally last night she was told that she could pick it up this morning. As she arrived at 7:00 this morning - this!!!!! repairman was pulling out of his drive. So much could be shared but will not. She thanked the repairman and drove home. This special clock is sitting on her mantel and it is like it is smiling at me or better yet, my mother is smiling at me. It is home at last.

Over the last few years it is difficult to find someone to repair old clocks. Wonder if in the future she will have 6 clocks and none of them work? They usually need to be serviced about every 5 years. Wonder what they did in the past years?

A confession that this has been a difficult week for One Woman. A phone call from someone that should not be calling - but the calls are getting less frequent. Think he calls because of guilt feelings - he will have to deal with that. Sometimes emotions just surface. Why is it when you think you have overcome something that here it comes again. I read somewhere that grief, pain and anger have many layers. They are stripped away one by one. When one resurfaces there is still something to learn, and it is a good time to ask "what am I to learn". Hope all the stripping away has been done. Do not like feeling "emotional".

What did One Woman learn and this was good. All through her past years she took hurt, grief and pain and turned them on herself. Would feel hurt feelings and pain deep in her heart. This time and probably the first time in her life, she felt anger. Know what it felt "good". This emotion should have been felt years ago. Guess she is a slow learner. Hey but it least I learn. One Woman is still on her journey.

The weather has been beautiful. I have raked and worked until I ache in every part of my body. Just cannot stay inside. Looks like more days of sun and wonderful temperatures.

Friday, November 6, 2009

November Sunset

A beautiful sunset to finish a busy day.

She headed for the big city this morning. A helper riding in the truck beside her.

They tackled the city garden. Guess the compost pile must be almost 6 foot high. It sure must be good soil or One Woman has a "green hand". It was nice to have help as this amount of work could not be done by a lone woman.

A few things were packed from the kitchen, a bird feeder taken out of the ground and some plants separated and brought back to country garden.

She wanted to do some more in the house but the energy ran out.

So they headed back down the highway to the country.
Lunch at the Cracker Barrel on the way home.

Arriving home the vehicle was unpacked, bird feeder put in ground and the few plants had a new home.

After taking my help home - a hot bath sure felt good.

Just saw this sunset and think the image is pretty good.

This has been a beautiful fall day in the life of One Woman. She is happy, contented and very tired.

Some other week happenings - My youngest granddaughter spent the night and told me I was the "bestest grandma in the whole world". How could that not warm her heart.

My next little granddaughter lost another tooth. No upper teeth!!! She cannot smile big enough. Seems I remember that I would put my hand over my mouth - not pleased at being toothless. She seems to think it is grand and is proud. My how times have changed.

Callie has turned out to be the best. Does not climb on porch furniture anymore. Obeys when I call her. Follows me everywhere. She is just good!!! I think she likes me!! Only does not like me to leave this property and secure her by doghouse. She will have a pen sometime in the future.
Will be used only when I am gone a few hours.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Will See

My daughter Jamie, who writes at BlondeMomBlog, is contacted frequently to review products.
One of the latest products is Organic Maqui Superberry. After reading the literature on this product it sounded almost too good to be true. It is said to be the highest antioxidant fruit in the world with more nutritional value then Acai Berry/fruit, which I have tried, as well as Pomegranate/fruit, which I have tried. Also the blueberry, which most of us use.

It boast of supporting a healthy immune system, inflammatory function, provides energy, helps cardiovascular health and promotes healthy aging.

Hey, I will take it all!!!

Jamie recommended that her mom would be a good person to test and evaluate this product.

To make a long story - short - One Woman is going to begin taking this liquid dietary supplement at lunch today.

So who knows, this healthy, very active aging mom and grandma - may fly.

Will let you know over the next couple of months if I have more energy and have a healthy winter.

To read the entire story of this miracle antioxidant - log on to

One Woman's Journey with Maqui Superberry

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Wonder

It is the first day of November and I have robins in my front yard, and blue birds going in and out of the bluebird house.

There have been 3 heavy frosts, so I have been told. Sure could not tell it here under this canopy of trees.

I have roses in bloom and buds getting ready to open. Probably 50 Zinnias still blooming,
Ajuga, lavender and some yellow daisies still with blooms. Now they are not prize blooms but they have not gone into the winter mode. A beautiful fern on my deck is still in all of its glory. City garden is the same but it is almost an hour South of my woods cottage.

A little surprised at this time of year. It has been such a busy year that I cannot remember what happened other years. My mind "says" that the frost wiped out everything.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live a life which he imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours
Henry David Thoreau