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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Delightful Morning

Morning so nice and cool, high 60's, opened doors and was beautiful outside
Day beginning and field of soybeans are lush and green, a light rain last night
and everything looks so fresh and clean this early morning.
On the mat for 35 minutes
makes such a difference when you have a good nights sleep.

A waffle, blueberry, cranberry, banana, green tea morning.

Fresh eggs just delivered and it looks like a beautiful day is beginning.

Marking some Day Lilies to soon transplant to the terrace garden
also need to soon divide Iris,

"He who would accomplish anything
must learn to limit himself"

Good advice and this one (the busy one) sure did not follow it for years
now trying....

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Checking In

Heat continues seems just not in the mood for writing and nothing new.

I must remember "Be not afraid of going slowly,
                              be afraid of standing still"
        Chinese Proverb

Before my lunch, a simple salad of greens, avocado and topped with the rest of the
salmon enjoyed with breakfast.

Standing on the deck with camera

these stones have a special memory
they were in my mother's garden.
White Phlox planted last Fall is blooming.
Little statue of mother carrying wood with son holding onto her
was purchased when my son was a toddler and moved from home to home
over the years..
Friendship vine given to me by a friend is taking off.
The smiling monk seems contented in the 90 plus temperature and wish the squirrels
would stay away....

Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Blooms

New blooms and must be the heat - 98 degrees,
life in the country, baby rabbits in flower bed and hope Callie does not catch one.

and finally Red Bee Balm
is beginning to bloom
this one more a deep red then in this image
just received
picture of the father of my children
and little granddaughter of a special girl I raised  for 14 years
what a precious picture

Many memories surfaced..
of another life in my past.

Need This

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nashville Sure is Changing

Early morning drive to the big city - like 6:45 am
really did not know if I could do it.
I did and hardly know the city I was a part of for many years

Construction on every corner, did not recognize where I was to turn off
and finally found my way back to main road

Tooth removed and this doctor a dream, so kind, no pain, has stitches
and after reading side affects of antibiotic I do not want to take.

One of my younger granddaughters, with her mom, my Jamie
met me at the oral surgeon,   Caitlin came back to the country with me
and we picked up her best friend on the way.

They are taking a nap :) and thought arises will they sleep tonight
this one will be in bed by 7:00, very tired and they may be up all night :)

So nice to have them here with me and they will return home tomorrow.
The best friend's family recently purchased a home about 10 minutes from me
and Shelby's mom who works in the big city
 will take my granddaughter back to Nashville.

So all is well, finally on computer and Callie is at my feet

two pretty girls
drinking root beer floats :)

I look at this image of Caitlin
and see her mother.
Asked about the curls
and she said
"just washed and let it dry naturally"
this is what Jamie did.

Wish my daughter's who all have beautiful hair
would not straighten and let the curls appear :)

Monday, June 13, 2016


So warm outside yesterday and continues
reading a lot in afternoons

Came across this quote

"you are not stuck
where you are
unless you want to be"

Wayne Dyer

In past years always thought this
and moved on
but at this time of life
may not be true.....

A memory
with youngest granddaughter
Amelia Grace.

Taken at the city home
before I moved to the country...

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Morning

This morning
a healthy breakfast.
Breakfast is my favorite meal until next meal at 2:00, then just snack before early to bed,
they are usually yogurt, banana, apple sauce and an Ensure.

Fresh salmon topped with my Basil and Chives from pots on terrace.
Fresh asparagus, slice of tomato and scrambled egg which is from a special
friend and brings me a dozen a week.   Black tea which my daughter recommended
I rotate with this tea and my green tea at breakfast

Another beautiful very warm day, the mornings continue being cool and wonderful,

Screen doors are opened at 5:00 in the morning and fans are whirling


Friday, June 10, 2016

Weather Delightfull and the Country Roads

Cool mornings and very warn days
and it seems like time is flying by, everything growing, weeding never stops
but all is  green and so beautiful
must have baby rabbits in flower bed by screen porch as seeing them and hopefully
Callie does not.

Seems I have developed a pinched nerve in shoulder or neck,
a lot of pain and slight headache

Therapy yesterday, massage, heat and I am doing the same at home,
hopefully it will leave soon.   I mentioned I was having difficulty
getting in and out of car and seems I have not been doing this correctly.
Hopefully after instructions I can do it correctly and also that insurance
will ok more treatments for this one as they really help and hopefully
slow the progression of what is going on in this body.

Having difficulty excepting all that is going on health wise
but thankful for so much and so weary of sharing about it.

Today, traveling down the country roads, so many memories, love this area
and wish at this time did not need help as they are doing all I love to do..
I pass newly planted tobacco, wheat that is ready to harvest, newly cut rolls of hay, Queen Ann's Lace (always wanted and not growing here by my woods, pass my old home- 16 years and my youngest grew up there and then on to several homes before returning to this much loved land
and building a small home at the edge of the woods 8 years ago.

As I drive these country roads
memories surface on their own, some so happy, some so sad and wish some could be deleted
Memories surface of  four different lifestyles, growing up, working in the corporate world, married
with much loved children and then on my own
for the last almost 40 years.

Has it only been about 9  years since this picture was taken with one of my young grand children
my Caitlin

Here is both of them
the home I built in Nashville, Sylvan Park
across from my son.
Then he closed business because of  recession, relocated to Thailand
and this one
relocated back to the country.
Sold home
but because of economy
it sure was not a good time.
Now Nashville is booming again...

Monday, June 6, 2016

Morning Beauty

Early morning mist
and finally after all the rain
rows of soy beans are visible.
A morning at the dentist
and Sjogrens
dry mouth really not good for one
who only went to the dentist yearly for 60 years.
Another jaw tooth
root canal
which I have never had one
and then a crown.
I am going with the route of removing
as not visable and less then 1/2 the cost.
Do not like this....

Day is ending
and thoughts of last Fall
making big garden smaller
and moving some plants
to terrace area by screen porch
two have just bloomed...


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Busy Week

Such a busy week with appointments daily
and it is so nice to be home this weekend.
An old clothes and simple meal kind of days.
A little help this morning between the on and off rain.
Yard work and seldom have anyone take my trash off,
8 bags and Chris took them to the dumpsters in the truck.

Chris went to school with my Jamie and has been helping me on and off
for many years, Times I moved, special projects and now that he not working
with winter tobacco or painting
he is available for a couple of hours a week.
Need the yard work help, cutting grass and always  something else needs tending too.

Callie, watches and always memories of - just stopping at the shelter to take a look and the manager
shares that a little dog just came in, owners left town and left it chained to a tree, take a look
at her, well, she stole my heart, they cut the chain off of her neck, she jumped in my truck
and I brought her to my just built cottage by the woods.
It took a while for her to bond with me as she had been neglected, but it happened.
She loves it when family visits, gets so excited and my youngest grand daughter's  spoil her.
After losing several dogs over the years I vowed never to really bond with a dog again, well it did
not happen,   Callie never takes her eyes off of me and when I am outside she is always near.

I love to read and it has been sadly neglected.
Tomorrow the N.Y. Times arrives and at this time by my chair
Food For The Heart
collected teachings of Ajahn Chah

Snow in the Summer
by Sayadaw U Jokika

This one many years  a favorite
and always learn something new.

Plan on making tomorrow a reading day


Just received Mary Oliver's
new book

"Storage"   and could relate to this poem as I have moved many times...

When I moved from one house to another
there were many things I had no room for..
What does one do?  I rented a storage space.
And filled it.   Years passed.
Occasionally I went there and looked in,
but nothing happened, not a single twinge
of the heart.
As I grew older the things I cared about grew fewer,
but were more important.  So one day I undid the lock
and called the trash man he took everything.
I felt like the little donkey when his burden is finally lifted
Things !  Burn them!
Make a beautiful fire!
More room in your heart for love,
for the trees!
For the birds who own nothing--the reason they can fly......

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Just Keep Moving

Albert Einstein said

"Life is like a bicycle
to keep your balance
you must keep moving"

So true for this one.
Another day with therapy
and wish I could have these treatments forever.
Victor is so kind, encouraging and interesting.
He listens to me
as it seems
I talk continually with my treatment.

Wonder why as I am not usually a big talker.
Share about my children, grandchildren
and much about my past.

He tells me I have lived an interesting life,
a good story teller and talented.

Oh my, take none of this to heart
but do know when I leave his office
this one feels so good for 4 hours
and walk almost perfectly, he watches me
and replies you are doing good
keep moving.

So enough shared at the end of day.
Appointment in the morning and it has been a busy week
and I am very weary.

Just checking in
and wonder why all of you young ones respond
to all that is happening to this one
who is not exactly the way she was.
But then life goes on
and this is our future.

Just ordered Mary Oliver's new book
and can hardly wait for the arrival

have a wonderful weekend.
All in this family
young and old
are all very busy....
Trips, camps,
new exciting things in store
and mama/aka grandma
is proud of all in this family
and love their sharing with me.