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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Be Still My Heart

My evening meal of filet mignon
fresh mushrooms
baked potato and small salad

even a flickering candle on the long table
and small glass of wine
diluted :) because of dry mouth

You are dressed in the oldest slacks
light sweater (since it is raining)
and bare foot
like you always are in this cottage.

I smiled and thought
years ago  meals like this were common,
a shrimp cocktail, steak
 sometimes with lobster,
dressed in the latest fashion and
many a compliment received.
 You could hear the ocean sounds
on some of your travels
and sometimes you would dance
and it would "sometimes" be a wonderful evening.
You remember rum raisin ice cream and  have thoughts
of trying to  reproduce.  Think raisins need to be soaked in rum
and mix in vanilla ice cream.
Need to buy a small bottle of rum
maybe like airlines use.

Now you eat vegetables you grow, salmon, yogurt,
lots of fresh fruit, lots of healthy,
simpler food and you like your homemade deserts best.

Thoughts - I need to do this once a month
may need extra protein from meat

Prepared to think it would not be the quality meat it should be
but you were given a gift
it was so good.

Almost as nice as sitting in an upscale restaurant, white table cloth and napkin
and someone special sitting across from you
or memories  when single again in my 40's of sitting across from someone and thinking
"why am I here with you?)
So good at this time of life not to need company, just for company's sake, enjoying life,
at peace, happy - just wish health was like it was in the past.
Wish also that I did not take remarks from someone who is not happy so seriously.

So, this is a good time.
A time of freedom and
liking myself and enjoying my own company.
Sure took a long time
like almost the end of your 70 years.
But so nice
it did arrive......

Wish past thoughts of so much that happened in this lifetime
did not surface
but thankful it is becoming less and less.

Felt guilty with this wonderful steak and Callie eating dry dog food
so did give her a bite :)

I have rambled on
long enough
it is the end of another day
and will post this in the morning....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Early Morning

As day breaks
this sunflower just keeps adding blooms
and a new one appears this morning
a lot of seeds were sown, some different from a special person and sure a disappointment that more did not make it.

Noticed 4 o' clock's bloom at dawn and I thought that meant they would bloom at 4:00
in the afternoon.  Either their timing
is confused or mine.  I thought I was just given a deep pink and yellow bloom and pleased this
morning to see a white bloom.
Chives look great
and were an addition to Buttermilk Dressing made early this morning.
Recipe----1 cup of buttermilk
                 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice
                 1 tsp white wine vinegar
                 1/4 tsp granulated garlic
                  1/4 tsp of salt and pepper
                  2 heaping tbsp of fresh chopped chives

Breakfast and then on to early morning dental appointment in city between my home and Nashville.
Oh my, dry mouth Sjogrens is sure doing a number on the mouth of a woman who always had
perfect teeth.

Then before home a stop at an upscale grocery not in my small town "Public's".   They are
so accommodating and cut me a small section of the BokChoy and also gave me very small piece
of what was in a package with 3 of the best steak you can by and I only wanted 1 . Do not eat meat often but tonight it will go with a baked potato and salad.
  They were also so nice to cut off a small number of slices of Boar's Head luncheon meat
of turkey and pastrami (an idea I received from a blogger friend in Michigan, named Judy.)

So good to be home
and wonder
why am I posting
before I have my lunch.
I guess it is habit and also my children will know how I spent my morning....

Monday, July 29, 2013


Morning in the 50's
and wonder how long this pleasant weather will last.
3 loaves of Zucchini bread in oven.
A lot of cooking and baking done in this cottage
and there is so much less storage space then I have had in the past.

Cooking items that are only used occasionally are in the upstairs storage room.
Those I use daily and weekly in kitchen cabinets.
I either have to stand on a stool
or get on the floor to search for them.
So...this morning I took many of them, put them on the counter
in utility room and they will be very handy for me and also visiting children.
Another plus, I have more room in my cabinets.

I always liked this counter empty except for cookbooks that have been drastically
downscaled.    It is now full and will see how I like this.  Also wish I had planned this room
with all open shelves.   The end open shelves had doors and I recently removed them :)

Do know lately  when I am on the step stool
I do not want to fall and when I am on the floor it is getting more
difficult to get up quickly.   Never like this in the past....

Looking at this image
there is still too much stuff
in this cottage...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fall Is This Your Preview

what a delightful day.
Morning in the 60's and delightful all day.

I found it relaxing to work in the garden.
A slow pace of dead heading many plants for just a short time..
Many plants did not return this year and I think "maybe next year."
Some plants not as plentiful or beautiful
and some still have not bloomed that usually are blooming at this time
Beetles devoured the one last rose bush and some herbs
much they bothered last year they did not bother.
Small vegetable garden did not do as well.  Thankful for what
I enjoyed but never a tasty tomato, cucumber or much not as plentiful.
A few jars of salsa is always made, but not this year.

Also, last year my new pear tree had a dozen pears and this year did not
bloom or have pears - the same for the new apple tree.

So wonder was it the weather so damp, heat and keep having
thoughts will there be an early Fall.

Making my small garden area in front a little bigger.
It is not as damp, more sun and going to move my holly hocks to that
area and a few other plants.  So not for vegetables but for plants.

For a short time before lunch I sat in the old chair viewing the garden.
The cooler air and the warmth of the sun felt so good and almost fell asleep.
Had not done this since the Spring and being still and relaxed was needed.

When I decided to venture down to the terrace.
How do you handle, phone,  camera, water, sunscreen, towel and special towel
all in one trip?  I put most in a tote bag and sure is a lot to take down the screen
porch steps to the terrace just to relax and sit in the sun.
But it was worth it.

Many who said earlier in the year they wanted to visit and see my flowers
never arrived
and some who did not say they were visiting  made an unexpected visit.

Everyone is so busy and it seems a way of life at this time.
Memories of my grandparents and parents always sitting in the late afternoon
on the porch and family and friends would stop by.

When I moved to the country 35 years ago it was similar.  So many I could just
stop by in my old garden clothes and they would visit me.  Talk a while, maybe
a glass of tea and then on our way.   All those special older friends are gone
and  returning to my special land is very different where people are concerned
but then I remember my reason for returning.
Returning was for the Peace of nature, the woods,  the special sounds, wildlife and the
rich soil.   So what I returned for has been a gift to me in these last years.

Enough shared and hope the weather was as delightful today in your area as
it was in mine....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

She Is Good

Much needed inside help arrived early this morning.

50 year old  plus crewel covered  quality chairs need reupholstering
and I am not going to do it.   I remember a person who did this type
of work who looked at these chairs several years ago
made the comment
"I would never cover these chairs - difficult to find fabric like this anymore."

Yesterday 2 twin size sage green sheets were purchased.

I asked "Wana" if she would cover the chairs the best she could.
She is a young Mexican woman (30 years old) that lives and works at a nearby

Oh my
I was pleased, better then slipcovers is my opinion and fine for
this country cottage.

I like the feel of them when I sit on them instead of the wool crewel covering.

I do not like help inside our outside.
Always so fussy

Looks like at the moment have no choice
about occasional help....

Friday, July 26, 2013

What Did I See

Morning at 65 degrees
felt wonderful and almost like Fall.

Soybeans are beginning to surface
Small garden looks healthy
I have always wanted 4 O'clocks and for some reason seeds never emerged
a new garden friend shared two small plants and they made it.   I have memories of my
grandmother and aunts having this old fashion plant...

Most of garden finished blooming, Phlox continue their beauty and the Spider Lily
is always faithful in arriving wherever its seeds land.
Cyprus vine is doing fine and like the Spider Lily just comes up in unexpected places.
 Tiger Lily is always beautiful and always unexpected creations under the trees
in the woods...

Scenes from an early morning country garden
Nothing spectular but I find pleasure in these simple plants.

As the morning continued there were appointments in local small town and market stop.

As always such a pleasure to return home....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Driving The Highway

Very early morning yesterday
and so nice for the coolness and wet earth surrounding this cottage.
Everything viewed has taken on new life
as I begin planning to
drive the back roads and highway to the big city.

Callie watches me intently and always is aware I am preparing to
leave and this always makes me a little sad as I look at her.

Car packed with zucchini's, tomato's, yellow squash, green pepper
and a loaf of zucchini bread for this young family.  My container with water
and a snack always on the seat beside me.

Soon the Nashville skyline comes into view and many memories
begin to surface.  Memories of years of special people, times and homes.
I pass so many places I use to visit and remember those who were once
a part of my life.  It is like viewing a movie as I travel down the roads.

Thoughts surfaced of one of my daughter's visiting my granddaughter
in Cape Cod.  She asked me to go with her.   A part of me wants to go
and a part does not want to leave home and wonder if this makes sense to anyone.

Soon I arrive at my daughter's home and the little girls are growing so fast and
always meet me with so much love.   We plan our morning of some shopping,
no luck to find lunch boxes they liked and then on to lunch.  I offered 3
fast food places but they wanted to go back to the little cafe where we usually eat.
I smile at my young granddaughter's remark,
 "it is so relaxing there Grandma, I like it."
She is learning young of qualtiy places and quiet.....

Could not resist buying a half of carmel cake to bring home for freezer.
As always thoughts surface of wanting to live closer to this special family and be
of more help to my daughter.  Just do not know if I could adjust to city life at this time.
Exactly where I am suppose to be at this moment and
 know if health was where I could not do all I enjoy at this time it would happen.
Want so to be wise in all decisions in this remaining lifetime.
If it is meant to be it will happen as everything else
in this long life has played out.

"Loss is a fact of life.
Impermanence is everywhere we look.
We are all going to suffer our losses.
How we deal with these losses is what makes all the difference.
For it is not what happens to us that determines our character,
our experience, and our destiny, but how we relate to what happens."

~~Lama Surya Das~~

Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh My

I am out in the middle of nowhere
on a country road
back in the woods
and yet I cannot keep
the smile off of my face
because of this new baby
that has just arrived.

Describes this one...

Good Food Matters

Probably due to heat and lack of rain.
But I grew them
so they are still good and enjoying the favorite
of lettuce, bacon and tomato sandwiches (could eat one every day)
Love this idea of Tomato Towers.
Have my Basil and Avocado is on my grocery list....
I always learn from Nancy.
On my to do list
a trip to Farmers Market
late this year.
Enjoy this idea and her simple but great Buttermilk Dressing....
Good Food Matters: Fresh and simple tastes, recipes and stories from Chef Nancy Vienneau
July 21st, 2013

Tomato Towers

We are blissfully in the thick, luscious thick of tomato season in Tennessee.
At the farmers’ market, I am agog at the array of bushel baskets, heaped with Bradleys and Brandywines, Lemon Boys and Purple Cherokees. I’m tempted by Mortgage Lifters, if for nothing but cunning name alone, and those crazy striped Green Zebras that don’t taste green at all.
Have you ever tried the red and yellow variegated ones, sometimes called Candystripers? How about those delicate peach tomatoes with the fuzzy skins?
It makes me not mind the thick heat around here—as long as I can include these gorgeous heirlooms in our summertime dining.
So many tomatoes, so many ways to enjoy them, and a few glorious weeks to indulge in the bounty. Salsas, soups, panzanellas, pastas, deep dish pies and napoleons…like you, I’m ever on the lookout for another tomato-centric recipe.
Lately I’ve been in a building mode, constructions! inspired by this stack I found on Cooking Light’s website.
Artful towers of tomatoes get vitality (and height!) from myriad ingredients sandwiched between their slices. These structures require almost no cooking: a few strips of bacon fried crisp in the skillet, a half cup of balsamic vinegar reduced in a pot to a syrup.
That minimal stovetop time is a real boon in summer. Eaten with a fork and knife, the tomato towers have a meatiness that satisfies greedy appetites, while being cool and refreshing. They can be elegant. They are fun.
I’ve taken two different approaches in assembling my towers. The first is a natural–a vertical caprese, brandishing the colors of the Italian flag in tomato-fresh mozzarella-basil. Layer in a sliver of red onion, to give a little bite. I like to use balsamic vinegar reduction–the syrup is deeply sweet-tart and makes beautiful striping over the stack and plate. Use your best olive oil; this is what is was made for!
Going forward, you can get creative; change it up. Maybe add a layer of cucumber or zucchini. Substitute the mozzarella with a slather of ricotta or mascapone. Tuck in a ripple of prosciutto. No basil on hand? Try oregano or thyme.
Tower Two takes a Southern stance, layering elements of my favorite sandwich, the BLT, (actually, the BLTCA: bacon-lettuce-tomato-cheddar-avocado!) under a pour of chive-laced buttermilk dressing. How can you go wrong with that? It could only be improved with some grilled corn, cut off the cob, and strewn over the stack.
Remember–don’t refrigerate tomatoes! Chilling them changes their structure and makes them mealy.
a variety of ripe heirloom tomatoes, cored and cut into 1/2 ” slices
a few cherry or grape tomatoes, halved, for garnishing
1/2 lb. fresh mozzarella, cut into 1/4″ inch rounds
handful of fresh basil leaves
1/2 small red onion, sliced thinly
1/4 cup balsamic syrup
1/4 cup favorite extra virgin olive oil
cracked black pepper
sea salt
Start with large flat tomato slices as your foundation. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place a basil leaf (or two) on top, then a little bit of red onion. Cover each with a piece of mozzarella. Dot with good olive oil and drizzle with balsamic syrup. Repeat the layering, topping with cherry or grape tomato halves and more basil. Secure with a long toothpick or short skewer. Pour olive oil over each tower, along with a zig-zag of balsamic syrup. Serve.
a variety of ripe heirloom tomatoes, icored and cut into 1/2″ slices
a few cherry or grape tomatoes, halved, for garnishing
6 slices bacon, cooked crisp
1/2 avocado, sliced
4-6 slices sharp white cheddar (you may crumble or shred the cheese)
buttermilk dressing (recipe below)
salt and black pepper
Start with a large flat tomato slice as your foundation. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add a slice or two of avocado, followed by bacon strip and cheddar. Spoon a little buttermilk dressing over the top. Repeat layers, spooning a generous amount of buttermilk dressing. Secure with a long toothpick or short skewer. Make as many towers as you would like, allowing one per person. Pass a few grinds of black pepper over the lot and serve.
1 cup buttermilk
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
1/4 teaspoon granulated garlic
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
2 heaping tablespoons fresh chives, finely chopped
Pour buttermilk into a non-reactive bowl. Stir in lemon juice and white wine vinegar. Allow the mixture to sit and thicken for ten minutes. If it clabbers, don’t worry. It will become smooth again when stirred or whisked.
Add granulated garlic, salt, pepper, and chives. Stir well. Cover and refrigerate. The dressing will continue to thicken and its tangy flavors will develop. (If you want it thicker, (and richer) whisk in a dollop or two of mayo.


Cooking Light Bloggers' Connection Member 


Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Sunday

Current went off last night for over 3 hours.
It does this often and usually does not bother me
but last night when lights flickered at 8:30
it seemed sleep would not arrive.

Many thoughts surface and I am
sad, my neighbor who bought the home I built 13 years ago
this property after leaving old farm house
 made a visit yesterday after returning  from Rhode Island.
 She shared about buying a condo in that location.
It is where she grew up, went to school, university
and still has a few friends left in that area.
 Workload of grounds, no new friends except me
and wants to go home.  In late 70's - like this one - she had better do it quickly.

I understand but I will miss her as we communicated 2 or 3 times a week
and her N.Y. Times was always welcome on Sunday.
Wonder with the economy
how soon it will sell and about new neighbors.
I know she will still be here for a number of months
and will welcome this time.

I understood all she shared and my reason for returning to this land
was because of starting over in this location 35 years ago.  Also my love of
gardening, nature and seems I am deeply rooted in this soil.

The shower that fell last night and today would not fill a large glass.
Hardly dampened the ground.  Hopefully more will arrive as predicted.

Emails from children and comments that my daughter shares with me
always make me smile.  She won a makeover and loved it.  Her eyebrows
are fine but the young woman made them a little darker.   My youngest
misses nothing and made the reply when seeing her mom "what has happened to your eye brows?" :)
I can just visualize her with her hands on her little hips, looking at her mom and saying this.

Image received from daughter who lives in Florida.
I like it and a reminder of my love of the ocean.
Also an image of Bear in his new home in Washington D.C
with my grandson
here he is with his girlfriend's dog.
A little puppy that I found on my country road almost a year and half ago sure
has had an exciting life with a lot of travels.

Day is ending
a new week
soon to begin.

"As long as you chase happiness,
you are not ready to be happy,
even if you owned everything.

As long as you lament a loss,
run after prizes in restless races,
youh have not yet known peace.

But when you have moved beyond desire,
become a stranger to your goals and longings
and call no longer on happiness by name,

then your heart rises calmly
above the ebb and flow of action
and peace has reached your soul.

~~Happiness by Herman Hesse
in "The Seasons of the Soul"~~

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day Begins

Day begins with much beauty
and still no rain.
I may have to water if it does not arrive today.

A night that continued with severe inflammation pain.

Two words keep coming to mind

Do not expect.

Life has shown me
that what I want
or is the better word
always arrives
but not from where
I thought it would
at this time of life....

Friday, July 19, 2013


Another very hot day is predicted
hopefully showers arrive to cool this earth.

I go outside
and the air smells like perfume.
My phlox have a wonderful scent
and I wonder what else it might be.

Sunflower in the garden
Zucchini bloom

Weeks ago
after finishing cantaloupe
I placed the seeds in the garden
and covered with soil
Will it produce
at this late date ?
Will miss seeing my young granddaughter's
this day.   Not comfortable traveling far on this very warm day.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garden At This Time

Just finished early morning  watering and dead heading plants.
A few daylilly blooms remain but like the iris, buttercups,
Spring bulbs, clematis and peonies
they will soon be asleep for the rest of the year.
Pink phlox are blooming, cypress vine beginning to climb
and soon will sport its red blooms, cone flowers both pink
and white more showy this year, spider lilies are not blooming
as of yet and not as large, this plant in past so big and showy
at this time.  Red bee balm was so showy this year and a new garden
friend shared her pink with me - it has been planted and guarded
to make sure it comes up next year.

Several plants did not come back this year even though
their seeds were planted, one old favorite
I will visit past neighbor to see if she has blooms and will
collect seeds of this hyacinth bean plant.

Zinnia's were missed and always an abundance and so showy

Obedient plant is large
but not blooming as of yet

I need to plant hollyhocks
in another area as they surface so healthy and soon sport yellow leaves
then realize the damp area is not the ideal place for this plant with many memories.

Much beauty this year but somehow does not seem like the past and  may
be due to so much rain, heat and now needing rain.

So, I separate plants, place some in other areas and in my mind dream of next year
and remember that this beauty does not last and the peak of its beauty seems to be
 May, June and a week in July.   Also realize time and time again that a garden
takes time to come into its own beauty and even though this is really a new garden
it has been beautiful.

Many plants have not been mentioned
but these come to mind as I sit at my computer.

Time to take off these garden clothes, put on fresh old clothes
and eat breakfast.   Another day of exstreme heat is predicted
and staying close to my cottage.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Treacherous And Reproduction Successful

This morning noticed heat index expected over 100.

Planned to work outside from 6:45  to 8:30. 
When I finally came in it was a few minutes before 9:00.
I was wringing wet and I usually do not do this.
As I bathed and put on fresh "old clothes."
thought this is good.  All the medication I have been
on for the last 3 months is coming out of my system.
Maybe the detox process is finished :)
Late breakfast and even Callie who usually likes the screen porch
is inside.....

Whenever I go to the big city to baby sit with my young granddaughters
we go to a small cafe.  Usually do not like food out, like mine better,
but they are good.   My granddaughter's always order peanut butter sandwich :)
or turkey.  Also I always take a cooler in the trunk of my car so I can bring something
home and many times take my lunch in this cooler.

  While you are waiting for your food a small
dish of cheese mixture with crackers is served on a tiny plate.
It is different from my pimento cheese mixture and asked about it.
A chunky mixture of sharp cheddar cheese, a very small amount of pepper jack cheese,
small amount of pimento, sliver of red onion, a little mayo,  a few chopped walnuts
and it is covered with a mixture of herbs.

All ingredients on hand and placed in my handy little 4 cup Cuisinart Work Bowl.
A small amount of everything with a little Hellman's Mayo.

Covered with a few of my chopped herbs, parsley, basil and thyme and a few
more chopped walnuts.

Oh it was good and "if I do say so myself" it tasted just like what was served at the cafe
In the future
will make a larger portion.

So this with my Waldorf salad, zucchini bread and tea was fine on this terribly warm day.

Another trip to the mailbox in the truck and the air leaves you breathless.  Not a breeze stirring.

Also, they serve a lemon artichoke soup and sometime will try and reproduce.

I might add that it is a blessing to be able to taste food and have an appetite once again.
.  When I
have  immune flareups I have to force every bite.

Even gained a few pounds and hope it stays....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Simple Satisfaction

Day begins early
screen door open
sounds from the woods
and Callie always watches
my morning yoga.
Early morning call from over the ocean
left me smiling
for the day....
Early morning in the garden and rain is needed
Spent an hour on tractor
 but did not venture far into the woods.
It looked cool, shady and inviting
but paths have not been cleared in a while.
It was 90 in the shade
Simple evening meal
my squash, zucchini, onion and will sprinkle cheese and bacon on top.
At market yesterday purchased some Bok Choy, wanted a different green and pleased daughter mentioned it.
So accustom to putting chopped carrots in cabbage and without thinking
it was added.
Sweet tea, corn bread and a heavenly slice of chocolate cake brought home from last city trip has been waiting in the freezer for the end of meal on a day like this.
It has been a very good day....

Monday, July 15, 2013

Just Enough

Just enough for my table
and some to share with my youngest daughter.
Picked over last 2 days.

There is something about eating food you have grown.
It taste so good and you are sure where it came from.
A couple of special
blooms spotted.
and remember
something I have not had in a long long time
"a bacon, lettuce, and my tomato sandwich."
Also will make a Waldorf Salad
with apples, grapes, raisins and walnuts mixed in yogurt.
Last, may mix up some hummus to have with carrot, celery and jacama slices...
introduced to me recently.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Yes, already
it is the middle of July.
Fall you really are not far away...

Many blooms have come and gone
and daylillies are just about through
with their showing.  Always pleased
that my special pictures are available
to me anytime - so I can remember.

May and June are the best time of
the year for my garden.  A friend called
last night and said I am still coming to
see your flowers.  Too late was my reply
visit next Spring.

Grass has continually needed cutting because of the frequent rain
surely it will soon not have to be cut as often.
Often my original plan comes to mind on first returning to this country land.
Meadow like grass as you approached my cottage with just a clearing and
gardens surrounding it.   Somehow I immediately kept clearing and keeping groomed.

The thought surfaces, can I still do this?  
The original plan would be better for my energy level
as time goes by.
Very aware that it keeps a lot of critters and wildlife a little further from
my dwelling.

Turnip green seeds are on my shopping list.
They need to be on hand for next months

This year has gone by so fast and soon school
will begin for my two youngest granddaughter's.
August is so hot and in my mind not a good time to begin school.
School years in Michigan where I grew up always began
in September when the weather began to get a little cooler.

Enough mind wandering
and time to turn my connection with the world

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vintage Cast-Iron Cookware

Looking at the current issue of "Gun and Garden" magazine.
Memories surface as I read an artical about a man who collects
vintage cast-iron cookware.

I go to my pantry to check these items out that I use often

3 old frying pans and 2 belonged to my mother.

1 cast iron muffin holder
and another one that makes corn sticks.
These were used over and over many years ago when I made corn bread,
using them instead of the skillet.
I know my older children remember them.
They were purchased about 50 years ago.

Cast iron dutch oven which was my mother's
and anything I cook in it comes out perfectly.
I always cook my roast and chicken in this pot.
Sometimes I use it when making chili.
This was given to me 16 years ago.

Last is my prize
and so meaningful to me.
A medium size flat skillet that my much loved grandmother
never went hardly a day without using.
She would say "I am going to make a hoecake."
I use it often when I mix up 1/2 recipe of corn bread
and fry silver dollar size in this pan.

I regret so
that during one move from a past home I gave away a prize.
This was a large cast-iron skillet that was so heavy
I could hardly pick it up.
Years ago when all of family was together I would use it to fry 2 chickens
and many times when I cooked a large amount of something.
It was probably given to someone that was helping me pack :(
It was so large that I did not think my daughter's would use it
and at that time they did not cook much.

Not much I would do over
but wished I had not given it away.

If I had it now it would be of no use
because of the weight.
But the memories would be priceless.
Wish I remembered who has it - but then guess it is better I do not know.

Another old item I have is a large wooden board
that my mother gave me.   She used it when she rolled out biscuits.
Was told it was my grandmother's
and I use it often.....

Wish at this advanced age that I could
once again go through my grandmother's
and mother's cooking items.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


A long morning
with chores inside
and Zucchini bread is cooling

Outside everything continues to grow at a rapid pace.
I pick a few tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash out of this tiny garden.

Small clipper always in hand and much added to compost pile.
Hummingbird and bird feeders are refilled.

Satisfied with all that was planned surrounding this cottage.
Then overwhelming thoughts surface
of the future.   I will have to stay in the moment and continue
to  add all this abundance of growth to the woods.
Giving it back to the earth for its future.
Occasional help disappeared but then someone new has promised
to arrive tomorrow to cut 3 weeks growth of grass and spray long gravel drive. 
With rain, sun and ongoing
wonderful weather there is no disappointment in the growth of lush surroundings.
Herbs are healthy and an addition to every meal
Now inside
fans are whirling
and always this old fan brings back vivid memories of my mother
A day that started
at 4:30, lunch time has arrived
and I will enjoy the New York Times and U.S.A today
that was picked up from neighbors box.
She is attending her 50 year college reunion in Rhode Island
and I smile as thoughts arise of this pleasure for her.

"Sometimes, when I take stock, I only look at
what isn't done.  I also need to look at what I have,
what's been done, and what's being done"

In part from Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much
by Anne Wilson Schaef

A favorite little book of mine
which I pick up often and it always speaks to me.

dated that I purchased in year 2000.....