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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Light rain is falling
a new bloom every day
and  simple
beauty everywhere I look.

A steel cut Oates kind of morning with chopped apple and a new tea from Te Teas,
a green tea with the name Winter Mist Bouquet - so good with a slice of my Blue Berry bread.

Life is Good....
at the moment :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beautiful Morning

a beautiful morning
rain and some lightning all night
and looks like everything has been swept clean
this early morning.

I read
and smile

"In the end
some of your
greatest pains
greatest strengths"

Drew Barrymore...

Trip to Lowe's
with mulch 5 bags for $10
and remembering
in the past at another home built
on this property
I ordered a dump truck full
and spread it myself over the summer
I was about 65 years old at that time :)

Now time for the mat :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Wise Words

Read this article yesterday
in the New York Times
and it inspired me on this onward journey.

She has a daughter that helps her continually
and I have had my son
now going on the third week,
will end soon but he has helped me immensely.

Always a mover in the past, slower at this time and pain never leaves
but I vow not to stop and continue stretches on the mat morning and evening even though
it is painful (but pain is less after 15 minutes.
After reading her story
it may become a reality that I live longer then my desire of 90 :)

Her words "I don't beg nobody for nothing, I wash, cook, iron, scrub, clean, mop, shop and put
gas in my car,"  pierced me deeply as I remember
the first of the year with 2 hospital stay after calls to 911 and arriving
home and needed some help and emotional support for several weeks
Now I was not neglected as so many have helped me to arrive where
this one is at this very moment.
There were some I probably begged
and said the words "I need you now"  they did not arrive for many reason.
Issue closed and will not look back.

This day my son went with me to orthopedic doctor, his assistant Stacy
so knowledgeable about the what is going on with my neck and shoulders.
Just ongoing arthritis and it is going to get worse but I vow to not stop....
Wanted to make sure that rotter cuff surgery was not in the future and more information
on exactly what is going on.

Learned nothing new, no surgery, arthritis has deteriorated much in my shoulders,
just keep moving, rest more (not a good idea to get up at 4:30 and by 1:30 collapse
after none stopping,  good diet (which I strive for.)

Cortison shots in both shoulders, must consider them every 6 months if they help
and they do immensely.   Stay on Tylenol 8 hr Arthritis Pain morning and night
as it helps more then anything and is inexpensive over the counter medication.

Down to 1 mg of prednisone  - like retreating from the Devil...

A beautiful day, doctor appointment, drive to Nashville to a Vietnamese restaurant(so good, a pancake filled
with shrimp, pork and sprouts).drive through Sylvan Park and viewed my past home,
stop at Dunkin Donuts for a latte and now home.....

The past 3 weeks so special
and son has helped me with over 90% of my to do list.

This time has helped me immensely
appetite has increased double - did gain 2 lbs :)
So onward I go.....

Friday, April 22, 2016

After The Shower - Beautiful Morning

Last Fall
a special friend shared
3 plants
of Iris
that bloom several times a year
and the first just bloomed - beautiful
thank you Polly.

My gardens have been made smaller and the plants are more beautiful
then ever
and so are the weeds.
Will have to find help for weeding...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Meal Like Many in Years Past

Crock pot
filled with roast.potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic
is done and looks good.

yellow squash in old iron skillet
turnip greens
with a little addition of ham
ice tea with orange slices in mine

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Home from market
with ingredients for new recipe
from Mennonite Girls Can Cook
Asian Cole Slaw....
New at the market
and hopefully is good and will be a welcome addition
in my freezer
to add to broth, soup or whatever..
Was having difficulty putting gas in car
and an angel appeared
seems this is quite often lately...

A beautiful sunny day
yard help
did not arrive
but that is alright
will happen at the right time.

My day has ended
as it began at 4:30
except for cooking.

this one still gets up very early
and stops everything
by 5:00....

Friday, April 15, 2016

Special Days Continue

Early morning
first Humming Bird was on screen porch and I was successful in catching in a net
and placing outside,
feeders filled and now hanging outside.
Noticed  on calendar last year that this was the same date of my first arrival.

Instead of the clothes line that this one always loved hanging her clothes on
it seems like the big laundry rack is now used on the deck.
Zucchini bread baked
early yesterday morning - so good and had not made since last Fall,
one loaf traveled to Nashville, one loaf almost gone :)
and one in freezer, going to make again next week....
Another trip to Nashville
(so nice to have a driver)
and Miss Saigon
now my favorite eating place.
Soup is so good
but servings way to large for this one
They packed an order special for me to carry home,
each in separate containers
broth, noodles, vegetables, bean sprouts and shrimp and crab.
So lunch and evening next day
and so hated to throw out the the rest.
Will see if I can make something similar in a smaller quantity
Ordered a base from Amazon and wish bean sprouts (which are a favorite)
could be bought locally.

A beautiful weekend is arriving....

Life is good
a lot is different
this one still  has so much to be thankful for.

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Better Way

Yoga mat on rug
on the floor
is always bunching up
rolled up rug and mat on bare floor.

So nice
and a plus is all who enter this cottage
take their shoes off.

Taking shoes off
a lifetime practiced
in her homes.
Inexpensive pine floors in this 7 year old cottage
finished beautifully..

Evening meal is childhood favorites
Salmon croquettes, black eyed peas, sweet potato's
and Banana Pudding....

This Banana Pudding with home made custard
is so good

sweet tea
and was going to make cornbread
but did not need it...

Red Neck Grosbeak - Visiting again early Sunday morning...

Several years ago
saw many of these birds in the tree outside my bedroom window
and not familiar with them.
This morning they arrived once again
and could not get my camera fast enough.
When you live by the woods and you see a new bird
this one finds it exciting.

A Sunday with the New York Times. local paper,
cool weather
it was a perfect reading day.

Vowed to order no new book
especially a cook book
since once again interested in cooking and eating,
ordered "The New Iron Skillet Cookbook"
Have all of my mother's and some of my grandmother's
iron skillets, love using them, healthy cooking option
so I will see if I learn anything new..
Spring Rolls are a favorite, never attempted making them
 and noticed a recipe in this book for
cooking Spring Rolls in an iron skillet.

New York Times, magazine section
featured article
"Sweat Smart."
"if we live a long time,
want to keep our memories  (good mind)
our basic
selves intact,
keep moving."

I am not interested in longevity
but want to continue having a good mind
along with the best quality of life
I can experience through this aging process.

Mind is excellent
just wish there were no balance or arthritis issue going on,
but will continue moving
just not me
to sit still long...

At this moment
have so much to be thankful for
so good to be aware of returning to
reading, computer, camera, baking,
friends, driving, sunshine and happy family times...

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Morning

Up at 4:30, stripped bed, 3 loads of wash, on the mat,
breakfast of yogurt, banana, scrambled egg, spinach and topped with Drunken Goat Cheese.
So good with 2 cups of green tea.

On to the local town and left off 6 bags of trash (with help a lot or organizing still going on, , for later meal purchased
a silver dollar size fillet, mushrooms and will bake sweet potato.

Cleaning out closet and took 2 big bags to Good Will.

Home and everything unloaded from car and my day has ended until I cook my meal.

Sun so bright and beautiful
but windy and still cool.   Sat in the sun on deck for an Ensure with ice cream.

These wild flowers were moved from their home in the woods
2 years ago
they are doing so good in their new home and spreading.

I have always loved to bake
and it stopped after Christmas.
Next week want to make Banana bread
and Zucchini bread.
Son can share with some friends.
If energy level responds to my wishes
would like to make
Sour Cream Chocolate chip cookies.

So good
and recipe posted years ago....

Friday, April 8, 2016


Wind blowing and feels like 40 degrees.
May be freezing in the morning and early flower and ferns purchased
have been brought inside.
A good inside day after busy yesterday
I feel as though I have been on a long trip.

Busy week
and so welcome to have a smiling driver.
So much has been neglected for almost 4 months
and he is so quick in organizing much.
After dental appointment on Thursday
a drive to the big city.    Nashville is not the same city
I left 7 years ago to relocate in a rural area by the woods.
Construction on every corner and traffic is bumper to bumper.

First stop
2 stores that I last browsed in 7 months ago.
Needed smaller size jeans, no luck but did find 3 items
on sale - like 75% off.   Beautiful warm long sweater
and 2 blouses that will look great with yoga pants.
Just arrived, jeans from L.L.Bean and fit perfectly....

On to enjoy food that I became familiar with about 10 years ago.
So good and healthy for this Southern born now who refers to herself
as the Ancient one.   Wonderful broth that should heal you, loaded with
shrimp, crab, egg noodles and covered with bean sprouts,
Cups of special tea and this was all so tasty, but since I have never mastered
chop sticks there is no way to eat this type of food in a neat way.
Such large portions and enough for my lunch today.

Bought a tee shirt and it will receive attention in this small  Southern town.
Plan on returning to this good food at least once a month in the future.

I was treated to a Carmel sundae to enjoy as we drove home
Appetite has returned for 5 days and food finally taste so good,
hoping to gain a few pounds, has not happened yet :)

Prednison is being reduced
but seems evening dose keeps me awake most of the night
with so much energy.
My closet was finally put in order all through last night and a lot
put in bags for youngest daughter to maybe enjoy.
Hopefully I sleep tonight...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happiness is

So proud of my daughter Laurie
displaying this talent.    It will give her many hours of pleasure over the years.

Life is good at the moment
and keep wondering is it short term steroid
or special son with me?

Now he comments
"it is the steroid"
but mama
thinks both and more he here with me :)

Read wise words
this early morning


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wonderful Family Day

Day started in the early 30's.
and progressed to sunny and 70.
So good to have most of family surrounding me.

Grill burning and soninlaw cooked turkey burgers,
mom has a friend who from her big garden every year
fills freezers and I had silver queen corn cut off of the cob
and blue lake green beans from her freezer - so good.
Early morning deviled eggs were prepared, on hand some
pickled beets, sweet tea,  many side dishes and ended with a wonderful chocolate cake
with ice cream.
Fire pit burning and day could not be any more beautiful.

So one car has pulled out
soninlaw sleeping on deck
girls by fire pit.
Jamie and Jimmy talking inside
and mom is content
happy and tired....

Friday, April 1, 2016


A special cousin, Judy came by with a fish plate for my lunch, treat for Callie
and these beautiful flowers
saying "you need these on the table for Jimmy's arrival and birthday dinner on Sunday.
Thank you sweet girl.....

Lilac bush by deck in full bloom
full of butterfly's and bee's..
Beautiful sunny day
a busy day
cooler tomorrow
and Sunday....

A busy and happy time.

On prednisone high
up in the middle of the night
this is nice
but not good.
Soon lower dose
and all will settle down.