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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Cupcakes - The Owls

My Jamie
just sent the image of these cupcakes to me
that are being made.

So another post
on something to make you smile.

These are cute
Chocolate cupcakes
with Oreo eyes.
If there were little ones
I would make them...

and here is the front door

She is
like her mom :)


all is well for my family,
but not that way for so many.

At the moment only one granddaughter without electricity.

The strong wind has stopped blowing
and it swept the piles of leaves from around
cottage and in the garden.
Kind of a gift...
Now it is still and very cold.
First frost arrived
and sun is now shining.

I wonder why there have been no birds at my feeders for over 3 weeks.
Filled with fresh seed and washed they are waiting.
I glance out the window constantly to see if they have returned.
Even the squirrels have disappeared.
There must be plenty for them to eat in the woods...

A busy inside day is beginning
washing, housework, desk work, computer and making Butternut Squash soup.

Electrician arrives later today to install some lights
as you pull down the long gravel drive.
A switch to be installed inside cottage so I can turn
the lights on when I want them

I like no lights by the woods,
only the moon light - but there may be times
when I want to have the area lighter.

Thank you
to those who contacted me and remembered me in a special way.
over the last few days....

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I rarely watch television
and almost wished I had not went onto the loft
and turned on the news....

The storm really looks bad.
This grandma has 2 granddaughter's in New York city
and a grandson in Washington, D.C.

Praying for their safety and thousands of others
and a miracle.

From One Woman at the edge of the woods.
There is a strong wind blowing and a cold night predicted.

I already know
I will not be sleeping
much tonight....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It Seems To Me

It seems to me
like I am always making new grocery lists, running out and that a lot is bought and used in this home for one.....
Two days ago (I am trying to go shopping less - but not doing to good)
thought I was fine for a week.
New list started this morning.
Green tea, ice tea, frozen pie shells, eggs, bleach, milk, Nestles Quick, grape jelly and ground turkey for chili....

Breakfast this morning
an egg, bacon, 2 slices of toast & jelly and 3 cups of coffee (coffee once a week)
Just finished lunch of tomato soup with my fresh Basil, cheese, crackers, ice tea, milk and cookies .

Between breakfast and lunch - 5 pieces of chocolate candy left over from guest visiting.
Early evening, a serving of my turnip greens, turnips, peppers, hard boiled egg and bacon, ice tea
and something sweet - may make cornbread.    Probably a dish of ice cream before going to bed.

Now that seems like a lot of food to me for one petite woman who has been on a low dosage of prednisone for 2 weeks ( and off in another 5 days and it sure has helped me)
which is suppose to add weight and she has not gained one pound.  I do know all of my portions
are small.

I go to bed early and get up early and always eat something about midnight.

So my mind tells me I am always eating,  going to the grocery, preparing food, running out and it is only
for one.   How in the world for many years  did I shop and prepare for 7 and work?
Yesterday went to the Cracker Barrel for lunch.   Fish and it was the child's plate.

My last trip to the market there were large bags of mixed sweet peppers.  About 4 times what is
in the image.  I have chopped and put in freezer.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Want

I want to pull weeds,
hoe the small garden,
plant an Apple tree.

I want to clean the pantry,
defrost the freezer in the garage,
clean the refrigerator,
and wash windows.

I want to sit on the terrace and
watch the yellow Finch at the bird feeders,
I want to sit on the deck in the lounge chair
enjoying the warmth of the Fall sun.

I want to sit on the screen porch
Sit on the swing
swaying back and forth
with an empty mind.

I want to walk in the woods and enjoy
the sight of the leaves with their
Fall colors.

I dream of a wood burning stove like past years.
Could close in the deck or screen porch.
Or even turn garage into library with my
books, fire blazing and wall of glass to
view the woods.

Well aware of work and energy involved.
and not in my budget,
give up the idea
but  dream on.

I would like another raised vegetable bed,
very aware all I need  can grow in my present

Past years of creating and the mind is not
where the body is.  The mind rambles on
and the heart tells me the body cannot
keep up with your mind
and I realize - nothing is the same.

I want to sit and read the growing stack
of books by the old leather chair.
They will wait for cooler Fall and Winter inside days.
I want to watch the movie
that has been sitting on the table for several days.

I want to learn not to respond to request so easily.
A special group met in this cottage last night.
Past my bedtime we shared.
I learned nothing new and I am
drawn to quiet and alone evening times.

So weary this morning that I was in bed several
hours past my usual time of getting up.

So I wonder
why last night
did I say
"my cottage is available anytime for these special gatherings?"

Surely at this stage of life
I should have learned
to think before I speak....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Do you like Sardines?

A can of these healthy little fish have been sitting on my kitchen counter for several weeks.
Home after errands and thought they would make a quick
and healthy lunch.
I think you either really like them
or wrinkle up your nose at them like a lot of people when I share - I like them.

They are very healthy.
Full of natural Vitamin D
and more omega per 3 oz serving
then tuna or salmon.

A plus
very inexpensive....

I know my Laurie who lives in Tampa
has shared she likes them :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Beauty Continues and Wheat

Nothing new to share
just want my children and grandchildren
to know I am fine.

Warm, sunny, and wearing my favorite
old clothes and camera around my neck.

Leaves continue to whirl to the ground,
small blower has been used 3 times today.
Paths are cleared
and soon covered up again with leaves.
This is fine
just do not want to forget where they are :)

I walk in the woods
looking for something new.
I see nothing new, just the same beauty,
images are taken
and are probably being repeated.

This must be the most beautiful Fall
in my lifetime
or is it at this advanced age
I am well aware there are not as
many Falls in the future as in the past
In fact
very few
when compared to these 70 plus years.

A continual thought comes to mind,
what have I done to be given the wonderful gift
of  being allowed to return to my much loved

There is a thankful spirit that never leaves my heart.

A good day
for me and Miss Callie....

Heard noise
and looked outside
Winter Wheat being planted
and I will have a beautiful green field this winter...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Forgot

I remember the first time I tasted Pumpkin Soup.
It was in Jamaica.
the waiter was asked
what is this delicious soup.
"Pumpkin" he replied.

Yesterday running errands
one of them having car serviced.
I stopped at the local tea room
for a carry out.
Pumpkin soup, cheddar and mushroom quiche
and a slice of pumpkin cake.

Oh, the soup brought back memories.

It will be made weekly in this cottage.

I make pumpkin bread regularly - adding cranberries to it
and also pumpkin pie - but

how could I have forgotten about this delicious and healthy soup.

My recipe is simple

1 can of pumpkin puree
chopped onion
chopped celery
clove of garlic chopped
chicken broth or cream to the consistency that you like
I use cream :)

I simmer the onion, celery and garlic in olive oil until transparent
take 1/2 of pumpkin puree and blend a few minutes
and then add to rest of pumpkin
add cream and simmer
until warm
I top with some of my herbs.

So good and healthy....

Friday, October 19, 2012

Developing A Kind Nature

I read a post this morning and
did not plan on writing
but soon memories began to surface.
Seems the fingers on the keyboard
begin to fly.....

Family barriers are sad and I am so aware of  them in all sides of family
in generations past and present.
 So deeply aware of my own failures.
Thankful and hopeful my failures in the past have been resolved
 as much as
I have been able to do.

Some existed and continue because of parents sharing
with their children
and this may go on from generation to generation.
It is truly not a child's choice
but only exist from words and influence from another.
This has always burdened my heart.

As we age and hopefully grow in wisdom
we become aware of this and this fact helps resolve the issue in our heart.

Seeing it continue at times and doing all one can do,
helps at times
and then it sometimes truly burdens the heart.

~~~A person disposed of unkindness
will more easily erupt in these traits  anew
at any provocation.  But in a moment of
kindness a kindly disposition is deposited~~

Words I read and changed some.
from an article
by Andrew Olendzki

Thursday, October 18, 2012


During the night
they fell
and this is the beginning.
I think I will just leave them..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Could Live Outside

Before the rain that is expected
So much still thriving.
I feel like the luckiest
woman alive
to be surrounded by all of this beauty
to view
and a small garden that is still producing....

just went behind clouds
lucky to be outside
this wonderful morning....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Changes Never Stop

Seasons change,
generations change,
we change,
sometimes calm and regular,
and other times not this way.

This is all exciting for me to be aware of
in my small world by the woods.
Sometimes I smile and other times
just wish that it did not take me
on a emotional roller coaster.

Past thoughts of when I returned to the woods,
 built my small home, created my gardens
and a simpler lifestyle emerged
that I would from that day forward
 live in a state of
bliss, joy and total peace,
has not become reality.....

Everything continues to change
day by day
in the life of my loved ones
and my life.

Nothing remains the same.

But would we want it to remain the same ?

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Home from an early service
glance around
while putting up car.

Inside sitting in my chair

I look
there is

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Recipe - Banana Pudding

As requested....

Sprayed medium size Pyrex dish
Vanilla wafers on bottom and side

For my pudding I used 2 large bananas

Preheat oven to 350

1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 cup flour
2 cups milk
2 egg yolks beaten - whites in another bowl for meringue ( I used 3 eggs to have a richer pudding and
                                                                                               more egg whites for higher meringue)  add 1 tsp vanilla

put in pan and
 over medium heat
continually stir until thickened
then add 1 tbs butter

In prepared Pyrex dish
slice bananas over the wafers
pour part of this pudding mixture
over sliced bananas and wafers
slice more bananas over this pudding mixture
can add more wafers
end with pudding mix

Beat egg whites until soft peaks form
gradually add 1/4 cup of sugar
and vanilla
continue beating until stiffer peaks form
Spoon on top of pudding and place in

350 degree preheated oven
until nicely browned

Hope this makes sense
I usually do not follow recipes

Banana Pudding

When I lived in the local small town
for a short time.  (made several moves
after selling old farmhouse -searching.
then returned home to the country.)
I was invited to dinner every time a daughter
came to visit.

Mr. Leo, lived next door and passed away last year.
I still remember these special invitations.

Carol always made this banana pudding for desert.

There has to be something sweet in this cottage
for me to eat.
So a banana pudding was made yesterday afternoon.

Flowers that my Jamie brought me
are still looking good :)


Friday, October 12, 2012

Memory Of The Simple Hot Dog

We have several hot dog places that have opened in Nashville.
When I am in the big city
occasionally I make a stop.
Always trying to find one that compares to my memories.

Memories surface
of a  16 year old girl working after school and on Saturday
at the local dime store in Detroit, Michigan.
For the amazing sum of 50 cents an hour.

As you came in the entrance
there was the hot dog counter.
and they would be rotating on a warming machine
sizzling to perfection.
Buns in a warmer,
they were loaded with mustard, onions and chili.
and devoured.

To this very day
nothing has compared
to those hot dogs....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday Day

A beautiful day
Began at 30 degrees
cold, crisp, no wind
and then wonderful sunshine
and 60 degrees.

Youngest, My Jamie arrived
with my two youngest grandchildren.
Visiting, lunch, pumpkin patch, turnip greens picked
just time together.

A good day
a lot of phone calls and emails.

As time goes by and I post
do not like
health issues
but it will probably surface from time to time.
Sjogrens and the body filled with inflammation
is making a difference in my quality of life.
Sometimes walking with a cane
has not been me
but guess it is now.

Prednisone was started yesterday for 10 days
as a starter  and held off
as long as I could.
It Is making a difference in 24 hours
 and hopefully this
is just a 2 or 3 times a year procedure.

Wanted to share the happiness of my day
and also some issues that are going on in my life.

It could be so much worse
ever thankful
it waited until late 70's
but am having difficulty accepting what is going on
at this time in my life.

Smile when you look at the happiness on these faces.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Monday In October

Two years ago.
  This afternoon
spotted on the terrace.    Thoughts keep surfacing - where are all of the birds?
None at feeders for a number of days.   Wonder what this means?
 This evening
dinner for one.   My favorite a lobster tail.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

From Loft Window

up the stairs
to the loft

Sitting on my son's
small leather director chair
checking the news and weather
 on television

I glance to my right
 out the window
I see a small flag on an old tree stump
blowing in the wind
Trees are turning golden

Sun is shining on the
old stained glass window.

Could not get an image
to do it justice.

A morning spent in a
country church
singing old familiar hymns

It has been a good day....

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Arriving

It was 38 on the deck early this morning
Sun now shining, wind blowing
and chilly.

Leaves are beginning to turn
Still a lot of blooms in garden and on rose bushes,
turnip greens look great and need to be picked.
Just placed  a big bouquet of herbs on the kitchen table,
the scent is wonderful.

Energy level like the temperature has gone down drastically.
At this time of year this usually happens
,Holidays will arrive with a time of being busy
and then a couple of months of time to read and then
walks outside to see what is surfacing for Spring.

Birthday cards are arriving
and a special box from Michigan
filled with some items new to me.
Love the soap with a Ladybug on it,
some tea that is new to me, honey flavored
with raspberry and hazelnut and a special
old pin from from this daughter's collection.

It almost seems like my stream of consciousness
writing thoughts are decreasing or is it drying up.
.  So there will
probably not be as many postings.

All comments and emails are so important to me.
Important does not seem like the right word
since they bring me so much joy....

Do have entries that need to be included in my
collection so grandchildren will be aware of some family history.
With cooler weather there are a number of old pictures that need to be scanned
for computer

One grandchild made the remark in the past "grandma I did not know
that you had a swimming pool when mom was growing up."
I smiled  and shared they were at two different homes.
Also a boat that was named for me :)
Lunches were prepared for outings and a memory surfaces of
how good food taste on the water.  The evening before I would
fry chicken and make potatoe salad, baked beans and stuffed eggs, some fruit and always
a desert and plenty of drinks.  It did not take long for it all to be

I take for granted that my children pass on information to my
grandchildren - but some things I guess just do not surface in
their talking to one another.

I can remember asking an Aunt who has passed away for more
information about my grandmother.
Her reply was she did not know and never thought to ask.
I always thought this was odd.
There is so much I do not know about the grandmother who was
my idol and I felt loved me more then anyone.
There is now no one to ask.
I find this sad...

Guess I have always been interested in history of family
and asked a lot of questions.   Now I realize these questions
should have been asked many years ago of this special grandmother.

Enough rambling on this Saturday afternoon.
Weather is changing
and seems some old and new health issues are surfacing at this time
hopefully they will disappear soon....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Early Wednesday Thoughts

Hardly a month goes by without a death
of someone I know.  This happens as we age.

A call
that a cousin's wife had passed away after a brief illness
Just 61.

Then, the last of the older people who treated me so special
in this small community has passed away.  A special lady
of 97.  When I think of her she will always remain an Angel.

Buying the old farm house, just passed 40 years of age,
making a new home for myself and children, there were so
many older people who reached out to me.  The attention and
love they
showered upon me  was needed.   I now smile at the reality
of my arriving,  but
years ago I found it unsettling that ladies my age rarely welcomed
me in the same way.  I arrived in this small town a lot different
from the farming community ladies.   Remodeling a 100 plus farmhouse,
an upscale vehicle, a lot of remnants of a life she had left.
  Guess a newcomer, attractive and going through a divorce
is not one that most ladies her age would be drawn too.

My youngest daughter is going to visit and attend the funeral with me.
She spent her growing up years in this church
and many will reach out to her.

Errands yesterday and a neighbor placed some old bales of straw in my pickup.
When my rare help is here it will be spread on an area that is washing.
  Not to long ago I would have done this - but not anymore.

Yesterday was also a  misty rain kind of day.
Cool and leaves are rapidly changing.
Smoke and scent from the tobacco barns hangs
heavy in the air.

Another busy day begins
with thankfulness for much
in my life,
but many thoughts on my mind
of past and future....

I have found that many circumstances in my life
that at one time
caused me unhappiness
now bring a smile to my face.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Deer and Dove

The last few days I have heard gunshots on the  back of this property.  Callie hides under the chair on the porch and comes close to me for me for comfort.     I do not like hearing gun shots near this property and my heart aches as the thought comes to mind - it is dove hunting season.  These gentle and soft almost like velvet birds represent peace to me.

The gunshots will be heard again when deer season opens.    How sad....

Then another thought arises...

There was a time years ago in the past  there was a collection of guns in the homes I lived in.
Beautiful gleaming wood that was polished and they had special cabinets with glass doors.
The man of the house was a hunter.

As life continued and I created  homes for myself and children, guns were not a
part of our lifestyle.  At the old farmhouse there were remnants of another lifestyle,  a stuffed deer on the wall that had been a part
of some one's life in the family.   Soon it came down off the wall.   Then something I am very ashamed of there was a stuffed pheasant that was done when I raised many different kinds of birds.
Soon this was given away.

We continue to change on our life journey.   Time passes, you age, look back at circumstances, ups and downs of your past life and suddenly realize how much you have changed.

I remember spotting a deer statue in the window of a special shop almost 40 years ago.
Few items do I see and think I have to have it.  But I wanted this deer statue.   It was purchased and has been on the
mantle of my homes.
Another carved deer hangs far up on the high ceiling.
They each have their own special stories, a part of my past.   They are a reminder of the special animals that dwell in my woods.