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Friday, February 28, 2014

My Truck and Today....

Someone recently commented on this post that was written in October of 2013.

I pulled it up and the image reminds me that soon my surroundings will look
something similar.

I am taking
hopefully what will be a short break.
Seems some health issues
are not continuing to improve.

Just wanted to check in and say thank you
for emails received
wondering - where am "I".

Early morning service for old truck
which is now 15 years old and hey that is not old old.
I love this truck and it was purchased after I sold old farm house,
moved into a condo for a few months and then decided to build again on my property.
So excited as I planned and sketched this home.

Remembering all that happened concerning this truck.
I could not make a trip to the big city and look at truck but knew
exactly what I wanted.  Also had a  discount because of family
member working at Ford.   Made a call and talked to a salesman, told
him exactly what I wanted, I could not drive to Nashville and did he have any suggestions.
A taupe colored medium Ford Ranger, roll up windows, air conditioning and nothing extra
but a radio.  He told me they had something available at a special price and he
would bring it to me with the papers if I decided to purchase.  Was hard to believe
what I was hearing.

So excited as they pulled into the condo drive as it was just what I wanted.
He also brought someone with him in another car to witness sale and drive
him back to Nashville.    In a matter of minutes this truck was purchased.

After I moved from this country home into the big city - my son suggested I did
not need a truck along with my car and he purchased to use in his business.
Business was closed down 5 years ago and I bought my special truck back from him
as I prepared to return to the country.

Serviced this morning and brakes will have to be replaced and that is fine.  It would not
have the many miles on it that it possesses if it had not been used as a company vehicle.
and since returning to the country
just wish I had a shelter for this vehicle and thoughts of a carport but as life is
at the moment do not need more additions here and the cost.   All of my scattered
neighbors keep their vehicles outside even though they have garages.   Always wonder
about this :)   they must be filled with stuff....

I have thoughts as Fall continues and Winter sets in if I will regain the energy that
I possessed a year ago .   The last 10 days doing well, good appetite, sleeping like I am exhausted 
(and that is different and guess body is still healing)  except for balance problem and I love this cane. Hopefully my energy  will return by Spring but will except wherever I am 
weary of talking about it, family tired of hearing it and always say "you look good",  do not agree with
their statement, and tired of being angry with energy level.

My optimism and will is strong and may it remain like this.

Another issue is my new television, which I did not want but son thought I would enjoy
with Winter around the corner ( will have to say that yesterday enjoyed PBS and for the
first time in many years I watched 60 Minutes).

seems no one can properly connect DVD player.   Hopefully soon....
or may have to wait until Thanksgiving
when special son-in law comes for dinner....

Friday, February 21, 2014

Busy Day, Police and Special Suit

A busy day today and horrible
storms during the night
and do not think I ever remember such a display of lightning - felt like hiding :(

Much past my bedtime I called my Beth on cell phone to tell her land line phone
was not working.
Aware of this I was told and she had been checking with someone and learned phones
and some electricity out in my area.
I only use my cell phone when in car and it was not on for her to get in touch with me.
Phone will be repaired next week :(

Early morning viewing and thankful of no damage
just water and mud everywhere
and a lot of limbs from the old trees are everywhere.

Not much sleep and left home at 7:30 for dental appointment.  All went well and since already
half way to big city, continued onward.   Looked out rear view mirror and police car is following me.
Upset and wondered what had I done.
I asked this and he replyed "you do not have your seat belt on."
I now wear a cross body purse and when in car it makes me think I have the seat belt on.
Guess I did not have it on.   He was so kind when I explained this, looked at my licence
and a compliment was given.   Now in the past this would have made me smile but not now.
So I was not given a ticket, just a warning, told not to be so upset, he did not mean to spoil my day and to continue on safely to Nashville.
I have such much to be thankful for
do not like the cane for balance issue that seems to come and go (especially if get upset)
along with energy level that
not like it was 5 years ago and I keep thinking it should be...
I am well aware that this one is not aging gracefully, not realistic,  refuses to slow down
and goes until she has to stop because she cannot take another step.

So onward on my journey to return something in the big city and this is one more reason I buy most online.
So convenient and easy to return items by just putting in the mail.  I have been looking for something special for the upcoming wedding just in case I can go to New York.

A trunk load of items left at my Jamie's home and want her to look through them before
leaving off at Goodwill.  Muddy car was washed at the best place in Nashville and then onward towards the country with quick stop for a hamburger as I had to have something in
my stomach.   Earlier had finished my energy drink and coconut almond bar.
No upscale or healthy eating on this day....

So good to pull down my long gravel drive.   A lot of  limbs need to be picked up from the storm
but will take my time.

Whenever I make a long, tiring trip like this
it is so good to be home
and I have thoughts of never ever leaving the woods again.

An image sent to me
that makes me smile and brings tears to my eyes.
A memory keeper

My handsome soninlaw being fitted for a suit for
his only daughter's and
my granddaughter's soon to be wedding.

Enough shared
and now time for this one to feed Callie,
 scramble an egg, cook a slice of bacon, brew some tea and have a slice of toast
before I end the day :)  and might add that while watching the news will have a
big bowl of ice cream....

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Blustery winds before the storm predicted for tonight.
Ground is so wet and seems like I am walking on a sponge.
Several days of warmer weather
and this one is outside looking for signs of Spring.
Just anything "green."

Robins and Blue Birds continually viewed.
Lilac bush and cannot tell if these are new or old buds :)
Look what I found in the garage and now sitting in my kitchen.

In between my restlessness and craving Spring, this book continues to be enjoyable
"about scientific, financial, and psychological intricacies of climate change - with
breathtakingly beautiful butterflies at the center of all of this" words in part from
the Washington Post...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18th From The Front Porch

not to share.....

Thoughts In The Night

This small bookcase came to mind during the night.
An elderly man made this for me about 40 years ago
as I wanted a small one for my bedroom at the farm house.

It was in the cottage garage with tools on the shelves.
So one morning it was cleaned and brought upstairs
with the help of someone
helping me that day.
Does not appear too heavy - but I struggled helping
to putting it in the loft bedroom area and it is in place.

So many books that belong to my son
and are stored in the storage area.  Many were
placed on the shelves.
My son on his soon trip to the woods
can arrange to his liking.

On his last trip home
he arranged this bookcase.

Avid readers and seems my children
collect books
 and now grandchildren
are beginning this trait.

Also a trunk that I bought for my son probably 50 years
ago was on the loft
and it was brought downstairs and I am using it for a
coffee table in my reading space
A place for more books :)

So organizing continues
and I thought I was all finished..

On a snowy and cold day
this one
watched this being prepared.
A meatloaf that is a little different from my old recipe.

---------     1/2 ground turkey and 1/2 ground beef
shredded carrots and instead of cracker crumbs
or bread - oats.
So this along with her onions and regular seasoning
was good.
Enough left for 2 more meals and I only made 1/2 the recipe.
Along with mashed potatoes and spinach was healthy.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Chicken Paprikash and Never Say Never

Simmering on the stove in an old cast iron pot
on Sunday afternoon
is Chicken Paprikash and will serve over egg noodles.

The aroma is wonderful.

This one has commented many times over the years
"I do not like television and seldom watch."
It seems I have become addicted to cooking shows
over a winter that seems longer and colder  then I remember them in the past.

A chef shared that when he was growing up
his neighbor from another country had cooked this for years
and shared the recipe with him.

So easy and as usual only making half.
I used chicken breasts and 2 thighs instead of whole chicken.

A wonderful day
sun shining
and almost 50 and continues.
So muddy
and I must sow some grass seed in a few days...

Spring must be on the way....

Saturday, February 15, 2014

From Birth To Almost 12 Years

Grandma looked at her new
a few hours old
and now almost
12 years later
she is
getting ready to go to a
Valentines dance
with her dad.
Time you are
racing by...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Grandmother's Trunk

Many years ago
on the many visits to my grandmother's home
I was fascinated by this trunk.

It sat under the telephone
which sat on a little shelf.

Memories of the party line
and I had been instructed to not pick it up
unless it rang a certain amount of times.

Everyone on this line
I think were notorious
for picking it up,
covering the mouth piece
and listening in :)
I think everyone knew a lot that was going on
in peoples lives that they had never met.

The trunk was covered with a piece of material with flowers on it.

Sometimes it would be uncovered and opened
and I would see the contents.
Always remember a pink velvet turban which contained
the hair from the head of my father's youngest sister.
Virginia passed away at age 22 with a brain tumor.
My grandmother became a widow in her early 30's with 6 children.
  So sad and I still remember seeing
her the coffin in the front room of my grandmother's small home.

I could not have been over 5 or 6
and remember to this day how beautiful she was.

Remember in later years making a request for this trunk

My father secured this trunk for me after my grandmother passed away.

It has traveled from home to home with me
but in this much smaller home and no room for it.
So at this time it is stored at a friends in a nearby town.

This was on my mind throughout the night and it is
strange how something will come to mind and you keep thinking about.
This trunk and other items with family history
that I really do not think any of my children or grandchildren
But then I have always liked and been drawn to family items with history.
For some reason they make me feel  connected.
Can remember as a child always asking about certain items and I guess
this is the reason that my mother and grandmother passed items on to me.

I am going to have someone pick up the trunk for me
and bring it to this cottage
and going to paint it Bright Red.
I saw one somewhere like this
and cannot remember where...

Where I will put it
do not know where
as no space
but may put it in my bedroom :)
It needs to come home..

While on this subject
I remember when my mother passed away
and the daughter of my stepfather appeared
and a long story
but she took possession of many family items.
I was asked if there was anything I wanted
and I picked out several items
and to this day
wish I had taken my mother's old
coffee pot that sat on top of her stove.

Strange such an item comes to mind :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Addition To My Bookcase

Just finished reading "The Invention Of Wings" by Sue Monk Kidd.
It will be added to other favorite books in bookcase in my bedroom.
I truly enjoyed this book.

This bookcase holds old favorites
some go back close to 50 years.
It holds my first bible given to me when I was 9 years old
Nardin Park Methodist Church in Detroit, Michigan. I was sent alone
represented the family and sang in the choir...
Also 3 other bibles all underlined, dated and tear stained.
Some much loved books
would be older then the 50 years
but so sad that when I married and packed away my books
and returned for them several weeks later
my mother had thrown them away - the thought of this still brings a moment of sadness

A bookcase in area by computer, sitting and kitchen
holds all my Yoga, Buddhism, classics and gardening books.

I have mentioned to many that my favorite book of all times
was "Shell Seekers" by Rosemunde Pilcher.
An hour ago took it off the shelf , a paperback
and inside dated 1989 and I wrote "my favorite book of all."

My son, all of my children and grandchildren  are avid readers and I remember the
afternoon he called and told me he noticed a First Edition of "Shell Seekers"
 in the window of a used book store.  I immediately told him to purchase
it for me. Price was reasonable and this is the hard covered book.

Also 4 other of this author's books on the shelf.

Have not reread this book in over 10 years and going to begin again
this evening or tomorrow.   Want to see if I still think is is wonderful.

I shared in a post years ago that I allowed a movie to be made at the
old farmhouse years ago.   I would never do this again as it was very emotional for me.
Special furnishing all put outside and covered for over a week.
Home totally redecorated for film and accustomed to somewhat of a solitary lifestyle
and there were many in my much loved surroundings.
Strangers, camera's, but the best part a special truck with the best food for 3 meals a day
for those working on the set and "this one."
Food was fabulous and much cooked on outdoor grills, a dozen picnic tables in my
yard. Very little income for this major discomfort and I now smile when I remember my son's
words "look at this like an adventure." :)
I also remember the crew and director wanted me to leave the premises
told me they would put me up in a motel - no way was I going to leave...

One of the directors of this film, an older lady that I became very fond of
was the one of the directors on the move set of "Shell Seekers."   I have a special
letter she wrote me.

Of all things
the name of this film being made
was "Is There Life Out There."

As time went by in the farm house
this divorced one
with 4 children
had begun a new journey
a lifestyle much unlike she had lived in the past in the big city.
Strange that I knew almost immediately
this is the lifestyle I was created for...

With older children finishing college and now my youngest in college
I sometimes would wonder
"Is There Life Out There."

Enough sharing.....

Monday, February 10, 2014

Missing You

Three women who encouraged and loved me
I miss them all.
First my beloved grandmother
My son was a toddler when she passed away.
Oh the memories of the many times
I spent with her in my young years.

My mother passed away 14 years ago today
It was another very cold February.

She was 82 and it was just a few days from her next birthday

My mother and father on their wedding day
She is 17 and he is 22.
So very young.

Then my special Aunt Lucille
now gone 5 years.  We would talk on the telephone
several times a week.
She was in her 90's
the oldest to live in my family.

Oh how I miss their
love, comforting words
and wisdom....

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pleasure For This One

First pleasure

My granddaughter's in New York have called yesterday and today.
First my Sarah
and then a few minutes ago
My, Jessica
the soon to be bride.

Then a note from my youngest daughter that my youngest granddaughter is now using the word
"shaloha" for a salutation :)  Where in the world did she come up with this - always making up
different words that make me smile.   Sounds tropical...

I do believe
the spot of orange deep in the woods may be
a Scarlet Tanager
What an accomplishment
if I can get a photo...

I will walk the path deep into the woods.

I might add
the pleasure of reading "The Invention of Wings"
75% finished
and will read again in the future.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It Has Been A long Time

Yes, a long time
since I could just sit
and read and read
so contentedly.

Last night finished Anna Quindlen's
"Still Life With Bread Crumbs"

Really liked it
and contained life, loneliness, love, loss, time past, reinventing yourself and the future.

Could relate to all of it.

Mail just arrived with a copy of
Sue Monk Kidd's
"The Invention Of Wings"

Was going to check out library
but long wait - so just ordered from Amazon...

and after I write this post
going to sit and read....

I have never thought of adding chopped avocado to egg salad
an article shared doing this.  Only difference is
using part all boiled eggs and 1/2 just the whites.
All mixed with your additive.
Going to try this as avocado's such a good buy at this time.
Be sure and make egg salad
and then fold in chopped avocado last...

Standing at the kitchen sink this morning and looking out window
I noticed something really bright orange on a tree in the woods.
I did not venture out and noticed after lunch it was gone.
If it reappears again
I will bundle up and go check the woods to see what it is.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I smile
when looking out the kitchen window
early this morning
I saw a bluebird at the bird house
they occupy every Spring.
He was so quick I could not take his picture
I cannot find
my image taken last year
so borrowed this from Google :)

Now I know
even though ice on much at the moment
Spring will arrive
for they probably are never wrong
and planning for Spring...

Made a quick trip outside to refill feeders
sure was icy
boots on
and was careful.

Almonds and cashews
I love
but so hard to chew.
Just learned something that I did not know.

I will now keep a container with different kinds of nuts
soaking in water in refrigerator.   Removes much that is not good for you
and they are somewhat softer.
You can check it out on Google.

Just returned from having tires rotated, oil change
and car filled with gas.  It started pouring rain while
doing all of this and temperature is dropping.

Some more items off of my to do list
which seemingly never ends.

I sure was wrong when I was younger and had
thoughts of the future
not being as busy - it has not happened yet.

Time for early evening
something to eat
and would like to read...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ice On Country Road

Yes, it has returned
and busy inside.
I want to finish reading

"Still Life With Bread Crumbs" later today. 

I read a post the other day of someone else that does this
on her January 21st entry :)
Use tissue paper in a number of ways and am in process of reorganizing my closet
and put tissue between my sweaters.  So I recycle...
Don't laugh but was on the loft ironing and since iron was warm took a bag of tissue
paper saved in a big shopping bag and pressed - looks like new :)

Will continue eating soup made yesterday - white bean chili with the last of turkey frozen
after Christmas.   This extra sharp Provolone cheese when grated on top is so tasty.
I love all types of cheese and next trip to the big city need to go to "Whole Foods"  they carry
many different types of imported cheese and my favorite is Drunken Goat and have not
purchased this since last summer.
Thoughts keep surfacing of writing less as what I share is beginning to seem boring.
Guess it is habit and family know I am still on the planet....
Just heard UPS truck on gravel drive.   Driver could hardly get to cottage it is so icy.
Guess I will not be going out to the mailbox anytime soon.
This book just arrived and I want to do continuing research on natural products
that may ease this terrible arthritis pain.   Read an article that stated it was number one for chronic pain.
Very fortunate this was not at this level until about 5 years ago.
Have had thoughts it would go away - but do not think so.
Well aware that if this is all I have at this stage of life
I am very fortunate....
Of course
this weather sure does not help....

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Morning, Afternoon and Another Day is Over

Beginning dawn and the sun is brightly shining through the trees.
Day is beginning
Predicted is a warm day, almost 60 and then cold returning tomorrow.
Unplanned but want to take a couple of small gifts to my granddaughter's
and also can see the youngest at her gymnastic lesson this morning.
Soon I am on the road and was so pleased I made the effort to drive to the big city.
With cane sitting on seat beside me and still cannot get use to
this purse that hangs on opposite shoulder as cane in other hand.
Not taking time to edit images or what I share
Day has ended and grandma is very weary.
Oh, they are growing up too fast
I look at my children and think of them being 20 years younger then they are.
I wonder is this normal
but then I am now old
and maybe that is the way
you think at this time of life.
Time is going by too fast
every day begins and ends
and still much I have not done.
Anything that needs to be taken care of
needs to be done.
This one needs to slow down and not
be thinking all the time.
Love this image from the circus last week.