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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drunken Goat Cheese

I can remember the first time my son brought "Drunken Goat Cheese" to my home. Thanksgiving and this was something he brought. I love cheese, all kinds of cheese - but never heard of this kind before. After a taste - I fell in love with it. Sure did not know it is one of the most expensive cheese you can purchase. So when I buy a very small piece - I will not be sharing!!!!

The only place near me that sells it is Whole Foods in Nashville. On my recent visit I bought a small portion. Because of the price, being solo (do not plan on sharing :) I picked out the smallest section. I asked the young man behind the cheese counter if he could tell me something about the cheese? His answer "it's a goat cheese" :)

That was not a sufficient answer for this One Woman --so---just looked up some information about this tasty product. Comes from the Village of Jumilla - Murcia region of Spain (area sure foreign to this lady). Drunken Goat refers to the fact that it is soaked in red wine for 3 days and that is why the rind of the cheese is a shade of red.

The cheese is wrapped well and sitting in the refrigerator. When I feel like treating myself I will have a slice with some special crackers. Might even have a glass of wine.

Is there anyone that reads my journal other then family, familiar with this cheese? It took me over 60 years to learn about this cheese :)

Wherever you are on this planet - have a wonderful day.

Happy, well, safety and peace - wishes sent your way.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am borrowing these words from Laura

The words have gone over and over in my mind. I read them on her site and the thoughts will not stop.

One Woman - Almostnotyet - in every area of her life. Spiritual, health, emotional, family, dreams, garden, photography, and on and on.

Is it not that way - with all of us. Is it that some recognize it and others never give it a thought.

Do I think too much, am I too sensitive? Yes, and I would be no other way.

Another birthday is arriving soon. How in the world can I be in my 70's? Where has time gone? There is still so much I want to do. So many dreams realized and so many I would like to surface.

Time is running out, or rather time as I know it now. If not time then the energy is diminishing . A trip to the big city yesterday and this morning I could hardly get out of bed. Now that is not me. I usually wake up running.

So what is the answer? Continue to take one day at a time, savor each day and continue to dream and who knows what miracles still might happen?




Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Greetings From Copenhagen

A special letter from my grandson. I have a folder titled "Letters From Thailand" from my son and I will start another file for my grandchildren.

No words to describe what these letters mean to me. As I read them - I smile and eyes are full of tears. To think this busy young man took the time to write to his grandma at Woodhaven.

I am still smiling !!!!

How are you? Copenhagen has been a great experience so far, I have been here a little over a month now and finally feel settled in. The city itself is very beautiful and traditional Nordic architecture. The Danish culture is also very interesting. The people are very nice to Americans even though they can come off a bit cold at
first. The biggest difference so far has been the prices of things. Since their taxes are so high it raises the prices of all the goods, so eating out is very expensive!
It has not been too bad though because I have started cooking alot and actually am finding I enjoy making my own meals. Hopefully that is something I will take back with me when I go back to America. I have taken a couple trips already, I took a cruise to Oslo, Norway which was very beautiful, the sunsets and sunrise on the ocean were really amazing sights. Then this weekend I just got back from Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. That was a pretty crazy experience, almost 2 million people go to Munich for the festival. It was a really cool experience seeing so many people from all across the world,everyone there is so open and friendly and met a lot of really interesting people.
The weather here has been pretty nice with it usually being in the 60s. However it is also very rainy but usually the rain doesn't last. Everyone says the winters are real cold but hopefully it will hold off a little while longer. I'm sure you know this but my parents come in 2 weeks to visit and I am really excited to see them and show them around Copenhagen. I hope everything is well with you and I hope you are feeling okay. I know the weather has been real hot in Nashville but hopefully you escape some of the heat up in the countryside. I am really looking forward to coming back to Nashville in the spring and definitely will come visit again once Spring breaks, your new house is very peaceful and relaxing and I am glad you have found solitude there. I will try to keep you updated on my happenings.
Love Gavin

Monday, September 27, 2010

September Ending

The last of my small garden - except turnip greens and herbs.

The first time I have been able to capture a bee on one of my flowers :)

Roses are still blooming
Miss Callie, you look so peaceful.

It has cooled off this early morning in the 50's and the weather is wonderful. Have errands to run and just do not want to leave the woods.

A slight rain, not much - but anything welcome. One Woman continues keeping her path through the woods clear of leaves, working in garden, writing and every now and then a good image.

Callie always knows when her mistress is going to town. She watches through the screen porch and trying to fool her does not work. She sees the bottle of water and a snack bag going into the vehicle. She always goes into her dog pen and watches as the vehicle pulls out the long drive.

She must just sit and watch for the my return - because when she is let out of her pen she immediately comes onto the porch and goes to sleep. A sigh of relief is almost heard "she is home".

Wherever you are on this planet - enjoy these last days of September.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where Did You Come From

I do not know if anyone else is like this One Woman when it comes to recipes?

I am always jotting them down. Early this morning cleaning out the basket by my telephone I found a Chocolate Chip pie recipe. In my hand writing and I followed perfectly. Something did not quite seem right to me about the 1 cup of butter. I mixed the filling, put it in the oven and as it was cooking began to look through cook books and online recipes.

Some recipes quite similar and they all called for 1/2 cup of butter. So...I have this super rich pie to treat my craving for chocolate.

Still - I wonder where did I get this recipe from? Must have thought it was good for me to have copied it . Also in my mind I pictured a chocolate colored pie not a pie with melted chocolate chips in it.

I will have to taste this pie to see if I want to share the recipe :)

Remember - One Woman ---Slow down, you move to fast. You are even copying recipes wrong.


Just finished late lunch and had a slice of the pie. I found it Delicious, very sweet and loaded with calories :)

Toll House Cookie Pie

2 large eggs ( I used 3 small)
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup butter - room temperature
1/2 cup flour
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup chopped walnuts
Beat eggs and add sugar, vanilla, butter, flour and stir in chocolate chips and walnuts
Place in unbaked pie crust
325 for 1 hour

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Almost Perfect

An early morning gift.

~I'll tell you how the sun rose a ribbon at a time ~
Emily Dickenson

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Woman In The Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self and the world makes you queen for a day, just go to the mirror and look at yourself, and see what that woman has to say.

For it isn't your mother, your father, your husband, or children's whose judgement you must pass.

The person's whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from the glass.

She's the person to please, never mind all the rest, for she's with you clear up to the end, and you've passed your most dangerous and difficult test, if the woman in glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of life, and get pats on your back as you pass.

But your final reward will be heartache and tears - if you've cheated the woman in the glass.

Dale Wimbrow

I found this poem last night. It spoke volumes to this One Woman and I want to share.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Is there someone in your life that always has a smile on her face and whenever you see them
they make you feel good?

Lucy has the most uplifting affect on this One Woman. I truly love her.

She is a former neighbor of mine and also at one time owned a small shop in our town. She gathered some of the most unique items from estate sales for her shop. I have a number of items in this cottage that came from Lucy. She is very gifted and everything she does looks special.

This morning there was a sale and I bought this heavy stone stepping stone from her and have placed it among my flowers.

Lucy has the most beautiful yard partially surrounded by an old iron fence. Her garden changes dramatically with the seasons and I have never stopped to visit that I did not leave with a cutting of a plant.

Guess what???? She shared that in her small yard she is putting in a swimming pool and for me to come by and dig up any plants I want - Oh my - in the morning at dawn I am headed for her garden.

I was in town very early this morning - like 6:30 AM. I took my neighbor to the hospital for an out patient procedure. About 4 hours to fill my time before picking her back up. First, I had breakfast at a new place across from our courthouse. French toast that was made a little different from mine. Orange juice was included in the batter and it was sprinkled with powdered sugar and sliced strawberries. A true treat before I headed for several grocery stores.

Time to make the pickup at hospital and headed home to Miss Callie.

One more dry and very hot afternoon. I will be inside most of the day.
Lucy, thank you for making my day special :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A September 20th Day

Early mornings are a delightful 50 degrees and then in a few hours it begins to climb onward to 90. Living close to the woods brings the advantage of being slightly cooler and usually a delightful breeze.

Many hours for several days have been spent working outside. Flowers and herbs surroundings Woodhaven still have a lot of summer beauty.

The nature path in the woods is finished. I am so pleased. There have been weeks of raking, branches removed, root stubble's cut and path swept:). I can walk under the towering trees - deeper into the woods and have checked out an area that I remember last Fall. After a rain some of the wild ferns will be transplanted closer to my cottage. This path will be walked often at dawn and later in the day. Callie always my companion.

The quiet and peacefulness in the woods is almost breathtaking. The towering tree's a delight for One Woman to behold.

I smile when I think of my son viewing his mom's handiwork. I can remember his comment for me not to clear the woods. When he visits he will see it is just a path :) All of my children love to walk and hopefully they will help keep this path clear.

"I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men then when we stay in our chambers"

~Henry David Thoreau~

Monday, September 20, 2010


Discovered growing under my old garden table.

They look like a work of art.

Nature is amazing.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order....

John Burroughs

Friday, September 17, 2010

Extreme Opposites

Living in the big city for two years I became very aware of the difference between city life and country life.

I was very weary when I returned home from my recent day in the city. Very aware that there were too many items on my list (as my daughter's have reminded me ). No surprise I did not get it all done. I will return soon at a more leisurely pace. I love browsing in the different little shops. A number of delightful little neighborhoods with special little shops. Hillsboro Village, Centennial Park area and German town to mention a few. Each have cozy little eating places and shops. Miss eating at the Kien Gians a Vietnamese restaurant where I would eat lunch occasionally with my son. This is not far from the Sylvan Park area where I not too long ago built a city cottage.

Would someday like to wander around in the Nashville downtown area. So many memories from another time. Memories of going to town with my grandmother on the bus, Sunday dinners at special places with husband and children, Special shops that are long gone. Downtown Nashville is a totally different place. I might get lost :)

I need to take a couple of days vacation in Nashville. Just Miss Callie - what do I do?? Do not want to leave her penned up for a few days. But maybe that is not to bad. Have not come to a decision. This is one of the downsides of having a much loved pet. So maybe the answer is just to take day trips without a long list of what you want to do. That would be more relaxing. One Woman has a problem with pacing herself :)

Being a very sensitive person with a strong sense of intuition. Sometimes this trait is almost to a fault but maybe not as it allows me to be passionately aware of simplicity, nature, people, pain and joy.

I find the energy surrounding the city exciting but draining. Very aware of the lack of silence. If you stand still and concentrate a constant hum can be heard and felt - almost like a vibration.

Heading down the highway to the country and leaving the city behind calmness begins to comes over me like a cozy blanket. Driving down my road breathing becomes normal and I smiled at the sight of nature that is meeting me. Seems like the old trees are smiling, birds are chirping, Callie begins to stand at the fence with her tail wagging wildly. All are greeting me and saying she is home!!!

So for several days I will tackle growing stacks of paper work on my desk, stretch, breathe deep and go at a slower pace. Gardening is at a halt and the leaves are beginning to fall.

All of this brings to mind some words from a Simon and Garfunkel's song -

"Slow down you move too fast. Got to make the morning last".

Jan from - reminded me of these words not too long ago.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuscany Bread And Waldorf Salad

Who else but One Woman would take an image of loaf of Tuscany bread? It is sitting on a over 100 year old biscuit board that was my grandmother's. My mother passed it on to me.

Just finished a grilled cheese sandwich which was wonderful. I am this bread's favorite fan.

Trying to eat healthy for one is a challenge. I made a portion of a Waldorf salad to go with my sandwich. Had the ingredients on hand and did not use celery.

Waldorf Salad - Woodhave style

Chopped Apple
Hand full of Raisins
Hand full of sliced seedless Black Grapes.
Hand full of chopped Walnuts
Mixed with sour cream and a very little mayo.

Tasted good to me!!!

I tried to download information about Provence in Hillsboro Village and it would not go through.
It is my favorite and if you are ever in Nashville - drop in....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visit To The Nearest Big City

I have put off for months driving into Nashville. A dozen places are on my list.

My cell phone needs to be updated. It has been dropped more times then I can remember and I am surprised it even works. Even dropped in the toilet several times. I have a habit of sticking it in the back of my waistband as pockets are shallow and I might lose it. Consequently when I have to make an errand I forget the phone is in my waistband and it falls in the toilet.

Here are the results of the visit to the phone store. The young man asked me if there was something wrong with my phone. I replied "no." Just my contract was up for renewal and wanted a phone with larger screen and numbers. (plus my little granddaughter wants grandma's old phone to play with) I was told if I get that type of phone it has a lot of features I do not use and do not want to learn how to use - that my phone bill would increase.

The nice young man informed me that my phone was better then many on display and had greater battery time. So ---- I still have my old phone.

Have a gift card that is months old for the really big grocery. So I purchased a lot of small items. A pro biotic fruit drink that is loaded with vitamins - my favorite flavor - mango. Some items that my local grocery does not carry - tahini and miso. Guess what ??? I forgot to use the gift card - it is still in my purse.

Doctor appointment at 8:00; I left home at 6:45 and traffic was so bad I was 15 minutes late. Called to let them know I was on the way. Needed a booster tetanus shot and flu shot. Important since I might come across some old piece of barb wire. Callie has scratched me several times with her nails. Not meaning to but when she jumps up my arms are the victim. Also wanted to share about my fall 3 weeks ago.

It was impressed upon me once again that I should not hesitate taking the medication I have for this ongoing colitis. I just do not like to take anything. It is so severe lately. Lymphatic Colitis is inflammation of the colon. Just a nuisance and then stress makes it worse.

Was able to stop at the wonderful bakery for Tuscany bread. It is so good when it is slightly warmed and toasted in olive oil in a frying pan on the stove.

In the parking lot my best sunglasses fell off my face. Lucky, the optical shop in the mall put the part that goes over your ear - back on.

Did not go to 3 places on my list. Would like a new pair of walking shoes. Did buy a new pair of jeans. Will be my big city jeans - all I have very faded - which I love - but some I will take for doing work in the woods. I never fail to find slacks that fit me at Banana Republic. Will not share the size....

I love browsing in a shop where so much looks old. I could pull up a chair and just stay in Anthropologie.

Should treat myself to a nice sit down lunch ... but will probably grab something quickly at one of the eating places and head back to the country. Did just that - my favorite hot dog place.
Veggie dog on wheat bun with his homemade cold slaw - so guess it was not too unhealthy.

So I left the big city with items still on my list. Wanted to drive by my city home. Was getting late in the day and I just headed back to the woods and Miss Callie.

No one in my lifetime has ever ever greeted me with so much love as this little dog. I let her out of her pen and she almost dances!! Callie, guess I will keep you :)

I will return to the big city in a few weeks. My to do list will be smaller.

The mistress of Woodhaven is very tired. 4 messages on phone that need to be returned.

She is calling it a day. A busy day that started with her getting up at 4:30 a.m.

The wonderful picture of Nashville was taken by my daughter Jamie. I told her it looked like a painting.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thank You

in the woods of life
float down
the leaves of Fall,
bringing with them
of leaf births,
parent branches,
courting of flowers
protecting the fruit.

Cycles of progress,
as she sweeps
the carpet of leaves
in her path
Callie bounding
in the clearing.

A Spring to plant
a Summer to water
a Fall to clean-up
and a Winter
to enjoy
the Whole Foods
of her life
organic in her garden.

She sits enjoying
her hot tea,
the corn fields,
once crowded
with young kernels,
but now
giving her a look
into the Future.....

Written by -----Ugich Konitari------ Mumbai, India-------for One Woman

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wonderful Morning

What a beautiful morning. The weather is delightful. The sun is shining and there is a slight breeze. The ground is almost covered with leaves. The leaves are starting to turn and she senses an early Fall. Wonder what kind of winter will appear. Wishes she had a wood burning fireplace. With this thought in mind she can smell the wood burning and feel the warmth of the coals. There is nothing as pleasing as sitting close to a fire while it is burning. In the old farm house she would put her chair as close as possible on cold snowy days and read. Wonderful memories.

But alas - wisdom advised her that she no longer needs to be carrrying wood . So she has gas logs - but it was not what her heart desired.

She has wandered from one project to another. Dawn baking cookies, breakfast and then outside to groom roses. Swept her growing path through the woods. This is a practice the monks do in the forests of Thailand. She finds it relaxing and thinks if anyone came to visit from this small Southern town and witnessed her doing this - they would think she had lost her mind.

She is dressed in her favorite old sundress with an apron over that. Meant to change into slacks and shirt and never did - just seemed the morning progressed and here it is almost lunch time. The apron she was able to secure from an upscale grocery in the big city. Noticed all the employees wearing them and the aprons had 3 very large deep pockets. As she observed them the thoughts surfaced of one pocket for cell phone, one for clippers and another for a treat for Callie or anything else she might want to put in the deep pocket. The manager was asked if she could purchase one. He asked her what she wanted it for and she told her to use as she gardened. With a smile he gave her an apron. She has on her oldest steady shoes and ankle socks.

Oh my surely not a fashion statement or the way she looks when she goes to town. But she smiles at a reflection of herself in a mirror that is hung in the woods and thinks "I am so happy and would like to dress this way all the time". She has the continued thought that it is so good to feel good. One Woman "I do believe has healed from her fall". Her energy is returning :)

She continues clipping small branches from the trees and is aware that she is going to have some help soon. Many large limbs that she cannot move. Just seems when she has a young school boy help her that she has to work with him to point out everything and it is more tiring then the work she does herself. Another thought arises - is it even necessary to pick up the large limbs?Two wheelbarrows are full of the small branches and maybe that is enough.

Anyone she is acquainted with would wonder why she does this. Something that she always wanted to do in earlier years. Now is the time, she has done all that was expected in years past and now moving towards the end of her journey this is her dream come true. She loves walking the woods surrounding her cottage. Spring and summer not to far could she wander. Fall is on the horizon and she will be able to go deeper in the woods. Many wild ferns may find a home closer to her dwelling.

Friday, September 10, 2010


The two most powerful warriors are patience and time

Rest, nature, books, music....such is my idea of happiness

~~~Leo Tolstoy~~~

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before And After

When a corn field was planted in front of her cottage - wondered would she like it?

The corn grew to the height of 10 and 12 feet in some areas. Miss Callie enjoyed running through the rows. One Woman loved the privacy of being surrounded by woods and a corn field.

The field was cut late yesterday. She can see for miles and will be happy when the field is planted once again. Hopefully winter wheat which will look like lawn or she will have to wait until next Spring for a new crop to be planted.

One of the changes of the approaching season.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This image was forwarded to me of my oldest granddaughter on a recent visit to Bermuda.

I found it soothing to my body and spirit. My heart is smiling.

Grandma is still healing from her fall while gardening - I needed this.

I can smell the ocean!!

Jess, thank you.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall In The Air and Eggplant

It was in the 50's early this morning. A drive to retrieve my cell phone at dawn. I could not find it last night and did locate it. What did we do without cell phones? I carry mine all the time and was a little uncomfortable not having it beside me as I made the early morning drive.
A day the weather was perfect. Another image of one of my humming birds. I did not see many during the summer but now an abundance in my garden.

Lately not much of an appetite or rather this seems to be most of the time. Nothing sounds good or taste very good. For some reason I have had eggplant on my mind. Started looking at a number of recipes and the thought if I come across a small - one person - eggplant I will experiment.

I found it at the market this morning and just finished eating a tasty simple dish.

Peeled and sliced 6 small sections and brushed with olive oil and garlic - baked 425 degrees for about 25 minutes - turning once. Transferred to a small casserole and layered with Parmesan cheese, my basil, my last tomato - sliced and mozzarella cheese. Back into the oven at 325 degrees for 15 minutes covered and then 5 minutes uncovered.

This just something I put together. Do this most of the time. Very seldom follow a recipe.

If I do say so myself - it was tasty. This gives me option as I eat more vegetables and very little meat. Would like to stop eating it altogether.

Also this morning found a very small seedless watermelon that my little girl's will like.

Family coming tomorrow for a home cooked meal of roast and vegetables. It looks like it will be a delightful day for Jamie, Alan and Beth to rest and the little girls to run through the grass.
They make my heart smile. The silence of my life becomes full of laughter and chatter.

Friday, September 3, 2010


May we each find some silence this day......

Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of the gods.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Silence is a source of great strength

~Lao Tzu~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last Evening Of August

Beautiful sunset.

Turnip greens planted 10 days ago and one lone cantaloupe continuing to ripen.

The first of this year's
leave's lets go and drifts,
no breeze to bear it.
With lazy grace the leaf
unwinds it's growing
season in a dancing
downward spiral, lands
in silence, making of
itself a perfect offering
to the altar of the earth

Danna Faulds -- Go In and In - Poems from the Heart of Yoga