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Thursday, April 30, 2009

April in City Garden

These are beauties. Nothing really different - just old fashion Iris. - but they sure are beautiful. I love my new camera.

Entry from One Woman on a Thursday afternoon

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Woodhaven - Spring Arrives

This entry was written last Monday when I returned from the country. Yesterday was spent in doctor's office. I was put on a heart monitor that will be returned this afternoon. Those who follow me on my journey - I know the thoughts that are going through your mind. Yes, I push myself to the limit but truly try and pace myself. I am physically fine but emotionally this is beginning to get to me. Nothing could be going any better and I am so thankful. When One Woman makes every decision and has a big family where each member has issues at this time - well it is like I am super sensitive at this time and I am having anxiety attacks. Hopefully that is what is going on. I do not believe in medication so I will pull back.

I will handle more by phone instead of driving up and down the road 100 miles a day. I will continue to take more time to rest. I will continue my constant prayer for wisdom concerning every matter. I will not try to make this piece of wilderness look like my city garden in a matter of weeks. It may take a year. I pray the Lord will allow me to spend some years at my country home and will bring a buyer for this home soon. But whatever he does for me is really fine with me. I will try and lower the standards I set for myself. I have lived a full life and forgiven much in my lifetime but will stop expecting something from others that they are just not capable of giving and just accept them as they are. There are no surprises concerning what is going on - guess it is just I am older and I seem to be driven with a passion to this land. So no scolding just warm thoughts sent from your heart to mine. My life has gone through my mind like a film over the last several days. I still have a bucket list. Just a few simple things but life is not like it use to be. Everyone is so busy. It seems in my family there is no time just for simple pleasures.
I was not going to share my condition at the moment but how can I not when you are traveling a part of my life journey with me. I promise I will not just disappear. Thought of that yesterday.
You who correspond with me have become friends. You listen, you encourage and by writing to me - the most important thing is you spend time with me.

Written on Monday

What a difference 4 or 5 days make. Last week there were hardly any green leaves in my wood's. Today the woods look magical.
I will share a few pictures.
Also took an image of my small nursery in the woods. I have been taking cuttings from my city garden of plants that have memories.

Entry from One Woman

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Hundred Roses

This red Knockout Rose bush must have at least or somewhere near One Hundred Roses in bloom. It is beautiful in my city garden on this late in April day.

One Woman's Rose bush

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Muse

This is my Symphony
To live content with small means;
to seek elegance rather then luxury, and refinement rather than fashion;
to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich;
to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart, to study hard;
to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never;
in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common --
this is my symphony.

William Henry Channing

Thought from One Woman this early morning

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Wonder

Early this morning viewing this second year garden - I took some images - I wonder can I do it again?

Some Saturday morning thoughts from One Woman

Friday, April 24, 2009

Perfect City Day

What an absolutely gorgeous day. Has reached in the high 80's. Errands to replenish my almost empty refrigerator and pantry. A stop at the bank and the rest of the day has been spent at home. I needed this. Also a half a dozen phone calls made and received. All in all "a good day"

Also my Jamie stopped by and sat on the terrace for an hour with her mom and then my son stopped by for a few minutes.` This helped as earlier in the day I kept having thoughts of how busy everyone is. I was beginning to feel neglected and unloved. Such a childish thought that I am confessing. I do not consider myself a needy person. But - One Woman comes from a background of my mother calling my grandmother several times a day and my mother required that of me. It sure is different in my household. But I have written in my journal that one of the best things I can give my children "roots and wings"

Just read Jamie's new post and it made her mama smile

One beautiful Rhododendron bloom spotted.

Guess One Woman's day is winding down

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Happenings

I was not going to post this late afternoon. I was looking at my one and only blooming orchid. Looked back through my post where I wrote about it. February 17 it had 9 flowers and 7 buds - which I cut off thinking it was a dead branch. Well this beauty is still blooming and looks incredible. Has 9 beautiful flowers and a big bud ready to open. This orchid has surely brought me pleasure for the 10 years that I have owned it.

It has been a long day. I left for country very early and stopped for breakfast. By doing this I thought I could get an earlier start to the country. It was the first breakfast at the Cracker Barrel that was not all that good. But I did not say anything.

Then on to pick out my appliances. This took several hours. Then on to Woodhaven. I was hoping that the dirt could be bulldozed around the house - but - I had forgotten that the gas line had to be put in. So a drive to the utility office to finalize this matter. A walk in the woods with nothing cited and then the drive home.

Oh, before I forget - as I passed the dog shelter I saw a dog that looked like Sadie in the fenced area. I turned my car around and went inside to investigate. I should not have - keep thinking of this little dog that may be put to sleep on Monday. But - I cannot leave her in the country unattended and I cannot have a dog at this city home while it is on the market. So this saddens me and also makes me realize how much I miss having a dog.

Sitting in my chair on the terrace I kept seeing something shiny in the Magnolia tree in the side yard. After investigating - and I already suspected this - there was a nest with the silver tinsel hanging out of it. A Robin was feeding her baby or babies - I could see their mouths open.
I would have been thrilled if I could have taken an image of this. By the time the camera was brought outside the mama was no where in sight.

So I took a picture of my first Iris and also an image of a pink bloom on the Dogwood tree. I do not think I have ever seen such beautiful Dogwoods as they appear this year. They are spectacular as I drive the highway. Every tree looks like a perfect beautiful specimen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


She is beautiful. Do you believe in Angels? I do.

Borrowed from one of my favorite sites

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Year City Garden

Can I do this again - I think so - I may just be dreaming. But then I believe in miracles.

Woodhaven Update

It has been a good day. First to my special miracle worker with my hair. I needed nothing but a good haircut. I ask "what is wrong with my haircut? I love using my little scissors and I guess my hair looked like I had been chopping on my hair for several weeks. My girl just smiled.
She is the best and I think of her like a daughter.

Then on to the country. Oh my I had forgotten that the temperature is always colder and the wind really blows over the fields. I did not bring my warm coat and it was cold. I thought Spring had arrived. I did not stay long. Pleased with Hardy board look. From the road it almost looks grey. Then coming down the drive it takes on the brown cast and when the sun shines on it light green seems to show up. Anyway I wanted something to blend with the woods and I think I have it. The drywall will be finished this week and the trim work will begin.

I headed back to the city and ate my packed lunch driving down the road. Was to chilly to sit under a tree in the country. I stopped at several nurseries on the way home. Comparing prices for what I want to plant next week. I want to plant about 5 trees or more around the house and some evergreens so the house looks like it is sitting surrounded by woods. I am so excited about the beginning of the landscaping. I am never happier then when I am working with dirt - and One Woman has good dirt to work with.

So I am not going to post anymore pictures of a not finished house sitting at the edge of the woods and behind what will soon be a soybean field. It looks so bare and almost undressed sitting there and not like I visualize it. I will post as my gardens develop and hopefully I will have pictures of some wildlife that must be hiding with all the activity going on.
But anyone reading my rambling has an idea of what I am doing. I can visualize it all completed and where you can hardly see it from the road. Roses on my picket fence and everyone envying my gardens. See what an imagination I have. But look at what I did with a city garden in a very short time.

Hoping in about 3 weeks I can take enough to this home that I can be there part time until this city home sells. My heart is in the country. Guess anyone that reads my entries knows that by now.

Some sharing from One Woman before she turns in

Tuesday Thought

"For I know the plans that I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans for welfare and not calamity, to give you a future and a hope"

Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring is Arriving

I am in the city today and Spring seems to have arrived over night. The sun is shining and sun all week is predicted. I am trying something new and do not have it figured out as of yet. Anyway here are a few images I took a short time ago. One Woman Needs to head back outside in the garden. Hope the sun is shining in your area.


I go among trees and sit still
All of my stirring becomes quiet
Around me like circles on water.
My task lies in their place
Where I left them, asleep like cattle...
Then what I am afraid of comes
I live for a while in its sight
What I fear in it leaves it,
and the fear of it leaves me.
It sings, and I hear its song.

Wendell Berry from Sabbath's I read this poem on Aisling's "The Quiet Country House" It spoke to my heart

My country property where I am now building is covered with trees. Trees that are big, small, old, young, perfect and scarred. Many just there on the ground where a storm or past timbering has left them.I love walking in the woods among them. Sometimes I will just sit on a stump or a log on the ground. With my building progressing there has been some clearing and cleaning up. I do not want to cut down anymore trees and with the many logs on the ground I am having thoughts of just leaving them. All the gardens I have created in the past have been so tidy and manicured and I am thinking that this new garden at the edge of the woods will have a more natural look.

Maybe like One Woman in these years of the 70's that I am traveling. I have been young and now much older, small, a little bigger, perfect and now scarred, a full home and now it is empty except for one soul. I am always thinking, planning for the future and reflecting on the past. The time has come to be still and empty the mind. Now is the time just to be. A time to enjoy nature and the simplicity of the lifestyle that I yearn for.

Interesting thought from "What Matters Most" by James Hollis

"We are not here to fit in, be well balanced, or provide examples for others. We are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps strange, perhaps merely to add our small piece, our selves to the great mosaic of being. We are here to become more and more ourselves"

Some early morning thoughts from One Woman

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Happenings

Comraderie - sometimes a relationship between males. They can always rely on one another, even when times are tough.

One by one they arrived at her son's home across the street. She noticed the the genuine affection of the way they greeted one another. The slap on the back and the hugs. This made her smile. These boys, young men (in my eyes even though they are in their 40's) They have been friends for many years and went to school with one another. I can remember them coming by our home when they were in the 3rd grade and up. I would say this is rare that they still all keep in touch. It warms my heart.
Usually my son and these special friends all meet in New York for a weekend in the Spring. Because of the economy they are meeting in Nashville. They arrived from Thailand, New York, Texas, city near by and Nashville.

My daughter called a while ago to share that the Morel mushrooms I shared about are $29.99 a pound at a local upscale market. Oh my I thought - if I could risk the ticks - maybe I have a source of income. LOL.

This morning a young couple from Florida looked at my home with their realtor. Also noticed there were 3 pending signs within blocks of my home. So maybe real estate is looking up in this area.

I am truly weary today and have been home except for leaving for the viewers of this home. Three days in a row driving to the country was too much for me.

My little granddaughters are on the way to spend the night with grandma. Mama and dad need an evening alone. So--- I do not feel like cooking or preparing the simplest of meals - I just ordered a pizza. This I have done the times you can count on one hand.

All still going well at Woodhaven. The first thing to upset me is that the Hardy Board man kept telling me his construction plan and I was not to pleased when my son spent a special day with me yesterday - and this man never arrived!!!!

Enough said on this early Saturday evening.

An entry from One Woman on some happenings on her journey through this life

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Camera

I have been having thoughts of replacing my first digital camera. It was purchased almost a year ago. Took a while for me to master the simplicity of using it. But I finally mastered it.
Also learned to download and post online. An accomplishment for this aging soul.

I look longingly at the wonderful photography talent of many sites that I read. The images are magnificent. I have the thought "how could anyone think my attempt at this is pleasing" but I am enjoying the learning process. I might add that one of the reasons for me wanting to relocate to my country property are the opportunities - hopefully - I will have for nature photography.

I have been using a Kodak camera and the images have been pleasing to my beginners eye.
I have had thoughts of replacing it with a Lumix.

I shared previously that I dropped my camera on Easter Sunday. I replaced it yesterday quickly with the same camera that had been upgraded over the last year. Not sure if this is what I want. I will decide over the next few weeks.

Any suggestions out there for this novice photographer?

I am acknowledging that as time goes on it takes me longer to learn anything new. Several I know have commented that they want no part of what I am doing. It makes me smile that some seem to enjoy reading about my journey through this life. What in the world would I do if I did not do this and also my gardening, reading and create homes.

A very few years ago I never thought I would have a computer, be writing, downloading images, and have a printer and scanner sitting on my desk and I never thought that past the age of 70 I would be building another home and planning on relocating.

Some early morning thoughts from One Woman - who needs to get busy and head down the road to the country.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Losing First Tooth and Broken Camera

Easter was an enjoyable day but much different from times in the past. In the past there would be many members of my family that did not join our meal this Easter. Some out of town on trips and some living in other states and some are no longer with us.

The meal was lighter also and not like times in the past. In the past I would cook and bake for several days. Was not required this Easter. There was plenty to eat way too many desserts and mom just put 16 sections of chocolate fudge cake in the freezer. The frig still holds 1/2 of a lemon ice box pie and one loaf of banana bread. Good thing One Woman does not have a weight problem.

I did take a plate to my contractor this morning.

The smile of the day when my granddaughter bravely lost her first tooth. Dad helped it along with a string tied around it. A lot of questions were asked about the "Tooth Fairy".

The sad note - I dropped my camera and it is really broken. I cried and all wondered why. My little granddaughter's came to me and said "grandma it will be all right". Grandma had to smile then. I might add that the tears were not just for the broken camera - but it has been a challenge to learn this skill and the thought of a new camera that I was not familar with upset me.

Photography has become a new passion and an unexpected late life interest. I receive so much enjoyment from taking pictures and downloading them.

A good day today with a trip to the country. The drywall process is going on. Hardy Board possibly later in the week. Oh - I replaced my camera today!!!!!
An entry on One Woman's day

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

Easter morning sunrise in the city.
A special gift this morning was finding my pastor of many years with a journal online. He is the pastor of the church I attended for many years in the small town where I plan to return.

Image taken by One Woman at 6:15 this morning

Friday, April 10, 2009

Love These Pictures

My daughter used some new image program and posted these pictures on her site.
Grandma wanted to share. I love the sepia tone.
Saturday afternoon by One Woman - it looks like the storm has past in my area!!

Garden Angel

My daughter in Michigan sent me this picture of a garden Angel she saw in a store.
Maybe I can find her.
She is beautiful and looks like she belongs in my new garden.

A late night entry from One Woman

It is noon and there are severe storm warnings out for the city and where my country home is being built. I just returned from grocery shopping. Stopped at Walmart garden center - and there she was - my Angel. She is about 3 feet tall and is laying on the back seat of my car.
Soon she will be in the country in my beginning garden.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday and Weary

Hope what is going on in this image never happens at my country home!!!!Two days driving to the country with so many details to take care of has left this One Woman exhausted. Yesterday morning I met my brother inlaw for breakfast on the way to the country. He was visiting from Michigan.
My sister passed away last September and my heart goes out to him. His soul mate of 55 years no longer with him.
Thou I am weary I smile because nothing could be going any better.
The traffic on the road yesterday and today was really bad. But I am glad I was not on the interstate. Probably because of Easter weekend and a lot people not working and schools out.
So good to be home. I will be in the city for the next three days. Grocery shopping and preparing dinner and baking for two youngest children and grandchildren on Easter Sunday for lunch. My middle daughter Beth is on the way to visit my granddaughter Sarah in Illinois. Two other grandchildren are on the way to Florida for some sort of fraternity function. One family in Florida and another in Michigan. So safe travel wishes to all on the highway.
So it seems like One Woman's family is all over the place.
So - city cottage I will be around for the next few days.

Happy Easter to All. Blessings sent your way.

Entry by One Woman on a late Friday afternoon

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update on Woodhaven

Several people have written wanting to know how my country home is progressing.

Seems winter returned for a few days and more rain and this made my visits not as pleasurable. I loved it when it was sunny and warm and I would sit outside with my lunch enjoying the view and all that was going on.

The roofing, plumbing and electrical work was finished last week. An electrical inspection yesterday means that the insulation will happen maybe tomorrow. Today there was inspection for a drywall quote that I will probably receive tomorrow. Last week talked to a Hardy Board representative. I have had frame, vinyl, brick and a rock house. In the beginning I wanted to go to Western Cedar but because cost have sky rocketed for this material I changed my mind.
Also was concerned about the wood bees and woodpecker damage on the wood.

The city area where I now live is an old neighborhood that is being revived. Small old homes being torn down and big homes being built on small lots. Most of these homes are Hardy Board.
It looks like the old fashion frame homes and comes in many colors. It is as durable as brick and according to what has been shared it is fire proof.

So my country home is going to be this material. I am going with a taupe-gray color. Difficult to describe but it looks like the color of the bark of a tree. It will blend into the woods wonderfully.
I want it to look like it has always been there and not jump out visually when someone is driving down the country road.

At least this is my plan at present - but anything could change. This siding may be installed in the next week or two. After that dirt can be filled in around the house and I can begin to landscape. I am planting rhododendrons and azaleas in front. Will also add about 4 or 5 flowering trees surrounding the house for color.

The majority of the woods surround me are mainly just big old green trees. A lot of poplar. There is a sprinkling of a few dogwoods and red buds. Truly excites me when I see them.
I have a small area at the edge of the woods where I have been taking pieces of my plants.

The dirt is so good and this makes a wonderful garden spot. Everything is thriving and they do not act like they have even been moved from the city. In the future this may be my special meditating and prayer garden. One Woman has a vivid imagination. Guess anyone that reads my rambling already knows this. I want a small vegetable garden. All of my desires may be too much for this spring.

In front of this home will be a soybean field in a few weeks when the fields are dry enough for them to disc and plant. I want very little lawn as I have cut a lot of grass over my years of homes and gardens.

Tomorrow I will make a trip to pick out cabinets and I know I want something that fits into this nature scene. I do know I will have glass doors.

I will have wide pine floors in this home. Everything I am doing is very economical. In the beginning this was to be a cabin. Then I added a loft and then a attached garage.

All the other top of the line stuff I have had in the past and I want this home much simpler and building very cost conscious.

So that is an update on what is going on with One Woman's late life creation.

Again all is going well and the big desire at this time is for this current home to sell as quickly as possible so I can move on to another dream in what years I have left on planet earth.

I will also share the there are two things that I wish I could have that will not be a part of this home. Wish I had running water near. There are ponds on the adjoining property where I lived in another lifetime. Also there is a creek at the back of the woods that is full when it rains a lot. During the summer it is usually dry. Also wish I had a woodburning fireplace. I have had these in the past and I can no longer carry in wood or want to go through the cleaning process. Fireplace with gas logs will have to do.

I have memories of many blessings in my lifetime but I am asking for special favor and one more special blessing from my Heavenly Father. I would like to spend whatever time I can on this loved property and I want a buyer quickly for this city home.

Desire is a powerful force that can be used to make things happen
-Marcia Wieder

An entry from One Woman this sunny but very cold Wednesday afternoon

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Storm In The City

The sky surely looks frightening at the moment. Calling for storms and much colder weather for the next several days.
To think I am a little sunburn from working yesterday in my city garden.
My middle daughter - my Beth - rode with me to the country to view progress on country home.
All of the plants that I am transplanting to a waiting area at the edge of the woods are doing great. These plants have memories and will go in my future country garden. It has been a good day and I will see what the continued night turns out to be.

Enough said this evening by One Woman

Monday morning - The television made you think we were going to be blown off the planet.
There was no storm in my area and no rain.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday on April 4th

"My son when you were born, you brought me happiness, as you grew, you made me laugh and brought me joy, now you are a man, and you make me proud"

Catherine Pulsifer

An early morning entry from One Woman who is wishing her special son a
Happy Birthday!!