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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Another Time and Place

 Mama (me) and baby Jimmy in Hendersonville, Tennessee, first home after leaving Michigan.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Last Night Fall and Frogs in Cottage

 How it happened I do not know, fell against the front door, lost my balance - I guess.

Scrapped right arm, so painful,  Was fortunate with new Hospice I was able to stay home

with no costly ambulance trip to ER, test, and maybe a  short hospital stay.

So much want to share, no details, just continuing onward, one day at a time.

Arthritis I do not like you

but thankful

started in my later years.  So much I have to be thankful for, so need to stop complaining.

The pain you are not welcome.

My nightly trip up I spot 2 frogs on the wall, was able to toss a hand towel over them, and toss outside.

So, the current new Hospice of 2 weeks is disappointing, did not do something they were to do, much to share

later, so many stories to share concerning this life of mine.

Fall is on the way, you can feel it in the air, love the cooler weather and missing the many Hummingbirds,

saw 3 this morning,

Need to send and this sharing and continue later.

Oh, a call from my son in Thailand, mss him so, but my son "stay safe and well"

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A New Journey Beginning

 Yes, a new journey is beginning for this one, and hoping to learn more about this life of mine.

This is different from the old Hospice.

Will be writing more as time times by

I am excited about this, may seem strange to some.

Thank you from my heart to all who have contacted me  and means more to me then you will

ever know,

Life is good

at this time and learning much.