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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Another Update on My Mom

My mom in her favorite place...the garden! This was taken a few years back at a different home "in town" that she built. Her flowers are always so beautiful!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! This is Ernestine's daughter, Jamie, again with a quick update.

My poor mom cannot catch a break. Winter has been tough for her the past couple of years. She got very sick last week and ended up going to the ER here in Nashville and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Please send her your prayers and positive thoughts. She was taken off IV meds within 24 hours so that is very good but will likely go to a rehab place again for a week to receive physical therapy before she goes home.

She also has a new computer that she was getting accustomed to as well and is having some vision problems.

She is amazingly strong and determined. I know she will be so happy to get over these health hurdles and feel better. She appreciates all of you so much.