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Thursday, April 26, 2018


Love this image just received from granddaughter Jessica in New York
My son and my first great grandchild - Graham Nolen
My son arrived yesterday for a weekend with boyhood friends

Those who flow as life flow
know they need no other force

All  successful relationships
require in depth discussion
of your
and boundaries

Which are negotiable and some which are not.

Flowers look beautiful and healthy  as they emerge, feeders and yard filled with all kinds of birds
and the trees, grass, all growing is the most beautiful shade of green.

Love this cottage by the woods, Shingles still on right side of face but I am doing a little more
each day.

It is difficult for to believe that Shingles on my face would change my world so in 3 months.
Still trying to regain strength and weight,  eating all I can.   Maybe this is normal when you become

So thankful for this long visit from my son and know it will soon be ending, wonderful memories
tucked in my heart, he has left nothing undone.   Next week hoping he can take me to some special
places, wish I was not using walker at this time but maybe continual exercises will strengthen me
and I will return to like I was in November.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Morel Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms
this one knows nothing about them.   I do remember building several times on this land
a truck would pull in and someone getting out and inquiring could they hunt for them.
Years ago
I would always reply "yes."
but stopped when I had a little more knowledge about this special mushroom.

The young woman now helping me ------ and have to share that I could not make it without her
She arrives in the evening for a few hours and I think I will adopt her.
shared some information I did not know.

These unusual looking Mushrooms usually surface about the time the May Apples

are blooming and they are blooming everywhere in my woods.
Love the look

When you pick the mushroom,  never put in a paper bag
they must go in a net bag like onions or potato's come in at the store.
She shares that when you pick them
many seeds you cannot see are falling to the ground and will become the mushrooms next year.

Checked online and this mushroom about $30 a lb.

She is coming early this evening to hunt for the Morel.

Tells me they are delicious
a delicacie in restaurants
but going through so much with health at this time
probably will not chance tasting them.

Different types of the Morel Mushroom...

Monday, April 16, 2018

Shingles at 7 Weeks

They keep saying
it is ending
but has not yet...
Most pain I have ever known in my 83 years, maybe it is the age when on the face.
Eye sight and hearing returning.....

Now down to 2 inch on right side of face,  strip from lip, up the cheek, hair line and ear.
So very painful.....
Can put glasses on and hold right side out to write some and yesterday first time in weeks
read N.Y. Times.  interesting article on o to do list.
Mine is only healing..

So good to see most of family on Friday and Saturday, a lot of good food, hugs and I am so proud
of them as I look around the room.
Tried to get some good pictures, not possible as seems relearning much, even my camera.

My youngest granddaughter's, oh my so grown up and my mind set in the time zone of them
being much younger then - now 15 soon 16 and one just turned 13.  Now a boyfriend for the soon 16 year
old, seems all pictures had them of him  and this one could not say "will you move."

My oldest daughter-my Laurie from Florida and her husband and my son.

What would I do without Jimmy, 2 weeks with me now (more to come)  and his guiding me through meditation,
his voice  put me in a trance.  Told him he needs to make a CD.
He guides me through relaxation, walks through my flowers and into the woods with its
towering trees.  Has taken me to doctor, eye doctor and dentist, checking all.  The best dish
washer in the world.   God Bless you my son.....

So just checking in, so good to be home March 2nd , never will I leave my woods again.

Thankful for those who pop in for 10 minutes and my special young lady who comes in the evening for a few hours, a special one who has spent many Saturday nights with me, sleeping on my recliner and bringing me breakfast Easter Morning, God Bless you Linda.....
and helps me have a restful night and my ever faithful Major, who takes me to appointments, does
grocery shopping and more when Jimmy is not here,  the young man who went to school with Jamie - who grooms the yard.

My blessings over flow, but wonder will I ever be like last November, driving, doing much myself.

I do all I know to do, off of pain medication, do not want.

Love to all the many who have contacted me and my special family even through at times they
could not stand their mama's pain and were silent for a while.  It is alright as I understand as all I have
been in many ways seemed to stop for a while, never needed help and now do and all of family
so busy.....