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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Pub Table

Helper arrived
and brought my 50 year old pub table from storage room
now mine for about 50 years but it is very old.

Looks better then the white table
gave him the white one
Also brought a few things from pantry
and my iron lady with the metal lace skirt.

So at this time
nothing else to be brought from country home
this special room is complete, seems it took 4 weeks
for me to be pleased with it,
This table fits in more with other furnishings I have in this room

Now helper drove my old truck
and I was concerned that it would make it
but it did, he said "no problem."
Do not know what I would do without him.

Bad Habit

A little before 4:00 am, I get up to turn off small humidifier and turn on computer.

I see an email from my son and am transported to another land, I love what he shares
look at the coffee shop he discovered in his neighborhood "I love it and want to be there"
the way it looks is me.   He shares Starbuck quality and a discount if you bring your own cup
and also the same with your containers for many things :)
More images but will stop as day begins and I planned earlier of going back to bed.

A colder morning begins and my young granddaughter broke her arm, swinging from a tree, oh my.
grandma wishes her a day filled with less pain.

So many stories in this new home of mine
and I surely am aware of my blessings.....

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Rainy Morning

I have been up since 5
need the pain medication earlier then 8 breakfast in the dining room cannot take on an empty stomach
So I have first the hot water with lemon, Kefir, 1/2 banana, some cereal with raisins and honey, hoping to feel better.  At 8 I have requested green tea, oates or apple pancake to be brought to my room (one of the perks here that I have never used)  Pain and unfamiliar place I am at has surely makes me sad and I was doing so good.   When I have a flair up of arthritis or whatever else is going on in the body they tell me is so healthy (think their lying) I want to be at my home with familiar people I call for encouragement and those who drop in to visit. 
So it is what it is and this morning after humble meal I begin to organize my small table, it has
my grandmother's large cutting board on it.   An assortment of somewhat healthy snacks that came in handy this morning.
I then organize my table
next week having it taken back to country and bringing a much loved smaller wooden pub table
I have had for 50 years
the size of a card table that will replace this white table and will fit in more with the furniture
I have brought to this "room."
It has been a challenge to organize a room to hold all you like and need to be similar to your loved home.   But I am doing it and still have a weekly list of items for my helper to bring to me.  The list
is small at this time and may be the last.   The sink here has no stopper, the one sink and I can see
why because many might keep it running and it would over flow.  I need a very small bowl to
rinse limited cutlery even using a lot of plastic and some personal items.

I continue onward and seems I feel much better when receiving a wonderful email from one
who use to share as "lonely rivers" and at this time just reads a number of blogs and I am
honored that I am among them.

So uplifting was her email of how I inspire and encourage her and especially since I have seemingly
fell in a hole the last day or two.

Enough of sadness and now this
my two handsome grandson's and one my first great at 6 weeks, oh how I have so many blessings
"look at that smile on my Gavin's face."   I love you special boy......or now young man and this new great grandson who I have not had a chance to hug as of yet

Friday, January 26, 2018

Morning Thought and Something New

"When a compassionate intention arises

don't evaluate it,

Trust it

Just do it "

Colan Beavan

Air so dry where I am at this time  and what I use at my country home too big for me to fill here,
I can easily handle this.

My granddaughter bought this for my new great grandson,
I like the size and it runs for 10 hours,  You can have the night light which is blue on or off,
an Amazon buy.

My Beth
arrived early this morning  and took me to some new places in this area.   Nashville is growing
every hill, cliff, does not matter what kind of land  it is being built on.   Arriving here almost
60 years ago knew this area well,  every restaurant, special places to go but not any more, now seems like such a different city.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Life Changes

When arriving at the country home yesterday
you immediately went to the book case, opened the bottom drawer
and there they were, long forgotten and on this sunny cold day you sit at your table in the sun
and once again open the pages of these books.

Very relaxing and decided to do this instead of reading.

for the one who for a lifetime found it difficult to sit still
this is good for me at the moment.  But the mind every now and then says
"can't you find anything else to do" I just ignore these words.....

In my life a year ago, I would be cleaning, baking, walking or using the blower outside
never would have sat and done this creating and it would have been good for me

Times in the past my young grandchildren would pick up these books and want to create,
I always said "no" these are grandma's.

I think some of these books are 20 years old or older and  it  never entered my mind that one day I would once again pick them up in this setting.   I believe they were purchased at a time
there were issues I was struggling with and this is better then medication :)

Life changes in ways we never imagined.

Good to relax.....

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

You Is





Busy day
back to the country
and what in the world would I do without my helper.

Hair washed and blown dry,
where done for years when I did not do it
something I can no longer do.

A quick drive to my home
 a number of small items I miss and need put in car.

Also my favorite blue rug
and will see how comfortable I am with it
since I am using a walker.

Some more special pillows since I never have enough,
my terry robe for bathroom and a number of items from
the pantry (especially some of the different kinds of tea I use)

Some more blouses, sweaters and jeans.

Most of it missed at this special place at the moment.

A cool cloudy day
love it when the sun shines.

Thanks so much from my heart
for the many comments and emails.....

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Speaks to my Heart

Her art speaks to my heart and soul
Terri McCloud

her work is amazing

at times I have posted one of her poems
and not given her credit :(
"healing arts for the soul"

Friday, January 19, 2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Up in the Night and find this image :)

did not share this image with me.

Recent storm
 Miss Callie
and Jamie's two dogs jumped in her bed.

I smile
Oh my she never did this on my bed

so more freedom at my daughter's :)

She is happy
but I miss her......

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


What I shared yesterday
I read
and it sounds delightful.

But the truth is
I still have severe arthritis  and pain
goes and comes in its severity.

Balance still not good at all and walk very carefully with walker.
The walker using instead of cane (still use cane when family takes me some place)
started about 2 months ago.
Feel safer using it in this facility.

Did not realize how many have a balance problem in the past.
In this facility seems everyone has it.  Seems to be a part of aging for many
and really in my past years never gave it a thought and if I did
thought it would skip me :)

In this facility many are getting over falls, returning from hospital after breaking something
I would say 75% in wheel chairs
so I am very fortunate to be considered independent, doing most for myself
and being very careful with the walker.

One here in her 90's shared "if it is in your bloodline you cannot escape it"
so my mother, aunts, grandmother all had this, did not fight it and guess
I still am fighting it and probably will continue the fight and doing all I know to do
without strong medication.
They just seemed to sit down and accept, not my nature
good or bad, do not know......

I still exercise daily, they offer chair exercises almost every morning, went to
class several times but like doing my exercises at 5:30 to 6:00 AM early every
morning, my lifetime schedule has not changed and in bed by 6:30 or 7:00. every night.

Appreciate all the encouraging comments

Granddaughter's still out of school, so cold and roads horrible.
So I am fortunate to be in this lovely place with this severe cold weather.
At my country home it is about zero.

Miss Callie but she is in a good place with Jamie and girls.
I still wonder does she miss me :(

My Caitlin, now 15 with first boy friend, time going by too fast.

a memory

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter In The City

So I am in the city, maybe for the winter
and look at this view from my window
This place sits on one of the highest hills in this area.of Tennessee   Really beautiful
It is similar to this at my country home on flat land.

All is well except I feel closed in.   This one accustomed to getting in the car and driving
and not possible at this time and should not be anyway with the not good roads.

So, One Woman calm down, count your blessings and who knows what Spring will bring
and a son arriving soon.....and two wonderful daughters and 2 talented granddaughter's
really close and dropping in to see you often

You have a beautiful room, looks like your home, good food, nice people surrounding you
with so many stories, so relax and rest.   Seems your anxiety has left, blood pressure better then in years
and you feel rested.  Just, it seems I have turned into someone I really do not know...
and have not decided yet - if I like this relaxed one :)

Just not accustomed to feeling this good without a list of chores to do, cooking meals, cleaning, list of outside area work  and almost tripping
over my special one "Miss Callie."

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Moving Forward

St Francis now sits in my window and a glimpse of my country bird feeder hangs in the tree outside
my window

created a small area to slice somethng or put in small microwave
very small microwave, fridge and storage, wish were a bit bigger
but for tea, something small to warm up it is fine

So the one who has created many homes, decorated them is pleased she took a good size
room, filled it with her favorite pieces and has made it seem like home.

Here or the country home
I am ready for whatever life has in store for me
just cannot fall.....

Sunday, January 7, 2018


You will not be the same
after the storms of life

You will be stronger, wiser and more alive
then ever before

Bryant McGill

There is always a reason
you meet people

Either you need them
to change your life
or you are the one
to change theirs

Angel Harefa

Friday, January 5, 2018


Much I am learning to do in a different way

I have always used an antenna in my country homes
here in the city at this nice place
you are connected to Com cast.
A lot is different with phone as answering machine does not work and a lot changed on computer.
The television is totally different with many channels and if I have the local news and Public
Broadcasting I am pleased.   Not a television viewer, I write and read....

I like to send my children images of what I am doing
and it takes like 10 or 15 minutes
and not the size I want.  So easier on this journal site and guess the whole world will know what I am doing :)

Have been trying to send image of 1/2 card table I ordered to put in front of window.  No room on computer desk to write and also if I want to eat something or have a cup of tea I can sit at this
table and look at the view out of this window.  Looks like Winter woods at this time but if here in the Spring will be beautiful and they fill large container outside my window with flowers.

trying to decide whether to keep or return to Amazon for smaller table ?

Jamie arrived yesterday morning and took me to the dentist I have gone to for 25 year and will not change as they are all so kind and never any pain.

My plans for future
no plans
one day at a time
I do know
at the moment
this is where I need to be.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Learning a New Way

almost looks like my country cottage
and guess what, my Orchids full of buds and seem to love the sunny mornings.

Have done what my son told me "take your favorite things, I will take them back when you return:)

No rest as of yet
time consuming adding a new address, phone number and changing subscriptions either temporary
or forever, who knows, not me....

Down to one small pile of paperwork

Going through papers I see my youngest daughter wrote words about her mama, will share in the future
I smile and almost cry at her words.

So bitter cold here like other areas but warm in this environment, one of the reasons I am here as Winter is here.

Callie, never around other dogs and seems to be enjoying company of Jamie's  dogs :) I miss her and Jamie
soon to bring her for a visit, she has not broiught her as she knows it would make me sad.

Checking in and more later.

Thanks to everyone for all of your encouraging and  kind words....

Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year

I write these words as a New Year will begin in minutes.

Something I said I would never do has been done  12 days ago with help, much was packed and I am in a beautiful place near my Jamie and Beth,   Would not have done this except my room has a large window, big tree outside where a bird feeder will be hung, a red one from the country.

Organizing to leave I had another fall, once again nothing broken just skinned arm badly and bruised left side  Difficult for me to believe I did this and just erased my beautiful country cottage from my mind, hopefully for a short time.  A very cold winter arriving and my Callie is with my Jamie and I wonder does she miss me.

They call this temporary home Senior Solutions, I am considered independent, but most here
are not and I am ashamed for complaining .  Everyone so nice and I reach out to all, pat shoulders, they all have wonderful backgrounds
and on my own began sitting with a 105 year old retired teacher, hard of hearing but I talk louder
because she was sitting alone,

The words I wrote in my journal after arriving.

"So I have arrived at Brookdale
very weary, exhausted
recovering from my third fall this year.
It is a lovely place, people friendly, beautiful room furnished with some of my favorite pieces.
But my heart is in the woods.
So there comes a time when you want what is best for you
not what you desire"

Guess that says it all and hoping when my Jimmy arrives from Thailand in a number of weeks
that I can return to my cottage in the woods.   In my heart I know this is best at this time.
I was on a downward cycle, not eating, not resting and always busy, seems I could not sit still.
Balance probem is progressing and will continue to do so with Sjogrens, arthritis and aging,
I was truly doing all I knew to do but not resting and eating.

My Jimmy tells me to treat Brookdale like the vacations I never took for 40 years as I never
wanted to leave my home.  So it is a thought, but if I get to return to the woods
I will kiss the ground and never leave again.....

Here I can rest, 3 nourishing meals a day, help that I need at this time and taking one day at a time.
Downside it seems that muc I reach for and need to use is in the country and to think I am an excellent
organizer and packer :)

as you enter this beautiful place and dining room with lovely tables

My orchids seem to like it here
and are blooming
my room in progress
I will add
if it was not this lovely
would not have come and the plus my Jamie 5 minutes away visits daily.

Enough shared at this time with more to come,  thanks to the many emailing me and it was
time for me to share

Happy New Year