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Friday, January 31, 2014

Sometimes I Forget

Yes, sometimes I forget how
eases physical pain and other kind of pain also.

Relaxing comes about, a smile surfaces
along with old memories and soon you remember
how music, dancing and singing was such a big part of your past life.

So on the - getting old Bose player -  a wide variety of music is playing
some of my old favorites....
and quite an assortment.....
B.J. Thomas, Enya, Mozart, Yanni, Eagles and beautiful sound of old hymns played on a harp.

At the moment "Raindrops Are Falling"

Soft, relaxing, upbeat and favorite old hymns.

I fill my mind with these sounds,
relaxing surfaces
and memories
of how I have always loved music.

Part of aging
for this one
is there were so many lifestyles
and so many
Dam memories
some good and some not so good.

Guess I am not the only one....

But at this moment
music fills the air of this cottage,
 I smile
and share my thoughts
world wide.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good Things Still Happen

Mail just received
and a replacement for the Leki - Wanderfreund cane that was purchased last Fall just arrived.

There is a store in Nashville that sells quality sport items and when I go to the big
city I like to stop and browse "Cumberland Transit."

A collection of old walking sticks and canes in this cottage used for walking in the woods
and my youngest granddaughter's usually pick out one.

But I possessed nothing like I spotted last Fall - a very light weight and slim cane made in Germany
I really liked it and a purchase was made
and I surely had not planned on buying another cane
this is my favorite :)

Little did I know that I would have a bad fall the end of September and be using
a cane quite often and now it sure gives me security when I am in areas that are
not familiar to me.

The top came off a few months ago and stopped in the store and was told parts could
not be ordered and to email the company.
This was done last week
and today in the mail received a brand new cane.

It was like receiving a gift.

So, Leki in Buffalo, New York.

Thank you
from One Women.....

I might add that when out and about
people will ask me
"where did you get that cane
I really like it ?"
and I always share :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fluffy Birds, Vegetable Soup, Contentment and I Love My Hot Water Bottle

Wind chill below zero
early morning
and looking out the window
the birds look like they have down coats on
to keep warm
In the past
vegetable soup was made with the left overs of roast and vegetables.
No roast
but a lot of not much in refrigerator.
With an addition of onions, potatoes and celery, carrots, tomato, cabbage, peas, corn,
cauliflower, green and red peppers and from freezer an addition of beef broth and smoked turkey kielbasa
soup was soon simmering with an addition of garlic and olive oil.
Very tasty and after lunch took it out of the big pot and put into a smaller one.
There will be no decision of what to eat tonight, tomorrow and maybe another day.
Maybe some cornbread will be made.
I might add
on these frigid nights
I love my blue hot water
bottle made in England.

is the word
that describes this one as she sits in the sun
in front of the big window this afternoon.

Love how the sun streams in my windows
this time of year...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not The Same and One Is Still So Good

After dental appointment yesterday
I stopped at a well known store.
Lucked upon a queen size sheet set
600 Egyptian cotton at a good sale price.
Wanted white but they are beige and will do.
Arriving home immediately washed
and they are sure not soft like I am accustomed too.
I ironed the top sheet and pillow cases
and they feel fine now.
All of my pima sheets are so old
but  soft like silk with the age and I love them.
The  expensive set purchased 5 years ago
soon developed flaws and tore in places.
So will see how long these last and surely in time will become softer,
especially when they can be hung outside and blow in the wind.

I could make a long list of items
that are not the quality that they were in the past.
Will name one
Seems like a well known heat and air unit installed in this home built 4
years ago will have to be replaced soon.
Has run out of warranty time :)
Hope all stays well until Spring...

I always sleep very well.  Early to be and early to rise.
But for 3 nights just lay awake for hours.
Last night at 10:00 I just got up, did not feel like reading
and ironed for over an hour.
5 pair of pillow cases, tablecloth and some
cloth napkins - which I use most of the time
but most I just fold and do not iron.

To me
a special luxury consist of
ironed pillow cases,
tablecloths, aprons and cotton napkins.
Very aware not many do this anymore
but I find it relaxing
especially on rainy days.

At 6:30 this morning made Bran Muffins
a recipe I have had a number of years and they are so good.
Have kept putting off but started the process.
I make 1/2 the recipe and it makes 12 muffins (not a huge size)
Posted this on 8/26/2012..
This morning
I also put some sunflower seeds and a few flax seeds in them.

So an early morning ate 3 of these, yogurt, banana, chopped apple and 3 cups of green tea
was satisfying.   Since I am now eating a hearty breakfast, early dinner about 2:00 and then
a snack before bed - I have found this is perfect for me at this time of life.

Realize that when anyone visits they may not like my evening snack but maybe there will
be some left overs from early dinner :)

Everyone is talking about the weather
and I have no snow but is very cold and windy.
To think I was raised in Michigan and once would ski and ice skate.
As I age the cold is more penetrating
and I even am now wearing long underwear
a lot
which I never did in the past...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Day

A new morning
of a new day beginning
I stepped out onto the deck
to see if I could capture
the peaceful view.
I will remember what this message is telling me.
The bread bag I ordered online
seems to help.
Do not use a lot of bread, wish there were 1/2 loaves of the type I like.
Freeze some
but like it not frozen.  
Putting 1/2 loaf in this bread bag
keeps it fresh longer
and freeze the rest.

In the 50's today
and then plunging to zero again for a few days.
Weather is like a roller coaster...

Friday, January 24, 2014


is the only word I can think of
that will describe my feelings
about an hour ago.

This is a trait I do not have
but I do not know what else to call it
and it made me smile

I looked out the window at the home I built 10 years ago
that now has a new owner.
This owner has horses and love seeing them graze in the field.
and have been concerned over them with this super cold weather
as building a shelter has not begun.

Looking out the window I saw a dozen or more of something in the yard
then I realized
they were chickens.

I have wanted chickens since moving back to the country.

Have noticed some of the small chicken shelters on wheels
that you move about .... but
not a good idea - I think.
There is surrounding this cottage
all  I can take care of at this time.

But I smiled when I realized what I was seeing
and it was a good envy.

Memories of moving to the old farm house years ago
 this was such enjoyment
my chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, turkeys, peacocks
and raising calves
were helpful to the healing of this young woman.

 My Jamie, youngest daughter named them all.

So this Envy
Makes me smile...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Morning Continues

Oh yes
the morning continues
and now 10:30 AM
and the sun is brightly shining
with strong winds continuing.

But the sun
the bright sun
is wonderful.
I sit in the over 50 year old
rocking chair I rocked my
babies in
and have tea
What could be
more wonderful then this ?

Washing is washing
Swifter run over all floor
dishes drying
rugs have been shaken outside
chili simmering to be
spread on a tortilla
with cheese, avocado, cabbage and lettuce
Callie will not come inside.
May be
wind chill around 5 degrees
but the sun is shining.
Enjoying tea
their tea is so good....

Zen Forest
an organic White tea

Simple pleasures,
In my heart
I believe are the best
and now tea time.

Life is Good...

Keep Moving

fierce wind blowing
can hear wind chimes
ceiling fan and bamboo screens
moving on the screen porch.

Bitter cold....
Pleased I filled bird feeders yesterday
they are part of my family.

The mind tells me
keep moving
and I will obey
this early morning,
yoga and healthy breakfast
will start the day.

Now after lunch I may
curl up with a book
work at desk,
 may even tackle
a pile of ironing on the loft area
and since heat rises
it is nice and warm.

So life goes on
as I dream of Spring
and even though much going on
in my children and grandchildren
I am conscious of the
many blessings I have....

I read somewhere
life is a journey
and you never stop learning
so true.

One thing I have learned
is you can always listen
and some do not have the
time to do this....

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Returns Along With My Returning Home

Winter never really left
but it sure felt like it for several days.
Bitter cold morning, down coat, boots
and off for errands.

Been a long time since I stopped at our local library.
Seems I order from Amazon new and used books, keep and share.
I love books everywhere in this cottage
they are my friends.
Had thoughts of a Kindle and
will not go this route at this time of life.
If I traveled then it would be nice.
 I like the feel and the look of a paper book.

Several of  ~~Mireille Guiliano's ~~  books were picked up.
None of her recent books available but was told by one
that they would make me smile.
In need of something light and to make me smile
seems a number of serious matters to contemplate
These books were brought home plus a gardening magazine.

The errands numbered 5 and a final stop - since it had been a month
at Dunkin Donuts for Pumpkin Latte and the free donut given
to one of a special age and I chose a Crueler.

Heading down the highway
 to Drugstore that is 4 miles away from my cottage.
Picked up a prescription, birthday card and was given a gift of some Soy lotion.
This one handing it to me
is so kind and always a favorite along with her husband over the years,
has a selection of some really beautiful and unusual items
that she buys at market.
She complimented this now ancient one with her stylish boots,
white down coat and of course the cane in hand....
I think at times I may look better then I actual feel or think
if this makes sense or someone is trying to make me feel good....
This young woman, the wife of the pharmacist  recently stopped serving lunch
and now offers coffee, tea and something sweet.   Do miss the lunches when someone
makes a visit to my home it was someplace to go for quality and close to home.

Finally home and so good to pull down the gravel drive to Callie who is almost doing flips in the air as she is so happy
to see me and let out of utility room - kept there because it is so cold outside.

Nothing sweet has been baked in many days and placed a frozen grocery Apple Pie
in the oven. Rarely do this but better then nothing and will be warm and tasty.

 Thai coconut soup with an addition of more Soy.
and peanut butter and crackers, so a simple lunch.
Have stopped using sweet tea at all of my meals and this is a way of reducing some of the
sugar I consume :)

This caught my eye in the recent "Cooking Light" magazine and have the pears on hand.
Trying to decide which quick bread recipe I use to add the pears to look like this
wonderful image...

if I can reproduce -- and going to try...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Unplanned and Unexpected Pleasure of Simplicity

My day continues
the sun is shining
I begin to tidy my garage
as someone is coming to spray in the next few weeks.
Then it is beginning to be so nice and warm outside
that I begin to add more small limbs to the fire pit.
and successful in it burning
for several hours
careful as I walk because there are so many
roots of the old trees'
exposed at this time.
Did not notice this last year
and wonder if I need to have a truck load of top soil brought it.
But really do not want to do anything like this.
It is wonderful to be outside....

I am tired and  1:30 and time for lunch and nothing prepared.
I quickly make a small portion of chicken salad
with a chicken breast left over from yesterdays meal.
My small Cuisinart chopper is so handy.
Chicken with a small addition of celery a scallion with a small
amount of Hellmans Mayo,
then chopped pecans and sliced black seedless grapes are folded in.
A small amount of broccoli and carrot slivers are steamed.
So this on my plate with 1/2 of sliced  avocado and crackers.

Delightful to sit on the deck in the warm sun
eating my simple lunch
with Callie at my feet.

My mind is blank and undisturbed
except for the thought
nothing could be any more peaceful and enjoyable for me at this time of life.
There have been thoughts in the past year
after my fall
if my plans for the future need to change ?
Then my blank mind
is filled with the joy of my granddaughter's upcoming wedding
and thoughts continue to surface
of my son's visit
enjoying the woods with his mother....

Then another thought arises
I do believe I love this home and enjoy it more then the many over my past - now long life...

Callie continues not to move
and my day is ending

Nothing Remains The Same

Day beginning
I go up the stairs to deck and marvel how this very old plant always
blooms in January and the leaves look so beautiful.
This plant is put on the screen porch when weather warms
and it seems to never look quite this healthy at that time.
There is a lady bug on the lamp by my computer
I smile because I always think they represent good luck.
6 days ago the temperature was almost zero.  Yesterday in the 50's
and today will be the same.
As I view all this morning
it is a reminder to me that in life
nothing remains the same
it is always changing.... 

Friday, January 10, 2014

No More Candles`

I have said
"I want no more candles."

But when I opened the small box
I smiled at the little hand painted bird
and the scent of "White Lotus."

Then her words
"when I saw the little bird
mama, I thought of you."

So I smile everytime I look at it
on my nightstand.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Humble Onion And Evening Meal Not Wanted

"Can you imagine a world without onions ?
These were words shared by "Julia Child."

The use of the onion for food goes back at least 3,500 years
and is one of the oldest cultivated plants and a world class super food.
Read a lot of information on "google"  regarding the onion that I did not know.

"The Space Between Us" by Thrity Unriga
has been sitting among a stack of unread books for a long time
and I recently started to read.

I read with interest that when the young woman's cooked her eggs
there was an addition of onion, garlic, cilantro and a pinch of chili powder.
This gave me an idea for my scrambled egg that I make for breakfast about 3 times a week.

I beat my egg with  an addition of cold water (the amount that I once used of milk)
pour into a warm skillet with a small amount of melted butter, low heat and stir continually.
It seems this makes the egg moist and fluffy....
and this is a new way for me - an idea I was given when I attended a brunch
recently and complimented the eggs and noticed the texture was different from mine.
My friend told me she never added milk but a small amount of cold water.

Now as I am stirring I add a very small amount of  chopped onion, garlic, a pinch of turmeric (good for inflammation), and early
this morning I also put in a little chopped cheese. (this amount is for one - just me :)

Now this is not an omelet
just a scrambled egg with an addition of the above
and I found it tasty.
wish I still had some cilantro but in the Spring  when plants are thriving - I can add.

I also will share
I can no longer eat 3 hearty meals.
My breakfast is my favorite and the most I eat for a meal.
Then lunch a little less
and now in the evening
I have the thought "I am not hungry."
Sometimes I make a smoothie or have a bowl of cereal with banana (my mother did this in later years
and I thought it was strange :)  I also will add that many things that my mother did that I did not
like I find I am now doing some of them :)

 During the day I snack
usually a small dish of different kinds of nuts
and yesterday also - 4 pieces of chocolate that seems to  still be here from Christmas :)
and if it was not - I would buy on next trip to market....

Before going to bed I usually have some yogurt and banana
so this is new for me and
I find it pleasing.
Also sometimes I make a float with ice cream and Vernor's (Vernor's a childhood favorite from Detroit and now it is in my local grocery - my son does not eat ice cream :) almost frowns at me when I mention it :)
but surely with weight staying at a little less then 110 lbs
I can eat some ice cream and chocolate :)

Well aware with families you could not have my schedule.
As my younger daughter shares
"evening is our biggest meal"....

So this is either a plus or minus
of this matriarch - I think it is a plus :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Same and Different

Morning temperature of 5 degrees,
 the sun is shining and that is wonderful.

The beginning of deep cleaning is in process.
Just finished refrigerator and it seems much thrown out
because of dates.  Use a lot of items but not much of many
because of the difference in my life at this time.
Seems the use date arrives quickly.
Drains in sinks have been cleaned with vinegar, baking soda and hot water
and surely everyone knows to use this.
Bathroom gone over with 100 Team Borax which makes everything sparkle
and some baking soda.

Bed linens in washing machine and seems linens are not like in the past.
When home in town was built I bought sheets and duvet from the
Pottery Barn and in a short time both had imperfections.
I still have a few sheets that were purchased when I lived in the really
big house with family 25 years ago  and they are still being used.  Percale and now feel
like silk.

Soon will go over all the old furniture with Murphy's Oil Soap and then in a few
days will nourish everything with Lemon Oil.

Have just ordered cotton flat baby diapers, they are the best for cleaning mirrors and windows
with no lint left behind.  I have to be careful and keep them separate or they might
be picked up and used for dusting - these are only for mirrors and windows and occasional help uses newspaper.  The ones I have are over 4 years old and will use for dusting.   I do not like paper towel - too much lint left behind.  Also with gas heat it seems mirrors and windows are now getting
a light film on them....

Will slowly go over everything in this home and when the day arrives that
something is peeking out of the soil - I will be outside :)

One of the few luxuries I enjoy at this time
is a hot bath with fragrant Bedadas, it last forever ( a very small amount and your tub is
sparkling when emptied) Many years ago I used Vita Bath that was just as good
but a few years ago after doing some research I found out Bedadas, it is about same
and less expensive, from Germany  and I  order from Amazon.
 My Beth gave me some Lavender
soap and lotion from Thymes for Christmas and I love it....

Seems my what brings me pleasure list at this time of life is so simple.

Difficult to believe that 4 1/2 years have gone by so quickly.  That is when construction on
 this small home began.  That winter a day was never missed on the building site with very mild
weather.  Callie a year old when I found her at the shelter with a chain around her neck that had
to be removed with a saw :) so this Fall she will be 6 years old.

So - the beginning of Spring cleaning has begun and in the past it took several weeks and now
at this time of life it will take several months :)
On a pleasant day need to clean garage and soon car and truck need to be cleaned

As long as the sun is shining and I cannot be outside
I enjoy doing this.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

One Of The Joys

Yes, one of the joys of this rural cottage
is watching the birds at my feeders.

So they are filled to the brim
and usually fill 1/2 full.

They know below zero weather is arriving
I do believe they are watching for me to restock their feeders
and if I did not they would peck at the windows.

The phone rings
and a voice "you are always filling your bird feeders - be careful and do not fall."

Rain has started and soon will turn to ice....
not anticipating
the rapid cold front approaching
and prediction
of zero and below for the next few days.

This type of weather
makes me uncomfortable
for lack of a better word...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Can You Imagine

Parsley from frigid garden that will top potato soup that is simmering
Two ancient plants that are on the loft
they like their Winter home.
I love this area
almost feel like I am on a vacation when I sit upstair and look out the big window.
Paper Whites soon to bloom and a bulb that may take time
A quick trip to market early this morning to join the many people preparing
for the zero days predicted.
All is well and potato soup mixture smells so good with onions, celery, carrots
and bacon cooking for topping.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Remember Your Words

on this day
and every day
to be

I will accept all that is,
 continue to simplify,
stay grateful
I will
just be

Woke up
to a 5 degree temperature on porch
and wind chill even less.

I will not be straying far
on this day....

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Planned on a quick trip to local small town before dropping temperature and snow predicted
for afternoon.    But it seems that several hours ago huge snow flakes began falling.
My birds in a frenzy as they empty the feeders, so I am bundling up and going outside
 to make sure they have
seeds for the next few days of frigid weather arriving.

Morning breakfast a little different over the last several months as I begin first thing this morning drinking a juice glass of Kefir.  It is really tasty and a probiotic.
Started with this and about 30 minutes later chopped apple, banana, apricot, raisins covered with
yogurt and flax seeds and my almost morning ritual of 3 cups of green tea.
I rotate to fruit with oates and then fruit with scrambled egg and slice of bacon.

Trying very hard to eat properly with most mornings of yoga and try to go at a slower pace.
   It has become very apparent
that I can no longer walk miles a day, vist my woods often,  garden nonstop for hours, wash car and truck
and many other things that have always been done by this one.   Really have not given up much
but doing less of most and at a slower pace.
In all truth - I never thought these would have to be given up - how unrealistic this one is.

I like my new doctor and I smiled as she made the comment to me "you are very determined
and you need to accept what is happening at this time of life and go at a slower pace."
 the thought came to mind that I am a new patient and she seemed to describe
me perfectly.....

So as I share with my family and friends far and near
trying to change and enjoy some more quality years as this aging process that I do not like
continues onward....

Plan on writing less as it seems my mind is almost empty at the moment, want to be on the
computer less as it sure is addictive and hours can fly by without you hardly even knowing it.
I promise not to just disappear like some I have become attached to have done.
But do not want my sharing to focuse on health and aging.

 Trying to be still more, think less, meditate more and continue to realize
that with all the ups and downs of my driven lifestyles  that if I could have
much would have been changed but I did all that was in my power with the
knowledge that I possessed at that time of life.
 What is apparent at this moment is I have wonderful
children, grandchildren and I have so many blessings and need to focus on this.

Guess the best one at the moment is I am reasonably healthy, of sound mind and was
allowed to return to an area that in my heart I could never entirely leave and was allowed to  build this small home surrounded by nature....

Also new neighbors from a farm in Kentucky have moved into home on adjoining property.
This home was one I built after selling the old farm house.  In a few years I sold it
thinking I would not return to the country. It was sold to a  lady who is a retired professor and
she has returned
to her home place in Rhode Island.

  Looking out the window New Years Eve
I spotted 6 horses and a donkey :)  part of my new neighbors family.   Also some cats
and dogs met me as I approached the front door to introduce myself and give them my
phone number in case I could help them in any way....
This will thrill my young granddaughter's when they visit.

Enough shared on this cold and snowy morning
where plans for the day continue to change/

Also as plans are underway for my first granddaughter's Spring wedding
I smile and my heart is warmed....