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Monday, September 30, 2019

Dinner Tonight

Fettuccine Alfredo  with Truffle sauce and some mixed greens
my dinner tonight

Welcome October
but you came mighty fast.

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Trying this CBD oil
a lot of research and looks like this is the best and ok'd by the government

Writer daughter wrote about it.

I called Hafl Hill Farm
and asked a lot of questions.

If anyone curious
you can look up all of the information on their web site

Arthritis pain is horrible for this one

Friday, September 27, 2019

Growing Family

This one going through old pictures, pictures before computer and camera I now use.
Make me smile, cry and they touch my heart deeply.

Images were taken on this property at a different time in our lives

These two young ladies, my granddaughters, one is a chef in Nantucket and the other
a school teacher in New York and soon to present me with my second great-grandchild in
my grandson requested to visit me when I sold the home where he sits on the porch, it is on this
property, at his feet a dog he loved Babe.   He wanted to visit before I made another move.
Such enjoyment and especially when he wanted to visit his grandma.  Now a businessman
who continual emails show him in other countries and I thank him.

Now everyone so busy there are not many visits to this one in a cottage by the woods  But
it is the way it is supposed to be as time moves on and seemingly at a rapid pace

The love overflows for everyone in this family and thankful for the computer where there
is continual touch with one another.

Another cool morning which is wonderful and now a warmer afternoon.

Maybe grocery, small amount as difficult to go up the stairs with them.

I wonder why 12 years ago building this small home and thinking I thought of everything for
my future aging years - I did not think of some of the stairs,

Guess I thought all would remain the same forever
and my son
reminds me
"Nothing remains the same"

Have a good day
and thank you for continual support and keeping in touch.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


What is your passion, have had many and in the past, a well-known individual told me I had an
eclectic personality,

Books are piled by my chair, on tables and many in bookcases.  Need to be sorted and arranged
differently, but I like them like this,

Some read, over and over
others I am reading, always more than a book at a time.
Many waiting to be read.

I underline and have bookmarks in many
In the past, my gardening, flowers, remodeling homes were on my list
now those are part of my past

Oh the temperature in the '50s this morning, how delightful.

Life continues at a slower pace
but all is good.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Have to Eat

Returned from having car serviced, a market stop
fixings for stir fry either tonight or tomorrow
using fish instead of beef
Love these Mozella balls in olive oil and herbs.
Now prechopped veggies are new for this one ( new at the market)
it will be closer to portions for 2 meals for this one

Always loved to cook
but for one not all that easy, but doing it.

Many compliments on the image I posted on Instagram
so will share.

Me, 2 years ago going to lunch with my son, wearing a 20-year-old cashmere sweater that he
gave me for Christmas 20 years before.

Always taking care of these sweaters, hand washing and blocking on a towel, they last forever

Sunday, September 22, 2019

What"s Going On

We all share some of our worlds, most have never met in person, all aging, but guess this one
who is the matriarch probably beyond many of you?

My problem at this time is severe Arthritis, but lucky not until the late '70s was it sometimes unbearable.  Maybe knee replacement would have helped, never offered and just shots in the knees, it progressed to fluid
being taken off.   The procedure is done almost 3 months ago so it is resurfacing.

A busy life, very little medication ever used, wanted to go the healthy route.  With aging, just
the natural decline in areas that I thought would not happen.  Not to a healthy diet, exercise,
yoga person.    Well it is not missing the lady by the woods

Today a painful day and I still am trying to take the easy route, really a painful year and most started with my tooth being pulled by a beginner, my doctor in surgery, with results from it is still painful on the right
side of my face will never go away, nothing can be done and not noticeable to anyone but this one
and my sometimes rosy complexion looks rather nice :) Shingles you are horrible, especially on the face.

From this a heart attack, pacemaker put in and I still after it has been explained many times
"where did this come from?"   Weakened me and many go home soon but I live solo and insurance
covered 3 weeks in the best place in Nashville, so I went.

When I share with my son he just tells me the body wears out.  My nurse daughter wants me
to go to some other specialist for arthritis and I just am weary of doctors.

I am changing my simple medication routine, now take blood pressure medication morning and night and it took months to get the right dose and finally now fine.   Went through nightmares, not sleeping, intestinal issues but they have all left.

Now arthritis body pain, do some simple exercises, breathe as my son tells me, meditate
and Tylenol and find now 1/2 of a Hydracodine with it  helps tremendously and it is 1/2 of the smallest dose
and told this is nothing but I did not want to take it.

Now checking into CBD oil, writer daughter sent me some from the best supplier and I talked to them
on the phone yesterday for more information and my doctor said it is fine: take it
trying to see what dose would be best.   The lowest dose just once a day placing the oil under the tongue gives
amazing relief.  So have started this
the mind does not want too but with the 80's rolling by quickly and if this gives me relief may

In my heart just do not want to be the oldest writing online, but then the mind lags far behind
the chronological aga and mind says I am much younger, told this is normal, do not know anyone my age :)

My past of creating homes and gardens, running a corporation is finished, I direct another, but they come and go.
Article in the New York Times (son sent me and I saw it today in the paper) on a home with a natural garden, I might do but would worry
about snakes, ticks and other critters.  So I see more changes that may arrive so better accept and adapt.  There are all kinds of beautiful grasses,   Just miss me out there with a hoe in hand.

My special driver friend arrives home tomorrow from 2 week trip in Florida, will check with the doctor on the biopsy and pray all went well.

So without my writing, camera, now on Instagram, my books piled everywhere, where would I be.

Never thought of aging until last few years ago and know family is weary of my sharing
so they do not need to ask.

A beautiful day, cool mornings and life goes on but without loved ones and most cared for friends.

Don't forget your flu shot, tomorrow my car serviced, busyness never stops and seems not much appetite lately, need to gain a few pounds.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Little One

A fruit, yogurt, muffin, tea, and coffee 65-degree morning, litte one get out of the soybean field.

think the hummers have left, seems early, maybe a prediction of early winter.  Remember many years they are here into October, maybe they are still sleeping :)

Friday, September 20, 2019

Good Day Arriving

How can you not begin a day with a smile
when you receive a picture your son took while walking the beach in that far away land and sends
it to his mama
Thoughts, miss him, wish I was there and thanks to him for making me smile on a cooler morning

My helper girl came through surgery with flying colors, so thankful, now Christy heal and change
some unhealthy habits.

Writer daughter my Jamie spent most of the day with me on Tuesday, hair wash, blow-dry and feels so good, picked up fish taco's, so good brought home.  Seems at this time of life do not like noisy
eating places and just like to pick up something twice a week and bring it to my cottage.

Look at her recent image and still difficult to accept we are not cat people, guess it changed,
she adores him. 

Yesterday a horrid experience
license time to be renewed
thought I would be smart and renew myself
3-hour wait
was not good for this one.

So all you share their words with me
thank you and take care of yourselves.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Been a While

Yes it has been a while since I shared and have hesitated too as so much going on
Here goes, some of it.

My special helper and driver on errands not comfortable for me noticed a swelling on his arm about
3 weeks ago.  Thought it was an insect bite, possibly a spider bite.  It never went away and became
bigger, after much urging from wife and because they were planning a trip to Florida she went with him to doctor, he looked at it and immediately took him to the surgeon in the hospital.   Cancer and
now awaiting biopsy of a large section.

Next, young woman, I am so pleased with after weeks of searching for someone to be with me a few
hours on the weekend, she is just 48 and was having pain in her chest, ER, test, moved to the best heart
hospital (where I went) in Nashville and has 8 blockages, so more test for her tomorrow.

On and on, good friends for years, older sister in her 90's lives in Jacksonville, Florida, she visits
her family here in Tennessee about 6 times a year, she is amazing, recovered 2 years ago from Hip surgery, had a fever, tests being done, she has been moved to rehab and who know where this will
go.  She is amazing, beautiful, smart, so concerned over her.

Her 2 surviving sisters in 90's also, one finishing a handicap home next to the home she lives in.
and her twin showing signs of dementia, so on and on.  I listen, pray for them and when sitting, counting breaths I send good wishes and healing  to all  of these

All of this and I am told all is well.,   Someday will write what changes as you age.
Do not like any of this and trying with all my strength to keep moving, doing, eat and on and on.

The main issue is arthritis pain, nothing will restore me to what I was like 5 years ago, then Shingles
that still affect the face and heart attack you may never be the same.

I am using walker, sometimes cane and sometimes nothing and oh how I miss walking in the woods, my yard and working in the garden.

So please forgive me if this sounds like complaining, not so - just how it is in soon middle 80's.

What a pleasure in my nature surrounded cottage holding my camera,   I miss my baking and cooking, so thankful a good mind, will probably be trying to accept until the end.

I never had help, but now is necessary for a few hours to do things I use to do and love the

Being in rehab several times and with much figuring it is less expensive this way than a facility.
I will stay in this home if I have no one but surely miss some of the perfect people I found\
and they will return but it will be a while

My special girl, first t help me still with me for a couple of hours some evenings, loves my flowers
waters, weeds and my feeders if not for her would not have the hummers and other birds.

Also, lack proper words about my special children and grandchildren, not near, all so busy
son calls from Thailand weekly, writer daughter has 2 teenagers, one college next year
and I smile about my youngest granddaughter in a magnet school and choose a language in Chinese.
Another daughter, my nurse helps me with thoughts, that granddaughter in Nantucket a Chef,
and my oldest in Florida, all that is going on with her is difficult for her as she remembers maybe more than the others of an independent talented mother who would tackle anything and I have changed, age and closer to the end does change us in many ways and we are not the same, another great-grandchild is due in November and on and on

So my life continues and may a long time and have to learn to tolerate the pain and walk with a cane.
and count my blessings, read and carry my camera, such is life at the edge of the woods.

Hope and Pray I have not left out anyone, forgive me if I have.....