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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Oh yes
looking forward to the week that is to be Spring in full force.
Putting these out tomorrow :)
Humming birds, I will be watching for you
with camera
in hand...

Yesterday, I do believe
I heard you deep in the woods
and you returned again today.
Want so
to view you...

Mary Oliver - Now a large shopping center
where once a pond she would visit.....

       Loving the earth, seeing what has been done to it,
I grow sharp,  I grow cold.

Impossible to believe we need so much
as the world wants us to buy.
I have more clothes, lamps, dishes, paper clips
than I could possibly use before I die.

Oh, I would like to live in an empty house,
with vines for walls, and a carpet of grass.
No planks, no plastic, no fiberglass.

And I suppose sometime I will.
Old and cold I will lie apart
from all this buying and selling, with only
the beautiful earth in my heart.

from   "Why I Wake Early"

Her words
continually speak to my heart...

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Trip and Looking For Spring

Their visiting the aquarium,
a trip alone with her mom
and I do believe
this is the happiest
on her little face
that I have ever seen....
Outside in the rain,
camera in pocket,
old rain bonnet on
that I use to see my mother wearing
and would think "never me"
it reminds me to never say never....

Looking for Spring
Chives are looking good
In pots
green onion, lettuce and parsley are peeking out of the soil

Surely winter is over and
I imagine this old furniture
is thirsty and
is thankful for the Lemon Oil
that this one is generously applying :)

Friday, March 28, 2014


Looking at family images
I posted yesterday for my children and grandchildren
they make me smile

First we all look over weight
and are not,
so guess when you copy old photographs
they come out a little distorted.

Second, what a beautiful family
I have :)

It took me years to realize I was not equipped in anyway
to take on almost a 4 year old at 21 years of age.
This one now and in the past
always thought there is nothing
she cannot do.

Just to think I was the age of my oldest granddaughter
who is about to become a bride
and there were 4 children in the home.

It is a wonder that I made it.
Looking back I realize I did survive
the stormy times and the many happy times.
Now at this date, years later,
what would I do without these wonderful children
and grandchildren.....

Jamie born in my early 30's and she was a surprise
but  has been nothing but a joy to me over the years.
For years it was just her and me
Starting over in a new lifestyle
and since older children were in college
and beginning their life journey
in my new surroundings
many thought she was my only child.

What a journey
a good one, so much experienced
and guess those bumps in the road of life
have made me who I am today.

At this moment
I can smile as this is typed.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

So Many Memories

Going through boxes of pictures
to pass on to children
on their soon visit.

Oh my
so many memories.

Hope I sleep tonight...
This one and her children at the old farm house
and also at a gathering when my mother at 72 almost passed away.

This one and father of my children
when Caitlin
was born.
My 60th birthday
and it seems like yesterday....

and now....

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Can hardly wait
until most of my children
and grandchildren will be visiting.

Interesting artical in N.Y. Times - today
"This is what 80 looks like"
about Gloria Steinem.

In my old bookcase
a number of her books
dated over 20 years ago.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Smiled

Yes, I smiled
when at breakfast this morning
with their favorite French Toast
my youngest granddaughter looked at me and said
"grandma, what is good about being old?"

the word
Peace came out of my mouth
along with contentment...

This one
with not the greatest childhood,
young marriage, house full of children,
divorce, striking out on her own,
new careers and finally in a cottage by the woods
surrounded by nature - is at Peace.

Peace and contentment
seemed a long time arriving
but it is wonderful.

Just wish some health issues were not surfacing
but it sure could be worse.

this makes me smile
and my precious

grandma thanks you for asking
and reminding me
how special is this time of life....

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Today and song - Let It Go - Words from the film Frozen

Books on the big table

for my youngest granddaughter

The Secret Garden
Unstoppable Me (10 ways to soar through life) by Dr. Wayne Dyer - this book is so good
and all ages need to read :)  I liked it :)

Everything Remains - A memoir by the minimalists
(Living a better life..with less stuff)
"like Henry David Thoreau - but with Hi-Fi"

Essential Oils For Beginners

Meditations From The Mat  by Rolf Gates

Once again reading my much loved
Mary Oliver books.

My little girls are spending the day and night
and are arriving to help grandma and make some spending money.

Juicing is continuing
and much simpler this morning.
Still waiting for call from doctor for results of blood work :(

A damp cool day and the girls and I
will unload truck after lunch and pick up branches :) unload more garden items, a sale damaged little dog house for Callie
and a planter about 4 ft long that looks like a log.

They have been singing continually
and this one
cannot understand words to the new songs.
I ask what are you singing

the words to "Let It Go" from the film Frozen
and I am informed it is a best seller.

Little do I know of much of the music in this time.

the words
and I like...

If I was not so tired
I would post them :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 3

This sure looks like a lot of food
but carrots, cabbage, apple and an addition of some kale
and protein powder
makes a small glass of juice.

Some yogurt, blueberries, banana, flax powder,
an English muffin with a special person's
homemade pear honey, green tea
and breakfast is over.

Will see if this makes any difference to
one woman's inflammation as time goes by.

The warming trend is wonderful
and is great to be outside

It is raining this early morning
and I think
it will not stop me from walking
with umbrella in hand.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Healing Juice

Decided to order from my favorite, quick and time saving source -Amazon,
the most inexpensive and hopefully adequate small juicer I could find.
This juicer has been sitting in my kitchen for over a week and finally early this morning
decided to take it apart, wash and make a healthy juice for inflammation that I had read about.

It was difficult for me to take apart and almost gave up and was going to return - but kept trying
and finally accomplished.  A lot of parts and after washing had difficulty putting back together.
I am not good at this but hopefully next time it will be quickly accomplished.
One carrot, apple and some cabbage was washed and cut into small sections.
It made a good size glass of surprisingly very tasty juice and I am fussy...
Then the clean up began,
taking this juicer apart, washing every piece
was time consuming.  I think when I bake there is a lot of clean up and this compares to it :)

Even though articles suggested doing this 3 times a day
plan on doing this every morning for a while until I become
a bit faster at this process - if it is even possible.

This does not replace a meal, just an addition and I continued on with Kefir, yogurt, banana, flack seeds, blueberries, English muffin with jam :) and green tea.

Callie on the deck
watches my every move.  So aware she wants to come inside - but it is warming and
this one
will soon be joining her in the sunshine and fresh air.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring A Little Closer

A wonderful day was written about in my last post
and then
dipped into the 20.s the next day
and finally starting to warm again.
This morning on the way to the market
and driving down this winding road
that I have grown to love
Look what I see,  stop to
take an image in the middle of the road
and hoping no car is approaching.
Home and lunch on my sunny deck.

Email arrives that brings a smile to my face.

Hours ago
my youngest granddaughter celebrated her 9th birthday.

I remember times she has been with me in past years always asking
the question "grandma what does that mean" when I would use a word
she was not familiar with.

An avid reader and now words she shares sends her grandma
to her source of information.

Yesterday her mom wrote about this little one
and added the word my granddaughter used to describe herself
"epic."   Not a word I use and it sent me to my

-Significant, tremendous, huge, major and the wonderful
and the
description goes on.

Oh my...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

There Is Always A Way

Early morning  trip to the doctor, blood work performed, may need exray and will not be surprised if inflammation level is very high.
Much this one is experiencing is the ongoing inflammatory condition, horrible winter,
withdrawal from decreasing medication and also some issues that I cannot do anything
about but cause anxiety.

Nothing that has been happening will keep me from being outside on this sunny afternoon.
It is wonderful....

8 bags of mulch, sunflower seeds and dog food purchased, grocery visit and on my way back to the country.
No longer can I lift heavy bags of mulch and put in wheel barrow for me to spread.
Thought of the old dolly always used to move heavy pots and it is perfect for pulling mulch bags
from the truck on to this dolly.  It is so good to be outside in the warm sun...
Buds are popping out
and just know that in April when family will be visiting and my son arrives home
that there will be blooms.
I will leave you with this

My day outside has ended
but looking forward to

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beautiful Sun

The sun is beginning to shine,
it never did yesterday
so melting of snow and ice continues,
 maybe I can go outside after lunch :)

When you do not feel like cooking or baking
this was tasty
corn chips covered with black beans, tomato, cheese, avocado,
 a side of quinoa and a slice of store bought cake from the freezer.
May repeat it again today.

A hyacinth in my bedroom makes me think Spring
and the scent is heavenly.

Years ago
the old farm house
and this land
was a retreat
 for me
far from the world
I had known.
A place where this one
could slow down,
garden, read all types of books,
fiction, philosophy, poetry
her bible
and search for meaning
of much.

Even with a Winter that seemed longer then most
this one is ever thankful
I was able to return
to this land
4 1/2 years ago.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


It is 35 and a warming trend in progress.
I thought I will put on my boots and carefully go outside and try to open truck doors and sweep steps.
Carefully I progressed
but the ground is like a skating ring with melting water on top.
Cautiously returned inside.
Thankful I am inside and looking out....
Just threw a bucket full of seed out on the ground from the front porch.
I know the birds can make it
but I enjoy watching them.
A great shot yesterday I missed because battery needed replacing.
A fluffy bluebird on the post of the deck.
He was beautiful
and maybe he will return
as I keep watching...

I had plans for tomorrow
but realistically think it may be late Friday or Saturday morning before I can leave the woods.

Schools locally are still closed and my young granddaughter's were able to return in Nashville.

Living in the country with a lot of winding roads
makes a big difference.

I am not out of anything, a long to do list and very thankful for this,
so why am I constantly looking out the window, pacing the floors and would like to
go outside :)  Also would like to go through 3 days of mail.   Called the post office and told
them to keep it and I will pick up later in the week.

What I am experiencing has happened several times in the past almost 40 years
but for some reason it seems different.  Probably because I am older.

The sun is trying to come through the clouds :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Beautiful But Ice

Beautiful view
but still cannot step outside
Do not think
mail delivered on this rural
but can not get to vehicle
because of ice.

Really does not matter
just missing going outside...

Some Beauty

Blooming this early morning.

In the early hours I woke up to a cold house.
Electricity off but soon came back on.

Very aware this is nothing compared to other parts of the country
what I see when looking out the window this early morning.
Wonder if my little pine trees will stand up straight
once again?
Never remember the floor of screened in porch being icy.  Better wait until later in the
day to fill bird feeders..
Cars on the road at normal speed in the near city.   On this country road there is no traffic
but the sun just came out and it makes me

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Ice and snow due this evening and tomorrow.

Spring, I know I see buds and buttercups emerging,
so what happened?

So nice to have company last night.
My youngest daughter and two youngest granddaughter's
stopped by, spent the night and early morning continued on to Kentucky.
for soccer tournament.
 Looks like one game under the lights

A birthday around the corner for my youngest GD.
An image of her channeling her inner water ballerina (her mother's remark)
Seems like yesterday she was born
and I do not think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face.

Visits during upcoming Spring break and maybe they can help me pick up the
limbs that are everywhere on the path in the woods.

With weather warning
all batteries have been replaced in flash lites,
a good supply of candles and pantry is full.

But for the life of me cannot figure out how to use a heater that was purchased
4 years ago
for emergencies.    Hopefully I do not need it.

Just finished reading "Everything That Remains" a memoir by the minimalists

"Like Henry David Thoreau, but with Hi-Fi" - Boston Globe
"Living a Better Life" - with less stuff - National Post

Found it interesting to read about these 2 young men.

Might add
this one
is still on a "less stuff"  journey...

No more news
at the moment
and just waiting for Spring...