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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Way It Is

Blueberry Cranberry bread is cooling
in the little pans that are over 50 years old
and look it !   Many have asked me where did I get this size
which I like better then 2 large loaf pans or one large stem pan.
Cannot even remember but they have been well used and so easy
to freeze a couple of loaves and always one to give to someone.
I look at the clock and think where has the morning gone?
Up by 5:00, watered flowers, dead headed lillies, pulled some weeds, fed Callie, fresh water in humming bird feeders, 2 loads of wash,
called school boy help-not available he is going to camp, other help cannot reach
but when he is needy a call will be received,
computer, baking and late breakfast of frozen waffle covered with blueberries, banana,
little maple syrup, 2 cups of green tea, handful of supplements and now I am back on
computer sharing and wondering who in the world wants to read of my life ?

Now off of the dreaded Prednisone which has been a journey of high and low doses for
8 years.  My RN daughter shared about her good luck with Celebrex.   I asked for a prescription
last week to have on hand, the low dose and when pain is difficult I have been taking one after
late lunch and so far works for 6 to 8 hours.

Because of living at the edge of the woods there is mildew covering all most everything.
Sometimes I will use bleach but past that now so put in a call for someone to lightly pressure
wash deck, porches, walks, etc.   Do not want to strip the paint, then I remember it has been
5 years since all of this was new.   Helper said he was busy now and would call soon, told him to come anytime
when he was not busy with his grass cutting.  Also downspouts are now plugged.

There was a time that everything was done on my time table, seemed I was important, not anymore, just so I know
someone will eventually be here is excepted by this one.   This is the crew that came the end of last November.
They were excellent, all the leaves were blown in the woods, vast amount of clean up which was
so reasonable with a crew of 5 men.  Everything looked so nice when they left can remember
crying...   Tight budget also a concern at this time and do all
I can physically  but much I can no longer do.   Gardening, cooking, writing, reading, just home maintenance,  occasional family visits and guess that is what takes up most of my time.   I smile when I remember my youngest granddaughter asking me
"grandma, what do you do for fun"  guess this is it.

This is where I want to live  but when I made this decision 6 years ago never thought about
 extra maintenance of living by the woods.  Really thought it would not matter, wanted a natural look
but it does matter to me even though I am not as fussy as when I lived in neighborhoods
of the past years.

Enough shared as day continues.   Sunny at the moment and rain later today.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


At 5:00 this morning
62 degrees outside
how wonderful.
7:45 trip to Lowe's, mulch on sale 5 bags for $10.   Bought 10 bags, gravel and could not resist
2 yellow plants that were half price.   Will add some sunshine to my garden.
Hopefully several hours help next week to unload my much loved old truck,
past years I did this but no longer.

Chicken breast simmering for chicken salad and planning on enjoying this cooler sunny weather
predicted for the next week.

Unwrapping New York Times and local Tennessean for an afternoon of reading.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh Happy Day

I heard the noise
and then looked outside and saw the dust.
Pleased as rain is suppose to arrive this afternoon.  Maybe they will finish planting Soybeans.

Always the fussy one, keeping everything so groomed, love doing this.
Now property on either side of me and it use to be mine but sold and grass is so high and not tidy.
Trying to have the mindset
does it really matter?

The land I live in - is between these 2 properties.   Old farmhouse on
one side that I sold when Jamie had graduated from college and no longer lived with me and on the other side another time I left and returned once again  is a home I built.  First owner the one I sold it too
she sold and moved last year,  kept it looking like a park and  not that way now...   my age and wanted to return to her home
in Rhode Island and I thought about her much this past Winter with it being so very cold.

At this time in my life
have all I can take care of and so pleased
that when I thought 12 years ago I would never return to this land
that I kept these acres.
For the last almost 6 years this smaller home, land and woods are my life  and love it here.

Have tried it all, much not shared but once had thoughts of
 moving to another land by the ocean,
tried the small city and the big city.    Hopefully this is where I stay with ashes
spread in these woods in time.

Then I have the thought
is there another life out there for me.
What a dreamer I am....
one always with the mindset of thinking
she could do anything.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


I have always loved words and in years past would sit with the dictionary or Thesaurus
and read like a novel, did the same with cookbooks.
A memory surfaced this afternoon as I picked up my aging Thesaurus, inside written
1980 from Jimmy.  It was a year he did not have the money to buy his mama a Christmas present
and he gave me this book, one I used often and it was his book.  He may not even remember doing this 35 years ago...
Earlier today
I put these words in my notebook

"Stepping into evening is the best way to Praise the day"     Dawes...
found visiting "Letters from a Hill Farm"
and another new word "kindfulness" may we all practice towards one another....
from www.

Simple fare, wanted to make corn bread but should have at dawn as it was too hot his afternoon
to turn on oven.  I will make it early in the morning and have with leftovers.
Cooked fresh turnip greens, black eyed peas and a hard boiled egg.   Simple but healthy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On Another Hot Day

Second meal assembled
bed of mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, asparagus, bacon and topped it with a fresh country egg,
s and p and a drizzle of olive oil with my sweet tea (which I had not made in weeks.)
Yesterday appointment with doctor with good news and bad news but then what I already knew.
I was hoping with all of my good habits this health issue would just disappear.
All blood work wonderful but Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogrens,etc - is not going to go away and will probably become worse as
time goes by.  So I must take pain medication prescribed (which I have not been doing) for the
pain and no sleep nights. Was told to continue the healthy lifestyle I lead but be careful and do not fall.     I will continue yoga, good nutrition, more rest. gardening, walking and continue onward.   I will continually share that I am so thankful that the level of what I am
experiencing did not begin until age 77.   So I have so much to be thankful for...

After appointment market stop purchasing - 1 tomato, cucumber, sweet onion, mixed greens, asparagus,turnip greens,
cherries, fresh mozzarella cheese, yogurt, oranges, bananas, 1 mango, almond milk and some yogurt bars -  headed back to the country.

I might add that some doctors have suggested new treatments
Having no part of them with their side affects, cost and no improvement.
This is what it is
and I am not 50 years of age...
So happy
I have a good mind...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Pear Tree

This pear tree was planted 3 years ago
first year about 10 pears and I was so pleased
last year - no pears.
The end of a busy day outside, probably did more then I should
but as long as I pace myself have the thoughts this is good for me.

Came inside and decided to go back outside with cane in hand
and walk down the drive where the pear tree is planted.

Oh my there must be 50 pears on the tree and hopefully they
stay on the tree and will make pear preserves this Fall with
the 100 year old recipe my mother gave me years ago from her elderly neighbor.
Guess it does not
take much
to make
this One Woman

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Paper, Fungi and Poison Ivy

Once again  my Friday, N.Y. Times was not in the drive.
Called and customer service reported it differently because this morning
Friday and Saturday arrived - so pleased.
Yesterday after returning from trip down the gravel drive to pick  up mail

noticed something different at edge of the woods by my flowers
I thought some type of wild flower
since I am continually sowing seeds.

Here they are
such a pretty color
and they covered the ground.
I continually spot unusual sizes and shapes of Fungi -  but never this color before.
A beautiful Coral.. one of my favorite colors.

Time was spent on this very hot afternoon chopping Poison Ivy out of my very large bed of
Red Bee Balm.   Decided to make the garden in back not as deep, move my prize flowers
and the others just cut down.  Goal to make this bed so thick there is no room for weeds.

Clothes off and in wash, bath and Poison Ivy
hope you did not get me..

A soft rain fell all last night
wonderful and all of windows open at the moment.
This is a gift
because the hot weather continues tomorrow...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

At The Moment

Something new
at our local market, bought yesterday and I must have more
it is so good....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Have Been On This Journey For 40 Years

Downscaling it seems forever and still not where I want to be...
Growing weary of dusting and waxing the very big table.
Last move, there was no room for it and for 2 years it was covered and stored in garage.
Moving to my cottage, it was an experiment to see if it would fit.
Builder cut 8 inches off of one end while it sat on the deck and then brought inside by 2 strong
men.   So here it sits, no luck selling as it is very very old, appraisal high, reduced it 1/2, advertised,  children like it but have no room for it.
I may soon
donate it to the local new library and bring my old pub table stored in the storage room downstairs
whether anyone likes it or not....
This was the small table I used in the city house before I built this cottage.
There are some items that girls mention they would like, but not ready to give them as of yet.

Before I sold the city home and this cottage was almost finished the open space was wonderful with the bare and shiny hardwood floors.
Basket full of linens, cleaning supplies, few other necessities,  napkins and I was set for a few days   A few simple things to eat,
meals at a card table and another one for my desk. A plate, bowl, couple of glasses, couple of pans knife, fork and spoon.    Easy chair and lamp, flashlite,   a few books and do not think I even read, appliances and my new mattress sat on a metal frame, nothing at the windows. (several made the comment "nothing at the windows, are you afraid"  oh my was wonderful to see the fireflies outside and watch the sun go down and dawn begin.     I would come here several days a week
and when it was almost complete a little at a time was brought as other home showed better
furnished -----oh this was a wonderful time.   No computer, television - just me and open space.

I might add I sit inside another very hot day after early errands, do not feel like cleaning, doing anything,
do not want to read
and just wanted to sit and not even think.
Almost 100 degrees daily and guess it depletes your energy :)

Left overs so good and was so nice not to prepare anything...

Received early this morning from my son
love this article..

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fried Chicken - So Good

Many years ago with a house full of children and Saturdays on our small boat
this one would fry 2 chickens, make potato salad, stuffed eggs, a desert and cooler
full of drinks and always a big bag of chips.  Vivid memory that being on the water always
makes you hungry.  We would consume my lunch and still pull over at a water eating place
later in the day
where we would eat hamburgers, hotdogs, have more drinks and ice cream.  Good memories of fun times.  Returning home everyone slept so good that night even with sunburns.
Seldom fry chicken at this time.   So warm daily and not up to a trip to market and
the freezer is being slowly emptied.   A few  chicken thighs removed from a bag and thawed.
The only way to cook fried chicken is to soak it overnight in buttermilk, s&p and a
little cayenne pepper.  Since up at 4:30, they thawed quickly and were put in the
buttermilk bath for about 7 hours.

A big bowl filled with 1 1/2 cups flour, 2 tbs or more of turmeric (good for inflammation)
sea salt, black pepper for dredging chicken.  Did this several times
and then into my iron skillet with - oil on hand about half way up side of skillet,
when it starts to bubble  put chicken in skillet (I am cooking just for one so everything is reduced.)

Oh my
was so pleased, it looked beautiful (turmeric added color)
and was so good along with mashed potato's and made small amount of gravy
dinner complete with some frozen peas.   

When chicken was done I put on a wire rack with paper towel underneath to catch drippings.

Having thoughts of next time family visits will cook this chicken.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Enough in crisper to make some stir fry and always in the freezer a bag of shrimp for this simple meal.  May add some rice...
Very hot outside
and early morning this one weeded a little.
First Day Lilly to bloom. 

 Enjoying my favorite newspaper - N.Y.Times and a story in the magazine section brought back such vivid memories.  This is the story of a large home restored in Cuba.
A story I have not shared about a large English Tudor that this one was involved in restoring.
Quite a story, such achievement and much sadness followed.

someday share the story and picture of the home.  Not up to it at the moment...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day Begins

Another day - a hot day
healing incense burning
and my granddaughter's orchid sent to me last October - just keeps blooming :)

on the mat for 30 minutes
and a healthy breakfast of yogurt, banana, strawberry, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, chopped apricot, green tea, slice of orange and a slice of my blueberry bread.  Sounds like a lot but
all very small portions.

The nightly pain difficult to handle but trying to just ignore...
Some doctors have called me in the past about blood work
even in the evening a personal call that was so appreciated.
No call yesterday and now will be Monday.   I have a feeling
it is sitting on their desk.
But that is alright as I will just continue to do all I know to do..
I noticed yesterday that my prayer flags are gone and guess
they have blown into the woods on a stormy day last week.
When someone comes by we will venture into the woods.

Friday, June 12, 2015


It was an early morning ride
your father driving quickly
and your grandmother beside me
trying to comfort me.
You were born at Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan
Dr. Miller, my mother's doctor delivered you
at 7:37 AM - on a June 12th morning
8 lbs and you arrived with a head full of dark hair.

Your mom did not gain much weight and was told to expect a small baby
the doctor and I so surprised at my 8lb baby girl.

So many memories over the past years...
Your mama
wishes you


On this early morning
a memory of a year ago
when your daughter
my first granddaughter
became a bride....

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Day

Always a sink, drainer full of dishes and this is the last except to clean stove.    Do a lot of cooking even for one.
Like my food best and of the mindset it is healthier.
All of my family eat out often
but not mom.

Day started with 2 loads of wash, baked banana bread, 30 minutes on mat and then breakfast.
Hung bird feeders back out in back along with hummingbird feeder that squirrel have been
attacking in the early evening.  Might have to continue taking them down and placing on screen porch, do not like doing this, but like looking out the windows at my bird feeders.
A hot 93 outside and wanted something different.  Fresh ice tea made and was out of orange/pineapple juice that I like to add - just made it plain with lemon.   Cooked some mixed beans with a little chopped
onion and ham that was in the freezer.  Green pea salad, had not made in a long time.  Drained
Lesuer peas, chopped hard boiled egg, chopped red onion and celery, mixed with a little Hellman's
mayo.  Something I tasted a long time ago and attempted - celery stuffed with chopped olives and
cream cheese.  Then cooked a vegetarian burger covered with blue cheese,  red onion,
sliced tomato and my lettuce and was pretty tasty on thin sliced wheat bread that I toasted slightly.
My special friend who picks up the N.Y. Time (and only half arrived/I called and complained Sunday morning ) came by and brought me a slice of her Chess pie - so good.

now fans are whirling and blinds are shut and I am through for the day....
Do not notice the continual pain as much when I stay busy but when I stop and at night so aware of it.
If I sat a lot - could not stand it.....
Not to the place of taking pain medicine - like suggested.
Blood work done yesterday and takes about 5 days to get results with my insurance
unless I go to ER.  

Just checked AOL
and it shared if October was your birth month
you are at risk for so much.
Thank you...
because I was born in October.
The best month to be born is May...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Problem With Some Herbs - Wheat is Beautiful

I believe in natural healing, take a number of supplements, a healthy diet and never experienced
a problem before.

Yesterday drank the herbal tea to help with pain
and last night the tea to help me get a better nights sleep.

Rest was a little better but up continually with voiding, a  reaction to some of the herbs, which number many
in the tea.

 Probably am low on potassium
so drinking Gatorade and will take a potassium pill with breakfast.

Probably a slight drop in weight - which I do not need.

Contacting Amazon this morning to see if I can return these 2 products
and not going to check out the herbs.  

Did read on box that to check with doctor if on any medications.
I am on very few, low blood pressure which stays normal except in times
of stress and with a large family it seems something is always going on
that I take too seriously.   Also taking for 4 years Alzufindine which is mainly
for inflammation and will probably be on for the rest of my life.
At this time my prednisone dose is very low and continuing to reduce gradually
and plan to be off by the end of the year.   This is a good medication
but do not like the side affects.

Enough medical information and almost rain free today with it returning for another
week.   Needless to say the ground is saturated but the wheat field looks beautiful
with its before harvest color even though very wet.
  Still of the opinion when this rain finally ends there will be no
more and hot weather will continue until Fall.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Onward and More Rain This Week

Just received this order from Amazon
and believe the image
describes my sleep lately and also pain.
Needed refill for this probiotic which is so good.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Day You Were Born

Tomorrow you become a teenager
and grandma wonders
how can that be
So many memories
over the last 12 years
and I need to stop looking at pictures :(
Makes me happy
and sad
as time is going by too fast.


Love you
sweet girl....

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vegetable Tart

I make a quiche with chicken and broccoli, also make it with spinach and mushrooms.
Instead of putting in a crust, I add 1/4 cup flour and 1/2 tsp baking soda and it makes its
own crust.   Do not know where I came upon this information and have been doing it for years.
So simple and so good.

This one always reading recipes and usually changing

Nancy at Good Food Matters,
 shared this recipe in a Quinnoa crust and when I have this on
hand going to make her way

At 1:00 today I made Nancy's vegetable tart and used my no crust method. 

It was so tasty, 1 zucchini, 1 yellow squash, 1/2  green pepper, 1/2 red pepper, red onion,
all sliced, dipped in olive oil, salt and pepper sprinkled on top and baked for 15 minutes at 375 degrees.

Mix 1 cup of cream, 3 eggs and 1 cup of shredded cheese, add 1/4 cup of flour and 1/2 tsp baking soda,    Bake 375 degrees for 35 to 45 minutes.

Sliced beautifully
Next time I make, which will be soon, going to add fresh sliced mushrooms.
This is so simple and tasty and will be so good to have on hand.

Nancy, thank you.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Rain Continues

Third week of rain continues, not all day, part of day and I know it will stop soon or rather hope so.
What is rest of summer going to be like - an unanswered question.

This was a French toast and coffee
kind of morning.   This afternoon may bake some zuchinni bread, one loaf will go to my Jamie
when I soon visit, one I will eat and the last hopefully makes it to the freezer.
Yesterday afternoon with the soft rain falling it was a perfect time to sit still and read
the New York Times.
Again, I love this paper.....
Could relate to this article, moving and downscaling many times and what is left in
this smaller home has many memories and will stay with me...
As items go to children someday, hopefully these items will be special to them.

Could relate to this article, Let's Celebrate the Art of Clutter, which I read this weekend.