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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Hot Weather

Just plain hot
not warm.

A quick errand to market, weary of carrying out food, bought a slice of Salmon, will have with green beans and twice baked potato bought a slice of watermelon and cantaloupe so all set for the weekend.

Would like to sit on the screen porch, too hot
Aloe plant purchased 2 or 3 years ago for .99 has gone wild,
so guess this is a reading day

Friday, July 19, 2019


French toast
with bananas, strawberries, a sprinkling of cinnamon and maple syrup
in the almost 200-year-old small skillet
that was my grandmothers.

Nothing could be better

Everyone checking in
have a wonderful day.

From the edge of the woods.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


A little shared
as so many follow me.

Fluid removed from knee
I dreaded
and strange
not quite as painful as in the past
as I asked Stacy
"are you through"
she replied yes, you did good''

I asked to let me see how much fluid removed

oh my - she showed me - could not believe it

in the past about 2 test tubes full

there were 4.

No wonder the pain and could hardly walk without help.

I wait like this
thinking I can help with
all I do, nonstop and thinking positive - did not work'
but will continue to research, read and do all I can.

ao this treatment may last 3 months, weeks or days
only time will tell,

I will continue going forward
exercising, icing, prayer.

No pain medication, since shot
see, I am a fighter.

My thankful list
number l
was fine until 78
even though the mind says 50
maybe crazy, but I think not
be thankful it is sharp
you can write and use your camera.

Now how lucky can you be

So lady by the woods
stop complaining
that you cannot work in your flowers
cut your grass
walk mile,
You can sit on the deck, view beautiful woods and creature, go the store and pick out a different plant  anyone have some seeds or cutting pass them on

stop listening to those who upset you
tell them to shut up and hang up
try to quiet your sensitive spirit.

Keep moving
and be thankful for 80 years of good life.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Yesterday returning from an appointment
my Jamie and helper stopped in a restaurant
both holding on to me so I would not fall.

Delicious lunch needed to bring home.

Will write later
but  a young woman approached me
as I looked at a necklace
it was a beautiful light green color.

She said
do you like it
I said it is beautiful
she took it off the mannequin
and placed it over my head
and said it is yours

A beautiful light green
the picture does not do it justice
Heart Charka

I replied
oh no
just admiring it

she hugged me
kissed both of my cheeks
hugged me
many in the store
watching this go on
I began to cry
Jamie began to cry

She then shared part of her story
and kept repeating
anything you want
I will do for you
is there anything in this store
you like
let me get it for you

I kept saying "oh no"

at 1:00 another appointment I said never again
shots in knees and fluid drained off
so painful arthritis

So I know God is blessing me with attention from many
that my heart wants from some others
but it is provided.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Line To You Special Ones

Doing what I said never again
but had to

UTI, so bad

So lucky I could reach a helper
and he picked me up
almost literally
and head for the local hospital.

Two days of IV with antibiotics, potassium, and fluid.

Home, weak
so sorry I am a wimp
just weary of this.

So trying to regain my strength
I will
just takes a while.
In bed for 2 days
makes you kind of weak

Thanks to my writer, my youngest daughter
doing a lot of research.

Enough shared

Love to all of those who read my rambling.

A surprise just a while ago
an image of a White Cone Flower
I have Pink
So I consider this one
a gift to me

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Need Peace

Have decided to go off of Instagram

did this with FaceBook.

Article in today's N.Y. Times

Urged me onward.

Instagram and Facebook become an addiction.

I do not need to do it

Takes away my
reading time, meditating time, praying time, stilling mind time and more.

Early morning
appointment for bladder and kidneys
wish it did not bother me so much.

Arthritis in knees
as I was told it would continue to be this.

Only strong pain medication will help the pain
not for me yet.

I love writing
and need to have a clear mind.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Quiet 4th

Rain off and on
just me and the flowers/

New restaurants arriving in the close nearby by town
today a turkey and marvelous cheese panini arrived with broccoli salad, I need to start making this salad again and apple salad, easy and think I can handle that.   A friend made a Zapple pie, made like an Apple pie made with Zucchini instead of apples.   Can hardly tell the difference, thank you, Ann.

I miss my baking and cooking so very much and just cannot handle.
Miss the way so much was in the past but this is a part of aging.   Accept, I am not doing well at this.
I may sound good, but much going on and will not bore everyone with it and also have to have pacemaker checked soon.
Something does not seem right.    Never a person who went to doctors or took anything but vitamins.
A lot has changed and continuing too.  Like I keep repeating, do not like it, I am not aging or have
aged gracefully, but I like me.

Writing, my camera, books, and calls from family keep me going.   Some angels and other disagreements and learning to not to be the leader and Make no response - it is the best.

Some pictures from the past