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Monday, May 27, 2019

New Old Bike

About 8 years ago a friend was going to throw away an old bike, I asked for it and leaned it
against a tree in front of the woods.   Now it is falling apart and I have been looking for another old bike.

My son looked while he was visiting and even old bikes pricey.

Two days ago the girl who helps me some evenings, watering flowers, filling bird feeders, etc
pulled in and in her truck, she said do you want this old bike.
I asked how much and where did you get it and she replied it was in a ditch for trash pick up
so it is free :)

It looks like new to me, I love it.

my old bike
and the new old bike

lucky me :)

Sunday, May 26, 2019


Mozart is playing, tape almost 20 years old, so relaxing is the music.

Frequently the thought arises of not posting online anymore but then I dismiss it because I enjoy writing, sharing and posting pictures.  Love Instagram and not Facebook.

Guess I will continue sharing and my Instagram.

Miss my Callie so very much, it has been 16 months since I saw her.   A short stay in a rehabilitation
and my Jamie took her when I returned I did not like this but she was correct that I could not trip
over my girl,  Seems one thing after another for almost 2 years and now getting over heart attack which was 3 months ago
and rehabilitation, like Heaven to be home, doing well, using cane and walker, moving slow and
I have gained 5 lbs.

Problem is blood pressure fluctuating, medication has been increased but seems first thing every
morning it is still alarmingly high so now taking something at night in case there are thoughts
arising that I am not aware of

So everyone brags on me, how good I am doing, how good I look, that is fine
but difficult accepting the change in my life, but it is happening

So fortunate much did not happen until 80 years old and onward
so how blessed can I be?

I am the most unlikely person for a heart attack, always did everything correct, diet, exercise
so where did a heart attack come from and need to just forget and focus on life as it is and

And to have a son come to be with you making a long trip from Thailand for one month
how lucky can a mama be?

So enough of this sharing.

I love all creatures But do not like the many squirrels I see at daybreak hanging and eating from
my birdfeeders
this morning here is one on the porch in my flower pot

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Time What Are You Doing

Yesterday. 2019
at 8th grade formal

Yesterday in the past

Grandma loves you and so proud of your musical talent, awards you win and just that you
are you.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


A lifetime of excellent sleep has seemed to have left this one, hopefully, for a short time.

Maybe blood pressure medication
and blood pressure needs to be checked or take medication differently as it goes up drastically
and then back down causing stress.

Never a heart problem and difficult to accept that in last time of life this is happening when
I took excellent care of myself in every way.  Son repeats from 80 bodies just wear out
or I am now worn out. 

Very fortunate I have lasted this long.

I used this sound machine for several years, stopped, plugged it in last night and sound not as loud as I like at this time.

Using the Ocean Sounds, oh it is wonderful and I can imagine being in Jamaica, can almost
smell the ocean.

Just ordered a new one, reasonably priced at about $19;

not a clear picture
but birds everywhere, red birds hatching and bluebirds.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New Family

New family resting in the
Lilac bush by the deck.

What a good father as he brings food and watches while mama is out.

I believe this is the 3rd summer here by my cottage
they have made their home.

Look out the door many times
and he is sitting on the outside door knob..

Two families of these red birds this Spring.

Must like me

Saturday, May 11, 2019





Some words I wrote in my journal