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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Little One

A fruit, yogurt, muffin, tea, and coffee 65-degree morning, litte one get out of the soybean field.

think the hummers have left, seems early, maybe a prediction of early winter.  Remember many years they are here into October, maybe they are still sleeping :)

Friday, September 20, 2019

Good Day Arriving

How can you not begin a day with a smile
when you receive a picture your son took while walking the beach in that far away land and sends
it to his mama
Thoughts, miss him, wish I was there and thanks to him for making me smile on a cooler morning

My helper girl came through surgery with flying colors, so thankful, now Christy heal and change
some unhealthy habits.

Writer daughter my Jamie spent most of the day with me on Tuesday, hair wash, blow-dry and feels so good, picked up fish taco's, so good brought home.  Seems at this time of life do not like noisy
eating places and just like to pick up something twice a week and bring it to my cottage.

Look at her recent image and still difficult to accept we are not cat people, guess it changed,
she adores him. 

Yesterday a horrid experience
license time to be renewed
thought I would be smart and renew myself
3-hour wait
was not good for this one.

So all you share their words with me
thank you and take care of yourselves.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Been a While

Yes it has been a while since I shared and have hesitated too as so much going on
Here goes, some of it.

My special helper and driver on errands not comfortable for me noticed a swelling on his arm about
3 weeks ago.  Thought it was an insect bite, possibly a spider bite.  It never went away and became
bigger, after much urging from wife and because they were planning a trip to Florida she went with him to doctor, he looked at it and immediately took him to the surgeon in the hospital.   Cancer and
now awaiting biopsy of a large section.

Next, young woman, I am so pleased with after weeks of searching for someone to be with me a few
hours on the weekend, she is just 48 and was having pain in her chest, ER, test, moved to the best heart
hospital (where I went) in Nashville and has 8 blockages, so more test for her tomorrow.

On and on, good friends for years, older sister in her 90's lives in Jacksonville, Florida, she visits
her family here in Tennessee about 6 times a year, she is amazing, recovered 2 years ago from Hip surgery, had a fever, tests being done, she has been moved to rehab and who know where this will
go.  She is amazing, beautiful, smart, so concerned over her.

Her 2 surviving sisters in 90's also, one finishing a handicap home next to the home she lives in.
and her twin showing signs of dementia, so on and on.  I listen, pray for them and when sitting, counting breaths I send good wishes and healing  to all  of these

All of this and I am told all is well.,   Someday will write what changes as you age.
Do not like any of this and trying with all my strength to keep moving, doing, eat and on and on.

The main issue is arthritis pain, nothing will restore me to what I was like 5 years ago, then Shingles
that still affect the face and heart attack you may never be the same.

I am using walker, sometimes cane and sometimes nothing and oh how I miss walking in the woods, my yard and working in the garden.

So please forgive me if this sounds like complaining, not so - just how it is in soon middle 80's.

What a pleasure in my nature surrounded cottage holding my camera,   I miss my baking and cooking, so thankful a good mind, will probably be trying to accept until the end.

I never had help, but now is necessary for a few hours to do things I use to do and love the

Being in rehab several times and with much figuring it is less expensive this way than a facility.
I will stay in this home if I have no one but surely miss some of the perfect people I found\
and they will return but it will be a while

My special girl, first t help me still with me for a couple of hours some evenings, loves my flowers
waters, weeds and my feeders if not for her would not have the hummers and other birds.

Also, lack proper words about my special children and grandchildren, not near, all so busy
son calls from Thailand weekly, writer daughter has 2 teenagers, one college next year
and I smile about my youngest granddaughter in a magnet school and choose a language in Chinese.
Another daughter, my nurse helps me with thoughts, that granddaughter in Nantucket a Chef,
and my oldest in Florida, all that is going on with her is difficult for her as she remembers maybe more than the others of an independent talented mother who would tackle anything and I have changed, age and closer to the end does change us in many ways and we are not the same, another great-grandchild is due in November and on and on

So my life continues and may a long time and have to learn to tolerate the pain and walk with a cane.
and count my blessings, read and carry my camera, such is life at the edge of the woods.

Hope and Pray I have not left out anyone, forgive me if I have.....

Friday, August 30, 2019

60 degree morning

Have a wonderful weekend.

So nice to have doors open

and hot tea on the screen porch.

New tea warmer, only use a tea lite candle
love it.

Keeps your tea or coffee hot.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Peaceful view at dawn
Beautiful day
and now some
Butternut squash soup
and toasted - my pimento cheese sandwich.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Cooler weather has definitely arrived and I love it.   Can finally sit on the screen porch and eat lunch
and enjoy a book.

Started reading again and such pleasure, sometimes looking at the dates of years gone by and the
special words I have underlined.    Will share some in the future.

It has been another difficult past week,  Tests at the hospital, transportation inconvenience for some
as I have to travel to the local big city hospital, the one my nurse daughter recommends. Also, this is near my two daughters.

A lot is different but will not begin my day sharing, will another time with thoughts who in the
the world wants to read all of this unless they are at an advanced age and may learn something.

I do know that this independent, always doing and creating, needing no help is now different, life changed
little by little and maybe I did not notice but I know it now.

Life after 80 began to change drastically, I fought it with meditation, prayer, natural healing
and kept pushing but now continual thankfulness for their words "you are fine, rest more, keep moving"

So a slower pace is trying to take place, not good at it and will be honest but onward I go.

A lot of rain, leaves are falling and everything growing is lush and green.
An early Fall is what my heart tells me.

Saturday, August 24, 2019


A wonderfully cool 6:00 morning.

Busy medical week.

Will share some soon.

Thanks to all of you
for being who you are.

Have a wonderful day

Seems like an almost Fall morning...

I smile as I look at my Orchids and see one with 9 buds, a gift to this one.