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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Thank You

Thankful to my youngest granddaughter


for showing how to post to Instagram

when I do not have a smartphone

she wrote out detailed steps for her grandma to follow:)

Will share nature shots

Early Morning

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cinnamon, Evening and Visitor

When my son makes a visit he asked "where is your Cinnamon" uses Cinnamon on breakfast items, oats
Mom has started doing this

Made a conscious effort this morning to look up health benefits.   There are many, one is
an antioxidant and on and on, This one needs all of them :)  I like the taste and the aroma and use
a lot in my baking.

I share with a daughter and she tells me she does this and adds cinnamon to warm coconut and almond milk - I will do this and always wonder when I share something and they tell they do it, then why have they not mentioned to me as need all the health sharing from family I can get :)

The evening sky in my location puts on an amazing show
My Jamie and her mama
earlier today

Simple Creation and More

Wanted something on the terrace for birds to sit on along with the hummingbirds
Not up to visiting Lowes and ordered this large inexpensive saucer from Amazon,
placed it on an old flower pot turned upside down and placed my old one winged angel in it.

Special help followed my instructions

I like it

Driving home from an errand
everywhere on the country roads
tobacco being cut

Soon smoke will be coming out of the barns
where it will be hung
love the scent in the early morning

A new bloom

Friday, August 10, 2018

Our Heritage and my youngest is a Birthday Girl today

Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter on this early morning.
My Jamie
several who have seen this post have mentioned to me
my mother in the image is the little girl
that Jamie resembles her grandmother.

An early rainy Friday morning and will be a restful day, too much done yesterday, too many errands
I am not good at pacing myself.

Many old pictures I possess
A special cousin so knowledgeable in my mother's genealogy has brought me much joy by sharing a lot of
our connected past and every now and then something really new to me.

He emailed me a copy of a photo of my maternal grandmother, my mother, and his grandmother
my Aunt Bea

There is a Scarlet Tanger been here by my cottage since Spring, that makes constant visits, sits on the deck rail, bird feeder and in the trees
I have tried for months to capture an image.  So smart he is that even when I walk by the door or
window hoping to get an image he flies away.
Looking out the window earlier today was able to capture his image through the window.  I have wanted so to capture a better one.  This is the male and daily the female will also visit with him.

Also a Hummingbird, he does not look as pretty as all the Hummingbirds the beginning of the
season, maybe because there is a constant stream of these birds chasing one another away from
the feeders :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

So Special

I do not have a smartphone, my children and grandchildren post
often on Instagram, I can read and view but I cannot copy their photo's.

My grandson and special bride Missy are on their honeymoon
in Italy, my favorite place in all the world.
A few nature photo's outstanding have been posted and I email when there is time
email to me these images.

Who would think that 2 hours later, I have returned from the market in this 90-degree weather in my old truck and computer tells me they are
here for me.
Missy, thank you........

Sunday, August 5, 2018


This was a long, quiet day.  I never stretch out and rest but did this for 1 and 1/2 hr and probably should make a habit of it at this stage of life.  Health issues, not critical but slow me down and do not like the pain.

Anne from the church brings me something every couple of weeks.  I like her cooking, vegetarian, healthy and a lot from her now smaller garden.
She usually tells me what it is, I sometimes forget and just now tried to decipher the ingredients.
I know she mentioned Zucchini and Butternut squash, something else I could no figure it out.   A salad with sliced cucumber, celery, onion, and pimento - she can slice items smaller then I can? The dressing she made I will ask her about.
Also 2 slices of her homemade bread and a small slice of  her Zucchini Chocolate cake.

So the above mentioned, a small amount of each and the last small amount of chicken and dumplings, along with peas was Sunday Meal

This looks like a lot, healthy but I usually eat just several bites of each, did not eat it all.
Never a big eater but trying to gain back the weight I lost during the stay near two of my daughter's.

Another special person Lana, comes by weekly picking up my N.Y.Times, her daughter's one a nurse and one principal of a school enjoy reading on their Sunday visits.,she usually brings me a small piece of something she has baked and every other week a dozen of her fresh eggs.

Linda, a special neighbor visits many Sundays for a short time.

These ladies and more are all so special to me and a blessing I appreciate.

I wonder what would I do without them, seems contact from family is mainly emails and phone calls.

In the morning Therapy person arrives and I wonder at this time and times in the past does
it really helps but do know
I like the visit.

Day ending
and writing at the end of the day and many early mornings to share my plans for the day has become a habit, my special ones
like the information - sometimes :)

Just finished reading May Sarton's book "Life at 82"
I am sounding like her book.  But she was not as healthy as I am a little past her.
She past away a short time after writing this last book.

I will write until I no longer can type....

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Just Do It

A quick trip to the market
one asked "how can you do it"
I answer
just did, no one here, if a problem would turn around and head home.

But I made it....

Last night
I directed, good girl, mixed this simple Brownie recipe.
Such an easy recipe, so good and Nan I thank you.

They are so good and thought of icing them, need all the calories I can consume :)

This one likes only homemade
I do not like store bought.

I might add that when I discovered
"Madagascar Bourbon
Vanilla Extract" it is all I will use.
The scent coming out of the bottle and the flavor it adds
is wonderful.

Last night the girl who arrives some early evenings to help me brought a dish of her mother's
chicken and dumplings.
Oh, my so good and a long process of making homemade dumplings
I have never tried.

Tonight I have my late meal, the gift of dumplings with a green veggie, sliced homegrown tomato, cottage cheese,  tea and my homemade brownie's:) with a big glass of milk.

Lucky me and so very thankful.