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Saturday, January 30, 2016


The one who keeps everything well stocked
has run out of so much and using Amazon Prime, 2 day delivery with trial program
and prices the same as market.   Even ordered my coconut water and Ensure yesterday.
A life saver for me at this time....

Because of Beth my RN daughter I have been made aware of so much available to me
at no cost for 6 weeks.   Everyone arriving is so nice and such a gift to me through this
healing process in my special cottage.

Also pain never leaves in shoulders and neck, no more cortisone shots because of tissue
breakdown and now affecting rotary cuff.    So pain continues and I deal in the way I can.

I am a fighter
will carry on
as I am not ready to leave the earth at this time.

So many prayers and concerns for me
and can never thank all the special ones helping me
through this

Thank you
to all of your encouraging words
and this cottage is the best place for me....

Friday, January 29, 2016

January Gone

Second emergency hospital visit.
All test repeated
Told, so healthy but sodium plunges
putting me in life threatening position.
Trying to regain strength and gain weight.
Snow and ice arrived
family could not get to me.
6 ladies, must be angels
have helped me through this.

So I continue on
trying to understand much.
Home therapy visits
with weekly blood test
and therapy to strengthen me.

Will be back..

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Way It Is

A number of not too good weeks as inflammatory disease took its toll on this One Woman.

911 call a week ago as I was on the verge of fainting and wringing wet, admitted to hospital and seems I was depleted of so much, kidney infection
and more.   Never before so many IV's

So home several days and even though I am told all is fine, am healing, on new steroid,
I still do not feel like my normal self and very weak.

Unexpected visit to eye doctor today, a dear person I use to go to church with (as still not up to
driving)   Seem what I experienced dried my eyes out  and on special drops for that.

A joy
at home
my Orchid plants are sporting 20 buds and 4 blooms.
These two plants
one from my son for last years birthday
and one from my granddaughter Jessica in New York.

Will be back soon
just so many checking in
and wanted to share what is going on in this cottage at the edge of the woods....