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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beautiful Days

This is my kind of weather.
Cool mornings, sun shining and pleasant days.

The bumbles are busy everywhere
I smiled at my youngest granddaughter's
for tacky day at school.
Jamie, you are creative with a chip holder in her hair.

My pain and balance issue
may be with me for a while.
But continually thankful
this is all there is.

At the moment
my cane
is my best friend...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Black Walnuts - Posted One Year Ago and the Same Today

I walk
they are hidden in the grass
and I step on them
almost making me trip.
I ride the lawn tractor
and they make a loud noise
like you have hit a rock
and afraid they will hurt the blade.

Black Walnuts
There is nothing tastier
when added to sweets I bake,
cookies,  candy, cakes and this early
morning have put  Black Walnut
flavoring in the pumpkin bread
that is baking in the oven.

Very expensive when I purchase a small bag
of the nuts
and usually go for the black walnut flavoring.

I have hundreds of these black walnuts
and cannot enjoy them.

Over 30 years ago and new to the country
I was so thrilled to find the ground covered with these and the hickory nuts in the Fall.
I gathered and would sit with a hammer trying to crack them
Spending hours for the smallest jar of this delicacy
and black stained hands.

Old timers told me to put them in the driveway and as the
vehicles ran over them they would crack the husk.

Anyway I just gave up.
Do not like buying them when I have an abundance on the ground
here at the edge of the woods.

The squirrels sure love them.  
Their teeth must really be strong to crack them.
Shells everywhere on the paths in the woods.

I do know they bury them everywhere and all
through the year I see them scratching them up
sometimes in my garden.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sometimes The Past Makes An Unexpected Visit

Sometimes when you vow to live in the present
and your doing very good,
something arrives
that takes you back to another life.

Garden and Guns magazine arrived
and come upon an article
"built to last"
an article featuring Braxton Dixon.

Many memories of this talented one.
When children were young, business was thriving,
my Jamie was on the way
an addition was added to a beautiful home.
Braxton did this addition and this home was featured
in the Nashville, Tennessean.
On to another wonderful home.
This was an English Tudor in Nashville and Braxton
helped me remodel.   This home was featured in Southern Living.

In a few years
a divorce, most was lost and this one set out on her own
down the path of simplicity and vowed to restore her sanity.

Old farm house was found and Braxton helped me remodel
and add a wonderful great room that featured beautiful
old wood from a railroad station that was torn down in Kentucky.

Brax, so talented with his 7th grade education, learned all from his father
and is now 92 years old.   Last time I saw him was when my oldest daughter
was visiting and we ran into him and newer wife at a restaurant.
He has built many a home for those who are famous in
the country music world.  His first wife was so special to me.
Still use one of her special recipes for Italian Meat Balls.

I knew him well because he ordered material from us
at a time when a business was thriving.
Also enjoyed some wonderful Italian cooking in years
past with special Anna.

Sometimes it seems like yesterday
but in reality it was long ago.

Now I live in a cottage with the old farm house
in view as I turn down my
gravel drive.

It took a long time
not to look back
at other lifestyles.
Then a magazine arrives today
and so much is playing through my mind.
Trying to just let it travel through,
do not dwell on it
and disappear once again

Many memories
and it is interesting that my lifestyle at this time
is so different,
 the happiest
and most peaceful.

Guess you can never totally erase your past.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Because all that read my sharing are family and special online family
I need to share with everyone.

Doctor visit made earlier today and told just will take time for this container to heal.
Brused shoulders, hips, knees, neck and face.
At the moment concerned about slight difference in eyesight
and will have this checked out on Monday.
Cataract surgery months ago and vision perfect, still good
but small print a problem has surfaced and that is also fine but is new condition
and these are implants in my  eyes.

Balance has been not perfect for a few years but worse over last
2 years.  Therapist told me yesterday that since I have a permanent
hearing problem on right side and right ankle that was not set years ago
as I thought it was a sprain - that my right side is weak.  Have never
been told this before.

She is going to help me for a month with balance and eye exercises and
told this will help.   Sure hope so.

Always one to take care of herself with diet, exercise, weight and no serious
conditions of any kind over the years  - was told this sure was a big help in me not breaking anything.
Especially since I have been on prednisone on and off for 2 years for inflammation problem.

I will continue doing all I have been doing at a slower pace,
have some occasional help - as I have been doing a lot probably should not have been doing.
Do not share everything :)  All my life just thought I could do anything....

I will be forever thankful that I did not break a bone.

No more health sharing

I will be careful, continue to enjoy My Woodhaven
one day at a time
and I will heal....

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So Early

Up earlier then usual
to let Callie out,
 thought I would sit and pray and meditate
and here I am on the computer.

When I am getting up
it is evening in Bangkok on another day
where my son is on his computer
sending me a few images.

I always think of his surroundings being more rural
and so wrong I am about Bangkok

First time I have seen the building where he teaches Yoga
Always smile as he shares of life in a far away land.
As I continue to heal
there are so many thoughts that go through my mind.
Much it is wise not to share or write about.

Level of care in this smaller town is not like I have had in the past.
As you age and other lifestyles surface
much is different from the past and a lot is new territory

Much I take for granted will happen
does not.  Some say they will do something
that never happens.

In my past years
I would challenge
be more vocal
these traits are disappearing
and think it is best at this time.

I think it is wise for me to lower my expectations and then you
are not disappointed.  Trying to take much
in life at this time not so seriously
and it is a challenge for this one.

Life continues surrounded by nature and
focusing on healing and trying to make decisions
of what is best for me
and in all honesty
I have no answer at this time.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So Long Ago

So long ago
but seems like yesterday...
Computer off
as day begins...

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Resting in my chair
on a Fall like evening
I noticed
cantaloupe that has grown from  seeds of of this that were put in garden instead of compost pile.
Wonder if it has time to grow and ripen?
Spinach has arrived
A memory
of years ago
My Jamie and Jimmy
and this one...

and now
that make me smile....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall Preview

A crisp cool morning
and feels so good.

A good night
Visitors yesterday from Michigan
 A special daughter who came into  my life
at the age of  almost 4  and husband
stopped on their way home.
Was so nice
Window that I could not close was fixed.
40 year old red wagon repaired
Some special food for Callie
and the last bag of gravel was removed from my pickup.
Sent onward a small antique chair for a special great granddaughter with the name Autumn
Was a good day

Also visit from  someone who will come weekly for a while
and do some balance exercises with me.
Now I know these exercises
but the visits are what I look forward to.

as dawn breaks
I vow to move slower
enjoy my Zucchini bread
lots of tea
and make soup...

This container called my body
holds a very thankful heart

 Thank you and a smile
 goes out to so many
that I have never met
who continually read
simple sharing from one
in her nature surroundings

Friday, September 13, 2013

Next Month

A favorite picture
taken 3 years ago on a October afternoon....
Hopefully a repeat when the pumpkin patch opens and a special visit
including lunch with my youngest daughter and granddaughters.
Something to look forward too.
Wanted to share some happy thoughts from this cottage in the woods
on this very early morning :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Fall

Sunday night
on the deck
looking at herbs.
Dropped cell phone
went down steps and onto
slanted herb garden
bent over to pick up phone
and lost my balance.
Knocked over most pots
nothing to grab hold of
and landed in gravel drive.
I was able to get up and knew I had not broken anything.
Next morning
my Beth arrived at 7:00 and on to ER.
Extrayed, shoulder, hip, knees, back and cat scan of head.

So verified nothing broken but I am bruised badly everywhere and some cuts.

It is a miracle that nothing was broken and I am very thankful.

Balance is a problem and occasionally using cane and walker.

So many thoughts going on in my mind.

At the moment mostly just thankful.

Little Callie
never takes her eyes off me
and following me everywhere
she knows something is not normal :)


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just Me

Just me and Miss Callie
this early morning
like 6:00 AM.

Up, Callie out, old clothes on,
fill bird feeders, blower you are great
to use on walk, terrace and porch,
planted a few more Kale and Spinach seeds
and watered flowers in pots and some of garden.
Seems hot weather has returned but the mornings
are a delight.

Inside, change clothes and hit the floor for yoga.
Now most of what I do would be corrected by my son
but I am stretching.  Then breakfast of oates, chopped apple,
raisins, green tea and my Tuscany bread with strawberry jam.
Made 1/2 dozen salmon croquettes (make in the morning and put in fridge
to firm - cook better for evening meal)    while pineapple upside down
cake is baking.  Used 1/2 cake recipe, there is nothing sweet in this cottage,
 there has to be and this is so easy.  Thought of making a coconut pineapple pie
but out of coconut.    Also made some pimento cheese which will be good for lunch.
Everything made was simple and quick...

I read my daughter's email from New York and I am so envious of the fine food she shares
about that she is enjoying.   Fresh fish is mentioned and I have thoughts that if I was to
experience some of the meals she talks about I would feel like I had died and gone to Heaven.

So it is still early in the morning and a lot done and I am through for the day
someone comes by and will put the blade in gear on the tractor.
I tried yesterday and cannot move it with this torn muscle in my arm.   Was able to in the past
but not now.

My mind and body say it is time to stop cutting grass
but I love being on the lawn tractor
"not listening to them"
my heart says
 not ready to give it up
Now only on tractor for 30 minutes where in the past
several hours.

All who visit
have a good weekend....

Friday, September 6, 2013

This Is Their Home

As I sit on the deck with camera in hand
I spot several who claim this as their home also
Beautiful, long and alone day
Hey, but then I have the birds, creatures who come near
and these.....

In  fall, in the garden and the fields beyond, in the delicate yellow space between anything,
spiders, plump as acorns, spin their webs; they are the wildest woven things; they are
the most shimmering death traps.

What is a spider good for?  A few things surely.  Birds eat spiders, this feeding the song. 
And spiders eat insects, some of which, we know, carry disease--though not pride--
not that one.

But, speaking of that.  At dawn, the early walkers, to the spider a giant,
wanders through the garden and the fields in the meditative, and inattentive,
frame of mind of first things.
This is of course, myself.   And more then once I have not noticed the
dew-glimmering web in time, and the spider stamping her tiny feet and screeching:
I live here, duck your head....

~~Mary Oliver~~  White Pine Poems

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why I Am Up Before Dawn

Occasionally I am asked
"why do you get up so early?"
These are some of the reasons,
low 50's and it is Heavenly
as I view some that is surrounding this cottage
on this early September morning
in my life...

Another day begins.....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Thought and The Thrift Store and Needle

A thought as the day comes almost to an end...............
Some times I stop the local thrift store.
Cushions on screen porch and deck continually
need to be replaced.
Between the weather and Callie liking them
they soon are thrown away.
My mother a great seamstress
use to continually recover outdoor pillows for me.
I miss her....

Tightening a button on a thrift store find
and what a find
a Ralph Lauren summer skirt in small size for $5
and it probably sold for $75 or up.
I seldom shop at this time for myself
but this quality I will enjoy on hot summer days
here in the country.

Needle in hand and phone rings.
I get up and when I return
where is the needle?
This has happened many times in the past
and I hunt for it with thoughts that I sure do not
need to step on it.

Lucky me
I found it.....

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happiness Is

Happiness is,
her heart feeling like it has been hugged
and grandma cannot quit smiling.

My first grandchild
my first granddaughter
is engaged.

Never have seen a couple so happy.

Grandma may be leaving the woods
next year....

Memories surface of when my Jessica was born,
trips to Memphis to see her, her visits to grandma,
all the special phone calls, cards, notes and pictures she sent to me over the years
and now my family will include this special young man.

My Jess, thank you for personally calling me....
and I agree with your words
"Mathew is a keeper."

Blessings and best wishes to to this young couple
as wedding plans unfold.