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Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Look

Electrician arrived on Wednesday to see what he will need for work on Thursday,
 had him remove the glass doors off two of the cabinets
I really like it...

Could not take a proper image - glasses on 2 top shelves are clear and some colored they looked gray in this image.
Everything on these shelves has history and the 2 sets of dishes almost 60 years old.
Not worried about dust collecting as everything is used often.   I like glasses and dishes :)

Early this morning,  glass boy :) arrived at 9:30  to replace glass in old truck.   Was told it was not the front
window but back window.   A substance used that usually takes care of it and told if problem
returns this young man will return and do back window for 1/ 2 price :)   Rain has stopped
needs to dry to blow leaves on porch and deck.

Electrician returned before glass man to install some special lights, new bulbs in cottage
and to think it has been 6 years, they are fine but not pushing luck.   He and helper
using high ladders and I asked if the helper could remove some of the leaves from gutters, saying
if you do not have time or want too that is fine..
He said "sure" when paying this special one that has helped me with electrical work
and lately other requests I make for 12 years - noticed nothing listed for gutter cleaning.
I inquired about it and he said "no charge."
I thanked him and felt like crying as it seem lately so many little gifts are given me.
The last 3 years has been difficult to find someone reasonable to do this chore and usually
has to be done several times.    When building by the woods this chore never entered my mind.

So thankful is this one,
lately so many special gifts are given to me,
I take nothing for granted as I work with a tight budget.
Much I do not share, seems lately someone is opening a door, helping me with groceries, handing me
something from a high shelf , I sometimes hear "be careful" because I am always moving at a fast
pace."  Other times no help received, do not really expect it
 I carry on...

This one
prays continually for wisdom, clarity, pacing herself and ability to accept this stage of life.
Some days
on cloud 9 and other days not that way....
The burst of energy for 10 days is coming down - but sure accomplished a lot and still
a lot of desk work.   Sometimes I have the thought "how can I have so much to do at this stage
of life - calendar in kitchen and one on personal desk - looks like I am running a business for
there is not an empty space

All of the houseplants that were on the screen porch have been placed on the loft
(with some help) and it looks like a greenhouse.    They always do so well on this
warm area.

All workers  left by 1:00 dinner time, I drive out the gravel drive to pick up mail and
a dead tree had fell across drive, was able to push enough out of the way for truck
to continue next project finding someone to move this tree to my brush
pile and later burn.  Really does not matter if it lays there until Spring...

So I have discovered that my plan 7 years ago for a simple lifestyle, smaller home,
less to do
has not happened as of yet....

Also noticing that every day as it begins to get dark
the deck usually has a squirrel or two chewing on the rails.
I wonder
why ?
Do they like the taste of the paint ?

Posting this evening
and planning on trying to stay off of my friend
the computer
for a few days.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Very Early

Last night I could not fall asleep, got up and remembered premier of "Super Girl"
now this one watches a little news weather and PBS, all very seldom.
This was a new experience up this late watching a film that I know my little granddaughter's
were watching.   Also I had a bowl of potato chips cooked in coconut oil and 2 cookies
and a glass of milk as I watch away - thinking "weight you have to come on with this snack
Now this is something I have not done in many many years
but thoroughly enjoyed and immediately fell asleep after this excitement.

An all night a soft rain and continues through the day.   I love it and it is not going to stop
me from a 5 minutes drive in the old truck to take of trash.   This is the day they are open
from 6 AM until 10:00.

Yesterday Callie was returned from trimming, it is around the corner and young man
brought her up on the screen porch and asked me what is that stunning flower in full bloom
Rain and some cooler weather has not stopped this vine.
or the only rose bush left by terrace
Yesterday I copied this image
as it is what I want at this time
"open shelves"  too late to do
but I am taking glass doors off some of the cabinets
Also just discovered
this, another gift from visiting daughter.
I use Chia seeds and Flax seeds, love coconut
and will try this product this morning on my oates :)
Day begins
still dark outside
and need
to turn my friend,
the link to the outside world
and family

Monday, October 26, 2015

Peaceful Sunday and Monday begins

Was such a peaceful Sunday with an all day sprinkling of rain.

As day began
I brought a few more items inside for Winter rest, out the gravel drive for paper, Sunday N.Y. Times
always so good,
inside before beginning Yoga, candles are burning, incense burning,
I glance around the room and everywhere I looked I see beauty.   Worn items, some need dusting,
but each brings back a special memory.
Callie watches me as I go through a simple routine
I glance to my right and see the opened book
where my son placed it and encouraged me to do do this relaxing pose
several times daily.   I do manage once, if I do more have the thought am I being lazy.
Monday beginning
and someone is coming later in the week to this property to install new seal and front window
in old truck, $150 and have nothing to compare it too, but coming here and said it would take
about 1 1/2 hours.   So seems reasonable to me.  A good day later on with no rain on that day.

Early, like 6:00 AM, did some ironing.   Not many like me, I love to iron especially when
it is raining and ironing board stays up all the time in storage room on loft area.

Neighbor who grooms dogs just picked up Callie, she is shedding really bad and do not like..

With all the light and continuing showers, I may spread some grass seed that is on hand this
afternoon even if it is raining....

So life continues on
for One Woman who lives at the edge of the woods...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Begins With a Slower Pace...

Early Saturday morning made my upside down cake, so easy, put more on it this time
chopped apples, raisins, walnuts and cranberries.  The first time ever almost dropped the cake
as I was flipping it over, heavy iron skillet and guess I am not as strong :)    Did not drop it
but it slid to the side, that's alright but for a moment thought was it going to land on the floor:)
 So good for several days with hot tea,
coffee or milk.
After breakfast
drove to town to have my much loved old truck serviced and now it is ready for Winter.
Window on drivers side is leaking and need to find someone to replace the seal around the window.

Early morning sun streaming through my laundry room window,
so much beauty outside....
Almost will be glad
if it rains as this Sunday begins and for the rest of the week,
as I need to slow down,
a lot of desk work needs to be attended too,
also thinking of changing insurance plan
and need to read a lot of paperwork
so I do not make a mistake.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Another Good Day

Outside on cottage, windows and doors are many Lady Bugs, just seems more this year.
My mama always said they were good luck - if true then I will really have a lot of luck :)
At 12:30  cooked my favorite, fried chicken, collard greens with red peppers and mashed potatoes,
now do not have to cook - maybe for 2 days.   Want to make an upside down cake today
using apples, walnuts, raisins and cranberries instead of the usual pineapple.
Rain coming in late today and suppose to be an all week rain and cooler.
Wish the soybeans in front would be cut before it rains on them.  May still happen....

I have been staying so busy, a lot accomplished inside and know this energy is
a cortisone high and it will soon go away - but nice at the moment.
The last shot received 4 1/2 months ago and for a short time felt as though I could run to the big city
instead of driving my car...

I like this unusual soap dish, so pretty and  was among presents from my daughter's visit,
Bought on her recent trip to France.

This may be the day that energy level returns to normal....

Friday, October 23, 2015

Making Progress and so Happy

and I do believe
I have discovered where my new pictures
are being filed on this computer
and now I can download to journal and family
so I smile...

Beautiful today
then rain for a week.
I am enjoying being inside
and reorganizing much.

Need to do some cleaning in garden
but may wait until after rain
where plants come up easier.

Leaves continue to color,
driving the country road
smoke is coming from the old barns
where tabacco is curing
love the scent.

Fall, you are beautiful

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Too Busy

Too busy, so much to do, so much to learn and I am trying to pace myself.

New computer becoming easier in some ways and still trying to find a way to post images
and not to successful at the moment.  Was told that Picasso would be the best way.
I am not familiar with Picasso, trying to learn and their may be an easier way for me..
at the moment  I am on old computer and did not realize it was so slow but easier for me in some ways.
Just now downloaded images and this entry to old computer and writing and now this keyboard feels unfamiliar :)
I cannot put Kodax on my new computer as they have closed down but can still use on old computer.
So I will just continue on.

Cortisone shots yesterday morning at 9:00 - oh my total relief in shoulder and neck area
did not even take a Celebrex last night and oh wonderful sleep.   When you are in pain
and cannot sleep it sure affects you in many ways.    So now will see how long this will last.
Only 3 over the last year, it was my first injection in both shoulders  and this the third time.   First last September and it was a miracle lasting for
for almost 5 months, the last one did not last very long.
I was given some more information from this wonderful young woman - I am on the lowest
dose of this injection and of the little I take - probably too cautious I am told - but have always gone the natural healing way
and now entering the 80's may eventually need more and told to do it and not suffer.
I battle with the balance problem and doing all I know but with arthritis which will not go away
and stupid me has thought if I do all the right things it would - not so.  I am much more comfortable with this in my surroundings, guess because it is all familar where when I venture out it is not.
But then so thankful - this is all new for the past 3 years...and so many poor souls have it
so much earlier in their life.

So complimentary this one was and marveled I go continually from 5:00 AM to a little after 1:00 PM
nonstop and then  I just about shut down.  Yes a busy schedule doing all necessary and what I love doing.
Weight working on as I eat good, not a lot and probably busyness keeps me from gaining weight.
So maybe Ensure with ice cream several times a day - 500 calories and sometimes a snack during the day and
during the night - since early to bed and early to rise  I hope all of this will help add a few lbs :)

My special friend who arrives on Wednesday morning
brought me these flowers - sad my Cosmos hardly bloomed this year and she gave me the plants.

Scrambled egg with spinach, small piece of ham, toast with local orchard peach preserves,
green tee with slice of orange---ready  for the day
and computers I am turning you off...been on way too long.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Images

several frosts and Clemitis still blooming on screen porch - kind of a protected area
My youngest entertains while visiting here with family.   She is like a younger
version of her Uncle who teaches yoga - she can do so many poses :)

This one drinks a lot of tea - a gift from visit to France from my daughter
so good but cannot read French and do not know a lot about it.
some of my girls...
resting in the garden
a rock I found years ago is covered with moss
and last year I placed the head of a broken garden item in the center
has turned out kind of nice and different
grandgirls think it is funny....

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Heavy Frost

Winter has arrived at the edge of the woods,
leaves will change rapidly and soon field in front of cottage will be cut
and it will lay bare for little Callie to explore.
Memories surface of years ago when this took place
my son would search for arrow heads and always successful.

Guess I will have to bring down Winter jackets, coats, scarves and gloves
For some reason I keep having thoughts that there will be an early snow.

Most winterized outside and a little remains to be done.  Need to continually
stock up on groceries for times trip to the market will not happen.

I am almost pleased for this much cooler weather as it will give me some
down time inside.

A memory of years ago when Jessica, now a teacher in New York, Gavin her brother,
working in Washington, DC,
on visit put on some of grandma's jackets and her hat :)

Need to hang Fall wreath

Hoping this scene is far in the future.....

Friday, October 16, 2015

Catching Up

Family visiting over the weekend and then some
was wonderful.
My daughter walks 1/2 dozen times a day on the property,
Callie always with her and this little dog has slept most of day
since family left - she is exhausted...

Trip to market and found my small steak, along with  mushrooms (noticed on package
it said they were a Power Food,
fresh spinach (I used a new dressing, I usually just use olive oil and lemon juice
but added few drops of the dill and yogurt dressing - so tasty.

The young man unloading vegetable near me and I asked "do you have a sharp knife"
had him cut the long ends off for me that I usually do a home, also remarked that the
spinach always so wet - he pulled out 3 pieces of paper towel and wrapped it for me ;)

Very cool mornings, like 42 here this early morning and now sun is shining and high 70's.
In the morning first frost expected.   A new young man helping me, oh what a blessing
he even helped me with my new computer and it seems all the young ones know so
much about computers.

Oven repaired today, always bake once a week. At market something new
4 fresh baked chocolate eclairs in a package.   Remember years ago buying at a bakery.
Purchased, looked at the calories - 210 each one - I thought good maybe this will put a
pound on me, had one at 2:00 meal and may eat another one this evening :)

Heat unit running and hopefully it will through Winter and next Summer, not going to purchase a new
one at this time.  Being urged to do so by this by service man, but have always gone by
"if I do not know what to do - I do nothing."

Still learning
about settings on new computer.
At the moment cannot find pictures from my camera
that were recently downloaded - seems new mouse drags, so accustomed to my old one :)
and keyboard seems different - more rapid.
Told I will learn and will take time, but has caused me some anxiety.
I do believe local children feel I am more capable then I am at the moment.
Maybe I am - so much is changing and trying to not analyze so much - but then
this has always been a part of my personality

Pleased my SIL  left my old one for a while in case
I need to use it instead of new computer.

As I shared in the past
do not want my writing of the future
to focus on health issues
but is becoming me.
Seems I have a few hours of almost my normal self
then terrible pain surfaces along with balance issues.
One day at a time I will continue and next week
cortisone shots in shoulders which usually helps.
My visiting daughter
kept saying
"you are focusing too much on pain and you are giving it a Life"
trying not to do this and find when someone is here with me by the woods
I do better - changes my focus :)

My Jamie
took this picture
really like it
and wish I had taken it :)

take care
and thank you from the bottom of my heart
for keeping in touch....

Friday, October 9, 2015

Going Forward

heat/air man arrived and hopefully heat works through the Winter,
I asked "what do I owe you" he replied with a smile "nothing - Happy Birthday."
(I had shared with him that cooler nights expected and daughter from Florida
arriving and may need the heat on"
so I thanked him and thought what a blessing...
Electrician arrives this morning
to change batteries in smoke detectors,
last year they went off and my visiting daughter
could not get them to stop - had to call fire department,
also could not reach with higher then normal ceiling,
also light went out in oven and he will replace bulb,
guess 6 years is about time and this oven used a lot.

Special call from one who attends local church that I was such
a part of in past years,
I said "are you home from your brother's funeral in Illinois"
she said "no" just calling to check on you....
A dear person...

Special one who visits weekly with eggs
on last visit brought me several Molasses cookies,
oh they were so good.   I asked for recipe and made yesterday  morning
sure made a lot
good and I have ate about 6 with a glass of milk.
Will be making again :)  Hoping she soon feels better as she now has bronchitus.

My bones tell me rain is on the way,
more accurate then looking at weather on television.
Why is is pain is always the worst at night
daytime tolerable?

So this day
I was born
many years ago.
Time you have gone by too fast.

My special daughter arrives about lunch time..
This picture a few years ago on her visit...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Posting a day early....

Look at my post written on..... October 10, 2014

I have the thought
"did I write this ?"
Guess I did
and this past year has been a little different in many ways.

Settled in
and not planning on any new projects :)
except continuing to downscale, already have flower gardens,
miss long walks in the woods alone, miss riding the tractor,
miss working in garden 1/2 day and pulling of bags of mulch from truck
and spreading, list goes on
and try to accept everything as it is
and changes in store.

But I smile as I write this
as the last year made some decisions.

I know in my heart that this is the most peaceful place
on the earth for this One Woman.
Finally arrived at "doing less" yes it just seems to happen,
thankful for so much
especially that mind is the same and can make major decisions,
body just not the same in many ways - especially energy.

My daughter from Tampa arrives tomorrow,
some of family here this weekend,
first time this one is not preparing a big meal
or setting a beautiful table.

I will contribute several things and daughter's the rest
and hey
use the good china or a paper plate - your choice.
Candles will be burning, sun shining, fire pit burning for the little girls
which are no longer little but guess grandma will always call them that.

Smiling faces I will see
with so much love in my heart and just wish my special son was here with us.

Life continues
and life is good
but will continue to be different
as time changes everything...

Notice in comments last year around this time
the ones
Dear Balisha.
So special and left us earlier this year
She was so good to me
with emails, comments, books and cards she sent me.
A special one that I would never have known
except through my sharing online...
I miss you....

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rain Keeps Falling

Yesterday and today
 an all day rain,
late in day - finally heat.
As usual, frogs and spiders in the unit.
Wish I knew how to clean it would save me a lot...
Was wearing turtleneck, cardigan
and a sweat shirt.  Oh so nice to have heat.
Not that cold, 52 but with rain it chilled me to the bone.
Chili earlier today simmering with an addition of chopped carrots, celery and onion.
Did not really feel like cooking - but this simple with ingredients on hand.
Chopped cheese on top and for some reason kept wishing I had corn chips to go with this.
My only rose bush that has survived by the woods, decided to come back to life.

My corner over the last few rainy days....

Finally worked on the one closet and switched summer tops to top shelf and lower shelf now
holds sweaters and turtlenecks...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Never Say Never

For many years I have always had a dog or dogs.   I enjoyed them but they were always kept
outside.   In cold winter in the country a house of straw would be made for them and they were always on the porch.    Rarely would I let one inside.

Now little Callie rescued 6 years ago as a year old had a dog house on the screen porch
during the Winter.   Little by little I have been bringing her inside and at night she is in the
utility room with a small gate by the door so she does not wander.

I would read of those letting their dogs in their bedrooms and I would say "never" would
this one.   All of my children with their dogs let them have the run of the house.

Last trip to big city I bought another bed for Callie "for my bedroom" for the cold months.
Oh my she loves it.   I go to bed early and she is on her little bed and never moves until
I am up early in the morning.

In the 50's early this morning with rain and have no heat.  Was going to turn it on for a short time
to take chill off of inside.   Called Service man and he  told me what to do on the phone
but still not happening.   No hurry but he will arrive sometime over the next few days.  I may be wrong but sense we will have an early really cold Winter here by the woods.   Oh, how I miss
my wood burning fireplaces and stoves of the past.  Gas logs to knock chill off but nothing
like a real fire burning...

Since building this cottage there has been constant problems with this unit.   Never before
in years past in other homes and I know that nothing is made like in the past, seems all
appliances are problems in a few years.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Peaceful showers this morning and predicted for the coming week
 are so welcome along with cooler days.
Grass seed has been sown and straw spread where there was once a flower bed.
Twice  this morning have chased  2 turkeys away as they try to eat grass seed.
I clap my hands or sound the hand held emergency alarm.
They may be the ones who ate all my turnip green plants as they were emerging.
Lately, Callie just sits and watches :)
She use to chase them away....

You did not bloom all summer but now you are giving me a gift of one bloom
on this  October day :).  I accept your gift and pleased you are still able to bloom.

This one
enjoying the rain....

A morning of looking for lost phone
finally found it
in my truck.

Calling home number with cell phone
it was ringing in truck and could not locate
under the seat.  Finally with flashlight found
it among wires and lodged under where seat
goes back and forth.
Remember this is an old truck :)

Enough shared on the first day of this new Month...