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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy Day For One Woman aka Mama and Grandma

She was up at 4:45 AM. Did not sleep well because Callie was on the screen porch and she kept thinking was anything being demolished. All was well.

She bundled up since it was in the 40's and walked her new friend around the house . First time she had been outside with all the outdoor lights on and she liked it.

Callie secured with cable on terrace and she was fine and seemed to like sitting on the steps.

She has to leave at a little past 7:00 for an appointment and traffic may be a problem.

The idea that Callie would be fine on the terrace she continued on her way.

Appointment and then a quick stop at the city cottage.

Why does this make her sad? I guess like the other 3 homes before this that she created - there is a piece of her in this home.

This home was the finest she created. Not the largest but a lot of details were added that were special. Her plans were to never move again and be close to doctors and hospitals and all the city offers. Also to be near children and grandchildren. She discovered quickly how very busy their lives are and much was not different then when she lived in the country.

A comment from the doctor today made her smile "you do not need to move to the city to be close to doctors and hospitals - you are too alive and healthy".

Her car is once again loaded with some household items and the rest of her winter clothes. She contemplates the one load of furnishings that are in this home but they make it look warm and inviting for viewers. There are a few!!!

She also put her much loved orchid plant in the car. It has been in her possession for about 12 years. It usually sports 16 to 18 blooms after the first of the year. Hope it will like its new home.

She does an hours work in her city garden - pulling up plants and deadheading.

Time to head back to the country. She contemplates stopping for a nice lunch but just wants to get out of the city.

Why such a peace when she finally reaches the country roads?

Callie, hopefully you are fine. Oh yes you are fine and have had a good time winding around a number of plants and digging in the mulch. You are so happy to see One Woman that I think for a moment maybe you have Jack Russel in your veins.

The only way I have been able to calm Callie is to sit and pet her, rub her head and ears and talk softly to her. She is almost wild. Is this happiness to see me - or what.

Trying to understand what is going on. I think she has never had any affection before and is starving for a kind touch. Well it is happening but I have other things to do also. She has finally started barking and will stop when I go to her. So hopefully this will end when she realizes she has a good home and someone that will love her. Also I think when she is operated on this will calm her down.

She was so docile at the shelter and her personality has really changed. If she had been this needy when I first saw her I might not have brought her home with me.

So - One Woman is tired. All clothes have been put up and she wonders how someone that has not bought anything for several years still has such a wardrobe. I think it is because she never changed sizes and in the past always bought quality items. Would shop at end of seasons and pick up things half or less of their original price. Also she has always taken care of her clothes.

Enough of this. I looked outside and Callie has finally given up and is asleep by the doghouse.

The doghouse was moved to an area where she will have sunshine, protect her from wind and she can see who is coming down the drive - plus I can see her from my computer window. No more putting her on my terrace. Hopefully after a week I will be able to let her loose. I do not know and I am aware that with her color a neighbor would think she was a fox or coyote and shoot her.

Guess, One Woman will warm up a bowl of vegetable soup that she made yesterday and her day is done!!!

A final note - Just brought Callie on the screen porch and fed her. She is so content on the rug by the door and can see me going about in the kitchen. I THINK - SHE JUST WANTS TO BE NEAR ME!!! Her personality has changed to very "calm".

Entry from One Woman

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Meet Miss Callie - my little brown dog.

Every week I stop by the Humane Shelter and look and see what dogs they have picked up.

They are either puppies, too big or none seemed right for me.

I stopped this morning and there is a little girl I am thinking seriously of going back and adopting.

Just a dog, a mixture of many - guess like all of us.

About the size of Sadie and will need no grooming as she has short hair and weighs about 30 or 35 lbs.

She was found chained to a tree and the chain will have to be cut off her neck. Seems her owners - if you can call them that - moved away and left her.

One Woman is operating on a close budget and I had thoughts of a television. I really have not missed having one and am only considering it because my little granddaughters keep asking if I have one - yet. Of course they also ask if grandma has found a dog.

I do not like to think that I have to go this route to "lure" them to the country. They are so busy in the city with school, birthday parties, special programs, soccer, church and on and on.

I put the pencil to it. Adoption Fee is $50.00 She is about 1 year old and will have to be operated on. I called the animal clinic and the fee for that is $150.00 plus other cost for special shots.

So I think I will go the route of "Callie."She will alert me if someone is approaching my home.

She will look at me with those soulful brown eyes and always be thankful that I saved her from
not being on planet Earth in 3 days. Most of all - she will love me and would be nice to have another heart beating in this home!!

Television - you cannot love me like this little creature.

Entry by One Woman

Monday, September 28, 2009

Evening Sunset

Fall is in the air.

Suppose to be in the 40's tonight.

Just captured this sunset picture.

It has been a perfect sunny day. I have never had a deck before and I love the deck on this home. It stays so warm since the sun shines on it most of the day. The view of the woods is breathtaking. Needless to say - My deck makes me smile.

One Woman has experienced one season in the country. She has been in her country home since second week of June.

Now she will see what Fall is like. Then Winter followed by Spring. Wonder what each season will teach her.

"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air"

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Entry by One Woman on a cool end of September day

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sun is Shining

There has been no subject that came to mind for me to share about the last five days. Rain, rain and more rain and several times the thought came to mind "have I moved to a swamp?" It rained all night and up to an hour ago. Guess what - the sun is shining and looks like the rain has left for a number of days.

As I have viewed the towering trees I have felt like I am living at the edge of a rain forest. Every morning just before daybreak I open the door to my deck and begin my yoga. I visualize myself as those towering and strong rooted trees. It is beautiful and peaceful to look at and wish I was talented enough to capture the images that I view and as I walked in the rain under these lush green trees.

When the sun broke through the clouds the birds were out of the woods and at my feeders almost instantly. Was fun to watch at their happiness which is probably the same as mine. There was nonstop activity at the feeders and watching so many flying about put a smile on my face.

I have a vivid imagination!!!

I made a list of what I recognized - 4 bluebirds, a dozen gold finch, 6 robins, purple finches, 2 cardinals, nuthatch's by the dozen, 1 lone dove, 2 different species of wood peckers.

Some of the fattest humming birds at my feeders. Click on and enlarge the one image I captured.

I will have to invest in a camera where I can take better images of what I see. Also need new binoculars. The pair I have were purchased 40 years ago in St. Thomas.

I found someone to cut my grass and he will be returning whenever I need him. I have known this family for years and I am so pleased. It was like a gift to find him so quickly. My lawn looks so lush and green. To think there was no grass in June. Soybean field is beginning to turn yellow. Thought it was to soon for this since they were planted late in their season, then it might be the rain.

I am so pleased the Sun Is Shining.

Let us spend one day as deliberately as Nature, and not be thrown off the track by every nutshell and mosquito's wing that falls on the rails ... If the engine whistles, let it whistle till it is hoarse for its pains. If the bell rings, why should we run? ... I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born.

Henry David Thoreau made this observation in the middle of the 19th century as he wrote at Walden Pond.

Entry from One Woman on a Sunny Saturday Afternoon!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Grass In The Country and Poor Mans Cake

I have cut my own grass for years. Loved using a riding mower. Once a month I would have someone come in and groom a little more professionally.

The young man who has helped me for years just called and has to have surgery.

So.....what does One Woman do? Did not want to invest in a mower and weedeater at this time with another home for sale. May have to or hopefully I can find a retired person or school boy to cut my 18 inch high grass. A small front yard and the rest of grass is cut with a tractor about 3 times a year.

Will the rain ever stop. It has rained almost daily for months. I am beginning to feel as though I live in a swamp!!!!

Checking my emails and this is something my daughter sent to me.

Cake looks tasty and thought I would share.

Entry on another rainy day from One Woman

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I can always remember in my growing up years waking to the aroma of coffee. I loved the smell.

I am not a regular coffee drinker but occasionally like a cup of decaf. When family visit for special occasions - coffee is always on hand.

I usually drink green tea with my breakfast and other blends at times.

This home surrounded by nature and woods just seemed to call for a cup of coffee this morning.

I took out my "old" coffee pot and wondered "will you still perk". I had thoughts that you better because I will need you over the holidays. Just received a message that one of my older granddaughter's is bringing a special friend home with her for Thanksgiving at Woodhaven.

This coffee pot was one of a very few wedding gifts. I think it was from the people I worked with at Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan.

It is 52 years old.

As I looked at it this early morning it brought back a lot of memories. A young woman with rose colored glasses on and vows that took place in a small Methodist church in front of the alter. Only some of my family present.

Guess it was because this was my 23 year old husband to be - third marriage and there was a beautiful little girl with a head of blond curls - in this picture. I became in instant mom.

Enough sharing - this union did create my beautiful children and a number of super intelligent grandchildren.

Wonder how long this coffee pot will keep on perking?

Entry from One Woman

Saturday, September 19, 2009

To a Friend

You entered my life in a casual way,
And saw at a glance what I needed;
There were others who passed me or met me each day,
But never a one of them heeded.
Perhaps you were thinking of other folks more,
Or chance simply seemed to decree it;
I know there were many such chances before,
But the others --- well, they didn't see it.

You said just the thing that I wished you would say,
And you made me believe you meant it;
I held up my head in the old gallant way,
And resolved you should never repent it.
There are times when encouragement means such a lot,
And a word is enough to convey it;
There are others who could have, as easy as not --
But, just the same, they didn't say it.

There may have been someone who could done more
To help me along, though I doubt it;
What I needed was cheering, and always before
They had let me plod onward without it.
You helped to refashion the dream of my heart,
And made me turn eagerly to it;
There were others who might have (I question that part) --
But, after all, they didn't do it!

Grace Strickler Dawson from the book "Friendship"
Compiled by Ralph L. Woods

Friends And A Good Lunch

Went out for an enjoyable birthday lunch for a special friend Dean who is 88 years young. My special twin friends (one of those is like an angel watching over me - she checks on me daily several times).
My special friend has her hands full with a husband who needs round the clock care - and to think she takes time for me. It truly touches my heart and she is a priceless blessing.

This was a special time and One Woman needs more of them. We have decided that we will do this once a month.

A wonderful lunch at a place in the country and the food was superb. I even brought an extra piece of the coconut cream pie home with me.

Good day for One Woman

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Looking out my door at lunchtime - 15 turkeys in my driveway. My wildlife visitors are getting closer to One Woman's home.

Picture taken at noon by One Woman

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Friend

She was picked up early yesterday morning by an insurance van to transport her to the city.

It was pouring rain and since this service is available she decided to use it.

She smiled when her son called and said he would bring her back to the country.

After picking up a sandwich and eating at the city table he put a number of bags of mom's fall and winter sweaters and slacks in his vehicle.

What pleasure it was to bring her much loved clock. The clock she held in her lap hoping the pendlum would stay secure.

It now sits in her bedroom and loves the comforting sound of the pendlum swinging back and forth.

This clock was a gift from her mother over 30 years ago. Her grandmother learned to tell time on it and it belonged to her great grandmother. So she told her son with a smile that this precious clock was his great great grandmother's.

As she winds it this early morning there are memories of 3 generations of strong women in her past. She will have to remind her daughters they they will have memories of 4 generations of strong women in their past.

The story of the little doll is that about 35 years ago it was bought for her youngest daughter for a Christmas present. Silly - I guess - but she could not part with it. One Woman does not remember ever having a doll when she was small.

So there is a clock that is probably 150 years old or more and a doll that was made in France sitting on a chest in her bedroom.

She is on the way to the dentist this morning. This appointment has been cancelled 3 times before and she cannot - cannot cancel again. Another errand marked off of her to do list.

Entry from One Woman this early morning

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Thoughts

An unexpected trip to the city. I have been fighting a bladder infection. One Woman does not like medication and her thoughts were that enough water would wash it away. It has not happened.

I was so fortunate that my urologist would run a culture and in the meantime I am on the "dreaded antibiotic". Hope this will clear it up and I do not have to change the medication.

I was asked to wait in one of the doctor's private office for a short time. I was so impressed with all his books on mindfulness, Thomas Merton and books by Thich Nhat Hanh. It helped restore my peace.

After appointment I made a quick trip to the city house and picked up a much loved old trellis and a laundry basket full of assorted items. Also an armful of cooler weather slacks and sweaters. Just in case I go somewhere "out of the garden". A little nicer looking then my favorite "old old" gardening clothes. They probably all need to be thrown away. I like the softness, faded colors and an occasional hole. "I will not throw them away".

Then headed for the country. Needed to eat and stopped at a new hot dog place. I am not a hot dog person but it was a turkey dog on a great whole wheat bun and covered with slaw. Guess it is half way healthy and I needed something in my stomach. Might add that I ate it driving down the road. It was good......

It will be a busy week. Have two other city appointments - they are just checkups that I have been delaying and they need to be taken care of. I Do Not Want To Leave The Country!!!!!

I did not sleep well last night and it may be because of the infection and not feeling well.

So much of my life went on and on - almost like a film as I tossed and turn.

Maybe that is just a part of the unhappy and painful times in life. They seemed to play on this film more then my happy times. I try to delete - like we can on the computer - to no avail.

I am so transparent and share from my heart. My grandchildren and on and on will certainly know my strengths, weakness, joys and sorrow. I want them to know me. So many things I do not know about my mother and my grandmother's lives and thoughts. Why do people fear to share their hearts. Maybe I am just different - who knows.

A few words from Thursday Poem that I read on "Beyond the Fields We Know", describe some of my thoughts.

"The places of my brokenness, the places of sorrow, the places where grief strung me out to dry".

Also in my journal a few lines from Cate "Rest little sister, it tells me in its hollow voice, rest you now, for all things turn in time, and we too, like the seasons, must await the time of our turning".

Cate is one of my favorite people and her writing and images speak to my heart. I jot down so many lines in my hand written journals.

Then my thoughts turned to
the wonderful times of love and happiness, the times when I created and felt I was a 1000 feet up in the sky, the times of precious stillness and solitude and the times I could and can feel God's hand upon me.

Enough sharing this Monday afternoon from One Woman

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day In The Life Of One Woman

I headed for the big city early this morning. Service at AT&T was excellent and my air card was exchanged.

I am noticing a slight differance but downloading takes longer then my past DSL. Might be something I have to live with - if I want a computer - and I do.

I headed for the city cottage and did a quick going over the floors. Not being there since moving a lot of items a week ago I felt they needed it. Swifter, you are great.

Packed a few items or rather stuffed them in grocery bags. My son had some items for me to bring to my storage room - just what I need - more stuff. But, there were several nice games and my little girls will like them in time. They may beat everyone sometime soon like they do grandma at checkers.

My new header is a painting that was purchased in 1971. A Marian Cook painting that was also painted in 1971. I love this old barn scene and it is framed in old barn wood. It has a new home in the country and I placed it on the wall beside my computer desk.

My garden in the city continues to look wonderful. The hundreds of zennia's are drying and I will leave most for the birds. Will do some major clean up in a couple of weeks.

I took a picture of a giant Spider Lilly and vine on the privacy wall between my home and my neighbors.

I cannot take an image that does this justice.

Also another dozen tomatoes were shared and a dozen still on the vines. I do not have the energy to prepare and put in freezer.

I am running on empty and looking forwarding to a quiet weekend.

Stopped for a quick lunch and headed home and unloaded car. I unloaded all but a large boulder like stone that was in my mother's garden. My son had someone to pick up my television and take it to his home across the street (since his just went out) they loaded this stone into the trunk of my car - it will stay there until someone can remove it. I cannot!!!!

Also showing a picture of my turnip green patch which was planted a little over 2 weeks ago.
Next week I will be able to begin cooking a serving topped with a hard boiled egg. Now that is healthy eating.

Now, One Woman what do you eat at the end of the day. Maybe just a peanut butter sandwich.

Not hungry but I need the nourishment

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Computer In The Slow Lane

First thing this morning I turned on my computer and a continuation of waiting and waiting to be connected. Then when connected all information is very slow.

So - once again I called Technical Support at AT&T. Probably the 15th call since last Friday.

I was taken through step after step after step - for 3 hours.

3 hours sitting with my pj's on and no breakfast.

Finally the conclusion that my downloading speed is 50% of what it should be.

I am being issued a new air card. I will have to make a special trip to Nashville for this.

I have missed my computer and now that I have it in my home this is so frustrating. Also have been spoiled with the fast DSL access in the city. I was told that I would be pleased with this system and it was very similar. So far it is not.

Fast DSL is available a few miles down the road lol. Wonder how long it will take to arrive on my edge of the woods?

Almost had thoughts during this 3 hour siege of just giving up and not having a computer.

But it has become an important part of my life and I love sharing, downloading my images and the interaction with so many new online friends.

AT&T is calling is Monday morning to see if my computer speed is back to normal.

I truly hope so.

I must add that every individual that I talked to about this problem was so "nice" and "apologetic" but it still did not soothe One Woman's frustration.

I know I need to be more disciplined about computer use. I do not need to get out of bed and turn it on. I need to do my yoga, have breakfast and maybe a few more important task and then turn "the thing on".

Computer problem on One Woman's Journey

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lunch In The Park

She looked at the clock and thought it said 5:00 AM and started her day. After being up a few moments she realized it was 4:00 AM. She decided to just stay up since she had a 7:30 appointment to go to the shop for work on her car. An engine light had been flashing for several weeks and it really unnerved her.

So she is up and within 30 minutes the current goes off. She looks out her windows and goes out on the porch and there is nothing but "blackness". She has been made aware that she needs to have plenty of new batteries and candles in case this happens again. The current stayed off for 2 hours. Quick breakfast, green tea and off to the shop.

After her car was finished - since she was in the city - she did some grocery shopping. More pads were purchased to put under furniture so her new floors will not be harmed.

Time for an early lunch and she does not want to drive home and does not feel like making a sandwich.

So a small vegetarian pizza sounds good and one is ordered and as she waits she has thoughts to go to the local small park.

She smiles at what she views - a young man with 5 children. One pulling a contraption with her bike that holds 2 little ones. One riding a bike that does not look over 7 years old and the father takes off on a scooter you push with your foot with a little one in tow.

I wanted to say "you sure have your hands full". Helmets on their heads and off they went down a trail.

So, she sits at a picnic table eating her lunch. Thoughts arise that her country property is prettier and has no flies. But for some reason it was relaxing. Just think she would have missed this family on their trail ride.

Also would have missed driving past a 800 sf frame home on a beautiful lot that was over looking the park - priced at $59,000.

No - no - no - One Woman - forget your creative thoughts.

A morning in the life of One Woman

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guess They Are Growing Accustomed to One Woman

Sitting on my front porch as the sun was going down I spotted this mother deer and her little one coming out of the woods. They kept looking at me as they continued to inch forward towards the soybean field. This little one was so tiny it could not be very old.

Anyway, I find it thrilling as the wildlife becomes accustomed to me. Will not be so thrilling if they get into my turnip green patch.

The greens are 2 to 3 inches high and One Woman can eat them daily.

Sunset at Woodhaven on a Tuesday evening.

Click on picture to enlarge to get a good look at this baby.

Monday, September 7, 2009


My "Webster's Thesaurus" says "a relief in the face of difficulty".

Guess that correctly sums up One Woman's energy level this early morning.

Put up all dishes and other items from yesterdays visit and meal. Loaded truck with 3 large bags of trash, cleaned grill and did 2 loads of wash. Then I proceeded to go over my wonderful new hardwood floors.

Oh, I love hanging outside on my new clothesline - but - the ground was muddy and literally did not have the energy to do this.

So, I did what I never thought I would do - I stretched a few things out on my deck railing. Used my dryer "also" and it has been used very little.

The sun is shining and I am in the middle of this incredible wooded area. So it does not matter but it is something that I never visualized me doing. I find I am doing a lot of things that I would not in the past think I would do - guess what - I love it.

One nice thing about cooking so much yesterday is I have a good lunch and evening meal today.

After everyone left yesterday I was on my deck talking to my close friend. I look up and here are 8 people riding horses down the special path I have been working so hard on. There were words including "who are you", and my last to them" this is private property". There is probably close to 200 acres of woods surrounding my property and I know in the past this has happened before. I just do not like it. I would not go on someone Else's property but then I have found out in my lifetime that many do not think like I do. No Trespassing signs were torn down over the years. I am actively looking for a couple of outside dogs and this would help. All dogs I have had in the past were very protective of me. Want special dogs that need a home.

Enough shared on this subject.

Some sharing from One Woman this beautiful sunny afternoon!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day at Woodhaven

It was a good day. Or rather the grill was burning and charcoal just right and it started to rain.

My special son-in-law cooked burgers under an umbrella.

It has been a long time since I have had something from this charcoal grill. It was really tasty and I am going to start using it more.

My little granddaughters have nonstop energy and just watching them almost makes you tired. They enjoyed the visit from my neighbor's dog.

Again it was a good day and the rain did not last long.

First Labor Day at Woodhaven for One Woman

Returning Home

A lot has happened over the last 8 months. Still not exactly like I visualize with all my gardens but it is getting there. To repeat what so many comment to me "what is your hurry".
Guess it is where I am on my journey through this life. Do not know how long the energy I am experiencing will continue and I am well aware I am in the last chapters of this life.
This is not what I started out to build but my plans always have a way of just evolving. Guess a work in progress and each day brings another idea.
With the size of my family this home is more appropriate. Guess my dream of that 2 room cabin with a tin roof - with a path leading to it - was not the best idea for this lady.
Might add that my sign is not finished. But then maybe it is - I am not looking for any painting sign jobs on the side. I wanted it primitive and primitive it is.
Anyway here are a few new pictures.

One Woman sharing on an early Sunday morning. She better get busy and continue cooking for family lunch.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Returning Home and Yellow Jackets

Two dear friends have returned to their home. First my beloved Sadie. When she passed away in the city almost a year ago her ashes were put in front of a small bench with St. Francis in front of it. I placed her collar around this small statue and I always see Sadie when I look at this bench.

Also the old table from England that I purchased 40 years ago has returned to my home. Circa 1780 and 10 ft long. It has been stored in my garage for 2 years. Because this table is so long I kept having thoughts that is was too large for this smaller home. My contractor cut almost 12 inches off the length. This was possible because the top was separate from the base. I trusted him totally to do this. Had thoughts of donating to a library but I am so happy that I can enjoy it for some more time. I smile as I view it because it fit right in and looks completely at home. Oh the memories this table brings to mind. All the special meals and special people that sat around this table. Many of these dear ones are no longer living. I put 2 chairs on each side and when the occasion arises will add the other 8 chairs.

I know a little more about Yellow Jackets at this time. A helper discovered a huge nest last week. Really Big - He put on a rain suit and sprayed and put gasoline in the hole. He was stung half a dozen times but did not make him sick.

I am so thankful that he discovered it and not "me" or my little granddaughters or any visitors while walking.

Enough news from the country on this beautiful sunny noon day. I might add that the 20 boxes that I vowed to take weeks to unpack - have been unpacked!!!

Entry from One Woman on her continued journey

Friday, September 4, 2009

Connected And Smiling

Finally I have my computer in my new country home. It has been a long 9 weeks.

My daughter spent time this morning attempting to activate "this air card". She could get no connection. A technical support agent spent over an hour with her. We headed out to lunch.
This was her birthday lunch from mom.

After lunch I was left to see what I could do with this computer connection. I have spent two hours with a technician and finally I am connected.

I have missed having my computer available.
Now once again I have my friend.
So I will be continue relating my journey online.

Yesterday was a tiring day. It was another big moving day. I was up at 3:30 listening to the pouring rain and lightning. So you can imagine how anxious I was. I called the moving company and was told "oh we have blankets to cover everything". I was lucky as the sun came out about the time the moving truck arrived.

It is so nice to have my computer desk, desk in my bedroom, my grandmother clock ( is happily chiming and my leather recliner sure feels good.. The large antique dining table that sat in my garage in the city for two years is sitting proudly in my new kitchen area. It is large - but I like it. It is an old friend of 40 years and a 200 year old table.

I never thought of myself as being that attached to items but everything that was moved are like old friends entering this country home. For some reason I find them comforting and did not realize I missed them so much.

For over 8 weeks I have been eating at a card table and sitting in a not too comfortable chair to read also my paper work in files sitting on the floor.

Enough shared.

I am weary from the move yesterday but happy.

Children and grandchildren will be with me Sunday. I will cook my first family dinner.
My grill was delivered and we will grill burgers. Sides from my freezer of fresh green beans and corn on the cob. Will make a special recipe of Texas baked beans. Making 2 lemon ice box pies and a friend supplied a watermelon. Really a simple country meal but it will be so good to have family surrounding me.

Yesterday while the movers were loading I picked 18 tomatoes from my city garden. That garden continues to be breathtaking.

There is one more load of furniture to be delivered when city home sells.

I have taken nothing off of the walls as to not have nail holes that need to be prepared.

Also as I go in each week I will continue to bring the rest of my clothes and a few things in the kitchen.

My son arrived safely home from Thailand yesterday.

Yes, One Woman is smiling.

Thanks again for all who encourage me and keep in touch.

Entry from One Woman on a Friday Afternoon