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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Beautiful Fall Day

Drove to country home of the friend who brings me her fresh eggs, her son grows a variety of
pumpkins.  Bought a few, so it feels like Fall here, could take little ones out of trunk of car
3 big ones could not pick up.   Someone will pull down this long drive soon and remove and place them for me.
love driving the surrounding country roads, all types of machines working in the fields.
Arrived here 40 years ago and vowed never to leave and I did twice and returned to acreage
I kept.   I will never leave again.   Peace dwells on the land surrounding me....

Orchids are resting and will begin blooming after Christmas.  They put on such a show and did
not want them on my old chop block but they have claimed it.   Just the right amount of sun and
shade coming in that window.

Monk holding a bird is my son's, he left it in my keeping and it has been upstairs for 8 years and
yesterday I brought it down stairs to be among the Orchids - I like him...
this cooler weather is delightful and enjoyed lunch on the screen porch, almost fell asleep.
toasted cheese sandwich with last tomato a friend brought, chips,some grapes,  feta cheese stuffed olives
and a mozerella ball that had been marinated in olive oil and herbs - good...

Friday, September 29, 2017


At this time need rain.  Sad my helper is leaving for a 2 week vacation, but happy for him he needs it.
Will miss his morning a week  with me and times I need a driver.   Pantry, freezer full and not planning on going anywhere.

Lately have wanted a cross to hang my old bed post, found it at a special shop for $12
Cindy, thank you...
Looking through old pictures came across a favorite of two of the older grand children as toddlers.
Can remember in times of great sadness in years past that I would put this on my night stand and
looking at their smiling, innocent faces their grandma felt better in a minute.  This picture still makes
me smile and warms my heart.  Jessica a teacher in N.Y. and expecting soon and my Gavin works in
Washington D.C.

Walking and balance continues terrible.   Do all I know to do and cannot seem to accept as I am told
constantly to do.

Some passages I wrote down in my special small book.

"intuition is the whisper of the soul"

"sometimes those who fly solo have the strongest wings"

"lessons in life will be repeated if they are not learned"

and "conflicts cannot survive without participation"  Wayne Dyer.

Monday, September 25, 2017


In my area it continues to be so warm, like 90 every day for days.  With October soon arriving
wish it was a little cooler.

New neighbor brought me a bouquet of flowers from their garden,
unexpected and so pretty.   Plan on baking Blueberry bread and taking them a loaf.

The Dahlia is beautiful and have never had
in my garden and now
ordering bulbs.

A special gift on Sunday from a friend.   Have never seen this book before and will treasure it.

Everything in my life
continues on the same, doing all I know to do, missing daughter and granddaughter that I planned
on being with me at this time.   

Nothing looks like Fall arriving in this area, accept early morning when I open the screen doors
the wonderful scent of tabacco being cured in the barns.   Love this smell and like driving the
country roads om the early morning and seeing the smoke coming out of the barns.
This image not mine
seems I cannot find the many I have take over 40 years :(

Thursday, September 21, 2017

So Good

A long tiring day
do not feel like cooking or eating

what would have treated house guest too tonight
I will treat myself too
sliced apple, grapes, sesame crackers, olives,  Munster cheese and the best creamy Blue Cheese
from Italy that I have ever tasted,

A small glass of Rose (diluted) hopefully will help me sleep tonight.  Has been suggested
and never tried.

Also a new Dark Chocolate with Ginger

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

All is Well

Thank you to many who checked on me with comments and emails.

All is well
Have been dealing with continual Arthritis pain, severe balance issue and trying new ways, learning and adapting.

Love Italy, never the opportunity to visit but read much that I find enjoyment reading about
that land
just finished reading, something different then my normal reading
When I bought this sale flower for deck did not realize it bloomed, so pretty
Disappointed but understand the visit I was expecting this week from daughter in Tampa will not happen, still taking care of damage from storm and expecting granddaughter really not energy in
her arriving 6 months with teaching and tutoring,  It will happen at a better time.

Weather is beautiful and read a beautiful colored Fall is expected.

Cortisone shot in knee, dislike them and they frown when I say "I think they are injecting poison into
my system:) Told that with pain I now experience that knee surgery not a good idea and 82 not a good

Did not like when my helpful therapist and injecting doctor asked me "what are your plans"
took me a moment to answer "no plans just carry on with exercise, good diet, meditate, prayer.
doing all I can with thankfulness.

Very fortunate a good mind, maybe too good still thinking she can do like 5 years ago and in mind
feel 10 or more years younger.   Maybe not a good mind I have :)

Enough shared, need to get on the mat, needed to write so all who think of me would know
life goes on in this cottage....

Friday, September 8, 2017

A New Day

A beautiful sunny noon.

Daughter from Tampa visiting Cape Cod making rehearsal dinner plans for my
grandson's wedding next summer.
Never in a million years thought she could not travel back to her home in Tampa (:

So much sadness going on in our world..

Bought this item last January after a fall, never used it and really hoped I never
would have too.

A flair up of arthritis, balance, colon problem and taking strong antibiotic for bladder infection.

Doing all the best doctor in the world tells me to do

and hope this condition is better soon...

On a lighter note

my friend Lana
has 3  new baby goats :)

When my expecting granddaughter visits soon
she wants to go see them..