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Friday, June 27, 2014

Memories Being Sent

A special and much loved niece made a request of me.
Something to put on her memory shelf.

She always made me feel so loved
on her childhood visits.
Always sat next to me and never remember
this child without a smile on her pretty little face.
When her family had left
I would find little notes she had left on my dresser
with the words "I love you."

a small pill box I have carried for years,
a book given to me by my mother 30 years ago
the title her name given to her by her mother my grandmother,
a small shell I found on this special memory island
along with a carved turtle someone made on the
island of Jamaica.
This island my special love and have desired to return
for many years and may have now waited too long.

So nothing of monetary value
just special memories....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good Buy

On the way to small local town
for prescription and their new drive in window sure is handy.
Busyness is everywhere
 people are putting their wares out
for mile long yard sale tomorrow and Saturday.
Never would I go,
the heat and do not like crowds and want nothing.

Noticed a man unloading a bar stool.
I rolled down the window and asked "how much"
$3 the answer and I know he would have taken $2
but was ashamed to ask :)
Inquired "do you think it will go in the back seat
of my car?    This easily accomplished.

when I sit on my deck watching for arrival of birds at my feeders
this will be perfect.

The railing surrounding the deck
blocks a good view in my regular chair
and grow weary of standing.

On my list was stopping at Lowe's
sometime and buying an inexpensive bar stool.

So here it is, I can use outside on deck and inside if I want to sit at counter.
In case I grow tired of it
will pass on...

New problem
many spams daily
through email
and now on my blog.
Any suggestions for stopping them
is welcome.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beauty And Some Special Words

What I view daily as these super hot days continue
Corn will be much higher then this - soon :)  I like the view...
Side garden and the daylillies in back garden by the woods
are beautiful.   Callie does not like staying outside
long with this hot weather.
The raccoon trapper arrived a few days ago and captured in
a cage the one that was digging by front of cottage.
Failed to get a picture of him as he appeared each
evening, but my youngest granddaughter's did get to see him.
My youngest never fails with her special words.
"grandma, what do you do for fun"
I had to think a minute on how to respond and answered that
I do much for pleasure. "What" she asked and
I replied, "my gardening, reading computer and camera".
That answer seemed to satisfy her :)
So the thought does come to mind and makes me smile
"what do I do for fun?"
Gardening in straw bales not successful and I grew weary of watering,
fertilizing and daily cutting off blooms that did not last.
Tomatoes in pots are doing good.
Child's vintage table caught my eye at a sale in the local small town.
Marked down 75% and has a home on screen porch...
Thank you to all who asked if I was OK.
Yes, just not much new to write about and do
not want to be boring
with sharing same thoughts
and pictures over and over again.
Nice to take a break....

Saturday, June 14, 2014

At The Moment

This new sign is at home among my herbs.
First daylillie to bloom
and many more in the next day or two.
I must add
it looks like several weeks of rain has stopped.
Every item in my room has a special meaning and reminds me that I am loved.
On my nightstand
a candle from my son, another from a daughter,
special balm from a granddaughter, a small clock from a trip to St Thomas many years ago.
5 books that never fail to bring comfort and peace as I go to sleep at night.  These words
especially needed this last week.
On my bed a quilt made by my mother and has her name on it,  an afghan purchased in Atlanta many years ago, a pillow made by a special friend
years ago and now she has been gone about 14 years.
In this room also painting of flowers a gift from my children's father, a basket of recent cards and notes
from family.
My favorite books in a bookcase, an item from my grandmother and on and on and
this one
has shared enough.

Death of a neighbor and of another one  has caused my children
a lot of thoughts. Seems it passed on to me.

My mother and grandmother were superstitious
and so many times would repeat sayings to me
that I really do not believe
but wonder....

They predicted the time my children were born
and whether girl or boy
have to say
some of it was correct :)

that deaths come in 3's
and there have been 2 this week.

But then I read one time that the number 3 is a lucky number.
Time - past, present and future
Day - morning, noon and night
Primary colors - red, yellow and blue.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Over what is now
my long lifetime
I always wanted a greenhouse.

A memory of moving to this country location
almost 40 years ago and this thought surfaced continually.

Years ago the local Walmarts was dismantling their greenhouse
and it was a medium size.
Can remember discussions with the store about purchasing
and relocating to my rural property.

This never happened
because I came to realize how much work a greenhouse is.
You need heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.
In my area there are many dairy farms
and I began to associate the dream of my greenhouse
to a dairy farmer - you can never leave either unattended.

Now I look out my window and in the distance see chickens grazing in the yard
of a home I once built.   First thought that surfaced was envy and thankfully
came to my senses.
 Memories of the chickens my youngest
and I enjoyed years ago - along with ducks, geese, turkeys and other special friends.
This one
it seems
through much of her lifetime
thought there was nothing she could not do.
But think - do not need chickens at this time
as I am doing well to take care of what I have created in this
country environment over the last 4 years.

Yet to show how the mind works
when in the small town the other day
I found myself driving up and down an older part of town
with the thought - wonder if there is a very small home that I could

Yes, my mind is very active has always had a lot of thoughts
but at this time the body can no longer keep up with them.
Thankful I am finally able (most of the time :)
 to figure out what is happening
with the mind and its continual busyness.

You cannot delete and just best to let it play
and not try to figure it out.
Change the subject quickly
if you can.

Wonder if the mind and the body were ever
on the same path.
Probably so
many years ago
but not now.

Some reading this
may relate to what I am sharing
and then their may be others
that do not have a clue
of what I am talking about.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday
to my first born
this early morning.

I can remember the morning she was born.
My mother was in the car with this one and her husband
as they made a fast drive to the hospital
in the city I never liked - Detroit, Michigan (forgive me)
Did not gain much weight
a little over 20 lbs, not very big and the doctor kept commenting
I would have a very small baby.
She arrived at 8lbs and could not believe her size,
looked like a big doll with a lot of dark hair.

This daughter gave me my first granddaughter
and she was recently married.

Life continues in the country
with daily rain that I think will soon stop.
So much outside work to be done,
everything is growing at a rapid pace
and since this is a farming community
it seems all help disappears during the busy summer month's.

All is well
and Life is Good
just everyone is so busy at this time....

Monday, June 9, 2014


Since I have cut up watermelon and frozen strawberries on hand
going to make a smoothie
before going to dentist
Rain daily
is sure making my garden grow
and the weeds are beautiful :)

My Jamie cut her finger badly this weekend
using clippers
and mom sends a reminder
for a tetnus shot....

Friday, June 6, 2014


I remember
when this was taken in my back yard :)

and now look at you
Happy Birthday

Love, Grandma

As I type away about my children
and grandchildren,
time and time again
I think
of the song
If I Could Put Time In A Bottle
I would
 spend all of eternity
with each of you....

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Special Bowl

When I was checking out where my granddaughter's
after the wedding dinner was held,
noticed that something special was soon to take place
and if I lived in that area of New York
I would make a special effort to attend.

These bowls were for sale
and I just received the one I purchased.

I found the words meaningful,
it will sit by my plate
and be a constant reminder
to help me
live in mindfulness.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I am still having difficulty with accepting the fact that I was not physically able
to attend my much loved granddaughter's wedding. 

I smile as many pictures arrive and it warms my heart when I saw that my name was included in a special way
on the Wedding Church Program.

Such happiness on the faces
of my loved ones
the morning after the wedding
is very evident to me.

It has been set on the background
of my computer
so that each time I turn it on
there it is.

I must add that my youngest granddaughter
that is being held
did not disappoint
this one
and I smile when her dancing abilities were described to her grandmother.

when I feel blue
all I have to do is look at these faces
and my heart smiles.

With rain daily here by the woods
my garden is thriving
Next to bloom
are the daylillies....