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Friday, September 27, 2019

Growing Family

This one going through old pictures, pictures before computer and camera I now use.
Make me smile, cry and they touch my heart deeply.

Images were taken on this property at a different time in our lives

These two young ladies, my granddaughters, one is a chef in Nantucket and the other
a school teacher in New York and soon to present me with my second great-grandchild in
my grandson requested to visit me when I sold the home where he sits on the porch, it is on this
property, at his feet a dog he loved Babe.   He wanted to visit before I made another move.
Such enjoyment and especially when he wanted to visit his grandma.  Now a businessman
who continual emails show him in other countries and I thank him.

Now everyone so busy there are not many visits to this one in a cottage by the woods  But
it is the way it is supposed to be as time moves on and seemingly at a rapid pace

The love overflows for everyone in this family and thankful for the computer where there
is continual touch with one another.

Another cool morning which is wonderful and now a warmer afternoon.

Maybe grocery, small amount as difficult to go up the stairs with them.

I wonder why 12 years ago building this small home and thinking I thought of everything for
my future aging years - I did not think of some of the stairs,

Guess I thought all would remain the same forever
and my son
reminds me
"Nothing remains the same"

Have a good day
and thank you for continual support and keeping in touch.


Wisewebwoman said...

I must say I really enjoy where I live with no stairs. I had to plan out my semi-disabled elder life carefully and lucked into this building after being on the waiting list for a while.

It is difficult to plan ahead and anticipate some unexpected scenarios and truly, there should be a helpful book on it.

I don't look behind me much, Daughter has commented on that, that I have been a great example in looking ahead and not regretting past homes and places (like my ocean side dream place). My father always said to look ahead and look forward to the next joyful thing and I tend to do that.

Lovely photos my friend.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WWW, your words so special to me, we are alike in our past years in many ways.
Now looking forward at soon 85 is not easy for me. May be more years then I want
only pain is difficult, but still remain thankful for so much and seems like just
past so quickly. I

Carolyn Marie said...

I enjoy the contact aspect of the computer too. If a person has a large group of family and friends spread all over it is so much easier to keep in touch with everyone. I appreciate being able to catch glimpses of my grandsons' daily activities through Facebook. There are certainly negatives about connectivity but I think it is all about seeing it as a tool. Have a wonderful autumn day, Ernestine.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Carolyn, thank you. No longer on Facebook, do Instagram, like it better, just a few words
and seems to be a bit classier, hope I am not saying anything wrong as I searched for the correct word. Thank you for your kindness and the same words to you.

Judy said...

I am soooooo glad for this electronic device known as a computer.
I don't want an I-Pad.
I want my personal computer with my big screen monitor, sitting on my big desk, here in it's own room made just for it.

Tabor said...

WE are lucky to have our loved ones visit us frequently, even if only virtually. You are truly blest with such lovely and successful and loving children and grandchildren. It is said to say goodbye to their youth but it is what life is all about. Many our age have not mastered such technology as you have, be glad you are a smart one.